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in all things assist to the utmost of his power fellow.citizens ; but he by no means wisbed in the due execution of the present Conven to press himself forward on the present oco. tion, according to the true intent and mean casion. ing thereof.

Mr. Alderman Thorp professed npaltera5th. It is forther mutually agreed, that ble attachment to the priociples of the Conthe Commanders of the ships of the two stitution as delivered dowo to us by our Royal Navies, who shall be employed on ancestors, and declared that he would always this service, shall adhere strictly to the exact be ready to obey the instructions of the tenor of the instructions which they shall Livery; while he hoped he was not deficient receive for this purpose.

in the necessary qualifications for the Repre. The remaining Articles, which are seven sentative of a great Commercial City. in number, do not essentially differ, in any Mr. Aldermap Goodbehere proposed Mr. of their provisions, from those which are Waithman as a fit and proper person ; which contained in the Treaties concluded by this nomination was seconded by Mr. Favell. country with Spain and Portugal, and Mr. Waithman felt much pride on the which are already known to our readers. occasion, and made large professions of his There are some Annexes" to the Trealy, determination to promote the true interests containing the form of instructions for the of the city. ships employed to prevent the traffic, and Mr. Wilson addressed the Livery, and regulations for the mixed Courts of Justice made the most becoming professions of his which are lo reside on the coast of Africa, independence and attachment to the Consti. and in a colonial possession of the King of tution, and devotion to the interest of this the Netherlands.


Mr. Rowcroft, in a few words, declined, CITY OF LONDON ELECTION.

for various reasons, offering himself op tbe

present occasion. TUESDAY, JUNE 16.

After the nominations had concluded, the

show of hands took place for the respective FIRST DAY. The election of four persons to serve in

Candidates, and the Sheriffs declared the the ensuing Parliament as representatives of majority to be in favour of. Messrs. Wood, the City of London, commenced on Tues: Thorp, Waithman, and Wilson. day, and we believe a fuller atteodance of

Mr. Birch having declined the contest,

Sir William Curtis and Alderman Atkins liverymen bas not been known on any former occasion. The heat of the weather

demanded a Poll, which cominenced at half.

past three, and closed at half-past four. At bad no effect in abating the ardour of curio. sity excited by the novelty of the appear

five o'clock the numbers were thus posted :ance of so many candidates for their favour.

176 Wilson ... After the usual preparatory forms opon such

Waitbman 159 Curtis

91 occasions of this kind were gone ihrough, Thorp... 136 Atkins

57 the several Candidates came forward.

SECOND DAY. They presented themselves in the following

Wood order :

.1047 | Thorp

773 85 Curtis

742 Alderman Sir W. Curtis first addressed

Waitoman 848 | Atkins

493 the Livery, and in soliciting a renewal of the honour so repeatedly conferred on him,

THIRD DAY. mapfully and honestly stated the indepen

Wood ..2175 | Thorp ........1599 dence of his principles, which induced him


Curtis occasionally to vote with Ministers when he

........1597 Waithman ....1741 | Atkins.

989 thought their measures wise and salutary, and occasionally to oppose them when he

FOURTH DAY. could not approve of what they proposed. Wood..... Alderman Atkins made a similar indepen. Wilson

...3121 | Curtis ..2330 .2713 | Thorp

.9268 dent and constitutional profession.

Waitbman ....2480 Alkins...

...1365 Alderman Sir C. S. Hunter proposed Mr. Wilson as a fit and proper person to repre.

FIFTH DAY, sept the City of London, for his exireine

.3779 | Curtis

.2844 commercial connexions and intimate know Wilson .8338 Thorp ..2729 ledge of its true interests.

....2979 | Atkins.

.1613 Mr. Alderman Wood then came forward

and professed his attachment to the Consti-
tution, and his determination to support

4828 | Curtis .......

.3676 measures of retrencbment and economy in

Wilson... .4237 | Thorp

........3547 the State,

Waithmao ..3838 Atkins declined. Mr. Alderman Birch next addressed the Livery in a neat speech. His principles

SEVENTH AND LAST DAY. were those of bonest independence; and if Wood

46.....5700 | Thorp ...

4335 be were returned to Parliament he would Wilson ........4829 | Curtis

4224 endeavour to deserve the approbation of his Waitoman

Wood ........


Wilson ...


Wood .......


[blocks in formation]


The friends of the several candidates took
their stations on the hustings at nine o'clock.
At ten the nomination of the candidates

Mr. Sturch presented himself to nominate their old and tried representative, Sir Francis Burdelt. (some clamour.)

