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Lieutenant-General of the Royal Marines, Ashurst, brother in W. H. Ashhurst, aged 77. 1.P.

28. At Oakley-park, near Ludlow, Lady Lately, the Rer. T. Bedford, rector of Chive, in the 841|1 year of her age, relict of Prireih, Cornwall, aged 50.

Robert, first Lord Clive, the founder of our Laitly, at Blandiord, the Rev. Robert Empire in Bengal. Lady Clive was in va. Hounce, aged 86.

rious parts of India when her husband comLates, at ihe advanced age of 99, John inanded the army there. She jomed him Some stuu had been porter at the Kiny's in Ca'cutia after the retaking of that town, Primine nose for more than 60 years. He and the decisive battle of Plassey.

The N == !! Ánown at all the public offices; death of Lord Clive took place in 1774. ad rore a cucked hat, according to the 28. At Hastings, Horauo Martelli, Esq.

of Norfolk-street, Strand. PT. 4, 1817. At Trinidad, of an abcess In the 81st year of her age, Princess a he l.xer, William Samuel Winkworth, Sophia Carolme Maria, Margravine of Baye test son of the late Rev. Wm. Winck. reuth. zh, chiaplain of Sı. Savior's, Southwark, The Rev. Dr. Charles Burney, after a and 10 the county gaol of Surrey. Mr. rather short illness, a few days before his Wakwerih was brought up to the medical allaining the age of 60 years.

He has long prelestion, and successively filled, with great been known and eminently distinguished aprota10!, the appointments of assistant. as one of the first Greek scholars of his Sorreca to the Royal Naval Hospital at time, and was of a family remarkable for F south; dispenser and interpreter to the literary and scientific eminence; and, ou Heach priyon at Dartmoor; and, lastly, Saturday, Jan. 3, the remains of this produspetser to the Royal Hospital at Barbadoes. sound scholar were deposited in his family Os she reduction of the latier to a peace vault, St. Paul's, Depttord, of which parish cablishment 1816, he returned to Eng. be was rector. The principal inhabitants of end, where le found the ground already the place allended the funeral, and having becopied by gre t numbers of medical prac. met afterwards in the Vestry-room, agreed toonet, who had been previously diso

to erect in the church, at their own excharged from the army and navy, and was, pence, a monument to bis memory. The there orr, mduced to accept the situation of loss of so eminent and useful a man cannot Surgeon to the very extensive estates of Sır fail 10 he sincerely deplored, for, having Alexander Cochran, at Trinidad. He em. created a noble income by his industry and barked for this island in the month of July, learning, be disbursed it with the most 1816, with his wile and iwo of his children, princely liberalily, in giving largely to most cce ví a 10m, also, feli a victim to the clia of the public subscriptions, but cbiefly in nie. sha??!y ailer their arrival. Ho had contributing to whatever tended to promote $carci ule to acquaint himself with the literature and science. Amongst a nulti

tils ne v duties, betore he was tude of instances may be mentioned, that i eritd *11h a succession of disorders pe- huis veneration for Dr. Bentley induced tum echar to the West Indies, which ultimately to print a splendid edition of bus letters, podced his death. His altamments in the under the title of Bentleii Epistolae, which sances and knowledge in most of the he enriched by his own eru lite annotations, Esopean and dead languages were very and distributed every copy of the work exline. Of the format we can speak gratuitously. He purchased the famous *Ea esnedence, as our pages have exhibited Townley Homer, for which Me he paid 650 parts of his ability in a successful attack gumeas, and refused a thons...d, that, it is which he made, some years since, upon a said, were offered by the Criversity of Oxnes and specious theory in an important furd for the precious relie, tu anxious was he branch of plulosoplig. Mr. Winkworth to complete his Greck 15. bs an addition died at the premature age of 33, and was which renders them almost invaluable; inleft a widow and iwo children to deplore deed his library is akugether one of the kis loss.

most magmficent pirivate collections in OCT. 26. At St. Denis, near Paris, on Europe. This now passes into the posses ber return to Enyland, Frederica, wile of sion of his son, th, Rev. Charles Porr Bur. Thomas Hearen, Esq. of Spital-square, in ney, of Greenwrit; and we cannot help the 2015 year of her age.

expressing a hot that he will not allow Dec. 0.

