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Bancroft, W., and J. Wandsworth, York, cotton- Lang, H. Lang, E. Lang, W. Lang, R. and Peacopo spinners.

P. Woodnobby, Lancaster, calico-printers. Bourne, W. and Chawney, T. Cheedley, Stafford, Litton, G. and Worthington, S. Liverpool, mer

chants. . Brownhill, J. and Holden, A. Rochdale, Lancaster, Mathers, R. and Castley, R. Friday-st. mercers. hat.manufacturers.

M.Carthy, C. Browa, H.W. Morris, R. and Hayles, Bryant, W. and Netzko, J. Gough-89. furriers.

N. W. Newfoundland. Coates, H. and Jarratt, W. Sculcoaies, Yorkshire, Moffett, J. and Tabrum, H. Red-lion-st. Borough, merchants

hop and seed factors. Crandon, C. and Smith, C. Great Alie-st. Good. Mardall, W. and Mardall, R. St. Mary.hill, wine man's-ficks, wine-merchats.

and brandy merchants. Curtis, &. and Thomas, H. Well st. St. Giles's, lea. Mickle, J. Slickle, G. and Haggie, D. Gateshead, ther factors.

Durham, rope makers. Cruso, L. and ('ruso, M. Norwich, dress-makers. Macnab, A. Thomson, J. Middleton, C. S Scott, D.. Cripps, W. B. and Lance, T. Liverpool, merchants. and Muller, F. A. C. Gibraltar, commissionClitherow, R. and illwood, H. Horncastle, Lin.

agents. coln, attornips at-law.

Marshall, w. Bayley, J. and Pickmore, R. Chester, Creak, W. and rapel, W, Cornhill, tea-dealers.

salt-inanufacturers. Crowther, W. and Blaney, G. A. Ironmonger-st. Mills, E. and Wes!, J. Bath, painters and glaziers. Old-st. wholesale watch makers.

Muller, F. A.C. and Macnab, A. Hamburg, com. Dymond, H. Dymoni, J. Sparkes, J. and Dymond, mission agents. J. jun. Exeter. bide merchants.

Mercer, W. and Hilton, T. Liverpool, brick-makers. Dausbe'y, R. and Witherington, M. Spital-fields, Nickolds, J. and Ribe ts, s. A. Upper Conway-st. mustard manufacturers.

silver plated minutu turers. Deni, J. and Hopkins, T. Stone and Hanley, Staf. Nicholson, J. ('. and Masman, A. Liverpool, mer: ford aliornies.

chants. Deares, T. and Brander, W. jun London.

Owen, G. and Sculfield, R. Rochdale, wonlleaEmanuel, E. and Aaron, s. C. Ilymouth, navy

manufacturers. agents.

Olve, J. and Britten, T. London, merchants. Ellis, R. and Hughes, A. Liverpool, chemists. Peele, J. J. Turner, T. Scott, T. and Mawsom, w, Fellows, J. Mellor, C. and Hart, f. Nottingham,

London. bankers.

Patten, S. Haworth, E. and Hutchinson, w, a, Fowler, M. and Barnard, T. Stanmore, Hertford, St. James's pl. dress makers. Alderney cow dealers.

Porthouse, E. and ibson, J Durham, fax-spinners. Gardner, T. and Holmes, R. jun. Newark-upon- Phillips, J. and Phillips. J. Oxford-st china men. Trent, Nouingham, tia dealers.

Prest, T. Swai'e, J. and Hawkesworth, E. KnaresGrant, J. G. and Weatherstone, E. Oxford, book. borúngle, York, calico maintiacturers. sellers,

Porter, R. Sudren, W and Wilson, P. Breighnut, Gilbert, H. and Powell, W. Chiswell-st. grocers.

Lancaster, bleachers. Gill, J. and Hawkesworth, J. Hemslet, York, cas.

Rands, J, and G. Poole, ship-chandlers. penters.

Robinson, W. and Hammond, W. Austin-friars, Grierson, J. and Ryley, W. Pilkington, Lancaster, aitornies, calico-printers.

