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The Protean Self: Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation

Robert Jay Lifton - 1999 - Visualização parcial
Describes a psychological trend that sees the self as becoming fluid and many-sided as a resilient answer to confusion and changing moorings of modern living.
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Nothingness: Philosophical Insights into Psychology

Ditte Winther-Lindqvist, Jytte Bang - 2016 - Visualização parcial
This book addresses nothingness as not only the untangible presence of an emotional, cultural, social, or even political void that is felt on an existential level, but has some solid foundations in reality. The death of a loved one, the social ...
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Du vide et de la création

Michel Cassé - 1993 - Visualização parcial
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The Work of Culture: Symbolic Transformation in Psychoanalysis and Anthropology

Gananath Obeyesekere - 1990 - Visualização parcial
"The Work of Culture is the product of two decades of field research by Sri Lanka's most distinguished anthropological interpreter, and its combination of textual analysis, ethnographic sensitivity, and methodological catholicity makes it ...
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The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice

Edward W. Taylor, Patricia Cranton - 2012 - Visualização parcial
The Handbook of Transformative Learning The leading resource for the field, this handbook provides a comprehensive and critical review of more than three decades of theory development, research, and practice in transformative learning. The ...
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Meaningful Work: Rethinking Professional Ethics

Mike W. Martin - 2000 - Visualização parcial
As commonly understood, professional ethics consists of shared duties and episodic dilemmas--the responsibilities incumbent on all members of specific professions joined together with the dilemmas that arise when these responsibilities conflict ...
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Transitions: Development Through Symbolic Resources

Tania Zittoun - 2006 - Não há visualização disponível
What do young people do with the novels they read, the films they see, the music they hear and sing? How do these cultural products act as 'symbolic resources' in the process of development? And what can we, as researchers, learn by studying ...
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Reinventing Evidence in Social Inquiry: Decoding Facts and Variables

R. Biernacki - 2012 - Visualização parcial
Revisiting the dominant scientific method, 'coding,' with which investigators from sociology to literary criticism have sampled texts and catalogued their cultural messages, the author demonstrates that the celebrated hard outputs rest on ...
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New Directions in Sociology: Essays on Theory and Methodology in the 21st ...

Ieva Zake, Michael DeCesare - 2011 - Visualização parcial
Written by the new generation of sociologists, these essays chart a course for the future of the discipline, both by revisiting forgotten theories and methods and by suggesting innovative theoretical and methodological approaches. Comprised of ...
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The Myth of Social Action

Colin Campbell - 1998 - Visualização parcial
The Myth of Social Action, first published in 1996, is a powerful critique of the sociology of the time and a call to reject the prevailing orthodoxy. Arguing that sociological theory had lost its way, Colin Campbell mounts a case for a new ...
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