In Judd-place, New-road, it to be disperses; or, rather, that he will aged 62, Sarah, widow of the late John nol suffer till rare things in it to be pur. Exes, Esq. o Portman-square.

chased for the purpose of enriching toreign 27. James Gibbs, Esq. of Wallbrook, luhraties. Imp. Burney is the second lumiaged 74.

nary in that isriglie constellation of learning A Soothampton, Sir Richard 01:slow, turmed by i orson, Parr, and himself, that Bart. K.G.C.B. Admiral of the Red, and bas now displeared from our view. His

mature Ot


Samily have all been conspicuous; his father, the State. He was Treasurer of the Navy.. the historian of music, and friend of John- President of the Board of Trade, Clerk of son, was one of the most elegant writers of Parliament, Keeper of the Records on the that age ; bis brother, Captain Burney, of Receipt side of the Exchequer, one of the the navy, who accompanied Cook in his two Lords of his Majesty's Privy Council, an last, long, enterprising, and perilous voyages, Elder Brother of the Trinity House, Veris one of the finest geographers that this durer' of the New Foresi, Hants; and Mem. country possesses, a fact well-supported by her for the town of Christchurch. He was a his voluminous and elaborate History of native of the Mearns, Kincardin, shire, and Voyages of Discovery; and Mad. D'Arblay, was first a Steward, aud afterwards a Purser his sister, has equally distinguished herself in the Royal Navy. At an early period of by her well-known writings. Dr. Burney his life his arithmetical talents and financial was a Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian knowledge recommended him to the particuSocieties, Chapiain to his Majesty, Rector of lar attention of the Earl of Shelburne (afs Deptiord, and of Hove, in Kent, and also terwards Marquis of Lansdown), then First Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral.

Lord of the Treasury, and lie was soon afIn Harpur-street, Red-lion-square, Daniel ter appointed one of the Secretaries to the Braithwaite, Esq. F.R.S. A.S. &c. &c. for- Treasury, but resigned on the formation of merly comptroller of the foreign post-office, the Administration of Lord North and Mr. aged 86.

Fox. On the subsequent elevation to the 31. In the Temple, Myles Walker Hall, Premiership of his friend and person, Wm. Esq. barrister-at-law, aged 62.

Pili, he was again appointed one of the SeAller a few hours illness, in her 730 year, cretaries to the Treasury, and continued as Mrs. White, wife of Mr. W. White, of Ar- senior in that important situation for many tillery-place, Fosbury-square.

years. On the retirement of Nir. Pitt, and JAN. 1. At Brighton, in his 56th year, bis immediate political adherents, Mr. Ruse Mr. Tatham, of Mount-street, upholsterer resigned bis situation, but was shortly afterto the Prince Regent.

wards sworn of the Privy Council. He was In Duke-street, St. James's, in his 561h subscquently, on the reiurn of Mr. Pitt 10 year, Count Zenobio. The Count was not office, one of the Paymasters-General of the only a Prince in the Venitian Republic, but Forces; and on the dismission of the Whig a Prince of the House of Austria. He was Administration from power, in 1807, was the owner of two of the finest palaces in the appointed Treasures of the Navy, which ofworld, Emo and Zenobio. As a man of fice he held to the time of his death. Lalfashion and gallantry, he took the lead at terly, the important office of President of Versailles, when under the ancient regime; the Board of Tradę was chictly executed by at Baxter's Club be usually risked 50001. the Right Hon. Frederic Robinson. The every night,

lucrative situation of Clerk of Parliament Miss Isabella Blake, daughter of Sir

was several years since conferred on Mr. Francis Blake, Bari, of Twisel Castle, Dur- Rose-with the reversion to his eldest son, ham.