Ramsat, T. and Lane, J. St. Mary at Hill, wine. Grenon, A. W. and Fazakerley, T. Manchester, com.

merchants. mission-agents.

Redmund, D. Warmington, J. jun. and Smith, J. Griffithi, P. M. and Bartlett, T. jun.

Threadneedle st. crknallufacturers Gibson, T. and Myers, c. Newcastle upon Tyne, Ross, J jun. and Laing, G. ('oupar, Angus, gmcers. chemists

Read, c. R. and Fraser, D. A. Brabant co. Philpote, Gray. J. and Gray, R. Kensington-road, seed and nurseri me'i.

Rains. H. Simson, G. and Pellatt, M. Battersen, Gibson, T. ant Bancroft. P. Wincham, Chester,

cabinet makers. line-burners.

Raikes, J. M. Raikes, T. Raikes, R. M. and Mason, Gibson, W. Gibson, B. and Horne, J. London, J. F. Londoni-wall, merchants. merchanis.

Rutherford, W. Watson, A. Purnet, J. and Wat. Grahame, T. and Stephenson, R. Glasgow, mer. son. J jun. Philadelphia, Durham Srocers. chants

Smith, W. and Ellis, ü Leicesier, wool staplers. Harris, W. and Bale, J. Strand, boot-makers. Stowcroft, 1. and Migall, 1). Hare tordwest, wine Herbert, C. and Henae, – Prince's-st. Soho, army.

and timber mercha is. accoutrement.makers.

Scott, J. and Scott, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, white. Hutchinson, D.G. Cheshire, T. and Edwa ds, W. smiths. Liverpool, silli-mercers.

Scudon, J. Cleugh, W. and Ridgway, J. Warrington, Hall, S. and Mash, T. Whitechapel road, stuff or Lancaster, file.cuiters. frease melters.

Sinith, S. and Wilkinson, W. Fenchurch st. druz. Hindle, T. Highton, T. and Walsh, T. Blackburn, gists. Lancaster, builders.

Storer, J. Storer, J. and Clough, G. Derby, tallor. How, G. A. and Taylor, J. Islewortli, cori-mer. chandlers. chants.

$wale, J. and Prest, T Knaresbor ugh, York, fax. Holinrike, J. and Hollinsake, W. Langfield, York,

merchants. cotton-spinners.

Smith, R. and Daniel, J. Pendleton, Lancashire, Hall, T. Hardwicke, F Duncan, W. and Northage, vers. W. Lawrence ld. Isles.

Smiles, W. and J. Newcastle upon Tyne, glaziers. Hodson, J. and Croit, J. Manchester, dealers in Stansfield, J. Stansfield, C. and Suicliffe, RHalimuslin.

tax, wool staplers. Iford, W. jun. and Lloyd, T. Manchester-st. St. Shrimpton, J. and Fownell, W. Marlborough, Mary.le-bone, surveyors.

parcunent-manufacturers. Jackson. G. ad Hilder, J. Howford's-bu. Fen. Steadman, J. F. and Uhthoff, H. Holborn-co. Gray'se church-st. agents.

inn, attornies. Jones, li. ad Ehroke, R. W'estuury.upon 'Trim, 'Trueman, W. and J. and Hall, J. Macclesfield, silkGlucester, smut.

inanıracturers. Jameson, A. and Paul, D. Yarm, York, surgeons. Tutedy, a Inderson, J. and Anderson, c. Wilso Jeifrey , J Stevens, W. Smith, D. and Stokes, G. den, rad ord, York, worsted spinners. Crossley, Stafford

Thomson, S. Thomson, A. Greenwood, C. and Jones, J. and Jones, G. Liverpool. flax dressers.

Miloncell, Rtlierhithe, cok-cutters. Lamb, J. K. and Lamb, G. Mount Sion Print. Tichell, T. and Chifney, k. B. Godshill, Stafford, Works, Lancaster, colico priniers.

in inasteis Lerinitie, T. iernille, J. aud Lermittee, G. Ald. Tabor, R. and Devall, 1. Colchester, bay-makers. gate, wollten dra eis.

