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Magazine of Advanced and Practical Esoteric Thought.

Copyrighted 1889.

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ATTAIN TO THE HIGHER KNOWLEDGES. By referring to the preceding sections of this article, demonstrations can be made very brief.

It will be unnecessary to give it the form of a syllogism, or to have the major and minor premises follow in a logical order.

The Reader will already be able to construct the argument by remembering that the tone qualities of the voice, which are capable of producing definite emotional effects upon others, can only result from a like emotional condition in the nature of the speaker. The power to lull and soothe by the tones of sympathy cannot be possessed by those in whose hearts there still rankles the elements of hate.

If it be true that every moral condition vocalizes itself in the harmonics, then, so long as there remains in the mind of the speaker the intentions and motives of evil, the harmonics indicative thereof will produce distrust in the mind of the listener.

While there is a lack of personal conviction, the harmonics will produce the emotional effect of suspicion. From a wider basis it may

be stated that mental types throughout all nature, are ever found associated with homologous and typical physical structures; and, with every variation in the mental type, we find a corresponding variation in the structure embodying it; and we may also expect to find what observation proves to be a fact, — that with every additional, acquired mental peculiarity and faculty, there results corresponding anatomical and physiological changes, and these changes are inwrought throughout the entire structure, and confined to no one organ, or set of organs; for to change any one organ in the least degree, necessitates an adaptive change in every other organ and function. It is observable that à mental change precedes the physical change. Therefore, as long as there remains in the nature of the speaker any of the evils, they will be embodied in his vocal structure, and betrayed in the harmonics of his voice, and will prevent him from producing, by means of speech, the emotional effects of trust and confidence. No one can produce upon another the feeling of perfect love, so long as there remains in his nature the possibility of anger and hate ; neither can there

be produced the feeling of complete belief, while the speaker lacks absolute conviction.

By the magic of a tone he cannot hope to throw upon another the state of rest, while, within his own soul, there is a tumult. If the speaker is filled with gentle and harmonious impulses, and if he is guided by right actions and desires, they will be sounded forth in the gentle and melodious accents of his speech, and people will unhesitatingly drink from the living waters of his discourse ; and they will become gentle and harmonious, and will, unconsciously to themselves, be filled with right desires, and will be inexorably impelled to act out the motives implanted, even if the import of the speech has been misunderstood; but if the speaker's mind is, to the smallest extent, infested with inglorious motives, or to the slightest extent distorted by envy and malice, the discordant and jarring harmonics in his voice will partially, or entirely, destroy the power which he otherwise would have had. Just in the proportion that he becomes actuated by wrong intentions, just in proportion that he becomes subject to passion and vice, and just in the proportion that he becomes unworthy of confidence, will his voice become filled with the harmonics that weaken his influence, and repel his hearers.

Under the influence of sympathy and genuine pity, as expressed in the cones of an associate, the iron-bound nature of the villain will slowly give way to more gentle impulses, and he will become the willing servant of him who is truly worthy to be his master.

But if there be in the nature of the master, the most evanescent tendendency to selfishness, the tones of his voice will gradually breed, in the disposition of his pupil, the inevitable tendency to betray his teacher for selfish purposes.

Under the influence of oppression, and the unremitting torture of malice, the kindly cadences of Gentleness and Devotion become jagged and harsh; but if, during the ordeal, there is kept up, by the aid of tones, a larger sum of gentle and pleasurable emotions than of unpleasant ones, the original nature can be maintained. In a person who has long been pure and good there cannot be the tone qualities indicative of sin ; and in a person who is occassionally a villain there cannot exist the tones of honesty.