George H. Rose, Esq. M.P. for Southamp2. In Hanover-street, in his 28th year, ton, and Minister to the Court of Berlin Capt. J. Prince, of the Coldstream Guards,

as an ulterior provision. The other situations At South Lambeth, Jolin Bridges, Esq. above-mentioned, of which that of President in the 57111 year of his age. His suavity of of the Board of Trade, ibal of Verdurer of manners and benevolent disposition were the New Forest, and the Keepership of the equalled by few, exceeded by none. He Records, become vacant by his demise ; but lived beloved, and died respected.

as Clerk of Parliament, Alr. Rose will of 6. In St. James's palace, Mr. Eldred, in course be succeeded by his son.-No mau bas his 100th year. He was Page of the Pre- occupied more of the public attention, or sence to fieorge II, which ollice he may be possessed more of official influence than this said to have tilled during three reigns. gentleman has done; and the general opinion

At her house, in Walworth, Mrs. Judith is, that he has amassed great wealth, ibough Thompson, Aged 74, only surviving sister he always declared to the contrary. Hisine of the late Rev. Seth Thompson, Kensing- come, however, by places held by himself ton.

and his sons, was immense; and bis oppor13. At his seat, at Cuffnels, the Right tunities, if not restrained by the most seruHon. George Rose. He had for some inonths pulous honour and delicacy, were such as no been in a very ill state or healih, from which other man in the kingdoin ever enjoyed. If his advanced age afforded no reasonable he has not died rich, his moderation will be hope ot recovery, and was, we believe, at his best encomium, and his most appropriate bis death, little short of cighty. Mr. Rose eulogy. was a gentleman of extensive information, 16. In Soho-square, Edward Bowman, Esq. and of practical experience in all commer- one of luis Majesty's Justices of the Peace cial, financial, and uliicial subjects, and rose for the City of Westiwinster, aged 88. from his own werits and industry to some of 18. Mr. James Corder, aged 41, late partthe most lucrative and important offices of ner with Mr. C. Holmes, Royal Exchange.,


PUBLISHED IN JANUARY, At the Prices they are adverlised at, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed ;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Nutres of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of WENSE. DBK:dd: 123 AWISIT Bliscellagea Critica Cura. Sermon on the Commandments. By Robt.

Jones, D. 1). 8vo. 6s. Lşan's Derbyshire, 4to. 31. 10s.

Hatt's Epicedium to the Memory of Prin. Dirla rayal. 61. 65,

cess Charlotte, 4th edition, 3s. 60. Brvarnica Depicta, Derby, 41.

The History of Julius Fitz-Jobn. By the Tuto large, 61.

Author of Hardinbroso and Haveriil, in Area's Chemical Amusements, 2d edit. 9s. $ vols, 12no. 2ls. Markenzie on Ta-te, Ss.

Duosany, an Irish Story, 2 vols, 12mo. 195. liumbolda's Personal Sarrative, 17. ls. The Balance of Com ort. By Mrs. Russ, Fanken-lein, or the Modera Prometheus, 3 vols, J2mo. 4th edition, 16s. 60. 3 cols. Izmo, 16., 61.

Miller on the English Government, 10th The Boo's Auas, complete set, 111. Ils. edition, ll. 10s. hau beud Russia.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benj. Willos British India, 5 vols. 4to. 61. 6s,

Franklin, LL.D. Vol. I. 21. 125, 6d. Nu sult of Llam, by Shelley, 10s. 6d. A Cruise, or Three Months on the ContiTer Dragoa koight, a poein, by Sir Bland nent. By a Naval Officer. Borsar, 12.

Delusion, a novel, 2 vols, 10s. 60. Wild's Tour in Italy, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Dickenson's Greek Primer, 35, 64. 1.1.

Allen's Demosthenes, 7s. Tise Advertisement, or 20 Years Ago, 169,6d. Shelliber's Voyage to Pitcairn's Island, 3d The Church her Owo Apologist. By the edition, Svo. Os. 60.

Rev. Daniel Campbell, 8vo. s.


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FROY SATURDAY, DEC. 27, 1817, TO SATURDAY, JAN. 24, 1818.

Estructed from the London Gazelte.
N.B. All the Meetings are at GuildHALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Allosnies' Names are between Brackets.

LAWES, LOT, Charlton, Southampton, horse-dealer, Jan. 17.

