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The ease with which some travellers obtain the objects of their pursuit

more than others--Prevented visiting the summit of Snowdon--
Snowdonia-Llyn padern-Ruins of DolbadernCastle-Llyn peris
--Village of Llanberis-A Ffynnon vair or holy well with two
monocular fish-Men endued with remarkable strength-Anec-
dotes of Foulke Jones-Inhabitants of this district remarked for
longevity-Llanberis copper mine-Height of Snowdon-
Mountains in its vicinity-Slate mines-Origin of the name-
Account that snow does not melt for years confuted-Most
eligible ascents--Plants peculiar to this place-Monocular fish
Grotesque appearance of Glyder Vawr-Refutation of the infidel
idea that nature generates new species---Horrid, fissure of
Twll du---Lichens ; dye prepared from them-Singular appear-
ance of Trevaen-Rocking Stones on the top of the Glyder
bach--Phenomenon called Doear Dorr-Untenable geology of

Delightful ride from Caernarvon to Bangor-- Beautiful appearance of

the Menai-- Bangor ; its description--Gross error of the Author
of A Walk Through Wales in taking this for Bangor Iscoed in
Flintshire-Massacre of the monks~The cathedral--Borth, a
ferry into Anglesea—Lamentable affair between the Bishop and
his Chancellor-Charming situation of Bangor-Author's wish
--Salmon snare-Port Penhryn-Manufactory of cyphering

slates—Slate trade— Penhryn Hall Drinking horn-Ancient

mode of drinking--Church of Llandegai--Monument of Arch-

bishop Williams-Reflections on his character. . . 217

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