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Aliens, continuing 56 Geo. 3. for and settling an anpu ty on the

establishing regulations respect- Princess of Hesse, in case she ing arriving or resident in this shalt survive bim-U. K. ... 24 kingdom, in certain cases-U.K. 96 Canal (Royal) from the River Liffey Aliens, preventing the naturaliza. to the River Shannon, maintaintion of, or their becoming deni- ing-1.

35 zens, except in certain cases- Carriages (Four-wheeled) granting G.B... 97 duties on certain-G. B.

17 America (South), allowing the im. Charities for the education of the portation of certain articles into

poor, appointing commissioners the coutinent of-U. K...... 27 to inquire concerning-E. 91 Annuities, for raising 3,000,0001. by Chelsea Hospital, for the further

the transfer of certain 3 per cent. regulation of payments of pensions annuities at the rate of 31. 108. per to soldiers upon the establishment cent.; and for granting annuities of-E.

74 to discharge certain Exchequer Churches, for building and promot. Bills-U. K.

23 ing the building of additional, in Appropriation of Supplies--U. K...101 populous parishes-E.

45 Aqua Vitæ, chargiog duties on li. Clergymen officiating as chaplains censes for retailing-S..

13 in houses of correction, amendArmy, Mutiny Act for, or 55 Geo. 3. ing act relating to the salaries of rectified-Ú. K. 10 -E.

32 -, annual Mutiny Act for-U.K. II Coals and Cinders, allowing, to be

-, rates to innkeepers on quar- brought to London and Westmin. tering-U. K. 22 ster-E.

62 Assessed Taxes, granting and regu. Colonies; allowing the importation

lating the collection o1-1. 54 and re-exportation of certain ar. Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, for en- ticles into certain ports witbin the

couraging attempts to find a pas- provinces of Nova Scotia and New sage betweeu-U. K... 20 Brunswick-U. K.

19 Auctions, amending 54 Geo. 3. for

indemnifying persons congranting duties on-1.

79 cerned in advising, issuing, or exe. Bank of England, amending 57 Geo. cuting any orders for permitting

3. for preventing the further cir. the importation or exportation in culation of dollars and tokens by foreign bottoms of certain goods,

14 &c. into and from certain West further conti. India Islands—U. K......

7 nuing 44 Geo. 3. for continuing

permitting the importa. the restrictions ou payments of tion of certain articles into the cash by-E.

37 West Indies, or on the continent Bank of Ireland, continuing the re- of South America-U. K. ...... 27

strictions on payments of cash Conspiring against his Majesty's perby-1.

60 son and goveroment, repealing Baoks for Savings, for amending act for detaining persons suspect. 57 Gco. 3. c. 130. for encouraging

ed of-U. K.....

1 the establishment of-E.

48 Corks, ready made, granting addiBenefit of Clergy, repealing so much tional duty on-1....

18 of 9 Aone as takes away from Coroners for Counties, regulating persons stealing privily from the the election of-E.

95 person of another-I.

69 Court and Sessions Houses, regu. Bounties, repealing several, on the lating the building and repairing exportation of refined sugar, and


31 allowing others in lieu thereof, Cumberland(Duchess of), settling an U. K... 34 annuity on-U. K....

25 Brecknock Forest, vesting parts of Customs, Madder, repealing former

in the Crown, and inclosing, &c. duties on, and granting new duties -E. &c.

99 in lieu thereof-G. B.........9.55 Brewers, amending the laws relating Distress, protecting tenants from to-1. 78 undue-1.

39 Cambridge (H.R. H. the Duke of), Dollars, issued by the Bank of Eng.

for making furtber provision for, land, amended 57 Geo. 3. for Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Oct. 1818.

U u




Сар. preventing the further circula. tion of-Ě.

14 Dupmore Harbour, for completing

and improving, and rendering it a
fit situation for his Majesty's

72 Duties, annual, on malt, sugar, to

bacco, and souff, in Great Bri.
tain, and on pensions, offices, and
personal estates in England-
G. B. and E.

3 on madder-G. B.......9. 55

on horses, continued and reduced-G. B.

16 East India Company, amending and

reducing into one act the several
laws relating to the hiring of ship-
ping by-E.

83 -, removing doubts relative to the validity of marriages celebraled within the ter. ritories of-E.

84 Education of the Poor, appointing

commissioners to inquire con

cerping charities for- É.
Entailed Estates purchased with

trust monies, for relief of per-
sons entitled to-I.

