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Forge, worth at the, 564

Lebanon, the martyr of, 84
Friends of Jesus, 283

Life triumphant over death, 180

Livingston, Dr., the Missionary ex-
Gas, electric, 107

plorer in Africa, 537
Gavazzi, Father, on liberty and London, in the year 1185, described,
Popery, 566

57, 103—statistics of religion in, on
Get along peaceably, 330

the Census Sunday, 92-dissolute-
Gower, John, biographic sketch of, ness of, in the time of Charles II.,


Lord Mayor of London, proper title
Harpies, classic fable of the, 556- of the, 523

conjectured origin of the myth, 564 Luther, Martin, on music, 7
Heart, treachery of the, 109

Mercury, the planet, summary of
Heat, lecture on: Nature and pro-
perties of matter, 451-forces that Microscope, uses of the, 358

what is known concerning, 569
act on matter, attraction of gravita- Missions a reality, 12
tion, 451; attraction of cohesion, Mohammedan worship, described, 423
454-nature of heat, 495; the ma- Monachism, Italian, 416
terial theory, 495 ; the undulatory Monkeys in Abyssinia, 365
theory, 495 - terms used in treating Moses no impostor, 342
of heat explained, 495-sources of Mount Sinai, the written rocks of, 15
heat, the sun, mechanical condensa- Mythology, heathen, sketch of, 555
tion, 497 ; chemical condensation,
498-diffusion of heat, by radiation, Naturalist, the: Winter occupations,
540; by conduction, 541-law of

36—mosses and their allies, 85–
expansion, 543; expansion of solid

British butterflies, 124-the Dests
bodies, 543; of liquids, 543 ; tem-

and eggs of British birds, 161-
perature measured by expansion,

British ophidia, 269, $18-the
544; thermometer explained, 544 ;

squirrel and its allies, 354—the dor-
theory of the winds, 545; exceptions

mouse and its kindred, 463—the
to the law of expansion, 547-re-

mole, 489-bats, or hand-winged
flections on the part performed by

animals, 559
heat in the economy of nature, 547

Nervous system, lecture on the: Diffi.
Henry II., the will of, 247

culty of the subject, 312-pro-
High-Priest, Jewish, institution and

gressive development of the nervous
functions of the, 444

system in the lower and higher
How to make yourself remembered, 377

animals, 313; and in man, 314

anatomy of the nervous system, 315
Ireland, the Bible in, 115

- its functions, 316; sensation and
Italy, state of literature in, 22- Pro- voluntary motion, 317; experi-

testantism in, 71-number of Priests ments, 348; the brain the organ of
and Nuns in, 416

the mind, not the mind itself, 352
-involuntary movements,

Japan open, 449

instinctive reflex movements, 392;
Jenner, biographic sketch of, 481

Dr. M. Hall on the functions of the
Jew, imprisonment of a, for Christ's spinal marrow, 394-general con-
sake, 175

clusions, 397
Jews at Rome, history of the, 220, 273 New Books:
Jews, Karaite, account of the, 512

A Correspondence between Edward
Judgment, education of the, from a

Baines, Esq., and B. Oliveira,
lecture by Professor Faraday, 466

Esq., M.P., on the Opening of the

Crystal Palace, 476

A Schoolmaster's Dificulties at
Kaffir prophel, Umlanjene, 149

Home and Abroad, 236
King John, words of fealty made by,

Breen's " Planetary Worlds," 567
to the Pope, 329

Brewster's (Miss) "Sunbeams in the

Cottage,” 567
Language and languages, 410

Brewster's (Sir David) "More
Layard, Dr., observations on the Worlds than One," 378

Assyrian and Babylonian weights Cassell's “Natural History: The
brought to England by, 20-en- Feathered Tribe," 331
trance of, into a Yezidi village, Chart of the Australian

described, 42

Fields, 188

New Books continued :

New Books continued: Cheoreul's “ Principles of Harmony Rochette's “Lectures on Ancient and Contrast of Colours," 475

Art," 476 Creasy's "Rise and Progress of the Ruskin's "Lectures on Architecture English Constitution," 524

and Painting," 331 Cundali's Photographic Primer," Scott's The Baltic, the Black Sea, 523

and the Crimea," 524 Davis's "Evenings in my Tent," 235 Sibree's “Human Anatomy simDawes's " Industrial Life and In- plified," 476 dustrial Success," 379

Spencer's “Turkey, Russia, the De Saulcy's® Narrative of a Journey Black Sea, and Circassia," 331

round the Dead Sea," &c., 188 Tate': " Drawing for Schools,” 331 Dwight's Christianity in Turkey," The Library of Biblical Literature, 523

