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Mr Philip of Liverpool is about to pub- the celebrated Letters of Janius, after relish a new Life of Whitefield. The mate. tiring from office, employed himself in writrials of this memoir have been collected ing“ The Memoirs of his own Lift," from various British and American sources. wllich, when completed,

his Grace carefully The work will be ornamented by an elegant sealed up, and, by an injunction in his will

, print, from an original picture, &c. strictly prohibited his heirs, on any accounts

In February will be published, Retro- to open the envelope during the reign of the spection, a rurai poem; by Tho. Whitby, late king ; but after that monarch's den author of the Priory of Birkenhead, a tale mise, to make the memoir known to the of the 14th century.

world. It is supposed to contain a full deIn the course of a few weeks will be pub- velopement of all the great political events lishod, Letters from North Wales; to which and private history of the court, at that inare added, Memoranda of a Visit to Me- teresting period, and, in all probability, rionethshire, in 1819; together with seve- will, for the first time, divulge to the public ral anecdotes and sketches, illustrative of the real name of Junius, which, it is unWelsh history and manners.

derstood, had been made known to his Curious Circumstance. The Duke of Grace, under à pledge of honour not to Grafton, who was Prime Minister to his late communicate the secret to any person liv. Majesty soon after he came to the throne, ing, in the lifetime of King George the and who makes so distinguished a figure in Third.

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EDINBURGH. SERMONS on Infidelity, by the Rev. Andrew the most authentic sources. The civil and Thomson, Minister of St George's Church, religious state of the province, climate, soil, Edinburgh, will speedily be published, and agriculture, is carefully drawn up from

The Rev. Alex. Stewart, author of the materials furnished by the author's brother, Lives of Dr Blair, Dr Robertson, and other who has been twenty years resident in the Elegant Works, has now in the press a country, and a member of the government History of Great Britain, from the accession Speedily will be published, by subscripof George III. to the present time.

tion, in one volume 12mo, 3s. 6d. common To be published by subscription, in paper, fine paper 5s. ; Heath Flowers, or 12mo, at 10s. 6d. Elgiva, an historical Mountain Melodies ; consisting of Poems poem, in six cantos, with other poems ; by and Lyrical Pieces ; by George Scott. John Gordon, surgeon in Keith, who was In the press, and immediately to be pubdrowned while bathing with some of his lislied, Medical Notes on Climate, Diseases

, companions in the river Isla, in the summer Hospitals, and Medical Schools, in France, of 1819.

Italy, and Switzerland ; comprising an inIn the press, and speedily will be pub- quiry into the effects of a residence in the lished, a Visit to the Province of Upper south of Europe, in cases of pulmonary Canada, in 1819 ;; by James Chalmers, consumption, and illustrating the present bookseller, Aberdeen. The work will con- state of medicine and medical practice in tain every kind of information which an those countries ; by James Clark, M.D. emigrant can desire to obtain, derived from Resident Physician at Rome.

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ARCHITECTURE. ARCHITECTURAL Antiquities of Normandy, in a series of 100 Etchings, with Historical and Descriptive Notices; by John Sell Catman. Part I. folio. £3, 3s.

Wilson's Complete Dictionary of Astro-
logy. 14s.

A Catalogue of 12,000 Tracts, Pamph.
ets, and unbound Books ; by Thomas
Rodd, sen. Parts I. and II.

A Catalogue of Old Books; by W.

Baynes and Son. Part I. comprising Theology.

A Supplement to J. H. Bohte's Catalogue of Classics and German Literature.

Longman and Company's Catalogue of
Old Books for 1820. Part I.

Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell, and his
Sons Richard and Henry, with original
Letters and Portraits ; by Oliver Cromwell,
Esq. a descendant of the family. 4to. £3,36.

The Life and Studies of Benjamin West,
Esq. Part. II.

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The Annual Biography and Obituary, for Battey's Italian Scenery. No XII. and 1820. 8vo. 155.

last. 8vo. 10s. 60
County Biography; or, Lives of Remark. Views in Paris and its Environs, from
able Characters, born or long resident in Drawings made on the Spot; by Mr Fred.
the Counties of Norfolk, Essex, and Suf. Nash ; with descriptions, by Mr John Scott.
folk. Nol. 2s. 6d.

Part I.
The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, 4 vols

GEOLOGY 12mo. £1, Is

A New Geological Atlas of England and Memoires pour servir à l'Histoire de la Wales, Part II. containing Gloueester, Survie privée, du retour, et du regne de Na- rey, Suffolk, and Berks; by William Smith, poleon, en 1816. Par M. Fleury de Cha 21s. boulon, ex-secretaire de l'Empereur. 8vo.

