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" The school's lone porch, with reverend mosses gray, Just tells the pensive pilgrim where it lay. Mute is the bell that rung at peep of dawn, Quickening my truant feet across the lawn : Unheard the shout that rent the noontide air When the slow dial gave... "
History of Candia: Once Known as Charmingfare: With Notices of Some of the ... - Seite 134
von Francis Brown Eaton - 1852 - 151 Seiten
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Pleasures of Literature

Robert Aris Willmott - 1907 - 243 Seiten Horace, with its familiar marks. Silent lips and cold hands seem again to welcome and clasp us: " Up springs at every step, to claim a tear, Some little...friendship formed and cherished here ; And not the lightest leaf but trembling teems With golden visions and romantic dreams." Association is the delight...
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English lands, leters and kings; Queen Anne and the Georges

Donald Grant Mitchell - 1907
...ancient oak The peasants flocked to hear the minstrel play And games and carols closed the busy day. Up springs, at every step — to claim a tear, Some...friendship formed and cherished here; And not the lightest leaf, but trembling teems With golden visions and romantic dreams." This poem, with echoes...
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The Early Life of William Wordsworth, 1770-1798: A Study of "The Prelude"

Emile Legouis - 1921 - 480 Seiten
...from The Pleasures of Memory, part ii. (towards the end). Cf. also Rogers, P. of M., pt. 1. I. 103, Up springs, at every step, to claim a tear, Some little friendship found and cherished here ; and EW, 43, While, Memory at my side, I wander here, Starts at the simplest...
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