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ABSTRACT of Meteorological Observations Buchanites, account of the, 663.
for 1819, 505.

Bullers of Buchan, description of the, 396.
Accum on Adulterations of Food, review Bull-fight of Ganzul, a Moorish Ballad,
of, 543.

Acted Drama in London, notices of, 51, Calcareous Formations, notices respecting,
174, 386, 624.

Alastor, and other Poems, review of, 148. Campbell, Thomas, expostulatory epistle to,
Amsterdam, fragment of the Mad Banker 504.
of, 391.

Cameronians, remarks on the, 169, 513.
Ana, 46.

Cape of Good Hope, on Emigration to the,
Anatomical Plates, Barclay's, notice of, 78.

Carrier Pigeons, notice of, 214.
Analogy between the Growth of Individual Chalmers, Dr, review of his Economy of
and National Genius, 375.

Large Towns, 18—Remarks on, 177.
Ancestress, the, a Tragedy, by Grillparzer, Chevy Chase, a Poem-Idem Latine Red-

ditum, 199.
Andalla's Bridal, a Moorish Ballad, 487. Christian and Civic Economy of Large
Annals of Peterhead, review of, 393.

Towns, review of, 18—Remarks on, 177.
Antiquity of Indian Dramatic Poetry, 417. Cinq-Mars and de Thou, Messieurs, ac-
Apparitions, De Foe on, 201.

count of their death at Lyons, in 1642,
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 115, 229, 494.
355, 478, 605, 722.

Civil Appointments, 478.
Architecture, on its progress in England, Closeburn and Lochmaben, the Bonspiell

of, 568.
Arctic Land Expedition, letter from an of. Clydesdale Yeoman's return, the, a ballad,
ficer in the, 305.

Aurora Borealis, the, a sonnet, 524. Cockney School of Poetry, No VI. 70.
Bank Notes, notice of a new one invented Coleridge, on the Poetry of, 3.
to prevent forgery, 711.

Commercial Reports, 107, 223, 351, 473,
Bankrupts, list of English and Scotch, 112, 589, 718.
225, 353, 475, 601, 720.

Cornwall, Barry, review of his


Barlow on Magnetic Attractions, remarks Cotton's Voyage to Ireland, review of, 284.

Crocodile's Flesh used for Food, 579.
Bathing in the Dead Sea, effects of, 214. Cromek's Remains of Nithsdale and Gal.
Bird, remains of an enormous one found in loway Song, review of, 314.
Siberia, 215.

Culinary Poisons, and Adulterations of
Births, lists of, 118, 230, 358, 479, 606, Food, review of Accum's treatise on,

Bonspiell, the, of Closeburn and Lochma- Curious old Books, notices of reprints of,
ben, 568.

Bowles, Rev. W. L., review of his Poem, Cyprus Crown, the, a tale, review of, 525.
the Missionary, 13.

Dancing, on the vice of, 43.
Boxiana, No IV. 66-No V. 279—No VI. Deaths, lists of, 119, 231, 359, 480, 607,

Bridges of Iron, notice of, 711.

Death-bed, the Elder's, 682.
Browni, Sir Thomas, character of, as a Decorations of Edinburgh, 76.
writer, 197—Remarks on, 485.

De Foe on Apparitions, remarks on, 201.
Charles Brockden, and Washing. Diana, Hymn to, 240.
ton Irving, on the writings of, 554. Diary, extracts from Mr Wastle's, 688.
Bruce, King Robert, on the discovery of Dilettanti Society of Edinburgh, transac-

the remains of, at Dumfermline, 297. tions of the, No I. 89-No II. 276-No
Brumal Scene, reflections on a, 384.

III. 660.
Buchan, Mr, review of his Annals of Pe. Discovery of the Remains of Bruce at Dun-
terhead, 393.

fermline, on the, 297.

on, 507.

says on, 409.

says on, 409.

Drama, Acted, in London, notices of the, Geography, proposed new system of, 341.
51, 174, 396, 624.

