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The last, not least in honour or applause,
Isis and Cam made doctors of her laws.

Then, blessing all, “ Go, children of my care!
To practice now from theory repair.

580 All my commands are easy, short, and full: My song! be proud, be selfish, and be dull. Guard my prerogative, assert my throne: This nod confirms each privilege your own. The сар

and switch be sacred to his grace: 585 With staff and pumps the marquis leads the race; From stage to stage the licens'd earl may run, Pair'd with his fellow-charioteer, the sun; The learned baron butterflies design, Or draw to silk Arachue's subtile line;

590 The judge to dance his brother serjeant call; The senator at cricket urge the ball; The bishop, stow (pontific luxury!) An hundred souls of turkeys in a pye; The sturdy squires to Gallic masters stoop, 595 And drown his lands and manors in a soup. Others import yet nobler arts from France, Teach kings to fiddle, and make senates dance. Perhaps more high some daring son may soar, Proud to my list to add one monarch more;

GOO And nobly-conscious, princes are but things Born for first ministers, as slaves for kings, Tyrant supreme! shall three estates coinmand, And maks one mighty Dunciad of the land !"

More she had spoke, but yawn'd-All nature nods: What mortal can resist the yawn of gods ? 606 Churches and chapels instantly it reach'd; (St. James's first, for leaden G- preach'd) Then catch'd the schools; the hall scarce kept awake; The convocation gap'd, but could not speak: 610 Lost was the nation's sense, nor could be found, While the long solemn unison went round: Wide, and more wide, it spread o'er all the realm : Ev'n Palinurus nodded at the helm : The vapour mild o'er each committec crept;

615 Unfinislı'd treaties in each office slept;

And chiefless armies doz'd out the campaign;
And navies yawn'd for orders on the main.

O Muse! relate, (for you can tell alone,
Wits have short memories, and dunces none,) 620
Relate who first, who last, resign'd to rest;
Whose heads she partly, whose completely blest;
What charms could faction, what ambition lull,
The venal quiet, and intrance the dull; [wrong-
Till drown'd was sense and shame, and right, and
O sing, and hush the nations with thy song! 626

In vain, in vain-the all-composing hour
Resistless falls: the Muse obeys the pow'r.
She comes! she comes! the sable thione behold
Of Night primeval, and of Chaos old!

Before her, fancy's gilded clouds decay,
And all its varying rainbows die away.
Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires,
The meteor drops, and in a flash expires.
As one by one, at dread Medea's strain,

696 The sickening stars fade off th' ethereal plain; As Argus' eyes, by Hermes' wand opprest, Clos'd one by one to everlasting rest; Thus at her felt approach, and secret might, Art after art goes out, and all is night.

640 See skulking Truth to her old cavern fled, Mountains of casuistry heap'd o'er her head! Philosophy, that lean’d on Heav'n before, Shrinks to her second cause, and is no more. Physic of metaphysic begs defence,

645 And metaphysic calls for aid on sense! See mystery to mathematics fly! In vain? they gaze, turn giddy, rave, and die. Religion, blushing, veils her sacred fires, And unawares Morality expires.

630 Nor public fame, nor private, dares to shine; Nor human spark is left, nor glimpse divine! LQ! thy dread empire, Chaos! is restor’d; Light dies before thy uncreating word: Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall; 656 And universal darkness buries all.



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Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Satires, Epistles, and Odes of Horace imitated
Satires of Dr. Donne versified
Epilogue to the Satires



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ronation. 1715

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