Towerzey, J. and Huichings, E. Wroxton, Oxford, Lee, J. and Kennedy, J. Hammersmitli, nursery. horse-dealery. inen.

Timmins, G• H. Mendham, W. H. and Richardson, Le Breton, T. and Bowdis), T. Bristol, hatters.

M. Liverpool, merchants. Lund, R. and Scholes, H. Blachburn, Lancaster, Turner, P. H. Johnson, C. and Aspull, T. London, colion-manufacturers.

wall, coinmon-carriers.

la. agents.

Venables, W. and Robson, W. $t. Dunstan's-hill,

Whitcomb, T. Goodman, H. Crane, J. and Baker, C.

Kidderminster, carpet-manufacturers.
Wilkinson, R. and Roberts, J. Sculcoates, York.

shire, ineri hants.
Watkinson, J. and Eccles, J. Glamford Briggs, Lin-

coln, hat manufacturers.
Whittinghamn, C. and Rowland, R. Goswell-st,

Clerken ell, printers.
Williams, P. and Hoyle, J. lightermen.
Wheelhouse, W. and Wheelhouse, J. Wandsworth,

Walker, T. sen. and Walker, T, jun. Hart-st,

Bloomsbury, wine-merchants.

Walker, J. and Walker, J. Preston, Lancaster,

tobacconists. Welch, c. and Morris, G. High-st. Kensington,

blacking-manufacturers. Wilkinson, G. and Wilkinson, R. Preston, Lancas

ter, linen drapers.
Weddell, G. L. and Weddell, C. Selby, York, wine,

* merchants.
Wigham, G. and Prior, G. North Shields, butchers.
Weston, J. Russell, M and Hall, W. Bracley, Lana

caster, cotton-manufacturers.
Young, R. and J. Southampton, grocers.
Young, J. G. W. and Freer, W. Narborough, Lei.

cester, hosiers.


(Continued from page 459.) A

UGUSTUS APPLEGARTH, of Nelson-square, cloth, durable, pliable, free from cracking, and

Great Surrey-street, Surrey, Printer; for cer. water-proof, and also for preserving every kind and tain improvements in the art of casting stereotype description of wood from wind or weather, whether of other plates inr printing, and in the construction applied to ships, houses, or manufactories, and for of plates for printing, and in the construction of all purposes where paint, varnish, or tar, are used plates for printing bank or bankers' notes, or other for the purpose of preservation or beauty, and wheprinted in pression, where dithculty of imitation is ther applied to cannon or iron of every description." a desideratum. Dated April 23, 1818.

Dated May 5, 1818. EDWARD LILLIE BRIDGEMAN, of Goswell- THOMAS TODD, of Swansea, Glamorganshire, street rrad, St. Luke's, Middlesex, Tallow.cbaudler; Organ builder ; for certain improvements in rolling for certain improvements in making coffins, and in of iron, and making wire, nails, brads, and screws. machines for conveying coffins for interment, and Dated May 7, 1818. appendages to the same, in church and burying- WILLIAM CHURCH, of Turner-street, Com, grounds. Dated April 23, 1818.

mercial-road, Gentleman; for certain improve. GEORGE TYER, of Homerton, Middlesex, Gen- ments in or upon the inachinery for making nails tleman; for a chain-pump. Dated May 2, 1818. and spikes of various forms and dimensions, and JOSHUA ROWE, of lorpoint, Cornwall, Mer.

also wire and screws of iron, copper, brass, or any chant; for certain improvements, or process, or

other suitable metal. Dated May 7, 1818. princesses, applicable to the printing of cutton and HENRY CONSTANTINE JENNINGS, of Carother cloths, and to other purposes. Dated May 4, burton-street, Fitzroy square, St. Mary-le-Bone, PIN

Middlesex, Esquire ; for an improvement in the SIR THOM 18 COCHRANE, Knight, commonly mariner's compass. Dated May 7, 1818. called 10D COCHRANE, and ALEXANDER ROBERT ECCLES, of Edinburgh, Esquire ; for GALLOW AY, ol Holborn, Middle ex Engineer; certain improvements in the masts, sails, and rigfor the sothing or making a manutacture, being a ging, of ships or sailing vessels.

