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School statistics, see Table V.,


School Taxes, amount raised, table of,.
Sears, President, mentioned,...
State 'Srperintendent, change of time for election of, desirable,..

decisions nullified,..

traveling of,.. State University, needs additional land grant,. System of Town School Government, advantages of,.

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Taxes for school purposes, amount raised,...

42 Teachers’ Institutes, great success of.... Teachers' wages,.:.

8 Town School Libraries,..

14-24 provisions of new law,.. additional legislation required,.

15 vote on new law,.

15 probable annual amount of income,.

15-16 success of Indiana Town School Libraries,. result of district system in Wisconsin,

16-17 sub-division of, may be provided for,

17, 24 testimony of Mann, Emerson and Barnard, 18 superiority over other systems,

19 who should contract for the books,..

19-21 how the contractors should be selected,

21 how the books should be purchased,.

21-22 needed powers of Commissioners,. 22, 23, 24 income for investment the coming year, 22-23 towns and cities to select,..

23 town and city boards manage,......

23-24 mode of distribution,...

24 disposition of present district libraries,..

24 hopes of the system,..

24, 33 Township system of School Government, advantages of


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Walker, Hon. Robert J., noble recommendation of,.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, distribution of..

additional copies needed, Wisconsin Journal of Education,..

13 29-30

31 33

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