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COWPER (William) Poems and The

l'anno, 1527, TH
beautifully and appropriately rebacked,
coloured lettering pieces, in the antique st
FIRST EDITION, good copies, £4 18s


COWPER (William) Poems by William

Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq., 1782,

The Task, a poem in 6 books by William

Cowper, to which are added by the same

Author an epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq., Tir-

ocinium, or a Review of Schools, and the

History of John Gilpin, 1785, both vols FIRST

EDITIONS, 2 vols, 8vo, original leather bind-

ing, but 2-8ths of an inch cut off top of each

title, £2 175 6d

Johnson, 1782-5

A copy recently sold for £11.

,121 COWPER (William) POEMS. J. Johnson, 1782.—THE TASK,'a Poem
in Six Books, to which are added, by the same Author, An Epistle to Joseph
Hill Esq.; Tirocinium, or a Review of Schools; AND THE HISTORY OF
JOHN GILPIN, etc. Ib., 1785. FIRST EDITIONS of both volumes, 2 vols,
8vo, old half calf, FINE COPY, £12 12 puk or a3

Of a most depressed and morbid tone,

every effort was made to suppress it on
• Cowper (William) Poems; Lond., 1782-Dittra

in Sis Books, with an Epistle to Joseph Hill; Tirocinium, or454

History of John Gilpin, Lond., 1785; FIRST EDITION of

calf, Lond., 7. Johnson, 1782-85

Fine copies, with the rare half-title to

163 Poems, 2 vols, small 8vo,

calf, £10 set g: 'S 1782-5

& the anat'e friends.


sm. 8vo, mos
back, ornam



rooms of Messrs.

Sotheby, Wilkinson, and Hodge, Wellington-street,

Strand, a large sale of books and manuscripts is now in

progress, the collection consisting of works from various

libraries. The first portion, formerly belonging to the

late Mr. Robert Charles May, included a series of the

original editions of Dickens and “ Dickensiana,"

uniformly bound in calf--nearly forty volumes. These

were offered as one lot under a conditional reserve

price, namely, the sum paid by Mr. May, 1101. ; but

on this occasion they reached 1621. Other interesting

lots were the English Dance of Death, from the

desigus of Thomas Rowlandson, with metrical illustra.

tions, by the author of “ Doctor Syntax," 2 vols.,

original edition and unique copy; and Dance of Life

with coloured plates- 307. ; Ruskin's Modern Painters

5 vols., first edition of Vols. IlI., IV., aud V.-211. ;

D. Roberts's Holy Land, Syria, Arabia, Egypt, and

Nubia, with descriptions by Dr. Croly and W. Brockedon,

with 250 plates-531. ; a rare copy of Bewick's Birds,

in green morocco,, 451. ; Byron's Hours of Idleness,

first edition, 101. 55. ; Odes, by William Collins, 1747,

first edition, 101. 12s.6d. ; Cowper's Poems, tirst edition

(published by J. Johnson, 1782), of which it is believed

only three or four copies exist; 101. 55. ; Le Temp

de Guide of Montesquieu,

the text engraved throug

out by Drouet, with brilliant impressions of the
gravings by Le Mire, after desigus by Eisen, Pa
1772, rare state, 221. 10s. ; Les Metamorph
d'Ovide, first edition, 271. 10s. Daily

hans 4

Anna Corbice Givin her by her Father 7 March 1811

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