HISTORY 2 tomes. 24s.

A Synopsis of the History of Englands
A Translation of the above. 2 vols 8vo. by Tho. Ketehan. 2s. 6d.

A Short History of France; by Mrs

Moore. 12mo. 7s.
Withering's Arrangement of British A New History of Spain ; by F. Thurtle.
Plants. . Sixth edition. 4 vols 8vo. £2, 89. ds. d.

A Chronological Chart of Europe, from A Concise and Practical Treatise on the
the Norman Conquest to the present time, on

Culture and Management of the Carnation, a Sheet 5s.

Auricula, Ranunculus, Tulip, and other
The Chronology of the last Fifty Years. Flowers ; by Thomas Hogg, gardener,
Royal 18mo. 12s.

A Compendious Practical Assistant in
On the Trade to China, and the Indian proceedings in the King's Bench. 8vo.
Archipelago; by C. Assey. 8vo. 38. 10s. 6d.

Booth's Tables of Simple Interest, on a An Essay upon Marine Evidence in the
New Plan. 4to36s.

Courts of Law and Equity. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Dila.
Treatise on Adulteration of Food, and pidations, Wastes, Reinstatements, &c. by
Culinary Poisons; by Fred. Accum. 12mo. James Elmes, architect.

A Practical Treatise on the settling of

Evidence for Trials, at Nisi Prius s by
The New Dramatic Censor. No I, 25. Isaac Espinasse, Esq. of Gray's Inn. 8vo.

Grove's Theatrical House that Jack Built, 12s.
with 13 Cuts. 18.

Observations on the Nature and Cure of A New and Practical Method of Steno. Cancer; by Charles Aldis, Esq. surgeon, graphy; by Richard Farr. 6s.

4s. 6d. Conversations on Algebra ; by W. Cole. The Quarterly Journal of Foreign Medi12mo. 7s.

cine and Surgery, No VI. 3s. 64. Results of Experience in the Practice of A Supplement to the Pharmacopeias ; by Instruction ; by W. Johnstone, A.M. S. F. Gray. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Report upon the Establishment of M. de A Treatise on Midwifery; by J. Power. Fellenberg; by J. Attersole. 38. 6d. 8vo. 8s. Od.

New Mathematical Demonstrations of Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Vol. Euclid; by W. Williams. 7s.

X. Part II. 7s.6d. An Abridgment of Dr Goldsmith's His : A Defence of the Scriptura! Doctrine of tory of England, Translated into French; Life, as applicable to Physiology and Meby J, T. Edgecombe. 4s.

dicine; by J. G. Mansford. Is. 6d. Present State of the British Empire, for An Essay on the Chemical History and 1820 ; by the Rev. J. Goldsmith. *5s.6d. Medical Treatment of Calculous Disorders;

Lectures on Writing; by Mr Carstairs, by A. Marcet, M.D. F.R.S. 2d edit. royal with Plates. 12s.

8vo. plates. 185.
Adams's History of Great Britain, from

Julius Cæsar, to the death of Princess An Essay on Magnetic Attractions : Par.
Charlotte. 4s. 6d.

ticularly as respects the Deviation of the

Compass on Ship-board, occasioned by the Dialogues on Entomology, in which the Local Influence of the Guns, &c. With Forms and Habits of Insects, are familiarly an Easy Practical Method of observing the explained ; with 25 Engravings. 12mo. same in all parts of the World ; by Peter 12s. Plain.-18s. Coloured.

Barlow, of the Royal Military Academy,

Miscellanies ; by the Rev. R. Warner.
Views taken in the French Capital and 2 vols 12mo. 10s.
its vicinity; by Captain Battey. Imp. 8vo. Sporting Anecdotes, Original and Select-

ed; by Pierce Egan. 12mo. 9s. Six Views of the City of Bath, in Colours, General Rules for Repairing Roads, with £1, 10s.

a plate. 8vo. 2s.



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Part I. 12s.

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An Historical Account of the British Ar- Papers presented to Parliament relative to
my, and of the Law Military, as declared the intemal state of the country. 8vo. 68
by the Ancient and Modern Statutes, and Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, vol.
Articles of War; by the late E. Samuel. 60. £1: 11:6.
Svo. 206.

A Treat for every one ; or, the Political
The Ipstructive Companion ; by Joseph Dessert ; a Satire. 2s. 6á.
Taylor, 12mo. 45.