AKT RS, J08. Charles-st. City-m. corn-dealer, BURGESS, HARTLEY, Birmingham, factor, Feb.
Hall, Chanell-st. Finsbury-sq. Jun. 2, 3, and 44, Royal, ironinghao). [Touke, Hola

born.c), Grav's inn. Jun. 13. ADAMSON, EDWARD, Liverpool, tobacconist, CLARKE, WIL. She told, builder, Feb. 14, Ton

Hri, George, Liverpool. (Davenport, Liver- tine, (Wake, Shetheld; and Blakc.och, Ser. **; ard Carter, sapie-inn.} Jan. 10.

jeant's inn, tieel st.) Jan. 3d. BAXEL, JOHN LOWBRIDGE, and GEO. Leeds, CHILD, ROBT. Walthan, St. Law ence, Berks, Yataire, merchants, Feb. 7, Court House, farmer, Feb. 49, Lower Ship, Keart lg. smre, Le, and co. Leeds; and Wilson, Readıog; and Hamilton, Wernick-s.. sohojan. fra Liesi. HariloD-gar.) Dec. 27.




COOKE, BOLD, Patricroft, Lancaster, cotton. spinner, Feb. 7, 8, and March 3, Mosely Arms, Manchester. (Heslop: Manchester ; and Willis

and Co. Warnford-col] Jan. 20. CLIFFE, CHARLES, Commercial-road, victualler,

Feb. 3. and March 3. (Knight and Co. Basing.

hall-st.) Jan. 20. DAVIES, JOHN, Wells, Somerset, cabinet-naker,

Feb. 7, Greyhound, Wilton. (Swayne Wilton;

and Sandys, and Co.] Déc. 27. DAWKS, THOS. Bath, horse-dealer, Feb. 9, and

March 7, Christopher, Bath. [Young and Co.
St. Mildred' Poultry; and Cruickshank,

Bath.) Jan. 24.
DELLOW, JOS. Milk yard, Lower Shadwell, bas.

ket.makér, Feb. 29. (Vincent, Bedford-st. Bed.

ford-square.] Jan. 17. DAY, JÁS. Bridge road, Surrey, auctioneer, Feb. ?,

and March 3. [Hughes, Dean-st. Fetter-la.]

Jan. 20. ELLIOTT. JAS. Bristol, coal-factor, Feb. 7.

(Orme, Cleinent's inn.] Dec. 27. ELLIS, EVAN, Manenester, joiner, Feb. 14,

Bridgewater Aims, Manchester. (Jackson, Man. chester ; and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.]

Jan. 9. ELLIOT, JOHN. Bath-street, City road, corn.

chandler, Feb.28. (Wilks,] Jan. 17. FAVĘNE, GEO. Th.ogmorion-st. bill

broker, Feb. 2i. (Paiterson, Old Broad-st.]

Jan. 10. GIBBON, T!OS. STRETFORD, Manchester, pork.

dealer, Feb. 10, Star and Garter. Liverpool. (Mar. row, Liverpool; Avison and Co. Liverpool, and

Castle-st. Holborn.] Dec. 30. GRAY, KOBT. Vorwich, household-broker, Peb.

14,, Norwich. (Parkinson, Norwich;

and Poole and C. Gray's inn.sq.] Jaa. 3. HITCHON, WM. St. Peter's-Hill, whalt bone.mer.

chant, Feb. 7. Hurd anu Cn. Temple.). Dec.97. HENZELL, JOHN, Harrop, South Shields. Dur.

ham ship owner, teb. 7, George, Newcastle upon. Tyne. (Bainbridge, Souih Shields; and Beli and

Co. Bow Church.yard.] Dec. 27. HARVEY, GEO. Lane-end, Stafford, draper, Feb.

14, Star, Manchester. (Willis and Co. Warnford. co.; and Hecley, Riding' Manchester.] Jan.

3. HOUTSON, JOHN, and Co. Mancsester, and Mid.

dleton, Lancaster, cotton-spinners, Feb. 14, Pa. lace, Manchester. (Atkinson, Manchester; and

Makins n, Elm co, Tem le.] Jan. 3. HOLROYDE, JAS. Halifax, merchant, Feb. 17,

Coopers Arms, Halif x. (Scarcherd, Halifax; and Beckett,] Jan. , HARRISON, JOSH. Manchester, gun inaker, reb.

17, Bridgwater Arms, Manchester. (Cunitfe and

Co. Manchester.] Jan. 6. HADLEY, THOS. GARRATT, Jacob-strect, Ber.

mondsey, bahar, Feb. 21. [Cottle, Basinghalle street.) Jan. 10 HELLEIT, WM. Soilwell, Gloucester, farmer,

Feb. 24, White Lion, Bristoi. [Poole and Co.