Mr. Peter Walker came forward to nomi. nate the venerable Major Cartwright, the tried friend of Universal Suffrage and Annual Parliaments.

Lord Henry Molyneux Howard proposed as a candidate Sir Samuel Romilly. He could truly say, from long and constant observation of his conduct, that he was actuated by the pure constitutional principles which had so long endeared Mr. Fox to the citizens of Westminster.-Mr. Wishart seconded the nomination,

Sir Murray Maxwell presented himself amidst greeting from his friends, and cries of “ Off! off !from the multitude. He said he believed he bad the wishes of Mr. Huot himself that he should be heard. He felt happy io telling them that bis cause was truly popular in the hearts of the electors of Westminster.

Mr. Harley then nomiuated Mr. Hunt, in a short speech, and the nomination was seconded by Mr. Gale Jones,

The high bailiff having declared the shew of bands to be in favour of Sir Samuel Romilly and Mr. Hunt, a poll was demanded, which was closed for the day at four o'clock, when it stood as follows :Sir Samuel Romilly

189 Sir Murray Maxwell........

176 Sir Francis Burdett

87 The Hon. Douglas Kinoaird.. 25 Mr. Hunt ....

14 Major Cartwright

10 SECOND DAY. Sir Samuel Romilly ·

825 Sir Murray Maxwell.. 754 Sir Francis Burdett

348 Hon. Douglas Kippaird 55 Mr. Hunt

30 Major Cartwright.

Sir Samuel Romilly

1276 Sir Murray Maxwell

1241 Sir Francis Burdett

484 Hon. Douglas Kinnaird

63 Mr. Hunt

33 Major Cartwright.

Sir Samuel Romilly
Sir Francis Burdett

1 263 Sir Murray Maxwell. 2726 Mr. Hunt......

47 FIFTH DAY. Sir Samuel Romilly

FIRST DAY. The Election of two representatives for this Borough in Parliament commenced on Thurday, Jope 18, and the crowd assembled on the occasion exceeded all former precedent, The Hustings were crowded to excess, and St. Margaret's bill was nearly impassable.

At half-past pine o'clock the High Bailiff, Mr. Princeps, appeared, and was sworn in. The High Bailiff

' then called upon the Electors to manifest their choice of the Representatives by a sbow of hands, and Mr. Calvert being first announced, there was an almost universal show of hands in his favour, accompanied by the most vociferous applause. Mr. Barclay was the next put in rotation, and a few individuals held up their hands, and a mixture of applause, groans, and hisses follnwed. Sir Robert Wilson was then pot, and the show of hands and the acclainations that followed it, were of the most poisy and universal description. A poll was then demanded by Mr. Young for Mr. Barclay. It commenced soon after twelve, and was carried on with great spirit till four, when the numbers were announced to be as follow :

Mr. Calvert
Sir R. Wilson
Mr. Barclay....

Mr. Calvert

Sir R. Wilson

Mr. Barclay

Mr. Calvert

Sir R, Wilson.

1408 Mr. Barclay

1103 FOURTH DAY, The poll was closed, Mr. Birclay having




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upon-Tyne-25th July, at Newcastle

upon Tyne. HOME CIRCUIT.

Cumberland-31st July, at Carlisle. Judges-Lord ELLENBOROUGA and Mr. Jus

Westmorland-5th August, at Appleby. tice ABBOTT.

Lancashire-8th August, at Lancaster. Hertfordshire-Thursday, July 16, at Hert

WESTERN CIRCUIT. ford. Essex-Monday, July 20, at Chelmsford.

Judges - Mr. Justice Park and Mr. Jos

tice BURROUGH. KentMonday, July 27, at Maidstone. Sussex-mSaturday, August 1, at Lewes.

Southampton-14th July, at Winchester.

Wilts-18th July, at Salisbury.
Surry-Thursday, August 6, at Guilford.

Dorset-230 July, at Dorchester

Devon and City of Exeter—27th July, at Judges-Mr. Baron Wood and Mr. Justice


Cornwall-3d August, at Bodmin,
York and City-4th July, at York.

Somerset- 10th August, at Wells, Durham-20th July, at Durham.

