Hit Singles: Top 20 Charts from 1954 to the Present Day

Carlton Books, Limited, 2007 - 544 páginas
Unlike any other book of its kind, Hit Singles gives both US and UK top 20 chart listings, side-by-side, to show at a glance what was happening in the music worlds on both sides of the Atlantic. The month-by-month chart listings are instant nostalgic memory jerkers, giving you an opportunity to compare the development of rock and pop on both sides of the Atlantic. They include the artists' previous month's position, label, weeks on the chart and million sellers. An alphabetical listing of song titles with artist, and an alphabetical listing of artists with song titles chart-entry dates, offer easy cross-referencing, and, to put it all in perspective, musical milestones in chronological order give the whole history of rock, its stars, producers, labels, innovations and styles that shaped the music of the time and the future.

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