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Hamer, R. and Hamer, J. Preston, Lancashire,

cotton.manufacturers. Heydon, J. and Dring, T. St. Philip and Jacob,

Gloucester, maltsters. Heskins, F. and Tabrum, J. C. Horsley, Gloucester,

brush-makers. Hudson, W. and J. Birmingham, brass-founders. Hutchinson, J. Gaskell, W. and Martin, J. Harrison, T. and Handley, J. Liverpool, comioon.

carriers Holt, G. Beerer, J. jun. of Redrales, Lancashire,

and Beever, J. H. of Manchester, woollen-manu

facturers. Hindle, J. and Bradshaw, J. Manchester, flock

manufacturers. Howe, J. and Scott, G. R. Finsbury Repository,

White-st. Little Moorfields. Jones, M. and Smith, A. Abergavenny, Monmouth

shire, milliners. Jackson, R. and Lucas, W. Liverpool, merchants. Lander, W. and Avern, W. Birmingham, brass

founders. Ludlow, E. and M. and King, E. Bristol, school.

mistresses. Langford, J. and Burt, T. Poole, merchants. Larcom, W. and Attervoll, H. Southampton, linen

drapers. Lupton, W. and Luccock, J. Leeds, Yorkshire, Leatherbarrow, E. and Leather barrow, W. Man.

chester, tin-plate-workers. Lockyer, T. and Birks, J. Manchester, joiners. Lodge, ś. and Harrison, E. Ripon, Yorkshire,

booksellers. Muggeridge, N. and Tucker, R. Moore, W. and Selby, W. Liverpool, merchants, Maxwell, E. and Hyslop, W. Ashborne, tea-dealers. Manning. W. and J. Helford, Warwickshire, prac.

tisers of uroscopy. Mason, E. Helme, R. and Mason, T. Stroud, Glou

cestershire, clothiers. Morris, J. C. Milton Farm, Worcestershire, and

Price, J. Ryde, farmers. Nuttall, J. Dixon, F. and Fisher, H. Liverpool,

printers. Norton, J. T. and Hinckley, W. Birmingham,

bronze-makers, Nobbs, R. and Bullard, R. Norwich.coal-merchants. Nickerson, T. Morgan, T. and Prince, R. Liverpool,

linen-drapers. Plast, J. Limb, W. and Shaw, J. Westleigh, Lanca

shir, coal-merchants. Parkinson, R Parkinson, W. B. and Parkinson, H.

Lancaster, linen drapers. Petty, S. Petty, s. jun. and Hewitt, M. Holbeck,

Yorkshire, earthenware-manufacturers. Parkinson, T. and Stallard, J. P. Leicester, sur.

geons. Phillips, S. H. and Canton, W. Haverfordwest, salt.

Inerchanis. Roberts, J. and Anthony, J. Dristol, booksellers. Richardson, D. 0. Richardson, J. and Pass, w.

Manchester. Rowlands, G. and Hitchins, S. New Bond-st. milli


Reeve, R. sen. and Reeve, J. Drury-lane, looking

glass-manufacturers. Roberts, W. Foster, T. and Reynolds, R. Evesham,

Worcestershire, makers of oil cakes. Russell, T. and Symonds, C. calico

printers. Rusk, W. and Inskip, W. Mount-street, Westmin

ster-road, pawnbrokers. Scoti, W. and Deake, C. Bristol, ship-chandlers. Solomon, J. and Fry, T. Little Eastchieap, wholesale

sugar-dealers. Shaw, F. and Taylor, M. A. Longsight, Lancashire,

ladies' boarding Cool-gorernesses. Swainson, N. and Bridge. E. Liverpool, soap-boilers. Schild, B. Greenwood, J. and White, J. Sheffield,

collıctors of debts. Simmons, J. and Slate, J. Poplar, rigsers. Symmons, W. H. and Rankin, R. Burton crescent,

surgeons. Scott, R. and Martindale, R. Carlisle, woollen-dra.