Dated May 9, reachine or inichines for removing the inconveni. 1818. ENCE of sinside or games generated in stoves, fur. THOMAS BROWN NILNES, of Lenton, Not. naces, of fire-places, by the ignition or coinbustion tinghainshire, Bleacher; for certain improvements of coals, or other intiammable substances, and in on inachinery for the finishing of cotton, Angola, certain cases for directing the beat, and applying and lambig-wool stockings, and other frame-work such sinke, os gases, to various useful purposes, goods ; also the application of known powers to the which will be of great public utility Dated May 4, working of the said machinery.

Dated May 19, 1612.

1819. THOMAS JONES, of Bradford-street, Birming- MAURICE ST. LEGER, of St. Giles, Camberwell, ham Warwickshire, Iron founder, and CHARLES Surrey, Gentleman for an improved method of PLIMI EY, O Cumingham aforesaid, Refioer; for making lime Dated May 19, 1818. an improvement to blast engines and steam engines. THOMAS HJI.LS, of Bromley, Middlesex, Mer. Dare! May 7, 1818.

chant, and URIAH HADDOCK, of the City-ter. WILLI ÁM BUSH the younger, of Bermondsey, race, City-riad, Middlesex, Chemist; for an inSurtes, Engin er; for an improvement in the me. improvement in the manufacture of sulphuric acid. thod of dying an' preparing of malt, wheat, and Dated May 19, 1818. olher grain. Dated May 5, 1918.

THOMAS MOTLEY, of the Strand, Middlesex, WOLF BENJAMIN, of Plymouth Dock, Deron. Patent Letter Manutacturer, one of the peoply called shire, Ombrella Manu!acturer: for a composition Quakers; for certain improvements on ladders. Parying in co'our, with a peculiar method of apply. Dated May 19, 1818. ing, for the purpose of rendering canvas, linen, and VARIATIONS OF BAROMETER, THERMOMETER, &c. at Nine o'clock A.M.

By T. BIUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to bis Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL. 1818. Baron Ther. Wind Obser. 1818 Barom her. Wind Obser. May 26 30.23 ! 58 NE Fair June 10 30.18 66

E Fair 27 30 25 55 NE

Il 30.05 73 E

Ditto 28 30 18 53 N Ditto 12 29.91 72 SE

Ditto 29 30,06 56 N Ditto

13 29.85 75 SW Ditto 30 30.05 50 NE Ditto

14 29.92 69 SW Ditto 31 29.92 60 NW Ditto

15 30.00 71 SW

Ditto June 1 29.93



16 30.90 73 SW Ditto
2 29.97
66 W Ditto

17 29.82 67 W

Ditto 3 30.04 N Ditto 18 29.67 65 NW

Ditto 4 30.1. 69 N Ditto

19 29 67

SW Ditto 5 30.25 66 NE Dilto

20 29.67 62 SW Rain 6 30.25 NE Ditto 21 29.88 66 SW

Fair 7 30.24 62 NE Ditto

22 29.81 61 SW Rain 8 30.26 68 NE Ditto

23 29.83 60


Fair 9! 30.2168


241 29 92 63 W Ditto

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FROM FRIDAY, MAY 29, TO JUNE 19, 1818. COTTON.- The cotton market continues SUGAR. -The demand for good Sugars rather heavy; the purchases by private con- has continued steady during the week; the tract consist of only a few Pernams, 2s. finer descriptions being scarce, fully support 14d.Bahias, 23 d.; Bengals, 101d. the late prices; the ordinary qualities are

The pablic sale this forenoon went off rather lower: the wind having become however with considerable briskness, and favourable, very extensive arrivals are immnch higher than was anticipated: it con- mediately expected. sisted of 465 bales Cotton ; the greater pro- There have been several parcels of Lomps portion prime Demerara sold 25. 2fd. and brought into the market this week, and 28. 3d. ; ordinary Berbice 223. a 23 d.; generally inet a ready sale ; but as the good 2s, Id. a 2s. 1d.

request appears chiefly coofined to these SUGAR.—The market since Tuesday has descriptions, and the holders being earnest been pretty well supplied with new Sugars, to effect sales, the prices may be quoted a and as the trade are out of stock, the busi- shade lower, and the refined market may be Dess done bas been considerable; the holders stated heavy.–Molasses are without varia. still evince an inclioation to effect sales at tion. the currency of the market; the prices may There are no enquiries made after Foreiga be stated at a further decline of ls. per Sugars. cwt.

