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penes Containing a few Wei- nown Poems

La Orer Languages

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& PIATTIVNNY'S | OF priests sidsvlies & Tamir ya tv, Far renowii.

otinai, k. 910! 1 Still , I'd advane te jete uprices's so

viabilt n-, Father O'Flynn as thie' vir of them all

Eith Flying

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Here's a health to

Sláinte, and sláinte, ani si inte agin;

Powerfulest preacher, and

Tinderest teacher, and
Kindliest creature in ould Dongai.

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Don't talk of your Provost and Fellows of Irinity,
Famous forever at Greek and Latinity,

YAT Faix! and the divels and all at Divinity

Father O'Flynn 'd make hares of them all!

Come, I vinture to give ye my word,
Niver the likes of his logic was heard,

Down from mythology

Into thayology,
Troth! and conchology if he'd the call.

Och! Father O'Flynn, you've the wonderful way wid you,
All ould sinners are wishful to pray wid you,
All the young childer are wild for to play wid you,
You've such a way wid you, Father avick!

Sull' bout dll you've 50 guite et $0" @tu *g) Toiew -
7. Help your flock in the ai 2464 :1.

JY bil (heilding the crazy ones,

," un titre -T* (vsrin ir tiny ones,

*** Vill loë Liitin'i ve lady do it fit.3109191911. NA

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