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Dunlap, Me., Collector, &c. &c., $2,800. 109 other centage on their incomes, from the Collector employées, collectors, deputies, inspectors, downward, and the proceeds placed in the hands weighers, &c. at various rates. Natives, U.S., 108; of party leaders, to aid in electing the men of the of Britain, 1.

dominant faction. New-Hampshire and Vermont.--Forty-four per New-York State.-Ninety officers, clerks, inspecsons employed. All natives of the U.S.

tors, &c. &c. Natives, U.S. 85; Ireland 4; ScotBoston.–Marcus Morton, Ms. Collector, $6,400; land 1; aggregate income of the five of foreign Wm. Parmenter, Ms. Naval Officer, $5,000 ; Johni birth $2,937. McNiel, NH, Surveyor, $1,900; twenty-four NC., Va., D.C., Del. and N.J.--Conway Whittle, Weighers, Measurers, &c. at $1,500 each; fifty- Va., Collector, at Norfolk, Va., $2,527, and 127 three Inspectors at $1,095 each; sixty-nine Clerks, others. Natives, U.S. 125; foreign-born $1,976. Deputies, Night Inspectors, &c. at from $300 to Philadelphia.-- James Page, Pa., Collector, $6,$1,800.--Gloucester, Eli F. Stacy, Ms. Collector, 073; Henry Welslı, Pa., Naval Officer, $5,000 ; $1,624.-Salem, Jas. Miller, N.H. Collector, $2,431. John Davis, Pa, Surveyor, $4,500; also, four --New-Bedford, J.T. Adams, Ms., Collector, $2,353. Measurers, two Appraisers, four Deputy CollecOther officers in Ms., 89.

tors, &c, two Guagers, and two Markers, at $1,Natives, U. S. in Ms. District 237; of Ireland 3; 500 each; 41 Inspectors, at $1,095; 29 Clerks, at of Canada 1. Salaries in 1847, $172,497.

$700 to $1,300, and 70 to 30 other persons. Rhode Island and Connecticut.--Collectors, In Natives, U.S. 134 ($130.517;] Ireland 17 ($12,spectors, Clerks, Surveyors, &c. 105 persons. 741;) other countries 12 [$3,241.] The charge for Natives, U.S. 103 ; of Bermuda 2 casual, at $13 salaries alone, at Philadelphia, where two mila-year.

lions net are collected, is $151,502, or $30,000 more New-York City.-C. W. Lawrence, N.Y., Col- than the salaries came to, in New-York, during J. lector, &c. $7,800; H.T. Kiersted, N Y., Cash'í, $2,- Q. Adams's Whig Administration, where ten to 500; S. G. Ogden, Jr., N.Y., Auditor, $3,000; Cor- twelve millions net were collected! nelius S. Bogardus, Naval Officer, $5,000; Elijah F. Baltimore.---Wm. H. Marriott, Md., Collector, Purdy, N.Y, Surveyor, $4,900; four Deputy Col- $6,000; James Polk, Md, Naval Officer, $1,640; lectors, five Assistant-Appraisers, a Storekeeper, W. H. Cole, Jr., Md, Surveyor, $2,328; one thirty-six Weighers and Measurers, twelve Gua- weigher, two uppraisers, one guager, one 'meagers and Markers, three Deputy Naval Officers, surer, two deputies, one marker, at $1,500 each; and a Deputy Surveyor, all at $1,500 each; 172 28 inspectors, at $1,095; six clerks; 41 other perClerks, at $600 up to $1,400 each; Vanbrugh Liv- sons, including the State. Natives, U.S. 64 [$67,ingston, N.Y., Geo. W. Pomeroy, Ms. and s. w 477;) other countries 16 ($11,334 ;] total salaries, Willis, Appraisers, $2,000 each; fourteen Assist- $78,311. ant-Storekeepers; 178 Inspectors, at $1,095 each; Charleston –W. J. Grayson, S.C, Collector, 75 Night-watchmen, at $549 50 each.

$3,985; R Howard, s.C, Naval Officer, $1,569; Natives, U.S. 460 ($478,300;] Ireland 39 ($32,- 38'inspectors, clerks, &c, at $600 to $1,500. 'Na335;] England 10 ($10,821 ; [ Scotland 4 [$4,200;} tives, U.S. 33; other countries 5. Germany 5 [$3,638 ;] other countries 8 ($8,037;] - Savannah, 80.--27 persons.--Florida, Sw. total, 526 persons.

Spencer, Md., Collector, $1,900; and 24 other The business of refunding duties collected persons. Natives, U.S. 48; Europe 5. under one act, by authority of another, appears to Mobile.-- Jas. E. Saunders, Tenn., Collector, be an extensive one, $48,015; $2,801 ; $41,324; $3,000; 18 other persons. Nat., U.S. 17; Europe 2. $32,204; $2,604; $3,267 and $1,318, were received New Orleans.-Denis Prieur, La., Collector, $6,and paid back in 1846-7.