COFFEE.-Coffee continues to fluctuate There has been little business done in greatly. Wednesday's public sales went of Refined goods; as the stock appears in- with spirit, fully supporting the previous creasing, and the demand still languid, the currency by private contract. Ai a large market may be stated at a decline of ls. sale yesterday Coffee sold 2s. lower. This One or two purchases of Lumps are re- forenoon 169 casks and 728 bags were ported about 105s and 106s. The request for brought forward, chiedy Duich descriptions ; Molasses continues to be considerable. the whole weni off beavily at prices a shade

There are few enquiries after Havannah lower than yesterday. or Brazil Sugars. At the India House, the OIL.- The prices of Oil are rather lower, brown descriptions went off lower.

but the quotations are nearly nominal: COFFEE.-Coffee early in the week there is no part of the large quantity of Oil went off with briskness; the demand has lately held on speculation brought to marsince giveo way, and at the public sales of

ket. Wednesday, a depression of 2s. a 3s. was RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS. submitted to. This forenoon two sales were The public sale of Rum yesterday went off brought forward; they went off much about at prices fully supporting the late currency, the depression we have stated. The Mocha and with more briskness than was expected; Coffee at the India House sold so high as the government contract, 100,000 gallons, 149s. a 152. 60. for good; inferior 123s. which was known in the morning, had a a 126s.; much damaged 114s. a 120. favourable effect. Brandy has again de

TOBACCO,- There have been few por: clined considerably.--Geneva may also be chases lately of Tobacco. A cargo of Vir. purchased lower, ginia is reported sold for a Continental port TALLOW.-The prices of Foreign Talat 6ls, a 62s,

low are nominally a shade lower, but there SPICES – There is no variation in Spices, is little or no business doing. - The Town Pimento continues in request.

marker is to day quoted 745, 6d., which is RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.- 2s. lower than last week. There is little or no business doing in Brandy or Geneva; the quotations are nearly nomi.

FRIDAY, JUNE 12. pal. This forenoon a public sale of Rom COTTON.-The Cotion market has been was brought forward; the strong descrip- very heavy for some time; the limited sales tions went off freely- hot little alteration pflerted are at a sinall redoction. The East in the prices of Rum can be stated.

India sale declared for the 26th inst, is still TALLOW.- The prices of Foreign Tal- assigned as the chief cause of the languid low are a shade lower. The Town market state of the market. is to day quoted 79s. 6d., which is 6d. higher SUGAR.-There have been few purchatban last week.

ses of Muscovades during the week; the

limited sales which have been effected are FRIDAY, JUNE 5.

chietly middliog and fine Snigars, which are COTTON.-- The Cotion market has be- scarce, and fully support the late prices; come exceedingly heavy; the purchases by the lower qualities are more plentiful, and private contract for the week op so the the holders, being anxious to effect sales, evening of yesterday, are about 800 pack. have in several instances submitted to a ages; the greater proportion sold on Friday depression of Is. per cwt. The request for and Saturday last;" the prices are a shade the lower qualities of Refived Sagars bad lower.



greatly increased, and the late currency is done to Muscovades this week; the impor. fully maiotained; the finer descriptions are ters would submit to no depression to facili. more plentiful, and are offered at prices Is. tate sales, and the buyers purchased only to 2s, lower. The demand for Molasses has small parcels, calculating that a decline will rather given way. There is more inquiry take place when the market is better supafter Foreigo Sugar.-At a public sale, plied, which will probably be the case next middling white Brazil 589.; good white week: there were few good or fine Sugars Haranuab 66s. 60.

on show; the prices could not be stated at COFFEE.-The public sales of British any variation.

