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Above One Hundred and Fifty SERMONS,

besides his POETICA: PIECES.


'To which is prefixed,
An Account of the AUTHOR's Life and WRITINGS,

with an ELEGIAC POEM, and large ContenTS.

Go, preach the gospel to every crecture, Mark Xvi. 15.

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For the Revd. JOHN STEWART, HUGH MITCHELL, Bookfeller,
and Peter MUIRHEAD, Merchant, the Publishers.



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SERMON LXXIII,-LXXVIII. The Strength of Sin, and how the law is the Strength thereof, opened up and unfolded,

7 I Cor. xv. 56. The strength of sin is the law. The words being viewed in their connection, analized and explained, there are

two do&trinał propositions adduced, and separately prosecuted. The First is, " That lin is a very Itrong and powerful shing And from this

observacion, the following general heads of method are prosecuted, viz. 1. The nature of fin enquired into, and opened up, 2. "The strength of fin unfolded, by viewing the qualities and degrees of its strength,

17 3 How the strength of sin discovers itself, evinced,

29 4. Whence the strength of fin comes, and where it lies, 5. Some inferences deduced for application,

42 The Second doctrine is, “ That the law of works is the strength of fin to the

finner that hath violate and broken it." And from this proposition, the fol.

lowing general topics are propofod, viz. 1. Enquire what law is the Atrength of fin,

60 2. Shew what strength it is that sin hath from the law, 3. Shew what fin the law is the strength of, 4. How, and in what respect, the law is die strength of fin,

74 5. Whence it is that the law is the strength of fin, 6. Application of the whole, in leveral uses, Ule (1.) Of caution, in four particulars,

ibid. (2.) Of in foi mation, in several inferences,

Two difficult cafes solved, relative to hypocrites and believers, 106
Twelve instances of the ftrength of fin in believers,
Four instances of the miserable state of unbelievers,

143 (3.) Of examination; containing a fourfold inquiry to know who are de. livered from the law, as it is the strength of fin,

149 (4.) Of exhortation ; first to unbelievers, who are under the law; and then to believers, who are not under it,

S E R M ON. LXXIX. God's Great Name, the Ground and Reason of saving great Sinners,

167 Ps.cvii.8. Nevertheless be saved tbem for his name's fake. The words being divided, explained, and summed up in a doctrinal observation,

several propositions laid down for clearing the doctrine, and parallel scriptures adduced for illustrating the truth of it, the following general heads of

method are insisted upon, viz. 1. What is that name of God, for the sake of which he faves,

172 2. What it is for God to save for his name's sake,

178 3. What salvation he works for his name's lake, 4. What is imported in this NEVERTHELESS; or, over what impediments doth God bring about salvation for his name's fake,

186 5. Some reasons offered why he saves for his name's sake,

190 6. Some inferences deduced for the applicarion,



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