City and County of Bristol— 15th August, at Northumberland, and County of Newcastle




AY 28. At Framfield-place, Sussex, 14. At Farley Hill, Berkshire, Lady

the Hon.Mrs. Donovan, of a daughter. Lucy Stephenson, of a daughter. 29. At Wansted House, the lady of Long In Prince's-street, Hanover-square, the Wellesley, M.P. of a daughter.

lady of Ralph Franco, Esq. of a son and June 10. In Great George-street, the heir. Right Hon. Lady Amelia Sophia Drum 22. At Mead Lodge, Hunsdon, Herts, mond, of a daughter.

the wife of Captain James Keith Forbes, 11. The lady of Lieutenant-colonel Hugh E.J.S. of son. Percy Davison, of a daughter.


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to Mrs. Smith, of Dunstall Hall, Derbysquare, W. Thomas, Esq. late of the shire. 77th regiment of foot, to Frances, daughter L. B. Hollinshead, Esq. of Derby, to Miss of the late W. Waldgrave, Esq.

Potts, daughter of Mr. Potts, Serjeants'. Lately, Mr. J. Bologna, of the Theatre inn, Fleet-street. Royal,, to Miss L. M. Bris 26. G. Bishop, Esq. of Finsbury-place, tow, late of the same.

to Rosetta, eldest daughter of Richard Lately, Lieutenant Kinderdine, of the Houlditch, Esq. of Hampstead. King's own Stafford militia, to Mary, Ellis John Troughton, Esq. of Beckforddaughter of William Critchley, Esq. of place, Kennington, to Mary, daughter of Dunton, Stafford,

the late Thomas Baker, Esq. of the India MAY 20. James Lush Buckland, surgeon, House. of Shaftesbury, to Maria, daughter of 27. Thomas C. Yates, Esq. of the Inner Charles Lush, Esq. of Charles-square, Hox. Teinple, to Maria-Isabella, daughter of Sir ton.

William Richardson, Bart. 21. Edward Hopper Hebden, Esq. to 28. At Putney, Charles Stock, Esq. of Mary, daughter of the late James Tindall, Reading, to Ann, daughter of the late Peter Esq. of Scarborough, banker.

Kennion, Esq. 21. At Brighton, George Royde, Esq. of At Wandsworth, Henry James Barchard, Newgate-street, to Frances, daughter of the Esq. of Wandsworth, to Elizabeth, widow late William Attree, Esq. of Brighton. of the late E. L. Daniell, Esq. of the Island

23. H. C. Eycott, Esq. to Ann-Clutter. of Antigua. buck, daughter of William Fryer, Esq. Margaret-Frances, daughter of the late

24. At Cirencester, Mr. Charles Law. Rev. Paul Limrick, of Calcutta, to Joseph rence, to Lydia, daughter of Devereux Pigott Rogers, Esq. third son of the Rev. Bowly, Esq. of Chesterton House, Glou Dr. Rogers, LLD. rector of Kilieagh, Case cestershire,

tle Martyr, Ireland. At Eton, Mr. William Borrow daile, of R. H. Middleton, Esq. of Limehouse, to Bernard-street, Russell-square, to Jane, Miss Eleanor Hastings Duell, of Clifton, daughter of Mr. Marsh, of Elon.

near Bristol, 25. At Chesterfield, J. F. Smith, Esq. Robert Gear, Esq. of Denmark Hill, to

Sarab, daughter of the late Matthew Ches R. L. Ferrar, Esq. 60th regiment, to sall, Esq. of Norfolk-street.

Elizabeth-Ferrers, daughter of the late Dr. Dancey, son of John Dancey, Esq. of John Gilbert, Esq. of Newport, Isle of Blandford, to Sarah, daughter of Thomas Wight. Warburton, Esq. of Hackney.

Thomas Parminter, Esq. of Berington J. Petty Muspratt, Esq. of Dulwich, to House, Essex, to Elizabeth, daughter of Susannah, daughter of Thomas Lati, jun. William Simons, Esq. Haydon.square. Esq. of Lambeth.

9. Thomas Jervis White Jervis, to ElizaCharles Philip Hodson, of St. Peter's beth Ann Strettell. College, Cambridge, Esq. to Elizabeth, 11. Mr. Edward Indes, of Fleet-street, daughter of the late George Burdon, Esq. to Miss Lightfoot, of Islington. of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Joseph Mace, Esq. of Tenterden, Kent, 29. Michael Charles Fox, Esq. eldest son to Miss Amelia Cole Steer, of Dawlish, of Luke Fox, Esq. late one of his Majesty's Devon. justices of the court of Common Pleas, to 13. Edward Stanley, Esq. of CharlotteKatharine Bushe, second daughter of the street, Bedford-square, to Miss Milne, of Solicitor General.