Io the Refined market Plantation Coffee, brought forward this there was more doing; the new supplies veek, bave been very extensive; the greater brought forward are still very limited, and proportion was disposed of, but generally a the demand was considerable, the imall reduction was submitted to, particu- former prices were fully supported. There larly in the ordinary descriptions of Jamaica, were two or three parcels of Brazil Sugars which sell at a decline of about 23. ; the brought forward by public sale, they went other qualities may be stated Is. lower: the off without briskness at prices a shade request for Foreiga descriptions has been lower. very considerable, and in several instances COFFEE.-There continues to be consiao advance of Is, to 2s. has been realized. derable fluctuations in Coffee. The publie

OILS.--The prices of Oil remain in an sales of Wednesday went off with much unsettled state on account of the large sup- briskness at an advance of 2s. per cwt, plies expected from the stock of the specu- Tbis forenoon two sales took place, the first, lators; in the mean time, the limited purcha. consisting of Jamaica and Demerara des.. ses made are at a small decline.-Sperin has criptions, went off with much briskness; agaio given way on account of further the latter at a further advance of is. to 28. ; arrivals.

the Jamaica much about the previous prices: SPICES,- Pimento continges inquired the second sale was chiefly withdrawn at after ; good quality 104d. 4.-In other very high prices. Spices there is little doing. The India Com. RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS. pany bave declared for 13th August, Com- There has been little business done in Rom; pany's—120,0001bs, Cinnamon; 100,000lbs. the market by private contract may be Natmegs; 100,000lbs. Cloves, 35,000lbs. stated very heavy, with little alteration in Mace,

the prices. The public sale this forenoon RICE.-The public sale of East India cannot be given as any criterioo of the Biee this forenoon went off rather lower; market, as the quality was very indifferent, it consist d of 3320 bags; the greater pro- consisting of 104 puncheons Jamaica- 23 portion middling quality Java, sold 16s. 6d. to 25, 3:. 30.; 25 to 28, 3s. 8d, to Ss. 9d. ; and 17s. ; a few lots 16.; 120 bags fine 29 to 35, 45, 3d, to 4s. 60. ; 36 to 37, 4s. 8d. Java, 265.

The prices of Brandy are nominal; the RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.- markei exceedingly heavy.-Geneva may be The public sale of Tuesday consisted of purchased a shade lower. about 250 puacheons Jainaica Rum. The RICE.-There is an improving demand for following were the particulars – 13 to 15, Rice; the sale at the India House oo Mon. 31. 3d, to 3s. 4d. ; 21 to 22, 3s. 60. ; 25 to 27, day went off freely at prices Is, in 2s. 46. 4d. ; 27 to 28, 4s. 60.; 29 to 30, 48. 8d.; higher: it consisted of 15,000 bags - Yel. 31.10 33, 4s, 90.-The market since has been low ordinary Bengal, 153, to 154. 6d. ; good Sery beavy-The great depression that has

fair, 185. to 18s. 60.: white good clean, taken place in the prices of Brandy does 20s. 6d. to 21s. ; fine 25s, 6d, to 263, pot facilitate sales — Geneva is without va. FRUIT.-There is very little demand riation.

for Fruit. A public sale was brought forTALLOW.--The prices of Foreign Tal. ward this forennon, consisting of Sun low are entirely nominal; some few parcels Raisins, Moscatels, Figs, Plums, &c, the are offered even under our reduced quota- greater proportion was withdrawn on acfinns.— The Towo market is to day quoted

count of the limited request. at 745. 6d. wbich is the same as last week, TALLOW.--The prices of Foreign Tal

low are entirely nominal; there is licle or

no business doing; Yellow Candle Tallow, FRIDAY, June 19.