Those who aspire to great power over individuals, or over the masses through the magic of tones-one of Nature's forces—must work in harmony with Nature's benevolent purposes, and must desire the power only for the good of others; for the moment it is desired for personal ends, the harmonics of selfishness will invade the voice, and these harmonics are, under all circumstances, repellant and obnoxious. It seems to me the matter is incapable of further argument; I cannot, by a course of reasoning, convince you of a fact: you must observe the fact for yourself. This has been written to no purpose, if you cannot make yourself experimentally acquainted with the laws herein enunciated. But if you admit that Vice, Selfishness and Anger are betrayed by the voice, then you admit that no one, in whose nature there is sin, can ever exercise great power over others by means of his voice, for it will be impossible for him to produce trust and conviction. ADDITIONAL PROOF OF THE DIVINE SANCTION FOR WORKING IN SECRET.

This subject may be approached from another direction.

Those tones which produce complete emotional subjection and mental rest, must also produce moral satisfaction.

Those tones which, when once heard, make us an immediate convert and willing disciple, are entirely free from all discords. The harmonics of the evils invade the human voice as discords. A powerful and continuous effect can only be produced by a tone, all of whose harmonics are concordant with itself, and with each other. Discords are dissociative, disintegrative, and centrifugal.

It therefore follows that full power and skill in the use of tone-qualities demands the entire absence of discordant harmonics in the voice, and this cannot be acquired as long as selfishness and sin are possible to the soul.


appears obvious that skill and power in the manipulation of tonequalities is absolutely unattainable by those who are capable of any of the evils.

If it be true in one department of science, the principle has a broad foundation in Nature. The favored few, who pass through the culture of the Mahopanishada, will learn the same to be true of numerous other forces.


It is clearly indicative of the highest wisdom and beneficence in the processes of Nature that the universal evolution cannot produce creatures capable of thwarting the general purpose.

Men cannot, by superior intellectual attainments, master the principles and facts of certain forces, and forth with acquire a personal power and skill in their application for selfish ends, to the detriment of humanity. It becomes evident that an association, possessing superior knowledge of natural forces, and having in charge a knowledge of the methods of acquiring personal powers, must work in most careful secrecy, in order that it may remain the repository of valuable donations to humanity; for, if it became careless of its charge, and indiscriminately cast pearls before swine, it would no longer be able to retain the mastery of the powers for good; - it can only do this so long as its methods and purposes are entirely unselfish and beneficent. Another important observation is pertinent. The fact that superior skill, and personal attainment in the harnessing and use of natural forces can only be made by those who have attained great moral culture and development, demonstrates that there must be two sides to an education - the intellectual and moral. No matter how thorough may be the comprehension of principles, or how complete the mastery of facts and methods, — full and successful use thereof cannot be made, until the pupil has attained a correspondingly high development of his moral nature.

The reverse is also true : moral development and capacity is impossible without a complete mastery of the principles and facts involved in the application of the forces employed in the activities of life. The absence of the evils, entire freedom from selfishness, and the possession of an angelic disposition, cannot enable its possessor to persuade and instruct, if he be ignorant of the facts about which he is attempting to discourse ; neither can a most perfect comprehension of these principles enable a person to turn conviction and persuasion into action, if he be destitute of the moral qualities that beget trust.

(To be continued.)

WHEN the stars — mystic lights ! — from the heavens look down,

And the Moon fills the soul with its pain ;
Shall we long — but to long ; shall fruition ne'er crown

Can the embers burn low, but in vain ?
When the ashes of matter unite with the soul,

When the fugitive, Hope, turns to fly;
Shall we cease then to care ? Shall we burn the dark scroll,

Let our sorrows, unheeded, pass by ?
Shall we care, when we're old, that our life's early dream,

Chased a phant'sy alone but of thought ?
Shall we care that our love, tho' our love it might seem,

Proved in time not the love that we sought?
Nay; I guess that our guerdons sometime come to us,

When the pain or the bliss is first felt;
Whether woe, or its no, is the best, 'tis oft thus,
That a saint in a martyr hath knelt.



(CONTINUED FROM JULY NUMBER.) Having considered the general uses of “Solar Biology," and the way in which it was given to the world, let us look at it from a Biblical standpoint, so that those good people who think science something widely different from religion, may become convinced that they are but parts of one grand whole. Science is a knowledge of natural law, which is God's law, and religion is the keeping of the law.