Lower Grosvenor-street. JUNE 2. William Edward Nightingale, 13. William Mayning, Esq. of the Hon. Esq. of Lea, Derbyshire, to Frances, third East India Company's service, wo Kate, daughter of William Smith, Esq. M.P. for daughter of the late John Clarck Stewart, Norwich.

Esq. of Blackwall. John W. T. Sparkes, Esq. of St. John's 15. The Rev. W. B. Wroth, vicar of street, to Mary, daughter of Philip Cooper, Edlesborough, Bucks, to Anne-Maria, Esq. of Waterloo place.

daughter, of the Rev. T.H. Barker, rector Mr. John Shepherd, of Frome, to Han- of Northchurch, Herts. nab, daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin 16. The Rev. Samuel Crooke, of WrestTomkins, of Thames-street.

lingworth, Bedfordshire, to Maria-Eliza3. Francis Tattersall, Esq. of Hill's- beth, daughter of the late Thomas Cawplace, near Maidstone, to Harriet, daugh ston, Esq. of Great St. Helen's. ier of Henry Martin, Esq. of Sackville. 18. S. R. M. Leake, Esq. to Georgiana, street.

daughter of G. Stevens, Esq. of Old WindThe Rev. $. Arnott, fellow of St. John's sor Lodge. College, Oxford, and perpetual curate of Mr. James Simms, of St. John's, NewEasterbourne, to Miss Bunting, daughter foundland, to Ann, daugbter of Mr. Roof the late Rev. E. Bunting, rector of Yele bert Gray, of Camberwell. ding, Bedfordshire.

Mr. W. Beddome, of Fenchurch-street, 4. Mr. Charles Aldis, of Camberwell, to to Ellen, daughter of Mr. Edward Smith, of Mary-Judith, daughter of Thomas Spence, Bath-place, Peckbam. Esq. of Hertford,

Captain Edward Wildman, of the 20th George Adams, Esq. of Alresford, to Miss light dragoons, to Miss Antonia Oakes, Nickson, daughter of the late John Nick- daughter of Sir Hildebrand Oakes, Bart. son, Esq. of Whitchurch, Salop.

The Rev. R. G. Baker, son of William 6. Mr. Frederick Thornhill, of Fish Faker, Esq. of Bayford Bury, Herts, to street-hill, to Miss Jones.

Emma, daughter of the late William At Streatham Church, John Webb, Esq. Franke, Esq. of Guildford-street, to Aon, daughter of Mr. Thomas Mann, jun. of Andover, to David Laing, Esq. of Balham-hill, Surrey. Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Richard Stub

8. William Margesson, Esq. of Upper bings, of Islington. Berkeley-street, to Mary.Frances, daugh 20. Alfred Fawkes, Esq. of Great Cumter of Bryan Cook, Esq. of Owston, York. berland-street, Portman-square, to Wilhel

Capel Hanbury, Esq. of H.M. Royal mina, second daughter of John Milford, Scots regiment, and son of the lale John Esq. of Guildford-street, Russell-square. Hanbury, Esq. of Tottenham, to Ellen, Augustus Giani, Esq. of New Cavendish. daughter of the late William Franklin, square, Portland place, to Miss Greensell, Esq. formerly governor of his Majesty's of Pentonville. province of New Jersey.

MONTHLY OBITUARY. Latelstraat Esely merchalock of Giles youngest daughter of Captain Frederick

Welsford, Esq. merchant, of that English, of the royal engineers. place.

R. Kew, a pauper, of Wick and Abson, At Kirkby-Stephen, Westmoreland, Mar. Somerset, aged 101. garet, the wife of John Margetsoo, Esq. of JAN. 10. At Bombay, in her 20th year, ibat place, solicitor.

Maria Eliza, daughter of G. B. Tyndall, Ai Fort St. George, N.B. Georgiana, the Esq. of Lincoln's- inn-fields,

of his age.

bis 52d year.

MAR. 31. On his passage from Madras lieutenant-colonel of the Old Buffs, or 3d to England, after a period of 42 years' ser regiment of foot, and an aide-de-camp to

the King. vice, Major-general Sir John Chalmers, K.C.B. colonel of the 17th regiment of Mrs. Barnard, wife of Mr. J. G. Bar. Madras Native Infantry, in the 53d year nard, of Skinner-street, Snow.bill.

6. Mr, John Allatt, of Bread street, May 10. On his passage from Leith to 7. In Pulteney-street, Bath, Fairfax Aberdeen, Captain James Stevenson, Jobason, Esq. of Spalding, aged 66.