000; Alcée Labranche, La., Naval Officer, $5,000 ; Salaries in New York City.

David Hayden, Con, Surveyor, $4,500; five depu

ties, two appraisers, one weigher, one guager, Aggregate of the incomes of the officers actually, one measurer, at $1,500 each; 21 clerks, $900 to and also those who are nominally, employed at the $1,500; 72 inspectors, at $1,095 ; 11 others NaCustom-Houses in New York, taken îrom the tives, 'U.S. 97 ($107,042;] Ireland 15 ($17,513 ;] latest Blue-Book :

France, &c. 7 [$8.715.] 178 Inspectors...

$1,095 $194,910 Texas -H. G. Runnels, Ga., Collector, Galves19 Weighers....

.1,500 28,500 ton, $1,937; nine others.---Tenn., Ky., Ohio, Ill , fr. 17 Measurers..

1,500 25,500 25 persons. 12 Guagers and Markers..

.1,500 18,000

Detroit.--C. G. Hammond, Con., Collector, $1,18 others...

. 1,500 27,000 618; with 31 employées. 75 Night Watch..

547 50 41,052 14 Assistant-Storekeepers. ..1,000 14,000 The gross amount of revenue from Customs, in Coll'r., Naval offi'r, &c., 8 officers.. 27,800 the year ending June 30, 1847, was $27,067,564, 68 Clerks, &c.....


68,000 after deducting the drawback on Foreigu Goods 26 do. 800, and 32 at...

.900 49,600 exported ($1,238.101.) The direct expenses of 9 do. 1,050, and 7 at.


17,850 collection were $2,098,52; Duties that had to be 46 Officials, at 35 rates of wages...

25,175 refunded, notwithstanding the vast array of law.

yers in Congress and near the Collectors, $22,

$537,387 875; Bounties on fisheries, $282,917. The above is but a fraction of the charges made Much of the annual cost of the Navy is owing to on the public through this mammoth establish- protection required to our Foreign trade; and of ment, in which there is much idleness, and no Light-house expenses, the cost of Revenue Cutefficient check, as experience and voluminous ters, Diplomatic gentlemen, the Federal Courts, official Reports have too clearly nown. Vast the Custom-Houses, Public ores, &c. &c., it large sums are paid for printing, advertising, &c. The share should be ascribed to the same canse. salaries do not all come under the revision of Congress, nor appear in the Appropriation Bills, of the annual loss by DEFAULTERS, in the Cusand where the fees go, those who know may tell toms, we cannot give the average, but we find --we cannot. Mr. J. Q. Adams kept the above that Collectors and others, who had been more $537,387 down at about $120,000, and ihe men who than a year out of office, were due large sums on railed at his extravagence' have sought to over- the 1st of July, 1847. Among these were JF. ride free judgment and control our elections by Wingate, Bath, $10,989; J B. Swanton, do. $13,more than quadrupling the old outlay. In the 861 ; Jer. Clark, York, $27,090; H. Warren, PlyCustom-Houses the officers are periodically mouth, $16,530; S. S. Allen, Bristol, $20,037; $. assessed, by a sort of semi-official practice, a per Swartwout, N.Y., $1,200,000; Jesse Hoyi, N.Y.,

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F. Williams, Bultimore, $368,148; J. Fitzgerald, Capitol, $5,000; Assistants, &c, to Chas. Douglass,

. : : , Alexandria, $30,072; L. Muse, Tappahannoč, $33,- Con., Commissioner of Buildings, $3,800. 249; J. Stith, Va., $11,900; Asa Rogerson, Camden, $31,321; T. Bloodgood, Wilmington, $22, Vores OF CONGRESS FOR SUPPLY BILL OF Aro 527; R. Cochran, do. $102,817; Isaac Holmes, 12, 1848.-To uphold 4 mints for 1847-8, the aggreCharleston, S.C., $161,872; Ed. Mounger, Savan- gate money vote was $165,640. Among other i nah, $17,924; Rich. Wall, do. $114,873; Ab. B. votes in the same Supply Bill were, $30,000 for Famnin, do. $13,506; Andrew Erwin, Tennessee, free bridges, Washington; $6,775 to Auxiliary $53,397 ; Ben Wall, late marshal, Tenn., $22,325; Guard there; $17,497 for repairs to the Capitol; W. Brown, N. Orleans, $107,011; P. F. Dubourg, painting it $20,000; lighting with gas, laying gasdo. $36,912; T. G. Morgan, 'do. $212,232; H B. pipe, &c., $36,210; improvements to President's Trist, do. $6.631 ; Th Barrett, $79,000; E. R. Hop- House, $14,368 ; to continue the Survey of the kins, St. Louis, $12,063; Dav. Duncan, Mackinaw, Lakes, $25,000; ditto. U.S. Coast, $165,000; to $30,631. These names and a host of others, in clerks of U.S. District Courts for stating proceedarrears, appear in Ex. Doc. 7, Dec. 14, 1847. ings had under Bankrupt Act, $6,166; special