Gray's.inn.) Jan. 13. HOCKLEY, DAN, and Co. Brooke-st. Holborn,

working goldsmiths, Feb. 24. [Taylor, Tield-co.

Gray's inn. Jun. 13. HASLIM, JOHN, Kettleshulme, Chester, calico.

printer, Feb. 9, and 25, Angel, Macclestield. (Ellis, Chanceryla. ; and Cluluw and Co. Mac

i cie.Geld.] Jan 7. HILLTAR. HEN, St. James's street, umbrella-ma.

nufatturer, Feb. 3, and 28. (Cook, Woodbridge

House, Clerkenwell.] Jan. 17. HANDLEY, WM. Sirelion-en-le.field, Derbysh.

inilier, leb. 16, Piddocke,, ).eicestershire ; Feb. 17, and March 3, White Hari, Ashby-de-la Zouch. [Piddocke, Asliby-dela Zouch; and Baxter and Co. Furnival's.inn.]

Jan. 20. JUMP. JOHN, and Co. Fore street, hat manuf.c.

turers, Feb. 10, and March 7. [Pubinps, Weaver's.

hall. Ha irghallot.] Jan. 24. JORDAN, THOS. Bristol, dealer, March 7, White

Hart. Bristol. (King, Jerjeant's-inn, Fieci-st. ;

anet Frankis, Bristol.) Jan. 14. KiKAH AM, JAS. Leek, Staff rd, farmer, Feb.

Cook, Cherkenwell.) Jan 3. LEGEYT, JOHN, Lugwardine, Hereford, fariner,

March 1, Feathers, Lerbury. [l'e wiriss, Gray's. in; and kiece, Ledbury.] Jan. 24.

LLOYD, WM. jun. Thames-st. slopseller, Feb.

17, and March 7. (James, Bucklersbury.] Jan.

94. LIND, THOS. Hearn-heatlı, Stafford, carpenter,

Feb. 7, Koebuck, Newcastle-under-Lyme. '(Fenton, Newcastle under-Lyme; and Barber, Fet. ter-la.) Dec. 27. LEA, ISAAC, Nantwich, Chesliire, coal-dealey,

Feb. 17. Swan, Stafford. (Collins and Co. Starford.] Jan. 6. MASON PAUL, New Mill, Derby, shopkeeper,

Feb.7, Dog, Deansgate, Manchester. (Clarke, Manchester ; and aiilne and Co, Teinple.] Dec. 97. MARSDEN, WM. MORTON, Salford, Lancaster,

corn-dealer, Feb, 14, Star, Manchester. (Duckworth, and Co. Manchester; and Ellis, Chancery

larie.) Jan. S. MATTHEWS, WM. Usk, Monmouths. money

scrivener, Feb. 17, Black Rock, Monmouthshire. (Stokes, Monmouths. ; and Price and Co. Lin.

coln's inu.] Jan. 1, MAC MICHAEL, WM. Bristol, merchant, Feb. 7,

Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Beran and Co. Bristol, ; and Bourdillion and Co. Little Friday-st.

Cueapside.] Jan. 6. MARSHALL, JAS, Manchester, draper, Feb. 6,7, and

March 3, White Bear, Manchester. (Unwin,

Manchester ; and Miine and Co. Temple.] Jan. NYE, JOHN, Tunbridge, Kent, baker, Feb. 7, and

March 3. (stone, Tunbridge Wells; and Paiiner and Co. Bedford row.) Jar. 20. NEWELL, WM. Derby', cheese factor, Feb. 14,

King's Arms, Derby. Green, Derby; and Long

and Co. Gray's-inn.) Jan. 3. NAH, JOHN, Haverfoyd West, linen-diaper, Feb.

18, 9, and Mischs: White Lion, Bristol. (Clarke,

Bristol, and Jenkirs and 10. New-inn.] Jan. OLIVER, JAS. Newington-causes ay, cordwainer,

Feb. 24. (Castle, Cuisitor st.) Jun 13. OLI ERTON, RICH. Bradlord, Wilts, shopkeeper,

March 7, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Vizard and Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields; Bush, Bradford.)

