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by the General Assembly, That from and after the first
day of March next, no person being a member of any
corporation court, court of hustiugs, or cominon-coun-
cil of any city, town or borough within this common-
wealth, shall while a member of such corporation court,
court of hustings or coinmon-council be capable of
acting as a justice nf any county court.
II. And be ii further enacted, That from and after Jurisdiction

of corpora.
the said first day of March next, the respective corpo- tion courts li.
ration courts, or courts of bustings, of any city, town mited.
or borough, shall have jurisdiction only in sniis or con-
troversies instituted hetween the respective in liabitants
or citizens of such city, inwn or borough, and between
one or more of the inhabitants or citizens of such city,
towo or borough, and any person or persons not an
inhabitant or inhabitants of this commonwealıdı, and in
either case, only where the contract hath been made,
or the cause of action bath accrued within such city,
iown or borough; and in all such suits and controver-
sies, their respective jurisdictions shall not be limited
to any particular syin, but shall be co-extensive with
the jurisdiction of the county courts.

III. Provided nevertheless, That nothing in this act Proviso. contained, shall be construed to prejudice or in any manner affect, any suit now pending, or which may be instituted in any such corporation court, or court of hustings, before the said first day of March next, nor to prejudice, or in any manner affect the charters of the city of Williamsburg, and borough of Norfolk, or either of them.

IV. And whereas it is contrary to the true principles Right of of representation, that a freehold estate in any particu- suffrage in lar place should enable the possessor to vote in the corporations. elections of different and distinct places. Be it enacted, That in any city, town or borough, which at any time hereafter, shall obtain and enjoy the privilege of sending, in its own right, a representative to the house of delegates of this commonwealth, the freeholders thereof shall be, and they are hereby declared incapable of voting in the election of delegates for any county, in virtue or right of their respective freehold estates within any such city, town or borough.

V. And be it further enacted, That so much of any and every law as is contrary 10 this act shall be, and is hereby repealed.





Edmund Ran. At the Public Buildings in the City of

Richmond, on londay the twentythird of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, and in the twelfth year of the commonwealth.


An act to suspend the operation of

the act, entituled An act establishing

district courts.* Act establish. I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That ing district court, SUA

the operation of the aci intituled “ An act establishing

the pended. district courts," be, and the same is hereby suspend

ed, until the first day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine, and in the mean time, the General Court, High Court of Chancery, and Court of Appeals, shall proceed in all things in like manner as if the said act had never passed: Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to suspend the functions of the additional judges of the general court, appointed under the said recited act “Establishing district courts."

• This was a special session of the legislature, called imine. diately after the adjo:irnment of the convention, which adopted the federal constitucion The laws were originally printed on a single sheet of paper, but they were soon su generally lost, that the acts of this session have been copied from the rolls.


An act to continue the act intituled

An act authorising the treasurer to receive specie into the treasury by weight.

'BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the act authorie. act intituled "An act authorising the treasurer to re- ing treasurer ceive specie into the public treasury by weight,” which to receive

'specie by will expire at the end of the present session, shall consinge and be in force from and after the expiration trier continu. thereof for one year, and from thence until the end of ed. the next session of assembly,


An act to make good the appropria.

tions of money for the maintenance of scouts and rangers; the pay of the members of the convention, and of the general assembly.

WHEREAS by an act of the last session of assem- . Appropria, bly, intituled "An act concerning the convention to

ution forscouts be held in June," a sum not exceeding eight thousand the members pounds was directed to be reserved in the treasury for of the con. the purpose of defraying the expences of the said con

vention, and vention, and that such sum should be made good from ral assembly, the funds appropriated to the support of civil government, or in case of deficiency therein, out of any unappropriated money in the treasury; and those funds from various causes not being at present productive of specie, more particularly on account of the collections being made in tobacco, which cannot now be converted into money without the public's sustaining great

loss. And whereas the surplus of the money arising
from the various sunds appropriated to the payment
of the interest on the military debt, constitutes one of
the most productive sources of the revenue appropria-
ted for the support of civil government, and it appears
that a considerable sim may be drawn therefroin, and
a sufficient balance leli in the treasury for the payment
of the said interest: Be it therefore enacted by the Gen-
eral Assembly, That the treasurer shall be empowered
and required to draw the sum of six thousand pounds
from the funds appropriated to the payinent of the in-
terest on the military debt, and to replace the same if
it should be necessary from the first sales of tobacco,
or the first money received into the funds appropriated
for the support of civil govern inent. The said six
thousand pounds shall in the first place be applied 10
make good the votes of the last assembly for the pay
and other expences of scouts and rangers on the west-
ern frontier, and in the next place to the payment of
the expences of the convention, which commenced in
the city of Richinond on the second of June; and if a-
ny balance, after making the same good, shall remain
in the treasury, it shall be applied to the payment of
the expences of the present general assembly.


An act to authorise the governor to

issue certain grants.

WHEREAS sundry surveys have been made in Governor au. thorised to different parts of this commonwealth, which include in issue grants, the general courses thereof sundry smaller tracts of with reserva. prior claimants, and which in the certificates granted , tions of other claims inclu. by the surveyors of the respective counties are reserved ded in the to such claimants. And the governor or chief magis. surveys. trate is not authorised by law to issue grants upon such

certificates of surveys, For remedy whereof 'Be it eo nacted by the General Assembly, That it shall and may

be lawful for the governor to issue grants with reservation of claims to lands included within such surveys, any thing in any law to the contrary notwithstanding. Copies from the Roll,


J. PLEASANTS, JR. Keeper of the Rolls. March 1st, 1810.

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