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-To pity thou hast quenched the ray, Hadst thou, my Cot, been on a splendid That brighten’d op his mental day,

scale, Whose soul, shut out from earthly bliss, Oh, what a credit hadst tbou been to mo! Had sunk beneath a stroke like this.

Alas! to prove a credit unto thee, In grief, in penitence adored,

My greatest efforts could have no avail. Oh! sheath thy dread avenging sword

Thou art pot fine, And from the dark enshrouding gloom And who in such a house can ever hope to That wraps Her loved, lamented tomb,

shine? Let Her example beaming pure,

Scarce thou afford'st me room to read and Teach as uomurmuring to endure

write, The scourge of an offended God,

But ev'ry village has its library pow. And bend in awe beneath his rod,

Round thee I thought the learned beans With meek oess bow before th' eternal

would flow, throne,

And I should share a portion of their Of Him who gave, and has but claim'd His

light. Oten!

Illusions all !
Paris, Nov. 26th, 1817,

This honour would be mine hadst thou not

been so small. STANZAS TO MY OLD HOUSE.

Small as thou art, thy comforts to resign Y

Stirs up a feeling something like regret. Beneath thy roof eight winters I Though cheap, thou art not large enough have pass'd,

to let, And now I close thy doors and shutters And I have not the wish to make thec fast,

fine. Leaving no living thing in thee to dwell:

What shall I say?
Save mice and rats,

The lease of my lov'd House I wish to give That will with freedom rove, unscared by rutbless cats,

Fulham, Nov. 30, 1817.

M. With ling’ring step thy threshold I descend,

LINES And seem reluctant from thy walls to


Small, inconvenient, it is true thou art,
Yet thou art large enough to hold a friend, A A

ND is he gone upon the deep,
I ask'd do more;

A stranger-and alone ?

Nor did those eyes in sorrow weep? The house that holds a friend contains an

Nor did bis spirit moan? ample store.

And did not then a sigh,-a tear,But thou wast much too paltry,-much too

His parting sorrow tell ? small

And could he leave his kindred here, To please the glitt'ring world's fastidious

Nor breath a last farewell? eye. My richer neighbours, riding careless by,

And was not then a Mother's gaze, Lookd op and saw thy narrow stateless

A Father's blessing given ?

And did not he in silence raise
And measur'd me,

His hands in pray'r to heaven?
My learning, genius, wealth, wit, wisdom, And were his smiling Sisters then,-
all by thee.

His Brothers, -all forgot? Content,-1 heeded not,-I the And could be calmly leave them when, news,

Alas! they knew it not? Studied at home the manners of the age ; And did his bosom feel no pain ?

Sometimes I read the pbilosophic page ; No dreary thought oppress, Someumes I trifled with the sportive That he might ne'er return again, inuse,

To share their fond caress?
For she has charms
To lull the drooping soul, or dissipate And was not home a sacred tie,

Where boyhood's days were past?

And could he leave so hastily, Domestic happiness! thou first of joys,

So silently,-at last ? The richest, brightest treasure of my heart!

And was there not one parting word,

One tender look bestow'd ? Thou too wast mine- from whom I would not part

And was there not a pray’r preferr'd For fortune's favours, pride's bewitching

To bless that lov'd abode?

No:-with the star of day he rose
Nor all the sports

And launch'd upon the deep !
of fashion's favourite walks, or love's li And they, who smiling did repose,
entious courts,

Awoke at worn, to weep.



pus Act,



THE YEAR 1817.

port of the Secret Committee on the Papers 20. Five of the Spafields rioters tried relating to Sedition. for their lives, and Cashman, a sailor,

A reward of 5001. offered in the Ga. found guilty.

zelte for the apprehension of young Wal21. Watson the elder tried for mali. Son, The like sum also offered for the apa ciously stabbing John Rhodes, at Highgate. prehension of Thistlewood. He was acquitted.

19. Report of the Secret Committee 27. A Meeting of Reform Delegates made in the House of Compons. held at the King's Arms, Palace-yard. 21. The Habras ('orpus Sospension Bill

28. This day both Houses of Parliament brought into the Lords. met. His Royal Highness the Prince Re. 24. A Meeting of the Citizens of Westgent, on his return to Carlton-House, was miaster, 10 petition the House of Commons shot at. According to the statement of against the Suspension of the Habeas Core Lord James Murray, two shots perforated the glass of the royal carriage.

