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Snatch from the grave his closing eyes,

And bring his blessing home.
6 Thus, what our heav'nly Father gave,

Shall we as freely give;
Thus copy him who liv'd to save,

And died that we might live.


HYMN 482. L. M.

Christian Zeal' tempered by Charity.
VREAT God! whose all-pervading eye,

Sees ev'ry passion in my soul!
When sunk too low, or rais'd too high,

Teach me those passions to control. 2 Temper the fervours of my frame;

Be charity their constant spring ;
And O! let no unhallow'd fame

Pollute the offerings I bring. 3 Let peace with piety unite

To mend the bias of my will;
While hope and heav'n-ey'd faith excite,
And wisdom regulates, my

4 That wisdom which to meekness turns,

Wisdomn descending from above;
And let my zeal, whene'er it burns,
Be kindled by the fire of love.



HYMN 483. P. M. Praise for Redemption. Ps. cxxx. 7. Luke i. 68. 1 Pet. i. 18, 19.

NOW begin the heav’nly theme,

Sing aloud in Jesus' Name :
Ye, who his salvation prove,

Triumph in redeeming love. 2 Ye, who see the Father's

Beaming in the Saviour's face,
As to Canaan on ye move,
Praise and bless redeeming love.


3 Mourning souls, dry up your tears,

Baoish all your guilty fears ;
See your guilt and curse remove,

By the power of heav'nly love.
4 Ye, alas ! who long have been

Willing slaves of death and sin,
Now from bliss no longer rove,

Stop and taste redeeming love.
5 Welcome all, by sin oppress’d,

Welcome to his sacred rest :
Nothing brought him, from above,

Nothing but redeeming love.
6 When his spirit leads us home,

When we to his glory come.
We shall all the fulness prove

of our Lord's redeeming love. 7 He subdu'd th' iofernal pow'rs,

'Those tremendous foes of ours,
From their cursed empire drove ;

Mighty in redeeming love.
8 Hither, then, your music bring,

Strike aloud each cheerful string;
Mortals, join the host above,
Join to praise redeeming love.

Rippon's Coll.

HYMN 484. P. M.

Lev. xxv. 10, 39, 40, 41. Isa. lii. 3.


BLOW ye the trumpet, blow

The gladly solemn sound !
Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound,
The year of jubilee is.come ;
Return, ye raosom’d sinners, home.
Exalt the Lamb of God,

The sin-atoning Lamb!
Redemption, by bis blood,

Through all the lands proclaim;



year of jubilee is come; Return, ye raosom'd sinners, home, 3 Ye, who have sold for nougbt,

The heritage above ;
Shall have it back, unbought,

The gift of Jesus? love :

year of jubilee is come ; Return, ye

ransom'd sinners, home,
Ye slaves of sin and hell,

Your liberty receive ;
And safe in Jesus dwell,

And blest in Jesus live :

of jubilee is come; Return, ye ransom'd singers, bome. 5 The gospel trumpet hear,

The news of pard’ning grace :
Ye happy souls, draw near,
Bebold your

Saviour's face :

of jubilee is come; Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 6 Jesus, our great High Priest,

Has full atonement made :
Ye weary spirits rest,

Ye mournful souls be glad !

year of jubilee is come; Return, ye ransom'd sioners, home.

TOPLAdy's Coll.


HYMN 485. S.M.
Sabbatic Year. Lev. xxv. 13, 20, 21. Mat. vi. 25.
LESS'D are the


The ears are

bless'd that hear
The trumpet of the jubilee;

The great sabbatic year.
We plough, nor sow no more,

Nor toil for living bread ;
For we've a never-failing store,

A table plenteous spread.


The servant now is free ;

The hateful heavy yoke
(That all might taste true liberty)

From ev'ry neck is broke,
Th' inheritance, once sold,

Wbicb the poor bankrupt mourns,
To the true owner, without gold

Or price, it now returns. 5 0, Jesus ! ever blesss'd,

Thou art our jubilee ;
Our restoration, and our rest,

Is all, dear Lamb, in thee.
6 Thy oame, O bleeding King,

Shall dwell on all our tongues ; And ev'ry heart inspir'd shall sing

Thy praise in all their songs.


HYMN 486. C. M.

Praise. Ps. cvii. 8. Isa. XXXV. 3--6.
O FOR a thousand tongues to sing

My dear Redeemer's praise !
The glories of my God and King,

The triumphs of his grace!
2 Jesus, the name that charms our fears,

That bids our sorrows cease ; "Tis music in the sivner's ears,

'Tis life, and health, and peace.
3 He speaks, and, list'ning to his voice,

New life the dead receive ;
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice,
The humble


Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, ye dumb,

Your loosen'd tongues employ ;
Ye blind, behold


And leap, ye lame, for joy. WESLEY's Coll.


HYMN 487. L. M. Increase of the Church. Isa. ii. 2. Hab. ii. 14. Mic. iv. 1.

Through distant lands bis triumphs spread :
And sinners, freed from guilt and pain,

Owo bim their Saviour and their Head. 2 His song and daughters from afar,

Daily at Zion's gate arrive ;
Those who were dead in sin before,

By sov'reign grace are made alive. 3 Oppressors now beneath his feet,

O'ercome by bis victorious pow'r :
Princes in humble posture wait :

And proud, blasphemers learn t'adore. 4 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey,

Nations remote their offerings bring,
And unconstrain'd, their homage pay

To their exalted God and King. 5 Loud hallelujabs to the Lamb,

From all below and all above ;
In lofty songs exalt bis name,
Io songs as lasting as his love.


HYMN 488. P. M.
Kingdom of Christ. Dan. ii. 44. Psa. xxii. 27. lxvii. 3, 4.
ALL hail, redeeming Lord!

The wond'rous things foretold
Of thee io sacred writ,

With joy our eyes behold :
Still does thy arm new trophies wear,

And monuments of glory rear. 2 To thee the hoary bead

Its silver honours pays ;
To thee the blooming youth

Devotes bis brightest days :
And ev'ry age their tribute bring,
And bow to thee, all conqu’ring King !

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