46 Exchequer Bills, issuing, &c. of 30,000,0001.-G. B.

4 issuing, &c. of 11,000,000.-G. B.

86 granting annui. ties for discharging certaio, G.B. 23

-, amending57 Geo. 3. c. 34 and 174, authorising the issue of, for public works, and for the employment of the poor, &c. and extending the powers of the said acts to Ireland -U. K.

88 Excise ;-altering the allowance for

broken plate glass, aod exempting manufacturers of certain glass wares from penalties for not being licensed-G. B.....

33 for reviving and continuing several laws relating to the duties on, and to prohibit

the making of smalts within a certain distance, or by the maker of any other kind of glass-G. B.......... 21

charging duties on licences for retailing aqua vitæ-S. 13

amevding 55 Geo. 3. for granting duties on licences, and regulating the issuing, &c. thereof1.

57 repealing duties op verjuice and vinegar, granting new duties thercon, and more effectually se

curing the duties on vinegar-

65 Executors under the age of twenty:

one years, extending to Ireland
certain provisions of the Parlia-
ment of Great Britain, relative
to-U. K.

81 Fees, regulating, for pardons under

the Great Seal-U. K. ... ... 99 Felony, for facilitating the means of

prosecuting persons accused of,

and of other offences-E. .... 70 Fever Hospitals, for establishing,

and preventing the increase of
infectious fevers-1.

47 Fisheries in Greenland Seas and Da.

vis's Streights, act for encouragement of, amended-G. B... 15

-, act for the improvement and extension of, continued aod amended-I.

94 Foreigoers, subjecting to arrest and

detention, for smuggling within
certaio distances of any of bis

Majesty's dominions-U. K..... 76 Funds, amending 57 Geo. 3. c. 79.

for transferring capital from cer.
tain, in Great Britain, to certain
public stocks or funds in Ire-

80 Game, for the more effectual pre

vention of offences connected
with the unlawful destruction and
sale of-G. B.

75 Glasgow to Carlisle, alteriug the ap.

plication of part of 50,0001. granted by 56 Geo. 3. for improving the road from-1....... 44 Glass, for reviving and continuing

several laws relating to the duties
on-G. B....

altering the allowance for
broken plate glass, and exemple
ing manufacturers of certain glass
wares from penalties for not being
licensed-G. B.....

S3 Grain, for prevealing frauds in the sale of-l..

82 Grand Juries, regulating the inves

tigation of preseolments by, for
roads, &c -I.

...2. 67 Greenwich Hospital, Governors of,

empowered to pay certain shares of prize money due to Russian seamen, to the Russian ambas. sador-E.

... 64 Hesse (Princess of) settling an an

puity on, in case she shall sur. vive H.R.H. the Duke of Carn. bridge-U. K, ...




Сар. High treason and treasonable prac- 3. for providing for the person of,

tices, indemnifying persons who during his illness, and for the adhave acted in apprehending, &c. ministration of the royal aulbo. persons suspected of -G. B..... 6 rity, &c. - U. K.

90 Highway Robbery, for repealing Larceny from the person, for more

such parts of several acts as allow effectually preventing-1....... 68 pecuniary and other rewards on Leiningen (Priocess of), settling an

the conviction of persons for-E. 70 nuity on, io case of her surviving Horses, duties on, continued and H.R. H. the Duke of Kent-U. K. 53 reduced-G. B.

16 Licences for retailing aqua vitæ, Houses of Correction, amending 56 charged with duty--S.

13 Geo, 3. for regulating the salaries

-, amending 55 Geo. 3. for of clergymen officialing as chap- granting duties on, and regulating Jains in-E.

32 the issuing, &c. thereof-1. Howth Harbour, for the belter ac- Liffey (River), for maintaining the

commodation of the King's pack- Royal Canal from, to the River els in, and better regulating the Shannon-I.

95 shipping therein -I..

61 Longitude at Sea, for effectually disHydromeier, repealing an act of covering -U. K.

20 56 Geo. 3. for establishing the

Lotteries --E.

71 use of Sikes's instead of Clarke's Madder, repealing former duties on, -U K.

28 and graptiog new duties in lieu Importation, allowing, of certain thereof-.G. B.

.....9. 55 articles, and re-exporlalion there- Magistrates, repealing so much of of, into and from certain ports of

43 Geo. 3. as requires the preNova Scotia and New Brunswick sence of, op board vessels carry. -U. K. .....

19 ing passengers from the united indemnifying persons

kingdom to his Majesty's planconcerned in advising, issuing, or tations, or to foreign parts - U.K. 89 executing any orders for permit. Malt, annual duties on-G. B. ting the importation and exporta.

for better securing the collection of certain goods, &c. in

tion of the duties 01-1. .... 78 foreign bottoms to and from cer- Marine Forces, regulating, while on tain West India Islands -l. K... 7 shore-U. K..