26. Citizens of London beld a Court of 31. A Common Hall, held at Guildhall, Common Council for the same object. at which the Corporation of Londoo voted various resolutions relating to the reduced 4. The Habeas Corpus Suspension Act state of the country, expressed in a petition received the Royal Assent. to the Prince Regent.

10. Meetings of the populace at Man. FEBRUARY

chester, and Riots in thai vicinity. 2. Lord Sidmouth delivered, in the 18. Lord Holland moved, in the House House of Lords, a Message from the Prince of Lords, for Papers relating to the perRegent, laying before Parliament the fa sonal Treatment of Bona parte in Si, He. mous Green Bag full of documents relating lena.-The motion negatived. to seditious practices in London aod various 81. The Seditious Meetings' Bill re. parts of the kingdom.

ceived the Royal Assent, 4. Committees ordered to be appointed

APRIL, in both Houses of Parliament, to examine 7. An Insurrection at Pernambuco, a and report on the aforesaid seditious papers. province in Brazil. 5. The above Committees appointed. 92. Baron Richards sworn as Lord Chief

The Court of Common Council ad. Baron of the Exchequer, in the room of dressed the Prince Regent on his providen Baron Thompson, decoysd. tial escape from the iraitorous attack made 24. The House of Commons met after a on his Highness during his return from the short adjournment, occasioned by the illoess Parliament House.

of the Speaker. 6. Lord Cochrane presented, 'in the

MAY. House of Commons, the Spatields Meeting 8. Differences arise between Spain and Petition, signed by 24,000 persons. It Portugal. prayed for Annual Parliaments, Universal 15. Two Moorishi Pirates captured a vese Softrage, and Amendment in the Public sel from Oldenburg, off the GollipartShoal. Expenditure. Laid on the table. He also A Tuoisian squadion in tbe English Chanpresented a Petition from Manchester, Del. signed by 30,080 persons, praying for Re 18. Lord Donoughmore's motion for a form in Parliament, and Economy in the Committee to consider the Roman Caiholic Public Expenditure. It was rejected for Clains, negatived io the House of Peers. its indecorous language.

17. Thistlewood, Watson; Hooper, and 7. Sir F. Burdett presented a Petition Preston, brought into the Court of King's from Manchester and Salford, signed by Bench, to plead to charges of High Trea6,000 persons, praying for Reform. Also

son, one from Leeds, signed by 7,000, having Mr. Hone also appeared, and com. the same object.–Laid on the table. plained of the illegality of bis arrest on

9. Evans, of Newcastle-street, appre Lord Ellenborough's warrant, for a libellou. hended on a charge of high treason.

publication. 10. The third meeting held in Spafields, 21. Extraordinary Phenomenon seen at at which anottier Reform Petition was Rheims. Luminous purple and red circles agreed to.

seen in the sky. 11. The last mentioned Petition pre 24. R. G. Butt found guilty of publish. sented in the House by Lord Folkestone. ing libels on the Lord Chirf Justice,

Lord Cochrane presented one sigued 30. This day the Rigiit Hon. C. Abbott hy 20,000 persons, who met ou Portsdown- resigned the situation of Speaker in the hill.

Honse of Conimous. 13. New Silver Coinage issued all over

JUNE the kingdom.

2. Mr. Marmers Sutton chosen Speaker 18. The Earl of Harrowby, in the of the House of Commons. House of Lords, laid on the table the Re. 3. The lale Speaker created Baron Col


chester by the Prince Regent. The new in Hungary, struck by lightning during the Speaker presented to the House of Lords. celebration of Divine Service. More documents proving the existence of 13. The Duchess of Berri delivered of treason and sedition snbmitted to the consi a Princess, who died soon after her birth. deration of Parliament.

