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THE JUVENILE COMPANION. death in the chapel, and urge all the Sunday-school teachers and scholars to meet her in heaven. After this she lay in a state of perfect quietude for about three hours, when without a struggle or a groan she passed away to “the church of the first-born,” June 2nd, 1857, aged twelve years

and eleven months. In the evening of Sunday the 21st day of the same month, the earnestly expressed desire of this sainted child was complied with, to a deeply attentive and affected congregation. Camelford, Aug. 29th, 1857.

G. CHEssos.

MY CLOTHES ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The rector of St. Paul's Church, Chatham, wants the working men and women to come to church, and has printed the following intimation. We hardly know whether to admire most, the earnest spirit of this clergyman or his truly evangelical utterance :

“To any working man or woman who thinks his dress or her dress not good enough to come to church in.

“ Dear Friend !-your soul is more precious than your body! Do not let your dress keep you from the house of God.

“ Come there, as you must come to Christ, just as you



“Do not deny yourself the pleasure of going to church, because you think your clothes are not good enough.

“ God looks at a man's heart, not at his clothes.

“ Jesus Christ spake just as kindly to the poor beggar as he did to the rich Zaccheus (see Luke xviii. and xix.) But, in order that you may feel quite comfortable in attending the church, this paper is printed, to tell you, that if you go in at the north porch and take any seat you like under the gallery, you will be in one of the best parts of the church, and can hear very nicely, while scarcely any one can see you.

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Come, then, in your working-dress, if you

have none other. Let your children sit with you. Your forefathers used to walk many miles to church. The Bible tells us 'not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together,' and Jesus invites us, saying, 'Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.””


The best of individuals here in this present state are subject to many trials, disappointments, bereavements, troubles, and afflictions of every kind. Here, to Christians it is a valley of tears, a world filled with sighs and groans. One is groaning, under the pain of some bodily afiliction ; another is crying out by reason of the arm of the oppressor; another is praying against the power of indwelling corruption ; whilst another is deeply mourning and lamenting over a dear departed friend. Yes, much of the work to which we are here called, consists in labouring after perfect holiness ; in hard fighting with a wicked and deceitful heart, in toilsome travelling in a waste howling wilderness, in mourning and suffering, and in continually ofiering up strong cries and tears. But we hope better things. This is not our home; we are but strangers and pilgrims here, we do not belong to this world. This present state is but a state of probation and preparation : a state of preparation for the blessed enjoyments and employments of a better country, another future, eternal state. Cheering is the thought that the many trials which here form our cross shall there be exchanged for “a crown which fadeth not away,” one which shall never lose the least degree of its brightness. When ten thousand times ten thousand ages have rolled away, it will be as bright and as fresh as if it had never been once worn. This crown is reserved in heaven for you! Again, it may be a matter of comfort and consolation to us believers, that this short passage of our pilgrimage will soon be terminated ; and that we shall


ere long have done with these sufferings and trials of a wilderness state, have exchanged "the light affliction" for the exceeding great and eternal weight of glory," and be introduced to the "spirits of just men made perfect.” Our departed friends have already reached their home, their Father's house, and are now engaged in the fervent songs of praise and the sweet Hallelujahs of victorious saints. "They rest not day nor night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come!" They are all devotion, and there are no deviations from the path of duty. No weariness in the service of God prevails there. But the glory of God, and of the Lamb, eternally engages the affections of all the inhabitants. Here the voice of individual praise is weak and feeble ; but there how will our hearts swell with adoration and delight, when, whilst we are praising Him with all our strength, He shall be receiving from millions of Beings, and millions of Worlds, the same incense! We shall all join together and sing with such ardency, such fervency, as shall cause Heaven to ring with our praises : and our voices to resound“ as the voice of many waters the voice of a great thunder, and as the voice of harpers harping with their harps.” Well might the Christian sing

" I long to be there,
And its glories to share."


Because their sorrows are turned into the purest joys; all tears are wiped from their eyes ; and they are in full possession of delights.that are substantial and will be everlasting. The Christian knows that here our pleasures are abated by the limitation of society ; but there the society will be abundantly large, consisting of “a great multitude which no man can number," and they shall be “all of opke heart, and of one soul." “ They shall stand before the throne and the Lamb.!" Yes, they shall have the divine glory and excellency set in their immediate full view they shall dwell in God's immediate, glorious presence, and “shall see," not as the saints hereas through a glass

darkly," having only now and then a faint glimpse of His excellency. No! - they shall see face to face ;"_"their eyes shall behold the King in his beauty ;"—they shall behold the “Sun of Righteousness," and look full upon Him when shining in all the “ brightness of His Father's image,” and shall be made happy as each individual capacity will admit.

To conclude. Seeing with the apostle, “ That the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory of these future realities,” let the consideration of being made a happy partaker of them, animate you in your spiritual warfare, reconcile you to the inconveniences of this wilderness state, and excite to a daily expectation of the great and final change, when you shall be permitted to share in the same happiness, enjoy the sight of the same God, and celebrate the praises of the same Redeemer, for ever and ever! Amen.

“A life in heaven ; oh, what is this?

The sum of all that faith believed ;
Fulness of joy and depths of bliss,

Unseen, unfathomed, unconceived."



Is a cypress, and is situated in Europe. It is certainly the oldest tree of which there is any authentic record : it stands in Soma or Somma, in Lombardy, and is generally supposed to have been planted in the year of the birth of Jesus Christ, and on this account is treated with great reverence by the inhabitants of the place.

WANTED MORE MISSIONARIES." May He, whose is the silver and the gold, put it into the hearts of His people to give freely. “ An old friend” lately gave to the Church Missionary Society ten thousand pounds, expressly to encourage the Committee to send out more Missionaries. Do our young readers ever pray that the way may be opened for sending Missionaries both at home and abroad ?


One bright Sabbath morning, a little girl, neatly clal, was passing through the green fields; but she did not stop, as she usually did, to chase the gay butterflies, that were flitting from flower to flower, or to peep into the bird's nests that she knew were concealed among the bushes, and shaded from the sun by the cool leaves. Neither did she stop to watch the fantastic evolutions of the little fish that were gliding along in the brook. But she looked at the butter-cups and daisies that were nodding in the breeze, and she gathered a few violets that were modestly peeping out from their green bed all glistening with the dew. And as she glanced over the emerald fields all gemmed with white and golden flowers, and saw the waving trees, and inhaled the sweet odour of the clover blossoms, and listened to the song of the birds, and looked up at the blue sky and bright sunshine, her heart was lifted up to the good Father, who had made all things so beautiful ; and she thought, if this world was so fair, how glorious heaven must be where God and the angels dwell. As she came to a shady spot, where the branches of the willows drooped to kiss the rivulet, she sat down to rest, and taking a book from her little basket, which she carried in her hand, she commenced reading aloud. Her voice was rery soft and sweet, and at first clear and distinct ; but as she continued reading, the tears gleamed in her blue eyes, and her tones became tremulous with emotion.

• Why do you weep, pretty child ?" said a voice beside her.

She looked up, and beheld a young man standing near, who, unperceived by her, had been listening while she read. “ Because I do not love Him better who died for me,” replied the child, lifting her blue eyes gleaming with tears to his face. “O, sir, I am a great sinner, because I don't love Jesus better than every thing in the world."

You have never seen Jesus, how could you love Him better than your parents, who take care of you, and your


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