agents to examine Sub-Treasuries, $5,000; SubCUSTOMS, REVENUE AND COLLECTION. Treasurers, clerks and contingencies, $$7,3044 The expenditures at eighty Custom-houses, ex- being a large additional charge $24,763, Blair & ceeded all the moneys received for duties, by Rives, for Congressional Globe delivered to $481,996; and of these the excess of expenditure Members of Congress, in two sessions. at Passamaquoddy was $23,518; at Frenchman's For a vol. of Documentary History, $24,327; an Bay, $14,044; at Penobscot, $38,926; al Waldo- edition of Gordon's Compend of Revenue Laws boro', $24,644; at Wiscasset, $30,130; 'at Glouces- for use of Treasury, $4,270: in part, for a Customter, $11,731; at Marblehead, $17,476 ; at Plymouth, bouse at Savannah, $30,000, (where the net rere. $20,919; at Barnstable, $39,855; at Sacket's Har- nue collected in 1846-7, was just $31,257, and the bor, $10,090; Niagara, $7,435; Oswego, $5,815; expenses of collecting it, $21,558.] Buffalo, $8,080; Presque Isle, $16,830; Delaware, For a site on which to build a Custom-house at $39,160; Richmond, Va., $9,423; Detroit, $6,108; Charleston, $100,000, besides $30,000 voted before; Key West, $8,794.

also, in part, toward building a New Orleans The gross revenue collected at the eight princi- Custom-house, $130,758 ; in part, for new Custopal Custom-houses in 1846-7, was-New-York, house, Boston, $12,500. Improving streets of $17,237,848; Boston, $4,657,688; New Orleans, $1,- Washington, $38,578, (these outlays will greatly 621,357; Baltimore, $719,490 ; Philadelphia, $2,- increase the value of property, without trouble670,325; Portland, $100,601; Salem, $196,145; some debts and assessments on the citizens.) Charleston, $335,247. The expense of collection For continuing the publication of the work of was-at New-York, $758,148; Boston, $187,025; the Exploring Expedition and pay of corps, $37.New-Orleans, $200,622; Baltimore, $95,523; Phila- 753; to repay Virginia money paid by her to delphia, $170,504 ; Portland, $19,628 ; Salem, Revolutionary officers, and their representatives, $13,477; Charleston, $56,175.

for half pay or commutation, not over $81,273 17: We incline to the belief that large sums in fees, Light-house and floating-light votes, 1847-8, $621,&c. are only accounted for by orders from the 082; of which $3,522 are for building

a Light-house Secretary of the Treasury to apply them in such at Monroe, Mich., $38,365 for do. at Wangoshance, and such ways, and that they do not appear on the do.; $89,971 for do. on Sand Key, Florida; $12, record as Revenue collected. Is not this so? 000 for a light on Bartlett's Reef, L.I.: six Reve.

nue Cutters, to be built. $90,000 REVENUE MARINE-LIGHT-Houses.-Captains For Surveys of Public Lands, viz. Mineral re. 23, at $1,200; six of them unemployed, i.e. "wait- gion of Michigan, Wisconsin and lowa, and lucaiing orders.” Lieutenants 64, at $790 to $960; 17 ing private claims, Florida, $115,000; Surveys in of them unemployed. Light-house keepers and Florida, $16,500; Clerks to Surveyors-General, assistants 227, at $100 to $600 each

$22,950; Surveys in Louisiana, &c., $27,710; GeoCost of Light-houses, fioating lights, beacons, logical Surveys (continued,) of Mineral Lands in buoys and steakages, 1847, $508,566.

Mich., Wis. and Iowa, $40,000.
Marine Hospitals, 1847, $130,137.