My Opinions since the Peace ; by Sir
The London Journal of Arts, No I. (to Rowland Oldacre, Bart. ls. 6d.
be continued every two months). 3s. 6d.

THEOLOGY. The Hecuba, Orestes, Phænician Vir. The Bible Class Book; or, Scripture gins, and Medea of Euripides ; translated Readings for every day in the year. 6s. into English Prose, from the text of Porson. The fulfilment of the Revelation of St Svo. 8s.

John displayed from the commencement of Rules proposed for the Government of the prophecy, A. D. 96, to the battle of WaGaols, Houses of Correction, and Peniten- terloo, A. V. 1815; by the Rev. J. J. tiaries. 8vo. 9s.

Holmes, M. A. 8vo. 125. Pamphleteer, No XXX. 6s. 6d.

Lectures on Scripture Duties ; by W. B. Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of Collyer, D. D. 8vo. 14s. the Age of Elizabeth, delivered at the Sur. True Christian Religion ; or, the Univerrey Institution ; by W. Hazlitt. 8vo. 12s. sal Theology of the New Church, translatNATURAL HISTORY.

ed from the Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg,
On the Mammoth, or Fossil Elephant, 2 vols royal 8vo. £1:11:6. Demy £1, 1s.
found in the Ice at the Mouth of the River The Bible demonstrated to be the word
Lena, in Siberia, with a lithographic plate. God, 1s.

Paley's Works, complete, with a new

life and portrait, 5 vols. 8vo. £2, 58. Geraldine ; or, Modes of Faith and Prac- A Serious and Admonitory Letter to a tice, a tale; by a Lady. 3 vols. 12mo. Young Man, on his renouncing the Chris. £1, 1s.

tian Religion and becoming a Deist; by Italian Mysteries ; or, more Secrets than the Rev. J. Platts. Price 3d. or 20s. a One; by Francis Lathem. 12mo. 3 vols. hundred. Lately published, by the same PHILOLOGY.

Author, fifth edition, Unitarians not InfiTodd's Johnson's Dictionary abridged; dels; a Sermon. 4d. or 25s. a hundred. by Alex. Chalmers, F.S.A. containing every

TOPOGRAPHY. word in the four 4to volumes. Svo. 15s. An Historical Map of Palestine, or the

Holy Land; exhibiting a correct and masThe two first Cantos of Richardetto, freely terly delineation of the peculiar geographi. translated from the original Burlesque Poem cal features of the country, and those names of Nicolo Fortiguerra, otherwise Carteroma. of places which accord with the Scripture co. 8vo.

narrative; interspersed with ninety vignettes, Dunne; by Harriet Ewing. 8vo. 7s. illustrative of the most important circum

Valdi; or, the Libertine's Son; by James stances recorded in the Old and New TestaKenney.

ment. The subjects are introduced in their Messiah ; in 24 books; by Joseph L. geographical situations, as nearly as can be Cottle. 12mo. Part II. 6s.

ascertained from the best sources of inforWashington; or, Liberty restored ; by mation. The size of the Map is 40 inches Thomas Northmore, Esq. 7s. 6d.

by 271. Engraved, in a superior manner, Tottenham; a Poem; by J. A. Heraud. by Mr Hall, from a drawing by Mr Asshe3s. 6.

ton. The price of the Map, £1, 8s.; can-
Memoirs of a Goldfinch ; a Poem, with vass and roller, £1, 15s.
Notes. 2s. 6d.

Walks through Wales, with twelve co-
Thoughts and Feelings; by Arthur loured plates ; by Thomas Evans.
Brook. 12mo. 55. 6d.

Walks through Ireland ; by J. Trotter.
Gay's Chair ; or Poems by Gay, never 8vo. 14s.
before printed. Foolscap 8vo. 5s.

Oliver's Topographical View of Great British Bards; or, Choice Selections from Britain and Ireland, with his Geographical - the Poets, from Spencer to Cowper, with Synopsis of the World on a sheet, 7s. Biographical Notices. 7s.6d.

Leigh's New Picture of England and Life and Adventures of Robin Hood, Wales, with Views, and a Map, 12s. with the ancient Poems, &c. 12mo.

The River Duddon, a series of Sonnets, Travels in Nubia and in the interior of
and Vaudracourand Julia, with other Poems; North Eastern Africa in 1813; by T. L.
by W. Wordsworth.

Burkhardt, 4to. L.2, 8s.

Journal of Voyages and Travels. No. 5,
The Man in the Moon ; with fifteen cuts. Vol. II. 3s.

