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Extremest pain ; or that the clear-eyed | Hung round with paintings of the sea, Spirit,

and one Being blunted in the Present, grew at A vessel in mid-ocean, her heaved prow length

Clambering, the mast bent and the raviu Prophetical and prescient of whate'er

wind The Future had in store : or that which In her sail roaring. From the outer day, most

Betwixt the close-set ivies came a broad Enchains belief, the sorrow of my spirit And solid beam of isolated light, Was of so wide a compass it took in Crowded with driving atomies, and fell All I had loved, and my dull agony, Slanting upon that picture, from prime Ideally to her transferr'd, became

youth Anguish intolerable.

Well known, well loved. She drew it The day waned ;

long ago Alone I sat with her : about my brow Forth-gazing on the waste and open sea, Her warm breath floated in the utter. One morning when the upblown billow Of silver-chorded tones : her lips were Shoreward beneath red clouds, and I sunder'd

had pour'd With smiles of tranquil bliss, which Into the shadowing pencil's naked forms broke in light

Color and life: it was a bond and seal Like morning from her eyes — her elo. Of friendship, spoken of with tearful quent eyes

smiles ; (As I have seen them many a hundred A monument of childhood and of love ; times),

The poesy of childhood ; my lost love Filled all with pure clear fire, thro' mine Symbol'd in storm. We gazed on it down rain'd

together Their spirit-searching splendors. As a In mute and glad remembrance, and vision

each heart Unto a haggard prisoner, iron-stay'd Grew closer to the other, and the eye In damp and dismal dungeons under- Was riveted and charm-bound, gazing ground,

like Confined on points of faith, when | The Indian on a still-eyed snake, lowstrength is shock'd

couch'd With torment, and expectancy of worse A beauty which is death ; when all at Upon the morrow, thro' the ragged walls, All unawares before his half-shut eyes, That painted vessel, as with inner life, Comes in upon him in the dead of night, Began to heave upon that painted sea ; And with the excess of sweetness and of An earthquake, my loud heart-beats, awe,

made the ground Makes the heart tremble, and the sight Reel under us, and all at once, soul, life

And breath and motion, past and flow'd Upon his steely gyves ; so those fair away eyes

To those unreal billows: round and round Shone on my darkness, forms which A whirlwind caught and bore us; mighty ever stood

gyres Within the magic cirque of memory, Rapid and vast, of hissing spray windInvisible but deathless, waiting still

driven The edict of the will to re-assume Far thro' the dizzy dark. Aloud she The semblance of those rare realities

shriek’d; Of which they were the mirrors. Now My heart was cloven with pain; I wound the light

my arms Which was their life bursts through the About her: we whirl'd giddily; the cloud of thought

wind Keen, irrepressible.

Sung; but I claspt her without fear: her It was a room

weight Within the summer-house of which I Shrank in my grasp, and over my dim spake,



run over



came on me

And parted lips which drank her breath, I, too, was borne along and felt the blast down hung

Beat on my heated eyelids : all at once The jaws of Death : I, groaning, from me The front rank made a sudden halt ; the flung

bells Her empty phantom : all the sway and Lapsed into frightful stillness ; the surge

whirl of the storm dropt to windless calm, From thunder into whispers ; those six and I

maids Down welter'd thro' the dark ever and With shrieks and ringing laughter on

the sand Threw down the bier ; the woods upon

the hill III.

Waved with a sudden gust that sweep

ing down I CAME one day and sat among the stones Took the edges of the pall, and blew it far Strewn in the entry of the moaning cave; Until it hung, a little silver cloud, A morning air, sweet after rain, ran over Over the sounding seas : I turn'd: my The rippling levels of the lake, and blew heart Coolness and moisture and all smells of Shrank in me, like a snow-flake in the bud

hand, And foliage from the dark and dripping Waiting to see the settled countenance woods

Of her i lov'd, adorn'd with fading Upon my fever'd brows that shook and flowers. throbb'a

But she from out her death-like chrysalis, From temple unto temple. To what She from her bier, as into fresher life, height

