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24th of March, a new ministry was appointed,


Population composed as follows: Presidency and Interior,

in 1864. Luis Gonzales Bravo Murillo; Navy, Belda; Jus


493,234 tice and Foreign Affairs (provisionally), Roncali; New Castile, Toledo.

336,249 Colonies, Marfori; Finances, Orobio; Public 1,275,544.


209,973 Cuenca.

236,088 Works, Catalina; War, Lieutenant-General May- Mancha,

Ciudad-Real alde y Villaroya. On the 16th of June, Roncali 36,905.

256,905 Burgos

349,714 was definitely appointed Minister of Foreign


180,677 Affairs; Coronado, Minister of Justice; Marfori,


230,896 Minister of the Royal House. The Provisional

Old Castile, Soria..

154,278 1,681,297. Segovia.

150,740 Junta, which assumed the reins of the Govern



Palencia ment after the expulsion of the Queen, charged


Valladolid. Marshal Serrano with forming a new ministry,

252,217 Leon.. Leon,

848,437 which was completed on the 8th of October,

Zamora 878,194


Salamanca and composed as follows: Presidency, Marshal

273,421 Asturias,

Oviedo.. Serrano, Duke de la Torre; War, Lieutenant- 571,335.

571,335 General Juan Prim, Marquis de los Castillejos;


589,448 Gallicia, Lugo...

451,522 Navy, Juan Topete; Finances, Laureano Figue

1,880,522. Orense.

383,840 rola; Foreign Affairs, Juan Alvarez de Loren


456,212 Estremadura, Badajos.

416,905 zana; Justice, Antonio Romero Ortiz; Interior,

715,899. Caceres.

298,994 Praxedes Mateo Sagasta; Colonies, Adelardo



Cadiz *. Lopez de Ayale; Public Works, Manuel Luiz

411,301 Huelva.

184,043 Zorella.

Andalusia, Cordova..

371,327 Revenue and expenditures, in the budgets 3,116,255.


879,418 Grenada t.

468,123 from 1866 to 1869, were as follows (value ex


338,649 pressed in escudos-1 escudo = 10 reals = 48


473,026 cents) :

Murcia, Murcia

407,500 621,728. Albacete



647,286 Revenge.




Castellon de la Plana. 282,715 1866-'67. 214,114,525 219,147,729

Saragossa. 1867-'68.

403,015 256,878,172

Aragon, 263,946,776


272,692 1868-'69. 258,200,479 263,005, 296


245,598 Barcelona,

746,453 The public debt, on November 30, 1866, Catalonia, Tarragona.

836,746 amounted to 20,412,134,058 reals.

1,731,798. Lerida

329,122 Gerona..

819,477 In the budget for the island of Cuba, pub


310,944 lished by the Official Gazette of Madrid on Basque provinces, Biscaya..

177,305 May 25, 1868, the expenditure of the colony is

759,310. Guipuzcoa.

170,125 Alava...

100,886 estimated at 498,504,350 reals, against a revenue of 603,293,250 reals, leaving a balance in

Total of provinces... 15,752,607 Islands, Balearic Islands.

778,660 favor of the treasury of 104,788,900 reals. In

Canary Islands..

256,408 the budget of the Philippine Islands for

Spanish population of

14,950 1868, the expenditure is estimated at 204,

Tetuan (Morocco).. 571,510 reals, and the revenue at 238,490,510

Total population in 186416,302,625 reals.

The area of Spain, inclusive of the Balearic According to the census of 1860, the total and Canary Islands, is 195,607 square miles. population was 15,673,536; in 1867 it was In point of administration, Spain was formerly 15,464, 340. The colonies of Spain, in 1868, divided into thirteen provinces (exclusive of had the following area and population : the islands), most of which were during the

COLONIES. middle ages independent states. In 1822 the

Square miles.
Cortes abolished this division and divided the

Cuba and dependencies..

48,489 1,396,530 kingdom into fifty-one provinces (exclusive of Porto Rico and dependencies... 3,596 583,308 the Canary Islands); this division was modified in 1833, and again in 1856. From that time,

52,085 Asia and Oceanica,

1,979,838 Spain has been divided into forty-nine prov- Part of Philippine Islands (1867) 65,908 4,319,269

878 inces, each of which is called after its capital. Caroline Islands & Palaos (1860)

23,580 Marianas (1864)....

417 5,610 The provinces are subdivided into districts (partidos). At the head of every province

67,203 4,348,459

Africa. was a civil governor, appointed by the King. Guinea Islands....

489 5,590 Among the different schemes of reorganization which were discussed in the last months of Total Colonies....

119,777 6,333,887 the year 1868, there was one to make Spain a The Cortes, which were in session on the federal republic on the basis of the revived opening of the year 1868, consisted almost exnames of the old historic provinces. In the following table we give both the old and the

* Inclusive of the island of Ceuta (10,395 inhabitants). new division of provinces :

+ Inclusive of the Presidios de Africa (3,119 inhabitants in 1860).


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