The Flowers of Modern Voyages and TraDebates and Proceedings of the Parlia. vels, between the years 1806 and 1820 : ment from Nov. 23 to Dec. 30, 1819. 8vo. vols 1, 2, (Asia and Africa,) by W. Adams, 7s.

A. M. 18mo. 16s.


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EDINBURGH. EDINBURGH Christian Instructor, NOCXV. A Father's Second Present to his Family: for February 1820. ls. 6d.

or, a short demonstration of the Being and The Bruce and Wallace, published from Attributes of God; and a Roman Philosotwo Ancient Manuscripts preserved in the pher's Visit to Jerusalem, in the time of Library of the Faculty of Advocates : with Christ, with his supposed Reflections and Notes, Biographical Sketches, and a Glos- Reasonings there : Both adapted to the un. sary ; by John Jamieson, D.D. 2 vols 4to. derstanding of Young Persons, and present£6, 6s. -Only 250 copies printed.

ed to those of his own house; by a LayThe Union Imperial Song Book ; con- man, author of “A Father's Gift to his taining an Improved Selection of Scottish, Children.” 18mo. 4s. English, and Irish Songs. 12mo. 5s.

The Folly and Danger of departing from Rebellion against Gulliver, or R-doa-l-sm the living God; a Sermon, preached in the in Lilliput. Is.

Parish-church of Bothwell, on October 31, Prayers for the Use of Families and In- 1819; by the Rev. Mat. Gardiner, A.M. dividuals; by James Wilson, D. D. Fal- minister of Bothwell. 8vo. kirk. Third edition. 8vo. 5s. 6d.

A Sabbath among the Tuscarora Indians. The Farmer and Land Steward's Assis- 6d. tant; by John Mather. 10s. 6d.

A Short Account of the Life, ExperienTravels in the North of Germany, de- ces, and Death of the Rev. Francis Sheriff, scribing the present state of the Institutions, late pastor of Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Commerce, &c. ; by Thomas Hodgskin. 2 Edinburgh. A new edition.. 9d. vols 8vo. £1,4s.

8vo. £2.


New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Würt%, Soho-Square, London. REVUE Mêdicale Historique et Philoso- Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de phique; par M. M. Bellanger Bérard, &c. France en 1815, avec le plan de la bataille &c. No I. and subscription for Nos 2, 3, 4, de Mont-Saint-Jean, (par Napoléon) 8vo.

10s, 6d. This new Review will be published quar- Le Royaume de Westphalie, Jérome

Buonaparte, sa cour, ses favoris et ses mi. Roquefort, Supplement au Glossaire de la nistres. Par un temoin oculaire, 8vo. 9s. Langue Roman ; contenant l'etymologie, Aug. Lafontaine, choix de contes et et la signification des mots usités dans, 'nouvelles, dédiés aux dames, 2 vols 12mo. l'ancienne langue des Français, 8vo. 125.

Fig. 8s. Gallais, Histoire de France, depuis la Principes de Littérature, de Philosophie, mort de Louis XVI. jusqu'au traité de de Politique et de Morale, tom. 1 8vo. 7s. paix du 20 Novembre 1815; avec un table Kératry, Annuaire de l'école Française generale des matiers contenues dans l'his- de Peinture, ou Lettres sur le salon de 1819. toire de France, par Anquétil, 3 vols 8vo. 12mo, avec 5 fig. 9s.

Exposé des faits qui ont précédé et suivi Supplément au Dictionnaire historique de la cession de Parga ; ouvrage écrit origil'Abbé Feller, vol. 4, 8vo. 12s.

nairement en Grec, par un Parganiote, et The work complete in 12 vols, £7, 4s. traduit en Français par un de ses compa

pour servir à une nouvelle his. triotes, 8vo. 45. toire de Louis XII. le père du peuple, 8vo. Ptolémée, Table Chronologique des Règ

nes, avec des Recherches historiques, discours Maximes et Pensées du prisonnier de preliminaire, &c. &c. par l'Abbé Halma, Sainte-Hélène ; manuscrit trouvé dans les Ato. £3, 10. papiers de Las Casas, 8vo. 4s.

£1, 10s.



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COMMERCIAL REPORT.-February 12, 1820.