pers. Stinson, T. and Stinson, J. Whitwick, Leicester

shire, tallow.chandlers. Smallwood, T. Hales Hall, Stafford, and Spearman,

R. Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshire, bankers. Smithson, H.S. Smithson, W. Smitlison, J. Pres

fon, T. and Charnock, T. Wakefield and Dews.

bury, Yorkshire, farmers. Stalker, D. Welch, A. D. and Milburn, W. Leaden.

hall-st. slopsellers. Solly, H. and Gogan, D. Great Winchiester st. wine

merchants. Spering. W. and Barton, J. Chipping Sodbury,

Gloucestershire, linen-drapers. Tozer, A. sen. Were, s. Tozer, A. jun. and Tozer, J.

Bristol, porter brewers. Thelwall, w. and Horrock, G. Handford, Cheshire,

bleachers. Tavlor, R. and Plummer, G. Andover, Southampton,

haberdashers, Taylor, J. Stobart, W. Gwins, J. and. Darnell,

R. W. Monkwearmouth-shore, Durham, brewers. Tomkins, T. and Ford, M. F. Cherry-tree co. Alders.

gate st. florists. Taylor, W. and Taylor, T. Brompton-terrace, book

sellers, Turnbull, M. and Robertson, W. Hawick, hosiers. Vigers, W. R. and Mackenzie, C. London, Woods, F. and Scaranke, 'T. Vineyard walk, Clerken

well, coach-makers. Woodcock, W. Orton, S. and Rawles, E. Drury-la.

curriers. Wright, D. of Ovenden, Wright, J. of Worley,

Garford, J. and Garford, S. Orenden, Yorkshire,

coiton-spinner's. Webster, W. Broadbent, W. and Gaskell, R. Nor

ton, Derbyshire, scythe manufacturers. Whitfield, s. Whitfield, T. and Sheath, T. St.

Paui's-sq. Firmingham, braziers. Williams, P. and Jones, W. W. Wednesbury Oak,

Statfordshire, coal and iron masters. Young, S. and Pain, J. Marylebone-st. tea.dealers. Warne, M. and Weigall, T. Hanover sq.

hotel keepers.

for an

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(Continued from page 275.)
THOMAS MACHELL, of Great Ryder-street, St. square, Middlesex, Sadlers'-ironmonger ;

James, Westiniuster, Surgeon ; for his im. improvement upon the spring billet for harness,
proved inethod of applying for medicinal purposes and the application thereof to bridlus, licads, ind
the agency of armospheric air, liquid or gascous sub- reins, bits, sword-bults, gun-springs, and other pura
stances, to the external surface, and to soine of the poses. Dated August 31, 1818.
internal cavities and passages of the human body, WILLIAM SALISBURY, of Brompton, Middle-
and for the inore convenient and useful mode of em. sex, Botunist; for a machine or implement for the
ploving oil and spirits on siinilar principles in lamps purpose of preparing hemp, fax, and other vege-
and other luminous apparatus. Dated August 21, iable tibrous substances, partly communicated to

him by a foreigner in the service of his Imperial JOHN BENNET, of Manchester, Lancashire, Majesiy the Emperor of Russia, and partly of his Shopkeeper; for certain improvemenis in filt ring owi invention. Date August 31, 1818. vessels, and in the filtering mediuin thereol. Daled FREDERICK DIZE, ot Crabtree, Fulham, MidAugust 31, 1818.

dlesex; for an inprovement on musical wind in. JOSEPH BOWYER, of Kidderminster, Wos. struments of a certain description. Dated Augus! Si, cestit, Carpet-manufacturer; for an inprovement

1815. in the machinery for in: king Brussels and cut pile, HENRY STUBBS, of St. Ja nes's street, Westcommonly callid Wilton carpeting, fi ured rugs, minster, Blind inanufacturer ; OrmosetbeheI and imperial rugs. Dated August 31, 1*18.

for boots, shoes, or other purposes. Dared SepteinRICHARD GREEN, of Lisle-streei, Leicester. ber 7, 1818. Europ. Maz. Vol. LXXIV. Oil. 1818.