31. Upwards of 100 persons met at the 4. The King reached bis 79th, and en Crown and Anchor Tavern, to celebrate the tered in the 80th year of his age.

acquittal of Watson, Thistlewood, Pres. 8. Wooller tried for a Libel on his Ma ion, and Hooper. jesty's Ministers. Doubts arose respecting

AUGUST tbe validity of the verdict guilty, there 1. Roger O'Connor, Esq. left Dublin to being ground to believe the jury were not take his trial at Trim, on a charge of cotiunanimous.

spiracy to rob his Majesty's Mail. He was 9. The State Prisoners, Thistlewood, followed by Sir F. Burdell. Watson, Preston, and looper, conveyed 5. Roger O'Connor acquitted. from the Tower to the Court of King's 10. The King of Prussia visited Louis Beach, to be tried for High Treason. XVIII. at Paris. Watson was the first tried. His trial lasted 30. Admiral Duckworth died, even days, and the jury returned a verdict

SEPTEMBER. of Not Guilty. The Attorney General gave 6. Desbans and Chagoux executed at up the prosecution against the otbers, who Paris, for a conspiracy against the lives of were acquitted.

the Freoch Princes. 10. Scroggins beaten by Turner.

10. The Prince Regent went on board II. Alderman Wood, Lord Mayor, a yacht at Brighton, and sailed down the baring been elected one of the Members for Channel. the City of London, in lieu of Alderman 12. The murderers of M. Fualdes, a Combe, deceased, was this day introduced Magistrate at Rhodes, in France, tried and to the Honse of Commons by Messrs. Pon found Guiliy. sonby and Calvert.

13. The Prince Regent landed at Brigh12. Intelligence received of a seditious ton. spirit baving manifested itself in Yorkshire, 19. A contagious Fever known to preDerbyshire, and Nottioghamshire.

vail in Ireland, The Secret Committee of Lords made their Report, stating the existence of de 6. The Election of Lord Mayor termi. sigos, in various parts of the kingdom, hos- nated, and Alderman C. Smith returned tile to Government, &c.

Mayor elect, 13, Lord Sidmouth brought in a Bill for 7. Scroggans beaten by Torver, at Shep. the further Suspension of tbe Habeas Corpus perton Point, Aet.

8. Earl Talbot, the new Lord Lieute16. Sir F. Bardett called the attention of nant of Ireland, landed in the Bay of DubParliament to the conduct of Oliver, the lin, He succeeded Lord Whitworth. spy, and others, who had excited distressed 9. The prisoners convicted of the mur. persons to riot.

der of M. Fvaldes, at Rhodes, having ap18. Waterloo Bridge opened to the pub- pealed to the Cassation, the appeal was lie by the Prince Regent and Duke of York, heard, and the whole process against them amidst the discharge of artillery.

set aside this day, on the ground of inforMs. Hone pleaded Not Guilty to mality. They were, however, detaived, to three informations filed against him by the

be tried again. Attorney-liederal.

15. The State Trials commenced at 19. A new trial ordered in the case of Derby.- Brandreth, Turner, Manchester Wooller.

Toroer, Weighiman, hudlam, sen, Ludlam, 21. The House of Commons received the jun. and others, were brought up to be Report of their Secret Commitiee, stating arraigneil. the proceedings of the disaffected in the 18. Brandreth found guilty of High Horth.

Treason. 23. Kemble took leave of the stage.

20. Mr. Raymond, the Comedian, died. 25. The Freeholders of Middlesex held 21. Dreadful Hurricane in the Westt a Hretiog 10 petition against the renewal of Indies. the Habeas Corpus Sospension Act.

22. Four Derby Rioters fouod guilty, JGLY.

and those who pleaded guilty received sen4. Seven hundred Evglish arrived at tence of death : they were i wenty-three in Quebec to settle in Canada,

number, twelve were discharged, as the Mr. Ponsonby, one of the most re. Altorney.(eneral declined prosecuting šp-ctable leaders of Opposition in Parlia. them. The number in the first instance was bent, died suddenly.

thirty five persons. 10. The Duke of Northumberland died. 23. The William and Mary Packet lost

12. Parliament prorogued by the Prince in the British Channel; many passengers Regent.

perished. The Protestant Temple at Miskolez, 30. Bulletins began to announce the Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. Jun, 1818. K

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state of the Princess Charlotte of Wales's 6. William Ashford appealed Abraham health,

Thornton of the murder of his sister, Mary NOVEMBER

Ashford, in the Court of King's Beach. 2. The third Jubilee of Luther's Re 7. General Mourning ordered. formation observed at the German Lutherian

Brandreth, Turner, and Ludlam es. Chapel in the Savoy, London.

ecuted for High Treason. Brandreth, Turner, and Ludlam, 9. The Lord Mayor's Shew dispensed ioformed in their cells at Derby, that they with, in consequence of the late melanwere to suffer death on Friday Dext ensuing. choly event,

3. The Queep this day arrived at Bath; 19. The remains of the Princess Charber first visit, we believe, paid to that city. lotte deposited in the Royal Vault, in St.

