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" ... his head, Smear'd all his lovely face ; his weeds, divinely fashioned, All filed and mangled ; and himself he threw upon the shore, Lay, as laid out for funeral, then tumbled round, and tore His gracious curls. His ecstasy he did so far extend, That... "
The Works of George Chapman ... - Página 218
de George Chapman - 1875
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Chapman's Homer: The IIiad and the Odyssey

Homer - 2000 - 976 páginas
...gracious curls; his extasy he did so far extend, That all the ladies won by him and his now slaughter'd friend (Afflicted strangely for his plight) came shrieking...about him; beat their breasts, their tender lineaments Dissolv'd with sorrow. And with them wept Nestor's warlike son, Fell by him, holding his fair hands,...
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