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Sugar. Since our last, the demand for Sugar has increased, and the prices have ace cordingly advanced. The sales at the different outports have been very considerable, and the deliveries from the warehouses in London have of late been extensive. The prices of Low Browns are, however, still very low, and at least 10s. per cwt. below the price at which the planter can afford to sell them. The finer qualities are more in demand. The price of Sugar, since it was at the lowest pitch, may be stated to have advanced 78. of 8s. per cwt.'; and as affairs in the commercial world become more settled and

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cheerful, a farther advance must take place. The stock in the hands of the dealers must necessarily be small, and no supplies of any consequence can arrive before the months of May or June next. The crops in all the Windward and Leeward Islands must be very late ; and also, from different causes, must be below an average crop. In Jamaica, things wear a favourable aspect for the planter ; but, on the whole, we antičipate a falling off in the importation of Sugar for this year, while we may fairly calculate upon an increased internal consumpt. The prices must, therefore, advance. The increased cultivation in Demerara and Berbice, will not make up for the deficiency that must arise in the crops of other islands, while the importations from the East Indies are by no means likely to increase.-Coffee. The market for this article continues to fluctuate, according to the advices from the Continent. Upon the whole, it may be stated as rather dull, and the prices a trifle lower. The stock in this country is very much ree duced, but the demand for exportation has of late been much reduced also. The consumption, however, seems evidently to increase ; but the cultivation of this article, in various parts of the world, is greatly extended, yet, it would not appear to be equal to the demand, while the late languor in the market may be attributed to the effects of the general stagnation of business in every part of the commercial world.-Cotton. The market for Cotton, after a little revival, is again become dull, and prices may be stated a shade lower. There have of late been very considerable arrivals from the United States, and more are daily expected. We cannot at present see from what quarter any considerable impulse is to come to advance the Cotton market, nor are we of opinion, that it can in future suffer much depreciation. Events, beyond the common course, must take place to do either, and there is at present no reason to calculate on these, at least to any extent. The quantity of East India Cotton still in the market is very considerable ; and as we proceed in our observations, it will be seen that this kind is not likely to be increased. Corn. The market for grain of all descriptions, seems to have become more lively, but for what reason we are at a loss to conceive, unless it be that capitalists consider all kinds of it as below their proper level. They certainly are below what the farmer can afford to raise them at-Rum has been more in demand. Since our last, considerable sales have been effected, but we cannot state at any material advance, while the market appears to be about to sink back to its former languid state. This article has, however, certainly seen the lowest value in the scale.-Geneva is very low in price, and the market languid.-In Brandy there is little doing, but this article has also seen its lowest, and we confidently anticipate an advance in price. The shippers from France are wearied in endeavouring to beat each other out of the market, which they have found a very unprofitable trade.-The Wine market is very dull, and inferior Wines are offered at reduced prices. There is, however, no prospect of any material reduction in the prices of fine old Port Wines, while, if disturbances extend and become general in Spain, it may have the effect of advancing the price of Sherries. The market for Indigo has become more lively, and it is probable, may continue so.---Tobacco also, we should conceive, is an article likely to advance in price. Since our last, as we anticipated, things have in general, in the commercial world, wore a more cheerful aspect than they have long done. Markets for most articles are become more firm, while sales in many can be effected; but we must add, without any considerable improvement in value. This steadiness also, we believe, is more the effect of restored confidence, and a conviction in the minds of the commercial capitalists, that all articles of commerce have seen their lowest point, and are at present below their proper value, than from any actual demand. We cannot at present see any opening of importance in foreign countries, nor do we anticipate any for some time to come. In the course of our further observations, the reasons will be given for this opinion; and till the foreign demand become extensive, we cannot expect the former briskness in our internal trade. Nevertheless, we firmly anticipate, from this time forward, a gradual and progressive amendment in all our commercial affairs, but we have yet some disastrous details to receive from distant foreign markets, where the scatterings of the mighty wreck are not yet all ascertained or collected.

At the commencement of another year, some observations and reflections, upon the commercial matters of the last, become necessary. We observe, that the importation of Sugar for last year has increased. This increase, however, consists chiefly of East India Sugar. The total increase appears to be about 38,000 cases and bags. The imports from our West India colonies are very nearly equal, and amount to 280,000 casks. The consumpt is, however, materially decreased, and the export also considerably reduced, thus leaving the stock on hand greatly augmented. By turning to our Number for January last year, and comparing it with the Tables given in the present Number, our readers will see what the difference is. The Continent of Europe now receives supo plies from the Colonies belonging to the different States, and from India and the Brazils, and Cuba, where the cultivation is rapidly on the increase. The importation of Sugar at Amsterdam, in 1319, was=15,275 hhds. West India.

1,196 hhds. Brazil.
4,313 chests, Havannah.
65,000 packages from India-in a'l, about 27,600,000 lbs.


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