Jan. 24. PICKTON, WM. Liverpool, timber merchant, Feb.

18, 19, and March 7, George, Liverpool. (Hack. sti ck and Co. King's Bench-walks, Temple; and Murrow, Liverpool.) Jan. 94. POWIS, RICH. Grosvenormnews, Grosvenor-st.

veterinary-surgeon, Feb. 10, and March 7. (Hoopera Mansion House-pla.] Jan. 24. POOLE, WM. Leicester, hosier, Feb. 10, White

Hart, Leicester. (Lownham and (o. Leicester;

and Edinunds and co. Chancery la.] Dec. 30. PELL, JOHN, Borough-market. potatoe-Inerchant,

Tel. 1+. ( Watson, Clifford's-inn. ) Jan. 9. PAWSEY, JAS. and Co. Blackman-st. Newing

ington, livery stable.keepers, Feb. 48. (Williams

and Co. Blachinai st] Jan. 17. PROCTOR, GEO Birmingham, optician, Feb. 2,

s, and 28, Roval, Biriningham. [Swain and Co. Frederick's.pla. Old Jewry; and Whately and Co. Birmingham.] Jan. 17. PILKINGTON, JOHN, Preston, Lancaster, grocer, Feb. 10, 11, and March 3, Bull, Preston.

Buck, Preston ; and Norris,John st. Bedford-row.] Jan.

90 l'OWIS, JOHN,, Tottenham Court.

Road, builder, March 3. (Dutf, Castle-st. Hol

burn.) Jan, 20. REDMÁYNE, THOS, Preston, Lancashire, linendrapei, Teb. 94, Mitre, Preston. [Blakelock,

Serieaut's.inn. Jan. 13. SHIFFNER. GODIN, St. Michael's-alley, Cornhill,

insurance broker, Feb. i. [Abbott and Co. Mark-la.] Dec. 27. SWAINSON, JOS. Manor-row, East Smithfield,

merchant, Feb.!4.'[ Wilde, Warwicke-sq.) Jan.3. STARKEY, WM. Gutter-lane, Chrapside, silk

manufacturer, Feb. 17. (James, Bucklersbury.]

Jan. 0. STANSFIELD, JAS. Stockport, Cheshire, butcher,

Teb. 17, Warren Bulkely Anns, Stockport. (HarTop, Stockport; and Parker, Nortolk-st. Stranda]

Jan. 6. sHurricworth, JOHN SHUTT:Eworth,

Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, wine-merchant Feb. 3, and is. (Scot and Son, St. Hilforu' Poulury.] Jan. 17.

171. RICH. Liverpool, merchant, Feb. 9, 10, Di, George Liverpool. [Gunnery, Liverpool; od Cbester, staple's inn.] Jar. 17. FLACHAN, ROBT.and Co. Cheapside, warehousei, Feb. 14, and March 7. (Parton, Cheapside.] Jers. MASDERS, JOAN, Chichester, Sussex, grocer, March 7, White Horse, Chichester. (Few and Cs. Henrietta-st. Covent-garden ; and Florence, jaun. Chichester Ja... 24 TOMLINSON, JONATHAN, Frankley, Worcester. dure, dealer, Feb, 10, Royal Birmingham. (Elkontra, Birmingham; and Plant, New Boswell.

ts. Lincola's-ind.) Dec. 30. TAYLOR, JOHN, and Co. Agecroft, Lancaster, alico-printers Feb. : 4, Garrick's head, Fountain.

(Willis, Warnford-co. ; and Dicas and Co. Maochester.] Jan. 3. THOXAS, DAVID, Carmarthen, grocer, Feb. 21,

Consercial Rooms, Bristol. (Livett, Bristol ; ud Poole aod Co. Gray's-inn-square.) Jan. 10. TCANER, FRANCIS, Doncaster, cordwainer, Feb. 34, Guildhall, Doncaster. [King, Castle-st.) im. 19. TROUT, THOS. Bishopsgate-street, linen-draper, Feb. 1, and e. (Willdit, Crown-co. Turedneedle

