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Hungary.—The fee for registration is 5 forins; for renewal, 5 forins.

France.-The entire cost of government fees for registering a mark amount to about 10 francs.

Germany.—The fees are: for registration, 30 marks (about $7.20); for renewal of the registration, 10 marks (about $2.40).

Japan.-Applicants for registration of trade-marks must pay the following fees, provided that, in case their application be rejected, the money will be refunded: For registration of each mark, 10 yen, or if the same mark is to be applied to articles of different classes, 5 yen for each class; for application for transfer, for alteration, or for renewal, 5 yen; for obtaining a fresh certificate of registration, 1 yen.

1 Sweden.—The fee for registration is 40 crowns (about $10.75); for renewal, 10 crowns (about $2.70).

Switzerland.–The fee for registration is 20 francs (about $1); for renewal, 20 francs (about $4).

Note.-Value of Foreign Coins.-Foreign coins mentioned above have values in United States money as follows: The pound (6) in Great Britain equals $4.866), and the shilling 24 cents. The franc in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, the lira in Italy, and the peseta in Spain are each equal to 19.3 cents; the crown in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden equals 26.8 cents; the yen in Japan equals 49.8 cents; the florin in Austria and Hungary equals 48.5 cents; the mark in Germany equals 23.8 cents; the gulden in Austria is the same as a florin, 48.5 cents; the peso in Chile is 36.5 cents.


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