Dominally about 71s, to 725.-The Town COTTON.- The Colton market remaing

market is to day quoted at 758, which is 6d. exceedingly heavy, owing principally to the bigher than last week. large sale of East India declared for this TOBACCO.--There is little doing in day week. The total sales since our last Tohaccu; the prices are willicul variation, little exceed 200 packages inconsiderable 014. - The prices of Greenland Oil may parcels of Pernams, Demer: ras, Surais, and be stated at a further depression of 11. to El, Bengals, at prices lielle varied; the quanti. per tow; there are however few sales at the lies were so trivial, that the prices form vo reduction.-Southern bas declined in the criterion of the market currency.

game proportion.-The pther descriptions of SUGAR. — These bas beco lijde business Oil are șcavy at the quoted currency.


65 O a

65 O a

16 4 a

17 0

60 O a

4 0 a




May25 to Junell June 1 to 8. June to 15. June 15 to 83. BRBAD, per quartern..........


1 & I of Mour, Fine, per sack..

65 O a. 70 0


70 0 65 0 a 700 Seconds

600 a 65 ) 000 a

650 60 O a 05 0 600 a 650 Scotch..

55 0a 65 0 55 O a 65 0 35 8 a 65 0 55 0 # 65 0 Malt

60 02
72 0 44 0 a 500

60 0a

720 60 O & 790 Pollard

200 a 28 20 0a 28 0 20 O a 260 20 O & ESO Bran

13 O a 140
So a

iso a 14 0 IS 0 a 140 Mustard, Brown, per bushel......

16 0 a

20 ) 160 a 80 0 16 0 a 200
70a 100) 70 a 10 0 70a

10 O 70 a 100 Tares

19 O a
17 0
19 0 a

12 O a 17 O 19 0 à 170 Turnips, Round...

15 0 a 20 O

15 0 a

200 150 a 200 15 0 a 200 Hemp, per quarter.


95 o 80 0 a 955 70 0 a 780 70 0 a 780 Cinque Foil

74 0

60 O a 74 0 45 a 600 45 0 a 600 Clover, English, Red, per cwt.

30 O a

90 0 40 O a 95 0 400 a 95 0 40 0 a 950 White..

50 0 a 1200 50 0 a 1200 50 0 a 1200 50 0 a 1200 Trefoil ........

150 a
50 0
15 0 a
50 O
150 a 0 0

150 a 80 @ Rape Seed, per last ............................

48 O a
54 0 48 O a 52 6 48 oa 52 0

4$ 0 a 520 Linseed Cakes, per 1000 ..................

13 0 a 19 13 19 0 a 19 19 I10a

0 0 11 02 0 Onions, per bushel

0 0a
o 0

о оа 0.0 0 0 a 0 0 o oа оо Potatoes, Kidneys, per ton..... ........ 30 a 40 3 10 a 4 0 Тоа 30

0 18 a 16 Champions...

2 0 a 9 10 2 10 a 3 10 2 O a 0 0 80 a 10 Beef

3 оа
4 0 9 2, a

34 a. 4 4 Mutten Newgate & Lead

3 8a

3 10 a
4 10
9 4 a

31 a 4 10 Lamb enhall, per st. of

50 a 68 6 0 a 70 5 оа по 5 6 a 68 Veal 8 lbs.

98 a

5 8
4 8 a

08 sa 64 Pork

4. O a

6 0 3 88 5 8 + оа 6 0 4 02 6 Butter, Dublin, per cwt.

86 0 a 900 88 0 a 900

88 O a

90 o 88 0 a 900 Carlow..

106 ( a 1100 119 0 a 00

1120 a 0 0 112 0 a 0 0 Dutch

120 0 a 124 0 120 a 00 190 oa oo 190 O a 0 0 York, per firkin..

62 0 a 64 62 O a

64 0

62 O a 64 0 09 0 a 84 0 , Cambridge

0! 0 a 64 0

69 0 a
64 0
64 0 a

64 0 69 0 a 640 Dorset....