12 perinitting the im. Marriages celebrated in India, reportation of certain articles into moving doubts relative to-E.

the West Indies--U. K....... 27 Matriinovial Contracts, extending to Innkeepers, rales to, on quartering Ireland certain provisions of the soldiers-U. K.

22 Parliament of Great Britain relaJuries (Grand), regulating the in. tive to – U. K.

81 vestigation of presentments by, Militia Adjutants, allowances tofor roads, &c.-1. .2. 67 G. B....

58 Kent (H.R. H. The Duke of), making

disembodied, pay

and clothprovision for, and seitling an an- ing of-G. B.

58 puily on the Princess of Leinin.

disembodied, pay and cloth. gen, in case slie shall survive hiin ing of–J.

59 -U. K.


Serjeant Majors, allowances Kilmajobam Hospital, Governors of, to-G. B.

58 authorized to suspend the pen.

, SubalternOfficers, allowances sions of pensioners guilty of fraud. to-G. B.

58 in respect of prize inoney or pen.

,Subaltern Officers, allowances sions, or for other gross miscon. to-. .

59 duct-1.

-, Surgeons & Surgeons' Mates, for the further allowances to-G. B.

58 regulation of payments of pen- Mutiny Act of 55 Geo. 3. mistake siops to soldiers upon the esta. in, rectified, and indemnifying blishment ofl.

74 certain persons relating thereto King and Government, act repealed

-U. K....

10 for detainiog persons suspected of

Aonual, Army-U. K. IT conspiring agaiust-U. K. ... 1

Marines-U. K. 12 -, altering and acading 51 Geo. National Debt (Commissioners for



Cap. the Reduction of), empowering Majesty and the King of, for any three or more of, to exercise preventing traffic in slavesall the powers given to the com

U. K.

85 missioners by any act or acts of Presentments for Roads, regulating Parliament-U. K.

66 the investigation of by grand Negotiable Securities, relieving bond juries-1.

..2. 67 fide bolders of, without notice that Prize Money (Navy), making fur. they were given for an usurious ther regulations for the payment consideration-U. K.

93 of, and authorizing the governors New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, of Greenwich Hospital to pay to

allowing the importation and re- the Russian ambassador certain exportation of certain articles shares of prize money due to Rusinto certain ports of-U. K..... 19 sian seamen-E.

64 Northern Passage, for encouraging Regimental Debts, for regulatiog attempts to find, between the

the payment of-U. K...

73 Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and Russian Seamen, empowering the to approach the Northern Pole

governors of Greenwich Hospital -U. K......


to pay prize money due to, to Offices and Employments, annual the Russian ambassador-E..... 64 duties on- --E.

3 Salmon, for preventing the destrucindem

tion of, and fish of salmon kind nity-U. K. 5 -E.

43 Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, for en- Salt (Rock) delivered for feeding or couraging attempts to find a

mixing with the food of calle, northern passage between-U. K. 20 for repealing duty on, and imPaper, amending 56 Geo. 3. for

posing another duty in lieu thereregulating and securing the col- of--G. B.

... 77 Jection of the duties on, and Savings Banks, amending 57 Geo. allowing a drawback of the duty 3. c. 130. for encouraging the on paper used in printing cerlain establishment of-E.

48 books at the press of Trinity Col. Seamen, to extend and render more lege, Dublin-1.

41 effectual the present regulations Pardons under the Great Seal, re- for the relief of seafaring men gulating the payment of fees for and boys, subjects of the United 0. Ki....

29 kingdom, in foreign parts-U. K. 39 Parish Vestries, for the regulation Securities (Negotiable), relieving of- E.

69 bona fide bolders of, without noPassengers from the United King- tice that they were given for an

dom to the Colonies or Foreign usurious consideration – U. K... 33 Parts, repealing so much of 43 Sherwood Forest, vesting parts of, Geo. 3. as requires the presence in the Crowo-E.

...100 of magistrates on board vessels Shipping, amending and reducing carrying-U. K.

89 into one act the several laws relaPensions and Personal Estate, an- tive to the mode of hiring, by the nual duties on-E. 3 East India Company-E.

