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The Life of the Cosmos

Lee Smolin - 1998 - Visualização parcial
Lee Smolin offers a new theory of the universe that is at once elegant, comprehensive, and radically different from anything proposed before. Smolin posits that a process of self organization like that of biological evolution shapes the universe ...

Linked: The New Science of Networks

Albert-L szl Barab si - 2002 - Visualização parcial
Discusses the connections between business, science, information, disease, knowledge--just about everything--and the hubs and complex networks that create an interconnected web of life.

The Fabric of Reality

David Deutsch - 2011 - Visualização parcial
An extraordinary and challenging synthesis of ideas uniting Quantum Theory, and the theories of Computation, Knowledge and Evolution, Deutsch's extraordinary book explores the deep connections between these strands which reveal the fabric of ...

Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 2012 - Visualização parcial
Antifragile is a standalone book in Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s landmark Incerto series, an investigation of opacity, luck, uncertainty, probability, human error, risk, and decision-making in a world we don’t understand. The other books in the series ...

The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity, and the Radical Remaking of ...

Eric D. Beinhocker - 2006 - Visualização parcial
What is wealth? How is it created? And how can we create more of it for the benefit of individuals, businesses, and societies? In The Origin of Wealth, Eric Beinhocker provides provocative new answers to these fundamental questions. Beinhocker ...


Stuart A. Kauffman - 2000 - Visualização parcial
"It may be that I have stumbled upon an adequate description of life itself." These modest yet profound words trumpet an imminent paradigm shift in scientific, economic, and technological thinking. In the tradition of Schr?dinger's classic What ...

Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion

Stuart A. Kauffman, A Kauffman - 2008 - Visualização parcial
Consider the complexity of a living cell after 3.8 billion years of evolution. Is it more awesome to suppose that a transcendent God fashioned the cell at a stroke, or to realize that it evolved with no Almighty Hand, but arose on its own in the ...

At Home in the Universe: The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization and ...

Stuart A. Kauffman, Stuart Kauffman - 1996 - Não há visualização disponível
The author examines the concept of self-organization, or as he calls it "order for free," discussing how it occurs more frequently in nature than originally believed