Congress requires, or receives, through the Philadelphia.-R. M. Patterson, Pa., Director, Blue-Book, the most minute and detailed accounts $3,500; J. R. Snowden, Pa, Treasurer, $2,000, of the expenditures on public printing and ad. also, à chief coiner, melter and engraver, each vertising, all sums paid to editors, whose presses $2,000; and five others. Officers and clerks, 1847, influence the National sentiment.' It is desirable $19,200; Workmen's wages, $24,000 ; Contingen- that a far greater minuteness of detail than is now cies, $6,300.

gone into, should be enforced with reference to New-Orleans.- John M. Kennedy, La., Superin- the Military and Naval expenses, which amount tendent, $2,500 ; J. R. MacMurdo, Treasurer, $2,- to many millions. It ought to be shown in the 000; a coiner, refiner, assayer, $2,000 each. Ofri-Blue-Bock what the amount of each officer's incers and clerks, 1847, $12,900; Wages, $17,000; come is; and, also, the allowances, where they Contingencies, $22,000

are considerable. Also, branches at Dahlonega and Charlotte ; The Blue-Book states the payments to Public Officers and clerks, 1847, $12,750 ; Wages, $7,100Printers, for printing, binding and advertising, Contingencies, $4,573; a new 'mint, (old one during the two years ending October 1, 1817, as burnt,) $9,000.


Ritchie & Heiss, Washington, $377,045; Gales & Votes of Congress in the District of Columbia, Seaton, do. (chiefly for arrears due them. $57, in 1846-7.

104; Blair & Rives, $2,864 payment for Corress. Interest on $760,000, the debt of Washington Globe; Ic. Hill & Son, Concord, $29, 110; J. Si City, $40,700; do. on $190,000, the debt of George- Gideon, Wash., S4,829; Columbus Alexander, town, and $190,000, the debt of Alexandria, $20,- $15,957; J. T. Towers, $1,781 ; Pennsylvanian, 350-less, repaid, $3,578 from Wash; $57,472'; H. & F., $1,778; Sheet & Co., $7,010; Swaia. also paid $60,000 debt of Wash ; Insane, $5,770Abell & Simmons, 84,216; Boston Times, $2.159, Penitentiary, $12.719; City Auxiliary Guard, $6,- and many others. The patronage ot collect 777; President's House. $1,538 ; Public buildings, ors, marshals, district attorneys, postmastern

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public officers, &c., amounts to a large sum, but son, R. M. Johnson, White of Tenn., Holmes of very little is known to the public, as it takes the Me., Hayne and Findley. It reportedform of contingencies, &c.

1. “That the power and influence of Federal Patronage

....its workings will contaminate the purity of all elec. ECONOMY AND RETRENCHMENT.

tions, and enable the Federal Government, eventually to Successive Administrations, professing extreme govern throughout the States, as effectually as if they were

so many provinces of one vast empire." Democracy, have sought to retain power by a II. “That the whole of this power will center in the Presi.

dent....He presides over the entire system of Federal profuse and lavish expenditure of the public appointments, jobs and contracts. He chooses from the

circle of his friends and supporters." money.

III. "That patronage will penetrate this body (the Senate Mr. Morehead's Senate Report, in 1844, on Re- of the U.S.) chain it to the car of power, and enable the trenchment, states, that of persons employed in President to rule as easily, and much more securely, with offices from 1828 to 1843, the rate of increase is than without the nominal check of the Senate."

IV. That "if the President was himself the officer of the in the State Department 106 per cent; Treasury People, checked by them, and responsible to them, there do. 58.; War do: 67; Navy do: 68; Judiciary do. would be less danger from this concentration of all power 75; Printers 571 per cent; Post Office Department

V. That "we must look forward to the time when the 101 ; average increase 136 per cent. In 1828 Gov. Public Revenue will be doubled; when the Civil and Miliernment thus employed 11,714 persons; and 27,647 tary officers of the Government will be quadrupled.... in 1843 The increase since is beyond all prece- when the principle of human action will be open and dent.

avowed--the President wants my vote, and I want his In 1835, the U. S. Senate appointed a Commit- patronage; I will vote as he wishes, and he will give me the tee to inquire into the extent, &c. of Executive Office I wish for. What will this be but the government Patronage, who were Messrs. Calhoun, Southard, of one man....a Monarchy?", Bibb, Webster, Benton and King of La., which

VI. "Those who make the President must support him reported that the public expenditure had doubled of the arms....the array of man against

...right or wrong ....and if he is made contrary to the will in eight years, and that

man will be the prelude to the array of army against “When offires, instead of being considered as public army, State against State." trusts, to be conferred on the deserving, were regarded as In 1847, the Revenue, as compared to that of the spoils of victory, to be bestowed as rewards for parti. 1826, had' doubled, and the Federal offices and san services; without respect to merit; when it came to be officers had quadrupled in number and value. The understr od that all who hold office hold by the tenure of Committee described the 174 Custom-house offipartisan zeal and party service--it is easy to see that the

cers in New York as a formidable list; that list certain, direct and inevitable tendency of such a state of has since increased to 500. Men who assume things is to convert the entire body of those in office into corrupt and supple instruments of power, and to raise up

the name of Democrat' have had the power since a host of hungry, greedy and subservient partisans, ready 1828, without making a single effort to arrest the for every service, however base and corrupt. Were a tide of corruption, of which the effects were, in premium offered for the best means of extending to the 1826, so clearly foretold. In the twelve years of utmost the power of patronage; to destroy the love of Mr.' Van Buren's power, and in the eight of country, and to substitute a spirit of subserviency and man Messrs. Tyler and Polk's, who can name a solitary worship; to encourage vice and discourage virtue; and, in effort of themselves or their friends, to arrest an a word, to prepare for the subversion of Liberty and the evil that more than threatens to crush the spirit of establishment of Despotism-no scheme more perfect could Republican Freedom? be devised."