The author of “Recreations in Astronomy” says :-"Science and religion are not two departments, they are not even two phases of the same truth. The worlds and the Word speak but one language, teach but one set of truths. Science has a broader realm in the unseen than in the seen, in the sublime laws of spirit than in the laws of matter; and religion sheds its beautiful light over all stages of life, till, whether we eat or drink, or whatsoever we do, we may do all for the glory of God. Lowell is partly right when he sings;

Science was Faith once ; Faith were science now,
Would she but lay her bow and arrows by,

And arm her with the weapons of the time!"" From the chapter on “ The Bible History of Solar Biology," we make the following condensed extract.

“ It may seem strange to some, when we tell them this system is the foundation principle of the whole order of the Hebraic and Christian Bible, which is the only book wherein we find indications of the prior existence of this science, unless, perchance, in the Cabalistic writings. But from the first chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation, we find unquestionable evidence of its having entered into the history of the origin and life of Israel, and the grand prophecies which point forward to the condition or time, for which Jesus taught us to pray : viz., that God's kingdom might come, and his will be done on earth as in heaven, are characterized and formulated according to the law and mechanism of this system.”

The signs of the zodiac correspond exactly to the number of the sons of Jacob, and further, we learn that their names express the leading characteristics of persons born in the twelve signs, and that they are given in the exact order of the twelve periods of the zodiac, which leads us to the conclusion that they were born under the twelve mental conditions which express the fullness of the heavens.

The characteristics of persons born in the twelve signs have been given so fully in “ Twelve Manner of People,” which ran through the first volume of THE ESOTERIC, that some basic principles of the quality of each sign will be all that is here necessary in proof of the foregoing.

In the twenty-ninth chapter of Genesis we find that the first-born of the sons of Jacob was called Reuben. By consulting any ordinary Bible dictionary, or even the marginal notes to be found in the most of our Bibles, we find this meaning given to the names; Reuben (Who sees the sun, the vision of the sun) which corresponds with the leading characteristic of the sign ~ (Libra), power of foresight, vision, or intuitive perception. Simeon means that hears or obeys; that is heard). This well expresses the m (Scorpio) nature, whose tendency it is to hear or obey authorities ; and in their sphere of use, as superintendents, they demand obedience.

Levi (who is joined, who is held, or associated). The strong point of the # (Sagittarius) nature herein expressed is fidelity, — faithfulness to the marriage vow.

Judah the praise of the Lord.) This has a two-fold expression, that of the great business idea embodied in V8 (Capricorn), as Solomon said, “ Men shall praise thee when thou doest well to thyself;” and also that deep, interior, inexpressible, extravagant ideality, which is a dominant feature of those born in this sign.

Dan (judgment, or, he that judges). This expresses one of the most prominent characteristics of the man (Aquarius) nature, in the quickness and accuracy of their intuitions, and in judging of the nature and disposition of people.

Naphtali (wrestlings of God - my wrestlings.) This very well expresses the restless, anxious nature of those born in the sign # (Pisces).

Gad (armed and prepared) expresses the uses of the brain P (Aries), which keeps the body in harmony, and arms and prepares for all service.

Asher (blessedness, or happiness). This expresses the dominant feature of the 8 (Taurus) nature, which is the happy, self-satisfied condition of those born in that sign.

Issachar (price, reward, recompense). The leading characteristics of the sign 11 (Gemini) are the mental uses and rewards which it always obtains.

Zebulun (dwelling, habitation), expresses the strong domestic proclivities of the sign oo (Cancer).

Joseph (adding, increase). This has a double significance. First, as to the physical character of those born in the sign 12 (Leo), which expresses the love-nature and prolific sex principle; second, we find it evident throughout the Scripture that there is a deep metaphysical reference to this nature or sign, as a savior of the people. One reference in this short article must suffice. We find, Genesis, XLIX, 22, 24, “ Joseph is a fruit

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