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An act making appropriations to defray the expense of carrying into effect the laws in regard to the Northern Boundary;

An act supplementary to the act in relation to the Lunatic Asylum;

An act making an appropriation to defray the expenses of the extra session of the General Assembly for the year 1835, and for other purposes;

An act accepting certain propositions made by the Commissioners appointed by the President of the United States, relative to the Northern Boundary of this State;

Resolution authorizing the Paymaster General of the Ohio Militia, to audit the account of John Walker, for cartouch boxes furnished the Stare;

Resolution providing for adjournment;

Resolution relating to printing 10,007 copies of the report of the Joint Select Committee;

Resolution authorizing the distribution of certain documents, and for the payment of their postage;

Resolution providing for the payment of the Assistant Door Keepers at the extra session of the General Assembly for 1835;

Preamble and resolution in relation to the imprisonment of Jonathan E. Fletcher;

A resolution directing the Canal Commissioners to cause a certain survey and estimate to be made, &c.

Resolution authorizing the Secretary of State to employ the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives, to perform certain duties;

Resolution providing for the distribution of the laws, resolutions and journals of the extra session of the General Assembly for 1835;

A resolution requiring the Governor 10 transmit to the President and Heads of Department of the General Government, a copy of his Message, &c.

On motion of Mr. Spangler,
A message was sent to the House of Representatives informing
them that the Senate had finished their Legislative business, and are
now ready to adjourn without diy.

On motion of Mr. McKaig,
The Speaker adjourned the Senate without day.



Clerk of the Senate. Columbus, June 20th, 1835.

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