The Committee of 1826, proposed to give the Mr. Calhoun's Committee showed, that in 1825, people the DIRECT appointment of the President; there were 55,777 persons in the employment and but what Congressional majority has ever yet pay of the Executive Departments, the State, dreamed of allowing the citizens of the U.S. to War, Navy, Treasury and Post Office ;) and, that NOMINATE and appoint the President? "For Conin 1833, their numbers had increased to 100,079. gress to refuse to propose the amendment is to pre

A similar Committee sat in 1826, which consist- vent decision, and to act upon the principle that the ed of Messrs. Benton, Macon, Van Buren, Dickin-people are incompetent to decide.”


[NOVEMBER 30, 1848.)
ROGER B. TANEY, Baltimore, Maryland, Chief Justice, $5,000.

Associate Justices, $4,500 each.
Names. Residence.

Native State,
Names. Residence.

Native State. JOHN MCLEAN, Cincinnati..

...N.J. SAMUEL Nelson, Cooperstown................NY. JAS. M. WAYNE, Savannah. ..Ga. LEVI WOODBURY, Portsmouth.

.N.H. JOHN CATRON, Nashville.... ..Va. ROBERT C. GRIER, Pittsburg:

....Pa. John McKINLEY, Louisville..

.Va. Clerk, Wm. T. Carroll, Washington, fees, &c..Ma. PETER V. DANIEL, Richmond..

Va. | Reporter, B. C. Howard, Baltimore, ......$1300. Attorney-General, U, S., Isaac Toucey, Con.,

DISTRICT JUDGES-(Continued.) Washington, $4,000.


Native of. Dist. Salary. Clerk, John T. Reed, Scot., $1,600.

Benj. Johnson.....

Va.... Ark. 2,800

And. T. Judson......... Con.... Con. 1,500 DISTRICT JUDGES.

Willard Hall.

...Del.....Del. 1,500 Name, Native of. Dist. Salary. Isaac H, Bronson..

.Con......Fi. 2,000 *Wm. Crawford..

Va..... Ala. $3,300 | William Marvin... .D.C....S. Fl. 2,000 * In the public accounts we find Crawford entered as Judge of the District of Alabama, at $3,300; in page 259 of Blue Book for 1847, he is entered as Judge of the Northern District of Alabama at $2,500, and, again, as Judge of the Southern District at another $2,500.? Looking at the extent and business of the several Districts, the incomes seem disproportioned ; $4,000 for Florida, almost a desert, and only $3,500 for S. New York; $1,800 for Maine, $1,600 for Michigan, $1,500 for Kentucky; and as much as $2500 (Blue Book, p. 259) for two Districts in Alabama, $2,000 for two in Mississippi. The Statutes give McCaleb of La. $3,800 a year; the Blue Book, page 260, only $3,000; and Wells, p. 261, $1,500, should be $3,500. The Blue Book indicates $1,500 salary to M. W. Brown for three Judgeships.


Native of Dist. Salary. Nat. State. Naine.

Vist. Expenses.
John C. Nicoll.
Ga..... Ga. 2,500 N. J.... Ely Moore..

S. N.Y. 38,000 Nathuel Pope.

Ky......111. 1,500 M8.....Jacob Gould, Jr..... .N. N.Y. 36,190 E. M. Huntington,

1,500 N. C... Wesley Jones..

..N. C. 804) John J. Dyer...

..Jo. 1,500 Pa.....Daniel A. Robertson.... .Ohio. 13.000) Th. B. Monroe.. 1,500 Pa ..... George M. Keim... E. Pa.

19,70: T. IL McCaleb. Miss......La. 3,300

John Keatly

W. Pa. 9,800 Ashur Wure....

Ms..... Me. 1,800 R I.... Burrington Anthony. ...S. Ala. 11,000 Upton S. Heath. .Md.....Md. 2,000 S. C.... Thomas D. Condy.

.S. C.

3,700 Pileg Spraguo. .Ms...... Ms. 2,500 Ten.... A. R. Crozier...