$t. Jan, 17. THOMPSON, EDWD, Ferryhill, Durham, farmer, Feb. 5, 9, and es, Wheat Sheaf, Durham. [Wil. 9a, Greville st. Haiton-garden; and Hines, Dur. hum.] Jar. 17. VAN WART. HEN. Birmingham, merchant, Feb. 13, 14, and 28, Royal, Birmingham. (Alexander and Co. Vex.inn;

and Palmer, or Meredith, Bit ningbam.) Jan. 17. UTTING, JAS. HEN. Norwich, upholsterer, Feb. 6. 9, and March 7, Norfolk, Norwich. [Parkin. on Norvich ; and Poule and Co. Gray's-inn-sq.) Jse. 84. WOLSEY, WM. Great Mary-le-bone-street, haber

dzuber, Feb. 7, and March 7. (Newbon, St. An. dy's Hill Doctors' Commons.) Jan, 24.

WILSON, JOHN, Beverley, York, hat-manufać.

turer, March 7, Beverley Aarms, Beverley, York. (Lamberts, and Co. Gray's-inn.sq.; and Lock

wood and Co. Beverley:) Jan. 21. WATMOUGH, JOHN, Liverpool, joiner, Feb. 18.

19, and March 7, George, Liverpool. Blackia
stock and Co. King's Bench-walks, Temple ; and
Murrow, Liverpool.) Jun. 24.
WATSON, GEO. Hatfield, York, butcher, Feb. 7,

Red Lion, Doncaster. [Benson and Co. Thorne,
York, ; and Walker, Lincoln's-inn-fields.] Dec.

WILLIS, GEO, Bath, upholsterer, Feb. 10, Full

Moon, Bath. [Wingate, Bath; and Young, Charlotte-row, Mansion House-st') Dec. 30. WADDINGTON, SAML. Brighouse, Halifax, York,

cornfactor, Feb. 14, Armytage's Arms, Clifton.
upon-Calder. (Evans, ; and Carr,

Gomersa), Leeds.) Jan. 3.
WRIGHT, PHIL. Kennington-lane, Surrey, ale-

brewer, Feb. 17. (Coote, Austin-friars.) Jan. 6. WRIGHT, EDWD. Stafford, aleliouse-keeper, Feb.

17, Swan, Stafford. (Collins and Co. Stafford.)

Jan. 6.
WATTS, GEO. and Co, Bristol, colourman, Feb.

21, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. [Bevan and Co.
Bristol ; and Boardilloa and Co. Little Friday-st.

Cheapside.) Jun. 10.
WIGNEY, GEO, ADOLPHUS, and Co, Chiches-

ter, grocers, Feb. 24, Anchor, Chichester. (Hume,

Holborn-co. Gray's.inn.] Jan. 13.
WILLIAMS, DAVID, Carmarthen, currier, Feb.

94, Green Dragon, Hereford. [Dax and Co.
Doughty-st.) Jun. 13.
WILLS, GEO. Monument-yard, wine-merchant,

Feb.28. [Wadeson and Co. Austin-friars.) Jun. 17. WOODS, WM. Crawford-street, Mary-le-Bone,

linen-draper, Feb. 28. [Few and Co. Henriettast, Covent garden.) Jan. 17. WALKER, WM, and Co. Pall-Mall-court, army

agents. Feh. 28, Chippendall, Great Queen-sie Lincoln's-inn fields.] Jan. 17.

ASHTON, T. Stamford, Jan. on Best, S. Norwich, Feb. 7

(Davies, J. Shoreditch, Feb. 14
Alion, W. Souti Milford, Jan. 20 Butler, T. Blackfriar's-road, Feb. 14 Exns, H. Cheapsid, Jan. 47
Angles, E. Catherine-st. Jau. 31 Brame, T. Lowestoft, Feb. 7 Ely, J. Blackfriar's-road, Feb. 21
Adimis, D. Fert-st. Jan. 24 Badham, G. Bromyard, Feb. 12 English, J.J). Long Acre, feb. 14
Aaderson, D.Gray's-inn-lane,Jan.24 Darron, J. Tardebige, Feb. 12 Fean, J. l'arliament-st. Jan. 24
Aise, R. Fousham, Jan. 44 Bradbury, J. Chatham, Feb. 14 Fisher, W. Cambridge, Feb. 3
ders, D). jan, Thorpe, Jan. 27 Bradshaw, E. and Co. Manchester, Forsyth, T. Burslem, Feb. 3
Aling, J. Chertsey, feb. S

