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BERKELEY (Bp.) Essay towards a New Theory of Vision, 4to.

Works, vol. 1 + BERTHOUD (Ferd.) Essai sur l'Horlogerie, 4to, 2 tom.

Paris, 1763 BOURGEOIS (David) Recherches sur l'Art de Voler, 8vo.

Paris, 1784 † BOYLE (Rob.) Medicina Hydrostatica; or Hydrostatics

applied to the Materia Medica, 4to. Works, vol. 5 4 BUCHANANI (Geo.) De Sphæra, Poema, 4to. Opera, tom. 2 Camus (M.) Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, 8vo. Lond. 1806 CLARKE (Sam.) Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Mechanics, 4to.

Lond. 1764 CLERK (John) Essay on Naval Tactics, Systematical and Historical, 4to.

Edinb. 1804 † ConoLLY (J.) Treatise on Telegraphic Communications, by Day and Night, 8vo.

Lond. 1808 + FALCONER (W.) Universal Dictionary of the Marine ;

with a Translation of French Sea Terms and Phrases,

Lond. 1789 FERGUSON (James). Astronomy explaind on Sir Isaac Newton's Principles, by James Brewster, 8vo. 3 vols.

Edinb. 1811 + FLAMSTEEDII (Joh.) Historia Cælestis Britannica, fol. 3 tom,

- Lond. 1725 † GALLON (M.) Machines et Inventions approuvées par

l'Académie Royale des Sciences, 4to. 6 tom. Paris, 1735 † GOAD (J.) Astro-Meteorologica ; or Aphorisms of the Bodies Coelestial, fol.

Lond. 1686 GREGORY (Olinthus) Treatise on Astronomy, 8vo. Lond. 1802 Gregory (Olinthus) Treatise on Mechanics, 8vo. Lond. 1807 † HALLEII (Edm.) Tabulæ Astronomicæ, 4to. Lond. 1749 † The (JESUITS) Practice of Perspective, 4to. Lond. 1749 † KELLY (P.) Practical Introduction to Nautical Astronomy, 8vo.

Lond. 1805 LA LANDE (Jer. de) Histoire Céleste Française, 4to.

Paris, 1801 † La Lande (J. de) Astronomie, 4to. 3 tonn. Paris, 1792 † La Lande (J. de) Bibliographie Astronomique; avec l'Hise . toire de l'Astronomie, depuis 1781, jusqu'à 1802, 4to.

Paris, 1803

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LA PLACE, (P.S.) Exposition du Systême du Monde, 4to.

Paris, 1797 La Place (P. S.) System of the World, by Pond, Svo. 2 vols.

Lond. 1809 † LESCALLIER (C.) Vocabulaire des Termes de Marine, Angl.-Fr. et Fr.-Angl. 8vo.

Paris, 1800 † Long (Roger) Astronomy, in five Books, 4to, 2 vols.

Camb. 1742 if MALTON (Tho.) Treatise on Perspective, with the Appendix, fol.

Lond. 1776-1783 † MARGETT (- ) Horary Tables, shewing by inspection

the apparent diurnal Motion of the Sun, Moon, Stars,
etc. fol. . .

Lond. 1790 of Margett's Tables, for correcting the effect of Parallax and .

Refraction, on the observed Distances taken between the

Moon and the Sun, or a fixed Star, 4to. Lond. 1790 ** NEWTON (J.) Lectiones Opticæ, 4to.

Lond. 1729 + ORFFÝREI Triumphans Perpetum Mobile, Germ. et Lat.

Cassel. 1719 PARKINSON (Tho.) System of Mechanics and Hydrostatics, 4to.' :

Camb. 1789 PRJESTLEY (Dr.) Familiar Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Perspective, 8vo.

. Lond. 1770 † PRONY (M. de) Nouvelle Architecture Hydraulique, con

tenant l'Art d’élever l'eau au moyen de différentes ma-
chines, de construire dans ce fluide, de le diriger, et
généralement d'appliquer, de diverses manières, aux
besoins de la société, 4to. 2 tom.

Paris, 1790 , + SHEPHERD (A.) Tables for correcting the Apparent dis

tances of the Moon and Stars, from the Effects of Re-
fraction and Parallax, fol.

Camb. 1772 † SMITH (Rob.) Complete System of Optics, 4:0. 2 vols.

Camb. 1738 + SWITZER (Steph.) General Universal System of Water and Water Works, 4to. 2 vols.

Lond. 1734 TODD (Tho.) Perpetual Astronomical Kalendar, 4to.

Edinb. 1738 + WALKER (Geo.) On the Doctrine of the Sphere, ato.

Lond. 1777

** WOLLASTON (Dr.) Portraiture of the Heavens, as they appear to the Naked Eye, fol.

Lond. 1811

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. France, ond. 1773

+ BROSSARD (S.) Dictionnaire de Musique, 8vo.. . Amst. BURNEY (Dr. Cha.) Present State of Music in France and Italy, gvo.

: Lond. 1773 Burney's Present State of Music in Germany, the Nether

lands, and the United Provinces, 8vo. 2 vols.' Lond. 1773 CALCOTT (Dr. J. W.) Musical Grammar, 12mo. Lond. 1809 CAMPANOLOGIA; or the Art of Ringing, 18mo. Lond. 1733 + EULERI (Leonh.) Tentamen Novæ Theoriæ Musicæ, 4to.

Petrop. 1739 + GRASSINEAU (James) Musical Dictionary, 8vo. Lond. 1740 Malcolm (Alex.) Treatise of Music, Speculative, Practical and Historical, 8vo.