E. Ten. 1,159 Ross Wilkins... .Pa... Mich. 1,500 Pa.....R. J. Chester..

W. Ten. 2,712 S. J. Gholson...

.Ky.... Miss. 2,800 S.C....Jesse B. Clements.. .M. Ten. 1,000 R W. Wells..

...Va.....Mo. 2,300 Va.... James H. Cooke... ...Tex: 1,000 Matthew Harvey. .N.H....N.H. 1,000 .....Jacob Kent, Jr...

..Vt. 1,100 Phil. Dickinson.

N.Y.....NJ. 1,500 Va..... Edmund Christian. E. Va. 4,300 Alfred Conkling. N.Y..N.N.Y. 2,000 Va.....ames Points..

W. Va. 18,895 Samuel R. Betts.. .N.Y..S. N.Y. 3,500 N. Y...John S. Rockwell..

Wis. 25,000 ilenry Potter Va.....N.C. 2,000 Joseph L. Meek...

Or H. H. Leavitt.

..N.J... Ohio. 1,500 REMARKS.-Five Marshals are nained for Flori. William P. Bryant. 2,000 da in 1816-7. Ex. Doc. 7, Dec. 14, 1847, throws John K. Kane..

N.Y.. E. Pa. 2,500 very little light upon the question of what the exThos. Irwin..

.Pa..W. Pa. 1,800 penses of these Courts, not covered by fees, cenJolm Pitman..

..R.I.....RI. 1,500 sist of. Many of the sumy are in round numbers R. B. Gilchrist

..S.C....SC. 2,500 like salaries. The Statute restricts the incomes Morgan W. Brown.... .Ten....Ten. 1,500 of District Attorneys, but B. F. Butler only paid Jno. C. Watrous....

Con....Tex. 2,000 $211 and 19 cents into the Treasury. Mr. S. U. Samuel Prentiss..

Con... ...Vt. 1,200 Downs, now U.S. Senator for La., was District JD. Halvburton..

...Va..E. Va. 1,800 Attorney in 1846-7, and paid back $17, charging, J. W. Brockenbrough. Va..W.Va. 1,600 beside the fees of his office, $11,135 for protes

sional services. The incomes of Clerks of U. S. MISTRICT ATTORNEYS.-- Name and District.). Courts do not appear in any record, but are re

Geo. F. Shepley, Me ; 'Josiah Minot, N. H.;ceived as fees and are a tax upon those who come Chus. Linsley, Vi.; Jonathan Stoddard, Ct.; W. before it, and partly upon the public in criminal S. Burgess, R. I.;G, W.Clinton,N. N. Y.; L. B. cases. In 1846-7, the Marshals in Mobile and Shepheril. S. N. Y.; James S. Green, N. J.; Georgia repaid $4.216 into the Treasury; all the Tho: M. Pettit, E. Pa.; Jno. L. Dawson, W. Pa.; others, and all the District Attorneys, only paid H. H. Rogers, Del.; Wm. L. Marshall, Md.; R. back $536. C. Nicholas, E. Va ; G Thompson, W. Va.; Dun Beside the $19,319 for Florida, $2,227 were paid can K. McRue, N. C.; Edw. McCready, S. C.; for supplies and services to E.' D. Court; R. N. Henry R. Jackson, Ga.; Joseph A. S. Acklin, N. Gaines got $4,535, being per cent, on a judg. Ala.; Alex B. Meek, S. Ala ; And'w K. Blythe. ment rendered in 1839 against a Bank; and the N Miss.; R. M. Gaines, s. Miss.; Thomas J. Clerk of the District Court of Louisiana was paid Durant, La ; Thos. C Lyon, E. Ten.; Thos. D. $2,812 for attendance, &c., beside tees. The AlMosely, M. Ten.; H. W. McCorry, W. Ten.; torneys and Marshals have petty sums set on P. S. Loughborough, Ky.; Thos. w. Bartley, 0.posite their names as salaries, say $400, $300, L. Barbour, la.; David L. Gregg, Ills.; Thos. T. $200—in all $14,566 ; while their real official inGantt, Mo. Samuel H. Hempstead, Ark.; John comes, which probably exceed $500,000, are not Norvell, Mich.; Chandler C. Yonge, Fl. ; Wm. P.even alluded to. Lynde, Wis.; Isaac M. Preston, Iowa; Frank, Samuel McKeon is paid as a judicial officer, F. Morriman, Tex.; Ic. W. R. Bromley, Or. being an agent in Mr. Walker's office, $2,500. MARSHALS.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Showing the name, native State, District, and Wm. Cranch, Ms., Chief Justice, $2,700; James so much of the expenses of the United States S. Morsell, Md , Associate Judge, $2,500, James Courts in each District, during the year ending Dunlop, Md, do, $2,500; T. Hartley Crawiord, June 30, 1847, as are paid out of the public rev. Pa, Judge Criminal Court, $2,000; other Judges, enue--in figures.