3 B

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By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL.

1818) Barom(Ther. Wind Obser. 1818 BaromTher. Wind Obser. Sep. 26 29.47

SW Rain

Sept. 12 29.65 52 SW Fair 27 29.48 58 S. Fair

13 29.71 51 SW Ditto 28 29.59 65 E Ditto

141 29.83 57 SW Ditto 29 29.56 64 NE Ditto

15 29.88 53

S Ditto 30 29.34 E Ditto

16 29.92 60 SW Ditto Oct. 129.35 60 E Ditto

17 30.00 61 NE Ditto 2 29.55 61 S Rain

18 29.87 56 S Ditto 3 29.45 60 SW Ditto

19 29.92 55 NE Ditto 4 29.45 58 SW Ditto

20 29.91 56 SE Ditto 5 29.33 55


211 29 91 52 E Ditto 6 29.83 48 W Ditto

22 29.90 52 E

Ditto 7 29.45 | 49 SW Ditto

23 29.88 52 E

Ditto 8 29.70 46 W Ditto

24 29.99 48

E Ditto 9 29.78 48 SW Ditto

25 29.99 49

В Ditto 10 29.57 58 SW Ditto

26 29.99 | 48

E Ditto U 99.55 | 54 SW Ditto



stated in the currency : the reqnest for

Havannah and Brazil has rather giveo way. COTTON.-The extensive sale by the This forenoon a public sale of Havannah East India Company, consisting of nearly descriptions was brought forward : good 35,000 bags, took place on Friday, con. strong white taken in at 72s. ; ordinary tinued by adjournment till Monday, when at 659. it finished, about 21,000 bags out of the COFFEE.-The Coffee market continue 35,000 were sold; the prices on Monday heavy: the sales of Wednesday and yester. went a shade lower than on the Friday; the

day went off without briskness much about export houses and speculators were the chief the previous currency. This forenoon a purchasers of the Bengals, and as they public sale was brought forward, it conpreferred the lower descriptions, the ordi. sisted of 208 casks British Plantation Cor. nary qualities have gone off at a small de

fee; the ordinary good and fine ordioary cline ; about $ per lb. lower than the sale

went off heavily at 2s. per cwt. lower; the of 26th June ; the better qualities at the fine fully supported the late prices. decline of 4 to 1d. per Ib. The Surat Cot. RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.tops being of a desirable quality, were

There are very considerable purchases of nearly all taken by the trade. The demand

Rum this week ; the sales are not only to for Cotton since has been entirely suspeoded, the exporters, but also rather extensive except in one instance, 2000 bags of Ben

purchases have been made for the outports, gals, of sale 26th June (prompt this day), where the stock of Rum is reported to be sold; the prices have not transpired; but, it

very deficient; the prices are little varied. is believed, they went fd. to 4d. lower than Brandy and Geneva continue beavy. last Friday's East India sale.

OIL.--The prices of Whale Oil have SUGAR-The Sugar market continues declined, and the market is rather heavy at heavy and declining. On Tuesday a public the depression. sale of St. Lucia Muscovades was brought TALLOW.-The prices of Tallow are forward; the whole went off without brisk. not only fully supported, but there is every ness at a decline of 2s. per cwt., there has probability of a further advance; the last since been little business doing, and the few price of Yellow Candle here was 92. but sales effected by private contract are not the rise of the Town market will no donbt quite so low as the public sale ; the latter have a great effect.— Town Tallow is to-day are at the depression of about Is. per cwt.

quoted 98s. 6d. wbich is 6s, higher than last The refined market been rather heavy, week. and the prices have receded to ls, a 2s. per cwt.; the quantity of goods coming forward is considerable-Molasses are heavy and