Geological Society in Cornwall, notice of the,
the, on the relation of Music to,


George III. the late, retrospect of the pub-
Dramatic Poetry immemorially ancient in lic character of, 575.
· India, 417.

Germany, review of Travels in, 536.
Dramatists, the Old English, analytical Es- Glen-avon, a day in, 58.

Gordon, the late Dr, letter relative to, 307.
Dream, a, 257.

Greece, a Sonnet, 524.
Dunton, John, the Life and Errors of, 24. Grillparzer, review of his Tragedy of the
Earthquakes in America, 215-One at Ancestress, 247.
Comrie, 341.

Guilt, or the Anniversary, a Tragedy, by
Ecclesiastical Appointments, 115.

Müllner, review of, 121.
Economy of Large Towns, by Dr Chal. Heathfield, Richard, on his plan for the li-

mers, review of, 18_Remarks on, 117. quidation of the National Debt, 441-15
Edinburgh, Decorations of, 76–Transac- but a sort of Half-measure, 447-And is

tions of the Dilettanti Society of, 89, neither Practicable nor Safe, 448.
276-On the Musical Festival, 183_On Hebrew Language, on Professor Leslie's
the Public Buildings of, 370.

knowledge of the, 501,
Elder's Death-bed, the, 682.

Historia Major, of Mathew Paris, extracts
Elysium, a Sonnet, 680.

from, 84, 273.
Emigration to the Cape of Good Hope, re- Hodgskin's Travels in Germany, review of,
marks on, 78.

Emma, a Tale, 382.

Horæ Cantabrigiensis, No IV. 47.
England, on the progress of architecture in, Horæ Germanicæ, No I. 121-No II. 247

-No III. 397—No IV. 525.
English Dramatists, the old, analytical Es. Horæ Hispanicæ, No I. 481.

Horæ Scoticæ, No 1. 568
Errors, Military, of the Duke of Welling. Imagination, works of, on public lectures
ton, on the, 291.

on, 162.
Erskine, Lord, Timothy Tickler's remarks Imitative Principle, and some other facul.
on the dinner given to, 615.

ties, pointed out by Gall and Spurzheim,
Essays on the Lake School of Poetry, No remarks on the, 309.

II. 3–Political, entitled the Warder, Indian Dramatic Poetry immemorially an-
208, 323, 448, 70%On the Old English cient, 417.
Dramatists, No VIII. 409.

Individual and National Genius, on the
Ettrick Shepherd, the, Letters from, 390, analogy between the growth of, 375.
630.-Sonnet by, 464.

Irving, Washington, and Charles Brockden
European National Tribunal, a, 45.

Brown, on the writings of, 554.
Expedition to the Arctic Regions, Letter Ivanhoe, a Romance, review of, 262.
from an Officer in the, 305.

Jewell, the, on Sir Thomas Urquhart's work
Extracts from the “ Prato Fiorito," on the so called, 655.

Vice of Dancing, 43—From the “ His- Juan, Don, unread, 194.
toria Major" of Matthew Paris, S4, 273 Kean, Mr, on his acting of Coriolanus, 624.
-From a volume of Poems by John King George III. Reflections on the Cha-
Wilson, 432—From the papers of the St racter of, 574.
Priest family of Languedoc, 633–From Krisuvik, in Iceland, Lines on the Church
Mr Wastle's Diary, No I. 688.

of, 435.
Fairy Land, a Lay of, 432.

Laidlaw, James, letter of, from America,
Fancy, Sketches of Pugilism, by one of the, 631.
66, 279, 610.

Lake School of Poetry, Essays on the, No
Fatal Ring, the, an Indian Dramatic Poem, III. Coleridge, 3.
review of, 417.

Lamentation of Granada, a Moorish ballad,
February, the Twenty-ninth of, a tragic 490.
sketch, review of, 398.

Language, on the impossibility of a stand-
Flight from Granada, a Moorish ballad, 491. ard of, in metaphysics, 39.
Food, review of Accum on the Adultera- Language, Hebrew, Leslie, versus the, 50k
tions of, 513.