$2,000 ; Thos. Woodward, Coroner, Washington Nat. State. Name.

Dist. Expenses Co, expenses, $2,200; Alex. Hunter, Marshal, Ala ....James G. Lyon.... .S. Ala. $8,000 D.C., expenses of Courts, $55,000. There are beVa...... Benjamin Patterson......N. Ala. 500 tween 50 and 60 Justices of the Peace in the Ark.... Elias Rector

Ark. 15,515 District, who are paid by fees. N. H... Benning Mann.

Con. 2,900 The Judiciary, in 1846-7, was a direct charge on Del .... Alexander Porter.. ....Del. 900 the public revenue to the amount of $593,651, viz: N. Y.., Robert Myers


District of Columbia, $68,200; NET expenses of Va.....Joseph B. Browne.......S. FI.}


Courts, $319,675; Judges' salaries, $96,579 ; AttorGa.....T. M. Griffin...

.Ga. 3,300 neys and Marshals salaries only,) $14,566 : AlTen.... Stinson H. Anderson.

6,045 torney General and office, $4,769; Reporter, S.C., Va......Abel C. Pepper...

... la. 1,825 $1,300; Florida Judges, $3,565; Wisconsin do, Ky.....Gideon S. Bailey.

lowa. 26,500 $1,950, Iowa do , $4,750; Additional to Judges of Pa.....John Lane..

Ky. 2,000 Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mobile and WisLa...... William F. Wagner.. La. 25,000 consin, $4,000. In 1817, the aggregate expense Me..... Rufus McIntyre.

Me. 9,500 was $155,432; in 1827, $225,374; in 1837, $399,709 Va ..Moreau Forrest...


7,500 See Morehead's Report, June 15, 1844. N. H... Isaac O. Barnes.

Ms. 20,744 Ms..... Austin E. Wing

Mich. 9.000 MILITARY Crimes.--The U. S. Statute March 3, Ten Thomas Fletcher. S. Miss. 1,700 1325, provides for the punishment of military and John Rayburn

.N. Miss. 3,156 naval offences, crimes perpetrated on the high Ky..... Robert C. Ewing

... Mo. 7,203 seas, offences committed on board of ships be. NH...Cyrus Barton..

.N. H. 2,000 longing to the United States while in foreign Pi..... Samuel McClurg.... .N. J. 1,900 ports, conspiracy to burn or destroy shipping, &c


WAR DEPARTMENT. Secretary of War-William L. MARCY, Mas- laborers, oxen, doctors, &c. It is probable that sachusetts, $6,000.

the goods are supplied by contract. To agents Chief Clerk-Arch'a. Campbell, N. Y., $2,000.- $23,590 are voted, and it is evident that persons Seven other clerks at $1,000 to $1,600.

of high character ought to be selected to expend Clerks and Messengers, 18-16-7, $14,650; Contin- nearly a million a year among uncivilized tribes gencies, $1,750; Contingencies, &c., of N.W. Ex- in the wilderness. ecutive Building, $6,160.

MILITARY PENSION OFFICE. or $17,431,844 voted by Congress, in its session Commissioner–James L. Edwards, Va., $2,500. ending Aug. 11, 1848, not less than $10,612,416, 13 Clerks at $800 to $1,600 ; Clerks and Contipwere for the army and military purposes, beside gencies, 1846-7, $14,500. $583,600 for fortifications, $143.472 to the military The estimate for Pensions for 1846-7, was Academy, and large sumis for War Pensions, uc. $2,507,100——the appropriations $2,075,323. Active operations in Mexico had ceased; that

Payments made in year ending June 90, 1847. country was subdued.

Invalid Pensions...

$246,246 Widows and Orphans-act of 1836.. 322,105 INDIAN DEPARTMENT.

102,132 Commissioner-William Medill, $3,000. Iwelve Revolutionary—act of 1832.,

Revolutionary-act of 1818...

292,973 Clerks at $1,000 to $1.100; Clerks and Messen- Five years to Widow s-act of 1838.. 222,526 gers, 1846-7, $16,233; Contingencies, $1,800.

42,302 W. A. Richmond, N. Y., Act. Sup. and Ass't., Pensions-act of 1844....

Revolutionary-act of 1843.

444,424 Detroit, $1,500. Six Clerks, Interpreters, &c., Unclaimed. 1838, &C........

27,621 Five do., Wisconsin.

Claims, two ects...

48,303 St. Louis Superintendency.

