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Historical epistemology and the making of modern Chinese medicine

Howard Chiang - 2015 - Visualização parcial
This collection expands the history of Chinese medicine by bridging the philosophical concerns of epistemology and the history and cultural politics of transregional medical formations. Topics range from the spread of gingko's popularity from ...
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Celestial Lancets: A History and Rationale of Acupuncture and Moxa

Gwei-Djen Lu, Joseph Needham - 2012 - Visualização parcial
Using modern knowledge to shed light on ancient techniques, this text examines two of the earliest therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine: acupuncture and moxibustion. Acupuncture is the implantation of very thin needles into subcutaneous ...
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Zen, acupuntura y psicología

Sergio López Ramos - 1997 - Visualização parcial
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Medicine Across Cultures: History and Practice of Medicine in Non-Western ...

Helaine Selin - 2006 - Visualização parcial
This work deals with the medical knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, Egyptian, and Tibetan medicine, the ...
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El secreto de la flor de oro: un libro de la vida chino

Carl Gustav Jung, Richard Wilhelm - 2009 - Visualização parcial
El secreto de la flor de oro es el secreto de los poderes de crecimiento latentes en la psique humana. A partir de esta definición, Jung y Wilhelm abordan un nuevo enfoque de la sabiduría china -tomando como fuentes un antiguo sistema del yoga ...
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Chinese Folktales: An Anthology

Yin-Lien C. Chin, Yetta S. Center, Mildred Ross - 2015 - Visualização parcial
"Flows with the naturalness of conversation". -- The Small Press Book Review "Translated with simplicity and lucidity". -- The Book Reader "This collection of twelve traditional tales from various parts of China in different time periods ...
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Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture

Terry Oleson - 2013 - Visualização parcial
Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture provides a comprehensive guide to the practice of Chinese and Western systems of ear acupuncture. This impressive new edition utilizes 3-D models of the external ear, as well ...
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Moolamanil Thomas - 2014 - Visualização parcial
An exponential growth to medicine and therapeutic procedure has been possible only in modern science. The sciences in general are a post-Renaissance development. The disciplines developed in its methods have superseded those of previous ...
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Ideograma: lógica, poesia, linguagem

Haroldo de Campos - 2000 - Visualização parcial
Organizada por Haroldo de Campos, esta obra reúne textos de diversos autores que analisam a escrita ideogramática, particularmente os ideogramas chineses, sob o ponto de vista da Lingüística, Semiologia, da Teoria Literária e da Filosofia ...
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The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory and Practice

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. - 2003 - Visualização parcial
"Here is a comprehensive survey of the full breadth and depth of the 5,000-year-old Yoga tradition, emphasizing its potent philosophy and spiritual vision. Georg Feuerstein demonstrates that Yoga is much more than a system of physical exercises ...
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