Leslie, versus Hebrew, 501.
France, curious extracts from the corres- Letter from the Arctic Expedition, 305.

pondence of its Ambassadors at the Otto- relative to the late Dr Gordon, 307.
man Porte, from 1547 to 1778, 633.

from an elderly gentlewoman, to Mr
French Royalists and Louis XVIII. 42. Christopher North, 620.
Gall and Spurzheim on the Imitative Prin- Letters from the Ettrick Shepherd, 390,

ciple, and other Faculties, remarks on, 630.

from a liberal Whig, 288, 492.
Genius, Individual and National, on the of Timothy Tickler, Esq. to emi.

analogy between the growth of, 375–On nent literary characters, No VI. 615.
the Diversity of, 674_Examples of from Literary Institutions, on public lectures at,
living authors, 677.

Vol. VI.

4 Z

on, 507.

Literary Pocket Book, review of the, 235. National Monument, on the proposal to

and Scientific Intelligence, 98, 213, take the Parthenon as the model of, 137.
341, 465, 579, 709.

and Individual Genius, analogy
Lloyd, Charles, review of his Poems, 154. between the growth of, 375.
Lochmaben and Closeburn, the Bonspiell

Debt, remarks on Heathfield's
of, 568.

plan for the reduction of the, 441.
London, Notices of the Acted Drama in, Naval Promotions and Appointments, 116,
51, 174, 386, 624.

in September and October, 55. Nithsdale and Galloway Song, review of
the Scotchman in, 64.

Cromek’s remains of, 314.
Walks round, 244.

North, Mr Christopher, letter from an el-
Louis XVIII. and the French Royalists, derly gentlewoman to, 621.

Notices of Reprints of Old Books, No V.
Lyons, death of Messieurs Cinq-Mars and 24_Of the Acted Drama in London, No
de Thou, at, 494.

XI.51-No XII. 174-No XIII. 386
Machine for crossing Rivers, 580.

No XIV. 624.
Macrabin, Mark, the Cameronian, 513, Nugæ Canoræ, by Charles Lloyd, review

of, 154.
Mad Banker of Amsterdam, fragment of Observations on the Edinburgh Musical
the, 391.

Festival, 183.
Magnetic Attractions, remarks on Barlow

Meteorological, for 1819, ab.

stract of, 505.
Mammiferous Animals, notice of a splendid Ode to Mrs Flanagan, 628.
work on, 342.

Old Books, curious, notices of reprints of,
Marianne's Dream, 240.

Market Tables, 113, 226, 354, 476, 721. English Dramatists, Analytical Essays
Marriages, lists of, 118, 230, 358, 480, 606, on the, No VIII. 409_The Witch of

Edmonton-Ford, Dekker, and Rowley,
Mary Stewart, a Tragedy, notice of, 386. ib.
Melville, Lord, on the proposed Monu. Paris, Mathew, extracts from the Historia
ment for, 562, 690.

Major of, 84.His reflections on the
Metaphysics, on the impossibility of a Norman Conquest, ib. Return of one
standard of language in, 39.

from the Grave, 85 Character and
Meteorological Reports, 114, 227,356, 477, Death of Walter, Bishop of Durham, 86
603, 723.

_Death of William the Conqueror, 87
Observations for 1819, ab- -A German Count devoured by Mice,
stract of, 505.

88_Death and Character of La Franc,
Military Promotions and Appointments, Archbishop of Canterbury, ib.--Anec-
115, 229, 355, 605, 722.

dotes of Malcolm, King of Scotland,
Errors of the Duke of Wellington, 273_Foundation of the Monastery of

St Oswin, ib.Vision of the Monks at
Millar, the late Professor, on Wit and Hu- Fulda, 274-Death of William Rufus,
mour, 638.

Missionary, the, a poem, review of, 13. Park, Mungo, the Negro's Lament for,
Monastery, the, a novel, review of, 692.