OCTOBER 6. declining. The sale of East India Sugars COTTON. -The India descriptions of went rather low at the commencement, but Cotton continue exceedingly heavy ; the towards the close both the request and the holders evince an increasing eagerness to prices improved ; no alteration can be effect sales. The purchases of Cotton since Tuesday last are about 600 bag50 Per. holders evloce a greater disposition to effect pambuco 25. 1 d. to 23. 2d. 140 West India sales ; purchases can in consequence be 13 d. to 2140. and for export, at a triding made on lower terms. The purchases of discount on the last East India sale, three Brandy are suspended until the event of the hundred Bengals and forty Surats.

public sale on Thursday is ascertained. SUGAR. - The Sugar market is again Geneva is without the slightest variation. exceedingly heavy this forenoon : to-day a IRISH PROVISIONS.- There is littlo depression of full 2s. per cwt, has been doing in Beef: India and Mess Pork coosubmitted to. Muscovades are 28. lower tinue in steady demand. - The prices of to-day. The business done has been incon. Bacon are nominal, on account of the dull siderable. The refined market last week market. Buiters decline rapidly ; the was particularly heavy, and purchases holders anticipate that from the change of could be made Is, to es. lower, principally the weather, the supplies will be extensive oo account of the exports to Russia being though late. closed for the season,

There was little or FRUIT.-By public sale this forenoondo business done in Foreigo Sogars last 1016 boxes New Bloom Raisins, 51. 15s. to week.

51. 178. 1486 boxes Muscatel Raisins, COFFEE.-There are few buyers of passed ;-1498 boxes Muscatel Raisins, on Coffee for shipment this forenoon, but to bunches, a few 31. 8s. remainder passed. an inconsiderable extent-good ordinary TOBACCO.---The Tobacco market is ex. Jamaica 134s. fine ordinary at 136s. a ceedingly heavy, and purchases may be made parcel of St. Domingo is reported to have on rather lower terms. It appears, that the been sold at 142s. The market, however, high prices in London bave attracted a great may be quoted under that rate; notwith- proportion of the supply from the United standing the great decline that has taken States; the arrivals last inonth are 3380 place, the demand for Coffee is neither brisk hhds. Virginia, and 580 hhds, Maryland por extensive.

Tobacco. The stock is in consequence OIL,- The demand for Whale Oil has 8084 hhds. Virginia, and 1064 hhds, Marybeen regular and steady; the prices are lands; and further arrivals are daily ex. gradually improving. Sperm is considera. pected. bly higher. Linseed may be quoted at a small decline. In other descriptions there

OCTOBER 13. is little variation. Whale fins have become an article of great speculation; the pur

COTTON.-The demand for Cotton has chases here and at Hull are very extensive, been nearly suspended, chiefly on account

NAVAL STORES.-There is no alte- of the reported extensive sale by the East ration in Rough Turpentine; the business India Company 18th inst. ; we however lately effected bas been inconsiderable. believe that the quantity will be limited to Spirits are also in limited request.-Tar has

-6000 bales Surats, 1000 bales Bengals, been in demand, and very considerable pur.

200 bales Madras, 15 bales Bourbon, The chases have been made, particularly in

purchases of Cotton since our last report Stockholm Tar, at 21s. 6d. the holders are are- 100 Pernams 2s. 1d. to 2s. 14d.; 30 now asking higher prices. In Pitch or superior Maranhams 2s. Ofd.: 40 Surats Rosin there is little variation.

114d. to 15 d.; and 200 Bengals 84d, to HEMP, FLAX, and TALLOW.–The Ofi.; the whole were for exportation. demand for Tallow has been limited; the The total imports into Great Britain this prices are again giving way; the market year, compared with those of last year may be stated exceedingly heavy; for

duriog the same months, are as follows:Yellow Candle, to be delivered during the

1st Jan. to 30th Sept. 1818.