The military pension appropriations leave T. H. Harvey, Sup't. (Va.) St. Louis, $1,500. about $650,080 over. The Blue Book gives us J. Beach, Ms., A. J. Bruce, Va., R. W. Cum- every clerk, messenger and interpreter's name, mins, Pa., J. Miller, S. C., G. C. Madock, and T 616 the details of these pensions we find nowhere. Fitzpatrick, Agents, $1,500 each; also, 20 Subs. Not a midshipman, carpenter, gunner or sailund Interpreters.

maker in the navy, dies, but the facts are chronOther Superintendencies.

icled minutely in the Blue Book. Pensioners die S. M. Rutherford, Va., Agent, &c., $1,500 ; R. 3. off quietly. Says Secretary Marcy: Neighbors, Special Agent Wild Indians, Texas,

The number of pensioners of all classes on the rolls of $1,700; J. W. Kisick, N. C., J. Logan, A. M. Up- the Pension Office, is twenty-three thou-and and nineteen. shaw, Agents, at $1,500; also 20 other persons. The number paid during the ball year ending on the lot of

For 1848-9, Congress voted $901,135 to support July last was only fifteen thousand and ninety-two. The the Indian Department. We make room for a office has not the means of ascertaining the deaths among few items.

them, but the number of pensioners has been by that cause Fulfilling treaties, viz.: To Chippewas of Mis- considerably reduced during the last year. The reduction sissippi and Lake Superior, in money, $50,000, in in that period is estimated to be at least ten per centum. goods $33,100; in tobacco, $500 ; do. and provi There are 43 Pension Agents, who charge $2 Bions, $4,000; 'blacksmiths' shops, steel and iron, on every $100 they pay out; and this, in 1846-7, $5,000; guns, schools, carpenters and beaver traps, afforded them incomes ranging from $200 up to $4,700; Farming niaterials, $2,000 ; Education of 40 perhaps $2,500_average under $900. The agent Choctaw youths, and teachers, $12,500; Education at Boston is Franklin Haven; at New-York, Benj. to Chicksaws and Chippewas, $3,500. Many S. Hoit, at Albany, T. W. Olcott; Philadelmore votes to Creeks, Delawares, Cherokees, phia, James R. Snowden: Pittsburg, John B. Quapaws, &c., are in the form of education, mil. Guthrie ; Baltimore, James Swan; Louisville, lers, blacksmiths' shops, tobacco, salt, goods, G. W. Meriwether; Cincinnati, James Hall; St. farming implements, carpenters, oney, cattle, Louis, W. C. Anderson; Washington, J.'w. iron and steel, missions, farmers, medicines, Maury.


He read, from a table sent from the War DeMajor-General WINFIELD Scott, Va.

partment, a statement showing the income of Major-General ZACHARY TAYLOR, Va.

military officers per annum, as follows: Brigadier-Gen. Edmund P. Gaines, Va., (Maj.


Pay. Allowances. Total. Gen. by brevet.)

Major-General... $2,400 $4,915 $7,815 Brigadier-Gen. John E. Wool, N. Y., (Major- Brigadier-General. 1,248

3,165 4,413 Gen, by brevet, Feb. 23, 1847.)

Colonel of Cavalry. 1,080 2,396 3,476 Brigadier-Gen. David E. Twiggs, Ga., (Major- Col. of Art'y. or Infantry. 900 2,096 2,996 Gen. by brevet, Sept. 23, 1846.).

Lieut. Col. of Cavalry.... 900 2,047 2,947 Beside the above, the law of 1818 allows brevet Surgeon of ten years..... 720 2,086 2,806 pay to all in actual command, and has sometimes Surgeon of less than 10 ye. 720 1,794 2,514 been interpreted so as to include persons in charge of the public works, &c. &c.

GENERAL STAFF OFFICERS, The emoluments of military officers are in

Adjutant-General's Department. creased by double or triple rations, double pay, Col. and Adj.-Gen., Roger Jones, Va., Brigabrevet pay, servants' pay and clothing, horses, dier-Gen. by brevet. forage, &c. These charges are commuted into Lt-Col., Šam. Cooper, N.Y., Asst.-Adj.-Gen. cash, the ration at 20 cents, &c. Mr. Gilmer of Four Assist. Adj't. Gen's, with brevet rank of Va., in House of Representatives, May 30, 1842, Major, viz. : Lorenzo Thomas, Del.; G. A. said it would be better to pay good officers, McCall, Pa.; Wm. W. S. Bliss, N.Y.; W. G. Freewhere required, liberally, by fixed allowances, man, Va. Other 8, with brevet rank of Captain. than this system of perquisites. He understood In office, 7 clerks, at $800 to $1,200 each, $7,650. that the United States were charged daily with

Inspector General's Department. from 100 to 200 horses in Washington, where not Cols., James Duncan, N. Y. and Sylvester more than 20 to 40 were in use.

Churchill, Vt. (Brigade-Gen, bvt.) Inspectors-Gen.

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