Monument for Lord Melville, remarks on Parthenon, on the proposed restoration of

the, 562—Answer to the remarks, by one the, in the Scottish National Monument,
of the Committee, 690.

Moon, Hymn to the, 681.

Pedes Scansorii of Birds, notices regarding
Moorish Ballads, 481_Don Raymond of the, 580.

Butrago, 484—The Death of Queen Peterhead, review of Buchan's annals of,
Blanche, 485-Andalla's Bridal, 487 393.
Zara's Ear-rings, ib-The Bullfight of Petrified City, notice of one in Africa, 709,
Ganzul, 488—l'he Lamentation of Gra. Phenomena of living toads found in
nada for the death of Celin, 490—The stones, 437–Are productions of the for-
Flight from Granada, 491.

mer world, 439.
Morris, Peter, his remarks on the theory of Phillips, Mr, and Miss Tree, on their sing-

Gall and Spurzheim, 309.
Mülner, Adolphus, review of his Tragedy Physical Science, effects of an excessive ap-

of Guilt, 121_Of his Twenty-Ninth of plication to the study of, considered, 35.
February, 398.

Physiognomy, on the science of, 650.
Music, on the relation of, to the Drama, Planetary System, new theory of the mo-

tions of the, 583.
Musical Queries, 69.

Pocket-book, literary, review of the, 135.
Festival of, Edinburgh, remarks Poetical Style, on the progressive change of,
the, 183.

Musings, 525.

Poetry, review of Coleridge's, 3review of
National Tribunal, a European, 45.

the Missionary, 13-On the Cockney

ing, 53.

School of, No VI. 70-Stanzas compos- the progressive change of Poetical Style,
ed in Sherewood Plantation, 136_Olden 363-On the public buildings of Edin-
Time, ib._Review of Alastor, and other burgh, 370-On the analogy between
poems, 148_Of Nugæ Canoræ, 154 the growth of individual and national
Don Juan unread, and Yarrow unvisited, genius, 375_On the relation of Music
195~Fancy in Nubibus, 196_-The Ne- to the Drama, 430_On the character of
gro's Lament for Mungo Park, ib.-

The Sir Thomas Brown, 435_On the pheno-
Rector, 197—Chevy Chace-Idem La- mena of living toads found in stones, 437
tine Redditum, 199—Extracts from the -On Heathfield's plan for the reduction
Literary Pocket Book, 239—Review of of the national debt, 441-On Barlow on
Cotton's voyage to Ireland, 284-Review magnetic attractions, 507-On the writ-
of Cromek's remains of Nithsdale and ings of Charles Brockden Brown and
Galloway song, 314-The Clydesdale Washington Irving, 554-On the pro-
Yeoman's return, 321-Emma, a tale, posed Monument for Lord Melville,
382--The Vision, 384_Reflections on 562_On the science of Physiognomy,
a Brumal Scene, ib.-Fragment of the 650-On Sir Thomas Urquhart's Jewell,
Mad Banker of Amsterdam, 391--A 655_On the progress of Architecture in
Lay of Fairy-Land, 432_On the Church England, 660_On the Diversity of Ge-
of Krisuvik, in Iceland, 435_Sonnet, nius, 674.
by the Ettrick Shepherd, 464_Moorish Review of Coleridge's poetry, 3-0f the
ballads, 481-A Recollection, 504– Missionary, a poem, 13-Of Chalmers's
Epistle to Thomas Campbell, ib.---Mu. Christian and Civic Economy of large
sings, 524_Sabbath Noon, 523_Aurora Towns, No I. 18_0f Guilt, or the Anni-
Borealis, 524-Greece, a sonnet, ib. versary, a tragedy, by Müllner, 121–
Ode to Mrs Flanagan, by an Irish gen- Of Alastor, and other poems, 148–Of
tleman, 628_Review of Cornwall's the Literary Pocket-book, 235_Of the
poems, 643A church-yard scene, 679 Ancestress, a tragedy, by Grillparzer,
--Sailor's song, 680—Elysium, a sonnet, 247_Of Ivanhoe, a romance, by the
ib. Hymn to the Moon, 681-Autumn, author of Waverley, 262_Of Cotton's
a sonnet, ib.

