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The general health of the pupils has been good, and but one death has occurred within the past two years: Ada Gesley, from Wayne county, fifteen years of age, died on the 10th day of May last. No sickness now exists among the pupils. Respectfully snbmitted,


December 1st, 1864.



To the Board of Trustees of the Michigan Asylum for the Deaf

and Dumb and the Blind: GENTLEMEN—I have the honor to submit to you the following report in reference to the work on the Asylum buildings since my last report.

The Legislature, at its regular session in 1863, appropriated $10,000 for 1863, and $10,000 for 1864, "for supporting the Asylum” for those two years; and also $15,000 for 1863, and $10,000 for 1864, “ for the purpose of completing the center building and one of the wings of said Asylum and its connections.”

The act making these appropriations provides that the appropriation for building purposes, shall be incorporated in the State tax for the respective years named, and when collected shall be passed to the credit of the Asylum fund. Thus virtually prohibiting the payment of these sums until they shall have been collected.

The effect of this was to render it impossible to do anything towards finishing the parts of the building named during the year 1863, which proved very unfortunate, as the contract previously made for putting in the warming and ventilating apparatus, expired during that year, and the result was an aditional expense in that one item of about $5,000.

It seemed to be the intention of the Legislature in making the appropriations, that the work should be done, a part during one year, and a part during another year, whereas it could all be done in one year, to much better advantage and at much less expense, and less interruption to the school, than to spread it over two years.

Through the kindness and accommodation of the State Treasurer and Auditor General, the two appropriations for building purposes were authorized to be drawn during the year 1864. The work was commenced as early in the Spring of the present year as practicable, and has been pushed forward as rapidly as possible, considering the difficulty of procuring mechanics and laborers. The center and east wing are now nearly completed. The work has been done in a better and more durable manner than was anticipated in the estimates furnished to the Legislative Committees previous to appropriations being made. There has also been much additional work done, which was found indispensable, and which could not well be done except at the time of finishing the east wing, such as putting in bath tubs, cast-iron tanks for hot and cold water, and steam-pipes connecting with tanks, cisterns, sewers, and water closets.

It also became necessary, in order to save a large and constant expense, to finish the washing and drying rooms, and the engine room in the boiler house, which are now being completed. The financial report shows that the expenditures have exceeded the appropriations. That, in the general expense account, was to be expected, as the lowest estimate .by the Board of Trustees for that account at the time of making the appropriations was $24,000 for the two years.

The enhanced price of all articles of consumption has, of course, increased the expense.

In the construction account there is less variation, and what there is, is accounted for mainly by the additional expense of putting in the warming and ventilating apparatus over and above the contract price, as above stated.

The work not having been completed, it of course has not been measured and the bills fully paid.

When this is done, and the expense of the Institution paid to January 1, 1865, I estimate the indebtedness of the Institution to be at least $10,000. All of which is respectfully submitted.

J. B. WALKER, Acting Commissioner.


STATEMENT of Receipts and Expenditures for the Michigan

Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind during the Fiscal Years commencing December 1st, 1862, and ending November 30th, 1864.


From Asylum Fund, (appropriation for 1861,).. . $13,500 00 From Asylum Fund, (appropriation for 1863-4,)... 45,000 00 General

2,054 29 For Swine sold,...

44 00 Pork

70 00 old flour barrels sold, .

66 20 Cow sold,..

24 00 Horse and Buggy sold, ..

75 00 Of John Collard for Board and Tuition;...

50 00

$60,883 29


Paid Indebtedness as per last Report,.

$1,717 21


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Paid for Provisions, Groceries, Fuel and Lights,... $13,974 30 Boiler and Engine Rooms,.

1,349 11 Insurance,

502 25 Hardware,

408 14 Castings and Blacksmithing,

21 03 Stationery, Postage and Painting,

295 88 Domestic Help,

1,064 99 Bedding,

116 53

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