1st Jan.

to 30th Sept. season, 88s. The letters from St. Peters. burgh yesterday state, extensive purchases From the United States 187,000.. 174,500 of Tallow had been made, in consequence

Brazils and of the advaoce and the brisk demand in

Portugal....126,500.. 60,500 England; very considerable arrivals may

East Indies ....169,500.. 75,500 in consequence be expected. The Exchange

West Indies, &c, 34,000.. 36,500 is quoted considerably higher ;-about 123. The demand for Hemp has been steady ;

517,000 347,000 the prices are little varied. Flax in limited making an increase this year of 170,000 request.

bags. TIMBER.-By public sale—400 loads SUGAR,– The depression of the prices Yellow Pine Timber, 84s. to 90s. per of Sugar on Tuesday last had the effect of load.

materially improving the demand ; there INDIGO.-The sale at the India House was a great increase in the pumber of pur. comienced this morning ; the prices of chasers last week, and though the sales were Indigo are in consequence nominal.

not extensive, yet the request was steady. RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.- The refined market was beavy last week ; The demand for Rum has subsided, and, in the demaod for export, owing to the cousequence of ibe heavy market, the advanced season of the year, has given way


considerably; the purchases of the refined The Duty this year early in August was were in consequence at prices a shade estimated at 80 or 90,0001, ; it is now lower. Molasses were in good request. believed to exceed 170,0001., which with

The demand for Foreign Sugars has been the new duty would bring the amount to inconsiderable for some time past ; the only nearly 300,0001, The estimated dury of purchases reported last week were yellow Foreign Hops last year was 30 to 35,000!. Havannahs at 33s.; and a considerable par- FRUIT. --The public sale of Fruit og cel of whites at 70s.

Tuesday last was chiefly takenin, on account COFFEE.--The Coffee market advanced of the low offers made ; the whole, we 25. to 3s. last week. Only one public sale believe, since have been taken by the trade, was brought forward ; the whole went off The declared re:old price we believe isbriskly at the improvement we bave men- Bunch Muscatels 87, 88, ; common 61. 15s. ; tioned: after the sale the request by private Blooms 61.; Jordan Alinonds 151, contract appeared considerable, and the By public sale this forenoon-99 pipes request since has continued to increase. Currants, jo Trieste package, being ihe

The public sale this forenoon consisted of entire parcel just landed, 5l. 7s. to 5l. 8s.; 196 casks 5 bags British Plantation Coffee ; 40 barrels Carabourna Raisins 70-,-900 the Jamaica descriptions have gone off at a drums ditto, 60s. to 6ls.-150 half 135 quar. further advance of 2s, to 34. per cwl. ; the ter chests Turkey Figs, withdrawn—270 Dominica at a depression of 3s. to 4s.-- drums ditto, 40s. to 495.-31 barrels 5 balf ordinary Jamaica realized 1358. 6d.; good barrels Prunes, withdrawn.-12 chests 42 ordinary 1375. 6d. and 1385. : fine ordinary half 105 quarter 35 balf-quarter chests 110s. : the Dominica went out of all pro- French Plumis, out. portion; middling to good middling Domi- HIEMP, FLAX,and TALLOW.-Tallow nica, which previously to the sale had been continues subject to great fluctuations; the valued at 150s. to 15%s. sold at 147s, and market is beavy.-In Flax or Hemp there 147s, 6d. in extensive parcels. We quote is little variation. Dominica Coffee 3s. to 4s. per cwt. lower ; SPICES.–The request for Spices is very Jamaica descriptions at the advance of 28. limited; the market is expected to be heavy, to 33. per cwt, and a very fluctuating until the sale by the Last India Company market.

takes place, TOBACCO.-Tobacco is heavy, and pur- INDIGO.-The sale at the India House, chases may be made fd. to 1d. per Ib. which cominenced on Tuesday last, finisbed lower. The stock has considerably in- yesterday, it consisted of 5123 chests; the creased.