8S Pensions to Soldiers upon the esta- Sikes's Hydrometer, repealing an

blishments of Chelsea and Kil. act of 56 Geo. 3. for establishing mainham, regulatiog payment of the use of, instead of Clarke's -U.K..

-U. K... the governors

Silk Manufactures,additional bounty of Kilmainham Hospital empower- on the exportation of granted by ed to suspend or take away, from 46 Geo. 3. made perpetual - G. B. 56 soldiers guilty of fraud, in re- Slanderous Words, for preventing spect of prize money or pensions, frivolous and vexatious actions or of any other gross miscon- for, in courts-U. K.

SO duct-1.

8 Slave Trade, for carrying into exePoor, appointing commissioners to cution a treaty between his Wa

inquire concerning charities for jesty and the King of Spain, for the education of the-E.

91 preventius-U.K. Portugal, for carrying into execu.

for carrying into exetion a Convention between his

cution a treaty between his Ma



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Cap. jesty and the King of Portugal, of, and for reducing the size of for preventing-U. K.

95 the packages in wbich it may be explaining 46, 47, and exported -U. K.

34 51 Geo. 3. for the abolition of Supplies, appropriation of-U. K...101 -U. K

....49.98 Tea, for further preventing the im. Smalts, prohibiting the making of, portation of, without making due

within a certain distance of glass. entry thereof with the officers of bouses-G. B.

21 customs and excise-U. K. 76 Smuggling, for subjecting foreigners Tenants (absconding, overbolding,

to arrest and detention for, within and defaulting), amending the law certain distances of any of bis respecting the recovery of teneMajesty's dominions; for regu. ments from, and for protecting lating rewards to the seizing offi. the tenant against undue distress cers, according to the tonnage of -1. vessels or boats seized and con- Tobacco, annual duties on-G.B... 3 demoed-U. K....


reviving 49 Geo. 3. for Souff, annual duties on-G. B. 3 permitting the importation of, Soldiers, for further regulating the from any place-U. K.

63 payments of pensions to soldiers Tokens (Bank of England), amendupon the establishments of Chel- ing 57 Geo. 3. for preventing the sea and Kilmaioham-U, K..... 74 further circulation of-E.. 14

Governors of Kilmainbam Treason and Treasonable Practices, Hospital empowered to suspend indemnifying persons who have or take

away the pensions of sol. acted in apprehending, &c. perdiers guilty of fraud in respect sons suspected of-G. B.

6 of prize money or pensions, or Treasury Bills, raising 800,0001. Bri. of any other gross misconduct -). 8 tish by, in Ireland-I.

87 rates to ivukeepers on Trinity College (Dublin), allowing quartering-U. K.....

22 drawback of duty on paper used for regulating the pay; in printing certain books used at ment of regimental debts, and


41 the distribution of the effects of Verjuice and Vinegar, repealing forofficers and soldiers dying in ser- mer duties on, and granting new vice, and the receipt of sums due duties in lieu thereof, and for to soldiers-U. K..

73 more effectually securiug the du- Consolidating and amend. ties on vinegar-G. B.

65 ing 51 & 52 Geo. 3. for enabling Vestries (Parochial), for regulating the wives and families of, to re


69 turn to their bomer-U. K. 92 Wages of Workmen, amending seSouth America, permitting the im- veral acts prohibiting, the pay.

portation of certain articles into ment of, in certain trades, other. -U.K...

27 wise than in lawful money-E... 51 Spain, carrying into execution acon. Watching and Warding, continuing vention between his Majesty and act for-G. B.

52 the King of, for preventing traffic

West Indies, indemnifying persons in slaves-U. K.

36 concerned in advising, issuing, or Spirits, contiouing and amending executing any orders for permit.

acts for regulatiog the trade in, ting the importation and exporta. between Great Britain and Ire. tion of certain goods, &c. in land reciprocally-G. B. and I.

foreigo bottoms, to and from cer- amending and continuing tain islauds in-U. K.

7 56 Geo. 3. to repeal the duties

to permit the imporupon wash, spirits, and distillers' tation of cerlain articles into licences, and granting other du. U. K...

27 ties, and establishing further re. Yarmouth, enabling the trustees of gulations for the distillation of certain premises at, held in trust spirits from corn for home con• for his Majesty, to execute a con. sumption-S.

50 veyance of the same, to a purSugar, annual duties on-G. B... 3 chaser thereof-E.

42 (Refined), repealivg the se- Yeomanry Corps, for continuing the veral bounties on the exportation laws now in force concerning-1. 40

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