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Its Commencement to the end of the Year 1779.

Exhibiting a circumstantial, connected, and complete Account

of the real Causes, Rise, and Progress of the War,
interspersed with Anecdotes and Characters of the different
Commanders, and Accounts of such Personages in Congress
as have distinguished themselves during the Conteft.

A P P E N D I X,

A Collection of Interesting and Authentic Papers tending

to elucidate the History.

Illustrated with a Variety of beautiful Copper-Plates, repre-

fenting real and animated Likenesses of those celebrated Generals
who have distinguilhed themselves in the important Conteft.

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P R E F A CE. :

TN the recording of events, where

in the passions and prejudices of mankind, have been so materially intereited, and where opinions have been so various both in regard to the equity, as well as the whole operative system of the American war, the task of the historian becomes peculiarly arduous and difficult ; people can [arcely judge with temper of such an laittory in a century after the events, nor will it be found poffible for to escape censure, either from the violence of one party, or from the overheated imagnation of another; in this predicament if knowledge, impartiality, and a regard to truth, guide the historian's pen, and that his fole object is to give a clear and distinct narrative of facts, from the best and most authentic documents, without pretending dogmatically to decide, in a controversy, upon which the greateft men of the age, have differed in

their sentiments, his subject becomes highly interesting.

It is upon this principle that the present work lays claim to the patronage of the public, wherein every event is faithfully recorded, the motives and secret springs which led to this unhappy contest, are placed in the truest and most impartial light, the various forms and modes of local legislation, peculiar to the different provinces, are clearly delineated, a diftinct account of the colonization of America in general, wherein every matter of importance that has happened since its first discovery, is plainly pointed to th view of the reader: in short, the editor hopes he may say, without the imputation of vanity, that this work will prove friendly to constitutional liberty, lead the mind to form just notions of legislation and government, and prove worthy of the acceptance of the public.




CHAP. I. America firft discovered in 1492 by Columbus. His

proposal rejected by several courts, but adopted by Isabella of

Spain. Discovers Hispaniola. Mexico conquered by Cortez. Brief

account of tbat great empire. Peru reduced under the domi.

nion of Spain. Extent and bounderies of America. General

description thereof. Account of the antient Indians.

CHAP. II. A concise view of North America and the West-In.

dia Ilands, from their first discovery, 'till the seeds of the present
contest were sown, notifying the commercial strength and

shipping of each of the colonies, as they stood in the year 1763. 299

CHAP. III. A short narrative of the memorable events and re-

volutions of the British colonies in North America, from the

days of Queen Elizabeth to the present time, enumerating their

different charters and grants, and shewing when executed, to

whom, and for what purpose.


CHAP. I. A View of the Question in dispute, relative to the

Colonies; with the origin of the present, unhappy civil conteft. 45

CHAP. II. The Progress of the Dispute between Great Bri.

tain and her Colonies continued, from the Repeal of the Stamp

Aa in 1766, to the passing of the Boston Port Bill 1774. 74

CHAP. III. A summary account of all the American acts,

passed in the British parliament, from January 13, 1774, to

the 22d of June following.

CHAP. IV. View of affairs in the Colonies, in the year 1774; .

fhewing the general effect and operation of the late laws, &c. 120

CAHP. V. Resolutions of the Ĝeneral Congress, held at Phi.

delphia, and opened on Monday the 5th of September, 1774. 155

CHAP VI. State of Affairs at the opening of the new parlia.

ment, with some account of the two Fishery Bills passed in this


CHAP VII. State of affairs in America during the fitting of

parliament.-Continued from the breaking up of the general

Congress, in Oa. 26, 1774, to the re-assembling of that body

May 10, 1775

CHAP. VIII' From the meeting of the General Congress at

Philadelphia, May 10, 1775, (pursuant to adjournment, from

Oa. 26, 1774) to the blockade of Boston, in July following,

by the Generals Washington and Lee; with a particular account

of the a&ion of Bunker's Hill


CHAP. IX. Motives which led to the invafion of Canada. The

taking of several Forts on the Lakes, by Montgomery and Ar-

nold The city of Quebec besieged


CHAP X. Transactions in the provinces of Virginia, the North


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