fine, good, and good middling qualities sold IRISH PROVISIONS, &c.-The prices from 4d. to 6d. per Ib. under the last sale of Beef and Pork are little varied; the prices ; the ordinary descriptions at the shipping deinand appears already to be par depression of 8d. to Is. per Ib. ; pearly the tially felt. Towards the close of last week whole quantity brought forward was disthere was a great revival in the demand for posed of. There were about 300 chests of Butters; several extensive speculators ap- Madras, which sold from 9d. to ls, under peared at market, and purchased largely ; last sale:- Fine 7s, 6d, to 7s. 100.; Good one of the reasons assigned for the buying 65. 9d. to 78. 30.; Inferior 55. Od. to 6s. Od. was, the weather baving some appearance The demand for Indigo appears improving; of frost; the prices are considerably higher since the sale, it is reporied about 300 chests since our lust, but the trade have not pure have been sold at a premium of 31. per Ib, chased freely; the latter are of opinion, on the prices paid at the India House, that the present rise will be only temporary. OILS, FISHERY, &c.-- The demand

PROVISIONS.-- By public sale, 2000 for Whale Oil is steady; the prices are rather firkins Embden Butter, 1034. to 1095. ; 430 higher.-Rape continues to give way; the firkins Holstein, a few lors 100s, to 10is. ; holders of Calipoli Oil are asking higher remainder withdrawn. 154 balrs Baron, rates, on account of the reported advance middles 74s. 6d. to 70s. ; singed Waterford in the Mediterranean Ports. 65s, to 745, 6d.

Whalebone continued an article of great CORN.--Vide weekly statement, p. 374. speculation last week; we believe 1157, has HOPS. -Vide dillo.

been paid, and higher rates a-ked, but the The following are the duties for the last briskuess has in some reasure subsided, ten years :

Old Duty.
New Duty.

The Rom market continues exceedingly

Total. &

beavy : the purchases are so inconsiderable, 1807 100,071 15 2

that the prices may in a great measure be 1 MOB 251,069 15 7 186,6117 11 437,6.97 7 3 €3,952 18 91 47,209 11 04 111,922 9 S

considered nominal. - The public sale of 73,514 54,331; 14

Brandy last week copsisted of an inferior 1811 157,085 1924 110,107 044973,192 19 7

description, not genuine Cognac; only 30,501 19 29,550

59,151 131,492 9 97,189 19 11 298,65 3 2 about 25 puncheons were sold, averaging 1814 140,99 6 103,694 6 213,986 12 4

6s. 6d.; purchases of Brandy could be inade 185 123,978 16


73.006 1

174,007 16 10


JSOG 1810

6 10

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0 10

5 7

4 10

18:2 IN13

3 3 2 3 9

91,502 12

8 4

on lower ternis. In Geneva tlcre is no 40,302 15 34,923 16 SO, 2011 10 1817 66,522 00 49, 108 0

115,090 00 alteration.



2 1 1 0

136s. to


good middling Coffee went off at a further COTTON.-The sale at the India House depression of 25. to 3s. per cwt ; fine took place last Friday ; 7000 bags were

ordinary sold extensively at

136s. 60.; middling at 140s. to 141s. 60. ; offered, of which ooly about 1200 were disposed of; the remainner was withdrawn

and some parcels, nearly good middling, at

142s. 60.; the sale went off with some at higher prices thao had generally been looked for; 500 bags of Surats, which had

briskness, the ordinary qualities fully supbeen bought in, were taken on Saturday by

ported the late market prices. the trade at 12 d. to 134d., being an ad

RICE.-The public sale of Rice at the vance of 4d. to id. per lb. The following

India House consisted of 16,000 bags, of

which about 6000 were withdrawn the are the particulars of the sale at the India

remainder went off at a depression of 3s. Ilouse.

to 4s. percwt.-Java, ordinary, 21s. to 223.; 9 bales Toomel, superior....9 sold at 15d. Bengal, good ordinary and fine white, to 16d. per Ib.