My sister, and my cousin, and my love, The day had grown I know not. Then Leapt lightly clad in bridal white — her

hair The hollow tolling of the bell, and all Studded with one rich Provence rose The vision of the bier. As heretofore

a light I walk'd behind with one who veil'd his Of smiling welcome round her lips

brow. Methought by slow degrees the sullen And cheeks as bright as when she climb'd

the hill. Toll'd quicker, and the breakers on the one hand she reach'd to those that came shore

behind, Sloped into louder surf : those that went And while I mused nor yet endured to

take And those that held the bier before my So rich a prize, the man who stood with

face, Moved with one spirit round about the Stept gayly forward, throwing down his bay,

robes, Trod swifter steps ; and while I walk'd And claspt her hand in his : again the with these

bells In marvel at that gradual change, I Jangled and clang'd : again the stormy thought

surf Four bells instead of one began to ring, Crash'd in the shingle : and the whirling Four merry bells, four merry marriage

rout bells,

Led by those two rush'd into dance, and In clanging cadence jangling peal on lled peal

Wind-footeil to the steeple in the woods, A long loud clash of rapid marriage bells. , Till they were swallow'd in the leafy Then those who led the van, and those bowers,

And I stood sole beside the vacant bier. Rush'd into dance, and like wild Bacchanals

There, there, my latest vision theo Fled onward to the steeple in the woods : ! the event !

her eyes


with me,


in rear,


say ?


All softly as his mother broke it to him

A crueller reason than a crazy ear,

For that low knell tolling his lady dead

Dead -- and had lain three days without Another speaks.)

a pulse ;

All that look'd on her had pronounced He flies the event: he leaves the event her dead. to me:

And so they bore her (for in Julian's land Poor Julian — how he rush'd away; the They never nail a dumb head up in elm), bells,

Bore her free-faced to the free airs of Those marriage bells, echoing in ear and heaven, heart —

And laid her in the vault of her own kin. But cast a parting glance at me, you

saw, As who should say

“ Continue,” Well, What did he then ? not die : he is he had

here and hale : One golden hour of triumph shall I Not plunge head-foremost from the

mountain there, Solace at least before he left his home. And leave the name of Lover's Leap :

not he : Would you had seen him in that hour He knew the meaning of the whisper of his !

now, He moved thro' all of it majestically - Thought that he knew it. “This, I Restrain'd himself quite to the close

stayed for this;
but now

O love, I have not seen you for so long.
Now, now,

will I go down into the grave, Whether they were his lady's marriage I will be all alone with all I love, bells,

And kiss her on the lips. She is his no Or prophets of them in his fantasy, I never asked: but Lionel and the girl The dead returns to me; and I go down Were wedded, and our Julian came again To kiss the dead.” Back to his mother's house among the

The fancy stirr'd him so pines.

He rose and went, and entering the dim But these, their gloom, the mountains vault, and the bay

And, making there a sudden light, beheld The whole land weigh'd him down as All round about him that which all Ætna does

will be. The Giant of Mythology : he would go, The light was but a flash, and went again. Would leave the land for ever, and had Then at the far end of the vault he saw gone

His lady with the moonlight on her face ; Surely, but for a whisper, “Go not yet,” Her breast as in a shadow-prison, bars Some warning -. sent divinely, as it Of black and bands of silver, which the

seem'd By that which follow'd, but of this I deem Struck from an open grating overhead As of the visions that he told – the event High in the wall, and all the rest of her Glanced back upon them in his after-life, Drown'd in the gloom and horror of the And partly made them, tho' he knew it vault. not.

“ It was my wish,” he said, “ to pass, And thus he stayed and would not

to sleep, look at her

To rest, to be with her

till the great No, not for months ; but, when the day eleventh moon

Peal'd on us with that music which After their marriage lit the lover's bay, rights all, Heard yet once more the tolling bell, And raised us hand in hand.” And and said,

kneeling there Would you could toll me out of life, but Down in the dreadful dust that once found

was man,



Dust, as he said, that once was loving | Send ! bid him come;" but Lionel was hearts,

away Hearts that had beat with such a love Stung by his loss had vanished, none as mine

knew where. Not such as mine, no, nor for such as “He casts me out,” she wept, "and her

goes"-a wail He softly put his arm about her neck That seeming something, yet was nothAnd kissed her more than once, till

ing, born helpless death

Not from believing mind, but shatter And silence made him bold — nay, but

nerve, I wrong him,

Yet haunting Julian, as her own reproof He reverenced his dear lady even in At some precipitance in her burial.

Then, when her own true spirit had reBut, placing his true hand upon her turned, heart,

Oh yes, and you," she said, “and “O you warm heart,” he moaned, “not none but you. even death

For you have given me life and love Can chill you all at once :" then, start again, ing, thought

And none but you yourself shall tell him His dreams had come again.