Lond. 1730 + ROUSSEAU (J. J.) Dictionnaire de Musique, 8vo. Paris, 1768 SMITH (Rob.) Harmonics; or the Philosophy of Musical Sounds, 8vo.

Lond. 1749 + STANHOPE (Cha. Earl) Principles of the Science of tuning Instruments, with fixed tones, svo.

Rep. of Arts, (2d. Series) vol. 9



Arts of Peace. §. 1. Dictionaries, etc. of Arts and Sciences. 4 CHOMEL (N.) Dictionnaire Economique, fol. 3 tom. .

Paris, 1767 4 ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA; a Dictionary of Arts and

Sciences, with the Supplement, 4to. 20 vols. Edinb. 1797 MILLER (Sam.) Brief Retrospect of the eighteenth Century;

containing a Sketch of the Revolutious and Improve. .
ments in Science, Arts, and Literature, during that

period, 8vo. 3 vols. . . .: :. Lond. 1805 4 THE New ENCYCLOPÆDIA; or Universal Dictionary of

Arts and Sciences, royal 8vo, 23 vols., Perth, 1807

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+ REES (Dr. A.) New Cyclopædia: or Universal Dictionary . of Arts, Sciences, and Literature, 4to, vols. 1 to 16.

Lond. V. Y . 4 WILLICH (Dr.) Domestic Encyclopædia; or Dictionary

of Facts and Useful Knowledge, 8vo. 4 vols. Lond. 1802

§. 2. Arts of Design, Painting, Sculpture, etc. Bell (Cha.) Essays on the Anatomy of Expression in Painting, 4to.

Lond. 1806
DALLAWAY (Ja.) Anecdotes of the Arts in England; or

comparative Remarks on Architecture, Sculpture and
Painting, chiefly illustrated by Specimens at Oxford,

Lond. 1800
DAYES (Edw.) Works; containing an excursion through
Derbyshire and Yorkshire, Essays on Painting, etc. 4to.

Lond. 1805 De Piles (M.) Abrégé de la Vie des Peintres, 12mo.

Paris, 1715 De Piles’ Art of Painting, with the Lives of the most eminent Painters, 8vo.

Lond. DUFRESNOY (M.) Art of Painting, Lat. and Eng. by Mr. Mason, with Notes by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 8vo.

Reynolds' Works, vol. 3, and Mason's, vol. 3 FELIBIEN, (M.) Entretiens sur les Vies et sur les Ouvrages · des plus excellens Peintres, 4to. 3 tom. Paris, 1685 Fuseli (H.) Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture of the Greeks, 8vo.

Lond. 1765
GILPIN (Wm.) Remarks on Forest Scenery, 8vo. 2 vols.

Lond. 1808
JUNIUS (Fr.) On the Painting of the Ancients, 4to. Lond. 1638
MEADOWS (R. M.) Three Lectures on Engraving, delivered
at the Surry Institution, 8vo.

Lond. 1811
Ople (John) Lectures on Painting, 4to.

Lond. 1809
+ ORLANDI (P. A.) Abecedario Pittorico, da P. Guarienti,

Venezia, 1753
Pawson (Mr.) Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures, 8vo.
The Perfect PAINTER; or History of Painting, 12mo. Lond. 1730
+ PILKINGTON (Matt.) Dictionary of Painters, improved by
H. Fuseli, 4to.

Lond. 1805

REYNOLDS (Sir Josh.) Works; containing his Discourses at

the Royal Academy, and Commentary on Du Fresnoy's
Art of Painting, with his Life, by F. Malone, svo.
3 vols.

Lond. 1800 † SANDERSON (Wm.) Graphice; or the Use of the Pen and

Pencil, in designing, drawing, and painting, fol. Lond. 1658 Shes (M. A.) Elements of Art, Svo.

Lond. 1809 + SoWERBY (Ja.) New Elucidation of Colours, 4to. Lond. 1809 WALPOLE (Hor. Earl of Orford) Ædes Walpaliane; or a

Description of the Collection of Pictures at Houghton :
Hall in Norfolk, 4to.

Works, vol. 2 Walpole (Horace) Anecdotes of Painting in England; and

incidental Notes on other Arts, 4to. Works, vols. 3 and 4 §. 3. Agriculture, Gardening, Rural and Domestic Economy. LETTERS and Papers on Agriculture, Planting, etc. by the Bath and West-of-England Society, 8vo. 10 vols.

Bath, V. Y. Blith (Walter) Survey of Husbandry, 4to. Lond. 1649 † COMPLETE FARMER; or General Dictionary of Agriculture and Husbandry, 4to. 2 vols.

Lond. 1807 DICKSON (R. W.) Practical Agriculture; or, a complete

System of modern Husbandry; with the methods of
Planting, and the management of Live Stock, 4to. 2 vols.

Lond. 1807 † Dossie (Rob.) Memoirs of Agriculture and other conomical Arts, 8vo. 3 vols.

Lond. 1768 DUNDONALD (Lord) Treatise on the Connection between Agriculture and Chemistry, 4to.

Lond. 1603 FORSYTH (Wm,) Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees, 8vo.

Lond. 1803 Hunter (Dr. A.) Georgical Essays, 8vo. 4 vols. York, 1803 KIRWAN (Rich.) Essay on Manures, 8vo.

Lond. 1808 Liger Louis) @conomie de la Campagne, 4to. Amst. 1701 † LOCKE (John) on the Growth and Culture of Vines and

Olives; the Production of Silk; and the Preservation of
Fruits, 4to..

Works, vol. 4 MALCOLM (Ja.) Compendium of Modem Husbandry, principally written during a survey of Surrey, 8vo. 3 vols.

Lond. 1805

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