65 0 a 66 0

65 O a
66 0
65 O a
66 0

65 0 a 66 0 Cheese, Cheshire, Old

90' 0 a 10o O 90 0 a 100 O 90 0 a 100 0 90 0 a 100 Ditto, New

74 0 a 84 0 65 0 a 66 t 74 0 a 84 O 74 0 a 840 Gloucester, doubled 74.0 a 84 0 74 0 a 84 0 74 0 a 84 0

74 0 a 84 0 Ditto, single

66 O 56 oa68 о 50 0 a 66 0 56 0 a 660 Dutch

0 0
63 оао

0 63 Оa 0 0 63 0 a 0 0 Hams, Westphalia...

о оа. o o o oа о 0 0 a 0 0 o oa o o York..

0 оа оо 0 0 a 0 0 0 оа 0 0 0 0а о о Dacon, Wiltshire, per stone

7 0 a 0 0 70a 0 0 7 0a 0 0 7 08 00 Irish

8 a. 00

5 8 &

6 0 5 8 a 60 5 8 a 60 York, per cwt.

0 0 о оа 0 0

о оа

0 0 o oа оо Lard..

96 0 94 0 a 96 0 94 0 a 96 0 94 0 a 96 Tallow, per cwt.

3 16 0
3 14 0
9 14 0

3 15 0 Candles, Store, per doz......

11 6
11 6

116 Ditto, Moulds.....

12 O
12 O

190 Soap, Yellow, per cwt..

94 0
98 0

98 0 Ditto, Mottled

106 0
106 0
103 0

106 0 Ditto, Curded

112 0


112 0 Starch

4 12 a 4 16 4 19 a 4 15 4 19 2 4 16 Coals, Newcastle

96 6 a 44

0 $40 a 43 6 SI 9 a 49 o 36 0 a 496 Ditto, Sunderland. 34 6 a 97 6 о оа 0 0 52 6 a 97 0

35 9 a 360 Kent Hops, in bags

23 0 a 25 O 81 0 a 83 0 Qi 0 a 93 0 21 0 a 93 Sussex 21 Oa 94 0 19 0 a 99 0 19 0 a 99 0

19 0 a 90 Hay St. James's

5 6 ()
5 5 0
5 7 0

5 70 0 0 0

5 10 0 averaged

5 10 0

5 10 0 3 3 6 2 18 0 3 0 0

306 Hay Smithfield

5 50
5 5 0
5 5 0

5 90 • Clover... averaged

6 3 6
6 8 0
6 5 0

6 36
2 19 0
33 0
2 16 6

9 16 6 Whitechapel

5 5 0
5 5 0
5 5 0

5 8 0 Clover.....

6 0 0

6 O O

6 36
2 11 6
2 17 6
2 18

9 190

56 o a 63 0 3

6 0a 94 o a


4 19 a 4 16

Straw ........

Si raw ..... Hay,

Suraw ........




[blocks in formation]

By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140 lbs. Avoirdupuis,

from the Returns received in the Week
(Ending May 23. Ending May 30 Ending June 6. Ending June 13,

$. d.


84 11
83 3

82 11

53 8


51 10
49 7



39 D

56 5
56 1

35 9

52 11
52 7
54 0

53 9

35 8
35 0
35 5

$4 AGGREGATE PRICES of BRITISH CORN in SCOTLAND, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels

. and of OATMEAL, per Boll, of 128 lbs. Scotch 'Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four Weeks immediately preceding the 15th of May 1818, from the London Gazette of Saturday, May 30, s. Wheat, 691. cic. I Rye, 018. Pd. | Barley, 45$. ?u. 1 Oats, 1938. ld. | Beans, 538. 7d. | Peas,* 54s. id. I Val. meal, 205. Id. | Beer or Big, 41s. sd.

Published by Authority of Parliament, WILLIAM DOWDING, Receiver of Corn Returns.

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AVERAGE PRICE OF BROWN OR MUSCOVADO SUGAR, Exclusive of the Duties of Customs paid or payable thereon on the Importation thereof into Great Britain.

Computed from the Heturns made in the Week ending May 07, is 518. odd. per cwr. June 3, is sos. $$d. per cwl. June 10, is 508. 11d. per ewt. | June 17,

is 194. 11d. per cwt. Published by Authority of Parliament,

THOMAS NETTLE HIPP, Clerk of the Grocers' Company.

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