4. Her Majesty appeared in excellent George's Chapel, Windsor. health and spirits, enjoying ber eustomary 29. British subjects probibited, by proexercise. Other branches of the Royai Fa. clamation, from serving in the ships of war mily arrived at Bath.

or military forces of the Spaniards or SpaAt three o'clock this morning the nisb Americans. Priocess Charlotte was in labour, at Clare


18. Mr. Hope, the poblisher, tried for 6. The amiable and accomplished Prin a libel in the Court of King's Bench, and cess Charlotte, consort of Prince Coburg, acquitted. and daughter of the Prince and Princess of 19. Tried for a second libel, and acWales, died, soon after she had been de quitted. livered of a still-born male child. The me. 20. Tried for a third libel, and aclancholy event was considered a national quitted. calamity.


of the Duchy of Cornwall, and Secretary LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S OFFICE, DEC, 27. and Keeper of His Royal Higuress's Privy OR

RDERS for the Court's change of Seal and Council Seal, in the room of the

mourning, on Sunday the 4th of Ja. Right Hon.Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, K.C.H. nuary next, for Her late Royal Highness the resigoed. Princess Charlotte Augusta, daughter of His

WHITEHALL, JAN. 5. Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and The Lord Chancellor has appointed John consort of His Serene Highness the Prince James Bond, of Folkestone, in the county of - Leopold of Saxe Coburg.

Kent, to be a Master Extraordinary io tbe The Court to change the mourning further High Court of Chancery. on Sunday the 18th of January.

And on Sunday the 1st of February next, the Court to go out of mourning.

SATURDAY, JAN. 10. The Gazelte also contains fourteen ad

This gazette contains the appointment of dresses of condolence to His Royal High

the Right Hon Sir Thomas Plumer, Kat. to

be Master or Keeper of the Rolls and ReDess the Prince Regent, upon the death of the Princess Charlotte ; and twenty-one to

cords of tbe Court of Chancery, on the

surrender of the Right Hon, Sir William His Serene Highness the Prince of Saxe

Grant. It also further notifies the appoigi. Coburg, from different parts of the United

ment of Major-General Sir Peregrine Kingdom.

Mailland, K. Č. B. to be Lieutenant Go

vernor of the Province of Upper Canada, SATURDAY, JAN. 3, 1898. This gazette contains

an Order in Council, in the room of Francis Gore, Esq. resigned authorizing the importation into the island of Newfoundland (for the ensuing season

SATURDAY, JAN. 17. only) of bread, tlower, Indian corn, aod

This gazette notifies the appointment of live-stock, from the territories of the United

Sir Richand Bickerton, Bart. K.C. B. AdStates, in British built ships, owned by Bri

miral of the White, to be Lieut.-General of tish subjects. Also announces the following His Majesty's Marine Forces, in the room of appointments :-Dr. Gilles aod Dr. W. Beata

Admiral Sir Richard Onslow, deceased : iy, to be the Regent's Physicians Extraor. also of Sir George Hope, K.C. B. Rear. dinary for Scotland, and Dr. George Bell Admiral of the Red, to be Major-General to be Surgeon in Ordinary. James S. of the said Royal Marine, Forces, in the Douglas, Esq. to be British Consul-General

room of Admiral Sir Richard Bickerton. ip Morocco.

promoted. Also, John Stockdale, Esq. to

be Standard Bearer to His Majesty's Band TUESDAY, JAN. 6.

of Gentlemen Pensioners, vacant by the This gazette contains the appointment of resignation of Thomas Nicholl, Esq. Sir William Knighton, Bart, to be Auditor

ABSTRACT OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE, TICE VE Secretary to the socieTY of trimmed with light fur, and a straw bonnet,