voyage to Ireland, 284–Of Cromek's
Political Essays, entitled the Warder, No remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song,

I. 208-No II. 323-No III. 331-No 314_Of Buchan's annals of Peterhead,
IV. 448, No V. 704.

393_Of the 29th of February, a tragic
Prato Fiorito, extracts from, 43.

sketch, by Müllner, 398_Of Sacontala,
Predictions, by C. C. 33.

an Indian Drama, 417_Of the Cyprus
Profanity of Dancing, 43.

Crown, a tale, 525_Of Hodgskin's tra-
Promotions, Appointments, &c. 115, 229, vels in Germany, 536_Of Accum on
355, 478, 605, 722.

the adulterations of food, 542-Of Corn-
Public Buildings of Edinburgh, 370. wall's poems, 643_Of the Monastery, a
Publications, monthly list of new ones, novel, by the author of Waverley, 692.
104, 219, 346, 468, 586, 714.

Rocks, notice on the volcanic theory of,
Pugilism, Sketches of, No IV. 66-No V. 215.
279_No VI. 610.

Reprints of curious old books, notices of,
Queries, Musical, 69.

Radical's Saturday Night, the, 257. Sabbath Noon, 523.
Recollection, a, 504.

Sacontala, an Indian Drama, review of,
Recollections, No I. 169_No. II.--The 417.

Cameronians Mark Macrabin, the Cam. Salt Mines of Meurthe, notices concerning
eronian, 513.- No III. Macrabin's ac- the, 579.
count of the Buchanites, 663.

Saturday night, the radical's, 257.
Reflections on a Brumal Scene, 384. Scientific and literary intelligence, 98, 213,
Remains of King Robert Bruce, on the 341, 465, 579, 709.
discovery of, 297.

Scotchman, the, in London, No I. 64.
Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway song, Scotland, national monument for, on the
review of, 314.

proposed restoration of the Parthenon in
Remarks on the Cockney School of Poetry, the, 137.

No VI. 70-On the decorations of Edin- Shelley, Percy Bysshe, review of his poems,
burgh, 76-On Emigration to the Cape 148.
of Good Hope, 78-On the Cameronians, Sicilian Story, with other poems, by Barry
169.On Dr Chalmers's new work, 177 Cornwall, review of, 643.
On the Edinburgh Musical Festival, Sound, curious fact concerning the convey-
183—On De Foe on Apparitions, 2014 ance of, 465.
On some of our late numbers, by a liberal Steward, the, on the comedy of, 52.
whig, 288-492_On the military errors Submarine volcano near Shetland, notice
of the Duke of Wellington, 291--On of, 100.
the discovery of the remains of Robert Subterraneous sounds in granite rocks, no-
Bruce, 297-By Peter Morris, on the tice of, 99.
theory of Gall and Spurzheim, 309-On Sugar, conversion of wood, &c. into, 710.

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Tales of my Landlord, correspondence re- Walks round London, from the Literary

lative to a pretended new series of the, Pocket-book, 244.

Warder, the, No I. 208_No II. 323_No
Thou, de, and Cinq-Mars, Messieurs, par- III. 331-No IV, 448_No V. 704.

ticulars of their death at Lyons, in 1642, Wastle, Mr, extracts from his diary, No I.

Tickler, Timothy, on the dinner given to Wellington, Duke of, on the military errors
Lord Erskine, 615.

of the, 291.
Toads, on living ones found in stones, 437 Whig, a liberal, his remarks on some late

-Experiments tried on them, 438-must numbers of this Magazine, 288, 492.
have been inclosed in their prisons before Wilson, John, a Lay of Fairy Land, by,
the deluge, 439.

