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AUGUST, 1822 :




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PAGE London Review. Napoleon in Exile, by B. O'Meara, Esq. .. 153 Halidon Hill, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. 154 Dissertation on the Names of Persons, by J. H. Brady

156 Itinerary of Provence and the Rbone, by John Hughes, A.M.

157 Select Passages from the Bible, by A. Adam.

-Conversational Preceptor, in French and English, by J. L. Mabire

158 The Life and Trial of James Mackcouil 159 Poetical Essays, by A. J. Mason.-Moral

Gallantry, &c. by Sir George Mackensie 160 The FINE ARTS.-TAE ACHILLES 161

Theatrical Journal. King's Theatre

164 Haymarket Theatre

164 English Opera House


PAGE Original Essays. Memoir of Giovanni Belzoni, Esq.

99 On the Genius of Cowley, Donne, and Clieveland

108 Sonnet by Buondelmonte

112 Aphorisms, Opinions, and Thoughts on Morals

113 The Test of Affection, by Cinna

115 Tribute to the Memory of Miss E. N. 119 Choosing a Wife; or, the Batchelor's NoteBook

120 Lines to Laura, by Mrs. Opie

121 Sketches of Society in London, &c. 122 A Song, by Mrs. Opie

1 25 Foscari, a Tragedy, by Cinna, Act I.

126 The Rivals

131 The Rocky Labyrinth of Adersbach 135 Analysis of Jaubert's 'Travels in Persia, &c. 137 Extract from the "Suicides," an unpub. lished Poem

143 Lines to

144 Foreign Review Commentaries on Plutarch's Lives, by Her

ren.-Dramatic Works of Boguslawski'.. 145 Aquatic Herbs of Jever and Eastern Friese

land.–Symbols and Mythology of Ancient States.-Essay on the Life and Writings of Architas

146 On the Treatment of the Poor.-Of Italian

Literature, during part of 18th Century.
-Account of the Works of G. Ferrari.
History of Hindostan, from the year
1500, A.C.

147 Travels to the Lake of Como, by D. Ber.

tolotti.- Principles of Poetry, by Gherardinini.- Poems of Marq. Giuseppe Antinori,-of the Public and Rural Economy of the Persians, &c. ..

148 Select Works of Mirabeau

150 Letters on Walachia, &c. by F. Recordon 151 The Love of Country, a Poem, by P. C. de

Baugy.- A Walk in the Thuilleries.-
A Letter to the Greeks, &c. by B. de
Saintine.-A Voyage to the Oriental Colo-
pies, by A. Billiard


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Sandwich Isles, Egypt, Russia, Poland,

Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Turin .... 172 ENGLISU :-Works preparing for Publica

tion-Works in the Press- List of recent Publications

175 Agricultural Report

178 Commercial ditto

179 New Patents List of Bankrupts and Dividerids

181 Insolvency Register: .

183 REMARKABLE INCIDENTS. Marriages and Deaths Abroad--Metropolitan Occurrences

185 Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Metropolis

186 Provincial Occurrences

188 Meterological Table

191 Price of Canal Shares, &c.

191 Price of English and Foreign Stocks, &c. 192


Published for the Proprietors,

And Sold by all the Booksellers,



ALTHOUGH fire hundred Copies of the last Number of this Magazine were printed in addition to the usual quantity, the whole impression has been found unequal to the demand ; and the Proprietors regret that they did not further anticipate the success that has attended the elegant Engraving of " PsychE" and their improvements in general. Their Subscribers, however, are respectfully informed that, the Proof Impressions of the Psyche, with a Mythological account of her history, are nearly ready for publication. On account of circumstances, which it would be tedious and unnecessary to detail, these Proofs are far more elegantly executed and faithful to the original than the Engravings inserted in the last month's Magazine, although they were superior to any thing of the kind that ever appeared in this or any other Magazine.

The PROOFs on lodia paper, with descriptive letter press on imperial quarto paper and hot-pressed, will be published at the latter end of the present month; dedicated to His Grace the Duke of Bedford. Price 78. 6d.

The following communications shall appear as soon as possible :-
Posthumous Vanity

On Poetical Resemblance
On the Advantages of Literary Correc. Humauitati Amicus

Translation by Alexis Titian's Picture

Claribel, or the King's Daughter.

We have returned the following articles to our publisher, which their respective Authors may receive on application ;Sketches by Sea and Land

On Servility Remarks on the Higher Ranks of So- Lines on Friendship ciety

Lines to * * by a constant Reader Lines on Chelsea College

Eliza; or, the Convicts Patterdale

Lines to N*** by Half-existence Scraps, No. I.

Lines by Cantabrigiensis Victim of Şuperstition

On Pugilism, by W. T. W. Walk to Wilsdon

The Schoolmaster Youth

Pierce Egan and Lord Byron Remarks on Garth's Dispensary Critique on the « Charities of London." Lines to Huo with a withered rose

ERRATA IN OUR LAST NUMBER. Page 21, read, “que l'insurrection est organizée à Londres, l'armée séduite, et un gouvernement provisoire formé chez le Lord Mayor."-Page 43, for “ Cette," road " cette."

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Lunden wished for the true tots in th: Funpan Mwin by Lupin Pelt tomhili, dip22




A U GUST 1822.





Retrospect of his Operations and recent Discoveries within the Pyramids,

Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia; and of a Journey to the Coast of the Red Sea, in search of the ancient Berenice; and another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon."

MR. BELZONI is a native of the tions and discoveries in Egypt. The city of Padua, and descended from work is written in a simple, pleasa Roman family, which resided there ing, and perspicuous style, though

, many years. The disturbed state of it may seem to want that nerve, that Italy, in 1800, obliged him to leave copiousness of expression and power that country, a circumstance which of language, which seldom, if ever, led him to visit different parts of characterize the style of an author Europe. His family, though not who writes in a foreign tongue. The rich, sent him some occasional re- want of these higher beauties, howmittances ; but, unwilling to be a ever, is more than compensated, by burthen to them, he contrived to the importance of the matter, and support himself by the knowledge the plain, unaffected simplicity of which he had acquired in various manner in which the author commu. branches, particularly hydraulics,- picates his thoughts. Though he a science from which he derived con- had many causes of complaint siderable advantages, and which ul. against certain individuals, he seltimately, led to his visiting Egypt. dom gives way to the language of In 1803 he arrived in England, and indignation. His reason always premarried shortly after. He remained sides over his feelings, but his feelhere nine years, and having a natu- ings are not the less strong, nor his ral propensity for travelling, he re- sense of injury less poignant and solved on making a tour through acute. As his travels in Egypt and the South of Europe, and visited Nubia form the most interesting part Portugal, Spain, and Malta, whence of his own life, we have, for the satishe embarked for Egypt in 1815, faction of our readers, given a history where he remained to "1819. The in miniature of the most important discoveries which he made in this transactions in which he was engaged, country, and Nubia, are the subject during his residence in these counof a work which he has published tries. By this means, we make them, since his arrival in England. He at once, acquainted with the history was chiefly led to engage in this of his life, and the substance of the work, in consequence of the many work which he has laid before the erroneous accounts which had been public. Mr. Belzoni sailed from given to the public, after his opera. Malta on the 19th of May, 1815, and

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