GUARDIANS for tbe PROTECTION lately called upon a lady, at the West end of TRADE against SWINDLERS and of the town, saying, that she was sent by SHARPERS, held at No.36, Essex-street, the wife of a respectable tradesman in the Strand, by a Circular has informed the Jinen trade (a member of that socirty) to Members thereof, that the persons under• receive the amount of her bill, when she named ; viz. COLONEL Goold, of No. 23, produced a receipt, parily written, but Lower Grosvenor Street West, near Gros- the sum not inserted. This however was vepor Place, is in the rules of the supplied by the lady from the bill, and Fleet: CHARLES HENLEY BLOCK is at the woman signed the receipt, No. 24, Essex Street, Strand; that the pre

For (the member's name) gent residence of WILLIAM HAWKINS,

" ANN HAYwoop." (lately mentioned) is Misdon Green, near The present residence of SAMUEL HOPLEY Bayswater Turnpike.

is al 30, Brewer Lane, near Craven Street, ANTEONY POWER, 80 well known, is now Strand, going round the town to solicit subscrip AMERICAN PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. tions for a Poem, which he states, is in. WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.-This day, tended to be published under the oame 12 o'clock, the President of the United (before used by him) of A. P. Best; and that States transmitted to both Houses of Conthe persons undernained of using the firm of gress the following Message, by Mr. Josepb WILLIAM NIALL and Co., 18, Little Carter Jones Monroe, his Secretary:Lane, St. Paul's, and WILLIAM PHILLIPS, “ Fellox Citizens of the Senate, and of alias TODD, late of Hammersmith Terrace,

the House of Representatives, and since of Southampton Road, Pachling. " At do period of our political existence lon, are reported to that Society as impro. had we so much cause to lelicitate ourselves per to be proposed to be ballotted for as at the prosperous and happy condition of members thereof.

our country. The abundant fruits of the The secretary is also desired to state that earth have filled it with plenty. An extena person calling himself Captain CHARLES sive and profitable commerce has greatly BULLEN, of 14, Mark Lane, lately endea- augmented our revenue. The public credit voured to agree for board and lodging with bas attained an extraordinary elevation. a fanuly, with whom he left a bill of which Our preparations for defence, in case of the following is a copy.

future wars, from which, by the experience 184.

of all pations, we onght not to expect to be Rotterdam, Dec. 4, 1817. exempted, are advancing, onder a well Ten days after sight, pay to Captain digested system, with all the dispatch which CHARLES CULLEN, or order, the sum of so important a work will admit. Our free Eighty Four Ponods Sterling, being for Goveroment, founded on the interest and goods delivered by him, on his own account, affections of the people, has gained, and is to the honse of BERTRAM Ryn, from the daily gaining, strength.—Local jealousies ship Jane, of St. Kitis, and place the amount are rapidly yielding to more generous, ento your bumble servant,

Jarged, and enlightened views of national FRANCIS BERTRAM. policy. For advaotages se numerons and Te Messrs. Brooks, Son, Dixon, and Co. highly important, it is our duty to unite in 25, Chancery Lane.

grateful acknowledgments to that OmnipoThe Bill was written across, Accepted, ient Being from whom they are derived, and Dec, 11th, 1817.” On applying at Messrs. in inceasing prayer that he will endow (is BROOKS, Son, Dixon, and Co., they are with virtue and strength to maintain and entirely ignorant of the parties, and this hand then down in their ulipost purity, 10 Captain CHARLES CULLFN is found to he our lastest posterity. Dokoowo to the inbabitants of No. 14, Mark " I have the satisfaction to inform you, Lane,

that an arrangement, which had been comHe also caitions the members against a menced hy my predecessor, with the British jew-looking foreignes of genteel address, Government, for the reduction of the naval speaking broken English, b'id French, and force, by Great Britain and the United sometimes Dutch, who has lately pilfered States, on ihe' Lakes, has been concluded : from various silversmiths, pieces of foreign by which it is provided, that neither party gold coin, by means, it is supposed, of wäx shall keep in service on Lake Champlain at the ends of his fingers, while pretending more than one vessel; on Lake Ontario to make purchases of articles of that nature. more than one; and on Lake Erie aod the Aed that a woman of rather genteel appear. upper Lakes, more than two; to be armed aoce, tall, with a sallow complexion, and each with one canuon only ; avd that all the dark cyes, and

in a grceu pelisse, our armed vessels, of both parties, of wbicb

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