21s. 60. to 27s. ; Patna, good and fine, 309. 1714 ditto, middling to bright and clean.... to 35:. 6d. The demand since has been 226 sold at 13d. to 14d.

Jimited, and generally the market for Rice 917 ditto, ordinary....69 sold at 12fd. to

may be stated heavy. 12fd.

IRISH PROVISIONS, &c.— The prices 1528 bales Surats, ordinary to fair....

of Butter are considerably lower, and the bought in at 11d. to 12d.

market very heavy.- Beef and Pork remain 1314 ditto, veryordinary....49 sold at 10 d. steady. 118 dito, very bad... 52 sold at9 d.1093d. INDIGO,- The prices of Indigo are 435 bales damaged....435 sold at ld. little varied since the sale at the India to 12 d.

House: several parcels have been sold at a 834 ditto Bengal, ordinary....210 sold at premium of 3d., and a few at 6d. per Ib.; 840, to 8 d.

the market is however without briskness. 41 ditto, very bad....41 sold at 7fd.

OILS. --The demand for Whale Oil was to 74d.

considerable last week ; the request has since 18 hales damaged....18 sold at 5jd. to d.

rather given way, and purchases could be 193 ditto lladras....123 sold at 12d, and

made a slade lower.-Southern Oil is ll. per 123d.

per tun lower, and rather beavy at the 15 ditto Bourbon....bought in at 2s. decline-Galipoli has also given way.-In Subject to a duty of about Id. per lb. if other descriptions there is little variation. taken for bome tise.

FRUIT. -There are several arrivals of Generally the Cotion Market may be new Spanish Fruit, which have been disstated exceedingly heavy, tbough there is posed of. The importations this year are some appearance of a revival in the export much earlier than usual; the quality of the demand; the purchases by private contract fruit uncoinmonly fine: the prices are consince our last report are-150 Pernams, siderably lower than the rates at which the 2s, Id.; 130 Maranhams and Bahias, 23d.; first cargoes sold last year. 80 Boweds, 2014. to 214d.; and 250 Ben- TOBACCO.--The market continues in a gals, in the house, 840, to 9d.

very depressed state: parcels are offered on SUGAR.-The heaviness of the Sugar Jouer terms, without facilitating sales to market has continued for such a series of any extent. No export orders yet appear; weeks, that the holders have become more the prices in London being still high in proearnest in effecting sales ; the prices of portion to the markeis of the Continent. Muscovades again decline! 1 per cwt.

NAVAL STORES.-There have been towards the close of last vitek, and the few sales of rough Turpentine for some market was heavy at the depression ; good time past ; purchases could however be made Jamaicas were sold at 768. 6d. and 77s.; on lower terms.-Spirits are heavy.- Tar browns at 753. ; low brown Demeraras, but has been in good demand.- Pitch and Rosin dry, 788, 60,

remain heavy. A public sale of Barbadoes Sugar was HEMP, FLAX, and TALLOW.- The brought forward, and, as the finer qualities prices of Tallow have given way 2s, to 3s. are rather in request, the whole went off per cwt., and the market is heavy at the rather freely, supporting fully the prices of decline; for arrival during the whole season Jast week-good while 92s.; middling 89s. the last price realized is 86s.- Hemp bas and 90s. ; the inferior qualities 8ls, to 885. al:o been purchased on lower terins, and

COFFEE.-The Coffre market continues the market may be stated heavy.-Flax is to fluctuate, but generally the prices may litile varied. -The letters yesterday from St. be stated declining. The public sales last Petersburgh state the Exchange a little week went off at the reduction of 2$, to 3s. under 12d. per cui.; 284 bags Havannalı, fair quality, RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.-13&s. to 140s. ; 1056 casks and bags ordinary There is little or no business doing in Rom. St. Domingo at 139s. 60. to 1413. 6d.

- Brandy is heavy and declining; the prices The public sale this sorenoon consisted of are nearly powinul.-Geneva is without 163 casks; the fiue ordinary, iniddling, and


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