“Do I

of it, wake or sleep?

And you shall give me back when he Or am I made immortal, or my love

returns. Mortal once more ?” It beat — the “Stay then a little," answered Julian, heart - it beat :

“here, Faint – but it beat : at which his own And keep yourself, none knowing, to began

yourself ; To pulse with such a vehemence that it And I will do your will. I may not drowned

stay, The feebler motion underneath his hand. No, not an hour ; but send me notice But when at last his doubts were satis

of him fied,

When he returns, and then will I return, He raised her softly from the sepulchre, And I will make a solemn offering of you And, wrapping herall over with the cloak To him you love." And faintly she reHe came in, and now striding fast, and plied,

“And I will do your will, and none Sitting awhile to rest, but evermore

shall know.' Holding his golden burden in his arms, So bore her thro' the solitary land

Not know? with such a secret to be Back to the mother's house where she

known! was born.

But all their house was old and loved

them both, There the good mother's kindly min. And all the house had known the loves istering,

of both; With half a night's appliances, recalld Had died almost to serve them any way ; Mer fluttering life : she raised an eye And all the land was waste and solitary : that ask'd

And then he rode away ; but after this, “Where ?” till the things familiar to her An hour or two, Camilla's travail came youth

Upon her, and that day a boy was born, Had made a silent answer : then she Heir of his face and land, to Lionel.

spoke : “Here! and how came I here?" and And thus our lonely lover rode away, learning it

And pausing at a hostel in a marsh, (They told her somewhat rashly as I There fever seized upon him: myself was think)

then At once began to wander and to wail, Travelling that land, and meant to rest “Ay, but you know that you must give an hour; mo back :

And sitting down to such a base repast


gave me

his own


It makes me angry yet to speak of it, To greet us, her young hero in her arins !
I heard a groaning overhead, and climb’d Kiss him," she said. * You
The moulder'd stairs (for everything was

life again.

He, but for you, had never seen it once. And in a loft, with none to wait on him, His other father you! Kiss him and Found, as it seem'd, a skeleton alone,

then Raving of dead men's dust and beating Forgive him, if his name be Julian too." hearts.

Talk of lost hopes and broken heart ! A dismal hostel in a dismal land, A flat malarian world of reed and rush! Sent such a flame into his face, I knew But there from fever and my care of him Some sudden vivid pleasure hit him Sprang up a friendship that may help there.

us yet. For while we roam'd along the dreary But he was all the more resolved to go, coast,

And sent at once to Lionel, praying him, And waited for her message, piece by By that great love they both had borne piece

the dead, I learnt the drearier story of his life ; To come and revel for one hour with him And, tho' he loved and honor'd Lionel,

Before he left the land for evermore ; Found that the sudden wail his lady And then to friends — they were not made

many — who lived Dwelt in his fancy : did he know her Scatteringly about that lonely land of worth,

his, Her beauty even ? should he not be And bade them to a banquet of farewells.

taught, Ev'n by the price that others set upon it, And Julian made a solemn feast : I The value of that jewel he had to guard ?

Sat at a costlier ; for all round his hall Suddenly came her notice, and we past, From column on to column, as in a I with our lover, to his native bay.


Not such as here - an equatorial one, This love is of the brain, the mind, the Great garlands swung and blossom'd ; soul :

and beneath, That makes the sequel pure; tho' some Heirlooms, and ancient miracles of Art,

Chalice and salver, wines that, Heaven Beginning at the sequel know no more. knows when, Not such am I: and yet I say, the bird Had suck'd the fire of some forgotten That will not hear my call, however sun, sweet,

And kept it thro' a hundred years of But if my neighbor whistle answers gloom, him

Yet glowing in a heart of ruby - cups What matter ? there are others in the Where nymph and god ran ever round wood.

in gold — Yet when I saw her (and I thought him Others of glass as costly — some with crazed,

gems Tho' not with such a craziness as needs Movable and resettable at will, A cell and keeper), those dark eyes of And trebling all the rest in value, — Ah hers

heavens ! Oh ! such dark eyes! and not her eyes Why need I tell you all ? — suffice to alone,

say But all from these to where she touch'd That whatsoever such a house as his, on earth

And his was old, has in it rare or fair For such a craziness as Julian's look'd Was brought before the guest : and they, No less than one divine apology.

the guests,

Wonder'd at some strange light in Ju. So sweetly and so modestly she came

of us

lian's eyes

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