524 Falmouth's (Viscountess) "Con- The Lord's Day and the British

versations on Geography," 235 People, 476 Forster's “One Primeval Lan- Thomson's "Cyclopædia of Chem, guage," 234

istry," 236 Galbraith's “Manual of Optics," Trench's "Synonyms of the New 235

Testament, and « Lessons in Galloway's (Earl) " Observations on Proverbs," 476

the Monitorial System of Harrow Whilaker's “ Educational Register School," 330

for 1854," 188 Guyol': "The Earth and Man," Williams's "Life of Julius Cæsar," 567

524 Haole's Sandwich Island Notes," Novel-reading, reasons against, 458

475 Herndon's “Exploration of the Opie, Amelia, recollections of, 90

Valley of the Amazon," 330 Hogg's " Microscope," 428

Philosophy, history of, 81, 121, 217 Johnston's "Chemistry of Common Pius IX., election of, 307 Life," 331

Pledge to the fallen, sacred, 553
Journal of a Deputation sent to the POETRY:

East, by the Committee of the An Evening Hymn: from the Ger.
Malla Protestant College, 428

man, 92 Keyser's “ Religion of the North- Dr. Newton, 332 men," 428

Eve's Evening Song to the Infant Knight's English Cyclopædia,"

Cain, 140 379

God is Good, 43 Lardner's "Museum of Science Home of the Loved One, 138 and Art," 379

On the Death of a young Minister, Lectures before the Young Men's

568 Chrislian Association, 428

Paramo de la suma Paz, by AdeLectures on Education, by Dr. Whe- line, 429

well, Professor Faraday, Dr. " Press on; make Haste," 233
Latham, Dr. Daubeny, and Pro- Sorrow's Breathings, 234
fessor Tyndall, 427

The Child's Question, 284
Lindley's 'Symmetry of Vege- The Cloudless, 380
tation," 188

The Messenger, by Adeline, 476
Long's * Practical Photography," To a Mourner, 524

Popery and liberty admitted to be Luther burning the Pope's Bull, 428 incompatible, 566-other references Melley's" School Experiences of a to, 101, 206, 244, 262, 307, 388, 416, Fag," 523

534, 566-stiperstition of, matched Miller's “My Schools and School. by that of the Greek Church, 558 masters," 235

Portland, geologic and historic notice Milner's "Baltic,” 568

of, 111-Methodism in, 113
Mudie's "Feathered Tribes of the Post-Ofice, the General, 33
British Islands," 188

Protestantism in Italy, 71
Orr's "Circle of the Sciences,” 379
O Tempora! O Mores ! or, a Word Reparlees, 29

to the Wise on the Use of Tobacco Reporters' gallery, in the House of
and Snuf, 428

Commons, 169

Ripley, late Robert, M.D., lecture by, Trial by jury, the institution of,

on the Nervous System, 312, 348, defended, 502 390-on Heat, 450, 494, 540

Trifles, 29 Russell, Lady Rachel, “Letters" of, Turkish law for killing Christians, 473 noticed, 52

Turnpike, etymology of, 517 Russell, Lord William, scene at the execution of, 50

Usher, Archbishop, biographic sketch "St. James's vow," origin of the tax

of, 1 so called, 173 Sandwich Islands, royal mantle of Vogel, Dr., in Central Africa, letter

the, 462-a Sabbath in the, 471 from, 253 Saxon husbands and British wives, 500

Waldensian church in Turin, opening Scott, Sir Walter, remarks on the of the, 75

novels of, 209, 210, 459--observa- Wasted lives, 405 tions by, on Dryden's perversion, Watson, Richard, in the pulpit, sketch 244


Wesley, Rev. Charles, at Portland, Genesis i. 26....368

113--Observations on his Poetical John xviii. 13....446

Version of the Psalms of David, Hebrews vii. 23-28....449

518 Shushan, discovery of the palace of, Williams, Mr. Richard, of the Pata19

gonian Mission, extract from the Smoker, old, thoughts of an, 301 journal of, 181 “ Something that should have been a

man," 10 Stammerer, how to teach a, 415 Stamp-duty on receipts, jeu.d'esprit on, 517

LIST OF ENGRAVINGS. Strophades, account of the, 555

1. Archbishop Usher, 1 Student, the: a singular case of con- 2. Archbishop Tulotson, 49 viction, 374

3. Simon Episcopius, 97 Sultan, liberality of the, 407

4. Gower, 145

5. Chaucer, 193 Teachers in day-schools, counsel to, 6. Dryden, 241 by the Rev. John Scott, 212

7. Boccaccio, 289 Tillotson, Archbishop, biographic 8. Dante, 337 sketch of, 49

9. George Buchanan, 385 Times of rest, value of, 256

10. Cowper, 433 Tobacco, evil effects of, 398

11. Jenner, 481 Tractarian, a, unmasked, 262

12. Euler, 529

H. T. & J. Roche, Printers, 25, Hoxton-square, London.

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