MAY 18. The Rev. M. Coulcher, M.A. In Union-row, Chelsea, Mr. John Holles, master of the Grammar School, Lyon, in

late of Windmill-street, Golden-square.

At Sydenham, Mr. William Lance, aged 23. At his house in Wimpole-street, Sir 73. Stephen Cotterell, in the 80ch year of his At Brussells, Mrs. Creevey, wife of

Thomas Creevey, Esq. M.P. age, Wakelin Welch, Esq. of Camden-place, Dowton, comedian ; as an actor he was

Io the 36tb year of his age, Mr. Henry Bath, late of Lympston, Devonshire.

25. At Brighton, in the 428 year of his generally admired. age, John Vernon, Esq. of Usherstead

10. In Parliament-street, Charles Ba. Lodge, Suffolk.

con, Esq- architect, clerk of the works in 26. At Harpendon, aged 86, Mary,

the department of Whitehall, Houses of widow of the late Thomas Leigh, Esq. and

Parliament, &c. &c. &c, aged 35. sister to the late Lord Ducie.

11. The Right Hon. John Miley AddingAt Timwell, Rutlandshire, Benjamin

ton, of a mortification in his stomach. Christian, Esq. aged 79.

Mr. H. Addington was a gentleman of 29. Mary, the daughter of Mr. Hill,

most pleasing and amiable manners. He surgeon, of Cooper's-row.

possessed a considerable fund of informaMargaret, wife of Mr. John Osmond, of

tion, was a good classical scholar, and was Market-street.

very punctual and active in the discharge At Kennington-row, in the 76th year of

of his official duties, so long as his healida his age, Mr. Thomas Kay, late bookseller

would permit bim. He was a man of the in the Strand,

highest integrity and honour, and in all In South Audley-street, in the 73d year

the relations of domestic life, as father, of his age, Isaac Hawkins Browne, Esq. brother, husband, most exemplary. Among of Badger Hall, in the county of Salop,

the minor excellences we may class his bearly 30 years one of the representatives conviviality, his abundant store of anecof the Porough of Bridgenorth.

dotes, his constant flow of spirits, his kind William Burdon, Esq. of Welbeck-street,

and gentle disposition. It was his lot,

amidst all the storms and dissensions of aged 53, regretted by all who knew him.

31. At Hitcbio, Herts, Nathaniel Field, politics, never to have made an enemy, Esq.

even among those most opposed to him in Junel. In Queen-square, Bloomsbury, political opinions. William Watson, E-q. F.R.S. Serjeant at

In Halkin-street, the Right Hon. the Arms to the House of Lords, Chairman of

the Viscountess Altborp. the county of Middlesex and city of West.

In Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, minster sessions, and Senior Pleader to the

Francis Napier, Esq. W.S. son of the late Corporation of the city of London. Major-general the Hon. Mark Napier. At Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, in her 94th

Robert Barlow, Esq. of Newport, Isle year, Mrs. Mary Biles.

of Wigbt. 2. Sally, wife of Robert Tindal, Esq. of

12. In Albermarle-street, Arthur Shake. Coral Hall, Chelmsford.

speare, Esq. aged 70. At Windsor, in his 630 year, James

At Kennington, Captain Joseph EdCobb,* Esq. of Russell-square, the secre

monds, of the royal pavy. tary of the East India Company.

13. Aged 65, Elizabeth, widow to the 3. In Keppel-street, Russell-square,

late, and mother of the present celebrated Miss Elizabeth Dobson.

Martin Van Butchell, 24, Broad-street, Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Ridout, of the

Golden-square. Crescent, New Bridge-street.

At the Rookery, near Dorking, Surrey, 4. At Isleworth, aged 87. Lady Twysden,

in the 62d year of his age, Richard Fuller, relict of the late Sir William Twysden, Esq. banker, of Cornhill. Bart.

At Margate, after a short illness, aged 5. Robert Scarlett, M.D.

17, William Thomas, eldest son of Mr. At Exmouth, in the 76th year of his age,

William Moore, of White Lion-court, the Right Hon. John Leslie, Baron Lord

Birchin-Jane. Newark, of North Britain, many years

14. Cuthbert Scarborough, Esq. of the

Kent-road, aged 49. # For a Portrait and Memoir, vide Vol.

J. D. Riecker, Esq. of the Old South XXXI. page 155.

Sea llouse, Broad-street, aged 30.

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