Transactions of the Dilettanti Society of Wit and Humour, remarks on, by the late
Edinburgh, 89, 276.

professor Millar, 638.
Tree, Miss, and Mr Phillips, remarks on Wood, on its conversion into sugar, 710.
their singing, 53.

Works preparing for publication, 101, 216,
Urquhart, Sir Thomas, on his work entitled 343, 466, 584, 638, 712.
the Jewell, 655

Yarrow unvisited, a poem, 194.
Vision, the, 384.

Zara's Ear-rings, a Moorish ballad, 487.

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Dundas, 358
Jerdon, 230

Newcastle, 118
Abercromby, 358, Durie, 358

Jersey, 230

Nickle, 230
Errol, 118
Jervis, 118

Ogilby, 118
Abington, 118 Ewing, 118

Johnston, 725 Ogilvy, 358, 725
Agnes, 230
Faulds, 118
Jones, 118

Oliphant, 606
Allan, 479

Ferguson, 118 Kennedy, 118 Palmer, 358, 479
Anderson, 479 Ferrier, 118, 606 Kinnear, 358 Pearson, 725
Arbuthnot, 230 Forbes, 118, 230 Kirk, 725

Purvis, 118
Athlone, 479
Fordyce, 479 Laidlaw, 606

Ramsay, 479
Balfour, 606
Forrest, 725
Laing, 606

Randolph, 358
Barclay, 606 Forrester, 118 Lee, 118

Robertson, 118,
Belfrage, 118 Foulli's, 358 Legge, 230

358, ib, 725
Borthwick, 725 Fraser, 358

Lieven, 358

Romer, 230, 606
Boswell, 725
Freeling, 230 Loch, 479

Rose, 725
Blackwood, 479 Fripp, 358

Lockhart, 725 Ross, 230, 606
Boyle, 118
Fullarton, 725 Lyon, 230

Rowland, 118
Bridges, 230 Galbraith, 606 M'Gowan, 725 Russel, 230
Brougham, 479 Gibbon, 358

M.Kenzie, 230, 358, Rutherford, 230
Brown, 358
Gibson, 358, 606 ib. 479

Sandilands, 358
Brownrigg, 230 Gordon, 606, 725 M`Neil, 230

Scott, 118, 358, 725
Cadell, 358
Graham, 606
M.Vicar, 230

Silver, 118
Campbell, 118, 358, Gray, 118, 725 Macdonald, 118 Simpson, 725
479, ib.
Hagart, 479

Macgregor, 358 Sinclair, 358
Cargill, 479
Haig, 230

Mackie, 358, 725 Skinner, 725,
Cathcart, 725

Hamilton, 230 Mackintosh, 118 Snook, 118
Caverhill, 606 Hannah, (3 Daugh. Maclachlan, 479 Sligo, 725
Clerk, 118

ters,) 118

Maclean, 358 Smith, 118, 479
Clonwell, 725

Harvey, 725 Macleod, 118, 725 Sotheby, 606
Comrie, 606
Hay, 479

Marjoribanks, 118 Stevenson, 725
Cowper, 725
Heddie, 230

Marshall, 230 Stirling, 479
Crosbie, 725
Hill, 118

Maxwell, 230 Stoddart, 118
Cunningham, 725 Hogarth, 358 Mein, 118

Stothert, 606
Dalrymple, 358 Hood, 606

Menzies, 358

Strahan, 118
Dawson, 230
Hopetoun, 230 Miller, 479

Stuart, 358
Dick, 725
Horrocks, 725 Mitchell, 479, ib.

Syme, 725
Donaldson, 118 Horsburgh, 230 Moodie, 118

Talbot, 230
Douglas, 230, 358, Ireland, 606

Morehead, 230 Tawse, 725
479, 606, ib, 725 Ivison, 230, 356 Munro, 479

Taylor, 358
Downshire, 358
Ivory, 479

Murray, 358 Thomson, 118
Dunbar, 230, 358, Jackson, 725, ib. Nairne, 479

Terrot, 725
Duncan, 725
James, 230

Napier, 118 Touch, 118

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