Feb. 27

Fletcher, J.and J. Liverpo l, Feh. 6 Alderson, H. Sanderland, Feb.? Burkiti, W. Throgmorton-st. Feb.14 Fletcher, W. Goat Milis, Jan. 10 Anderson, C. k. and Co. Austin-Henson, C. Birmingbain, Feb. 16 Forbes, W. and Co, Liverpool, fruara, Feb. 3

Cocksyne, T. Gt. Haywood, Jan. 22 Feb. 12 Andras, J. Bath, Feb. 18

Cheasley, W. Hayes, Feb. 2x Gibliti, P. and W. New Bond-st. Adams, J. Bristol, Feb. 17 Clark, T. and Co. Keswick, Feb. 9 het tey, J. Boxtead, Hertford, Chester, R. Much Wenlock, Jan. 29 Grover, G. Hastings, Feb. 7 Feb. 14

Cowie, J. Aldermanbury-postern, Gedge, W. Heb. 17 Barker and Co. Darby-st. Jan. 99

Jan. 27

Goundrill, J. Fenchurch-st. Feb. 10 Barcer, 1. Heek mondwicke, Jan.97 Cockill, J. Birstall, Jan. 31 Gaunt, J. Botley, York, leb. 17 Barker, J. Bread-st. Jan, 27 Cole, R. Great Yarmouth, Jan. 26 Holmes, T. and Co. Long-Acre, Bramagog, S. Burslem, Jan. 19 Crowther, W. jun. and Co. Charles

Jan. 17 Balzer, J. Rishopspate st. Jan. 24 st. Jan. 17

Hinton,J.L Plymouth dock, Jan.91 Bar, S. Sha Thames, Jan. 13 Cheyney, J. Oxford st. Jan. 31 Hudson, J. High Wycomb, Jan, 17 Eile, C. Bristol, Jan. 26

Children, G. Tonbridge, Feb. :4 Hay, J. Stamford-bill, Jan, 22 Burs, E. Chatain, Jan. 94 Carter, W. Braybury-house, Fe5.10 Hinton, J. L. Plymouth do. Jan. 27 Erardman, S. and Co, Liverpool, Cohen, R. Bishopsgate-st. Feb. 9 Hurry, J. and Co. Nag'

Carling, P.Union-st. Bond-st.Feb.14 Feb. 3 Barfeld, B. Mark.lane, Jan. 27 Crowther, W. jun, and Co. Charles Heptonstall, G. Tadraster, Jan. 29 Beatley, R. Drury-lane, st. Feb. It

Hudson, E. Gibraltar, Jan. 27 Eran, H. New City Coambers, Cooper, J.Y. Old Eroad-st. Feb. 14 Henry, A. Liverpool, Jan. 27

Dav, R. Doncaster, Jan, ei Humble, M. Liverpool, Jan. 28 Barnes, W. Blackheath, Jan. 27 Dwyer, G. Exchange allev, Jan. 24 Holland. S. Liverpool, Jan. 28 Betier, J. R. and Co. Gould-są. Dannah, R. Windley, febeo Hayter, T. 0.1combe, Jan. 31

Dobson, H. and J. Three, Hall, W. Leeds, Feb. 18 Bara, A. Sunderland, Feb. 9

Jan, 17

1498011, J. jur. Feb. 7 Becher, H. Kennington-poad, Jan.sı Doog. D. York, Tch..

Howden, W. Cannon-gt. Jan. si Harlow, M. and ). Bartholomew- Dowse, W. R. Tooley-st. Jan. 27 Hongrs, W. Kew, Jan.s!, Crise, Feb. 3

Dickens, E. Eynsford, Jan. 31 Harper, C. and Co. Snow's-Fields, ls, E. Chatham, Jan. 27

Dodson, H, and Co. Southwark, les Bali, d. sen, and Co. Red-lion.ct. Jan. 31

Hargint, T.Glamorganshire, Feb. 6 Daniel, R. Coleman-st. Feh. 19 Hampir, J. High sl. Tab. 10 B, J. Charles-st. Feb. 21

Dtmajo, 8. Wakticid, Feb. 16 'Huxlain, 6. Nortli lluislı, Feb. 12

Jag. 9

Jaa. 31

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