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In war what science, or in peace what art, For vice and virtue, with the Pen and In which the sons of genius bear no part?

PREOS, And COMMERCE, with her “busy hum of Have power to torture, or have power to med",

bless! Owes to the sword less homage than TOE Thus the pure stream for man, impartial, Pen;

springs, That powerful engine of the mighty mind, For rich, and poor; for subjects, and for As used the bane, or blessing of mankind !

kings; Freedom's inaio spring ! the tyrant's deadly But if dark nightshade mingles as it flows, bate!

The source of health becomes the sink of Shield of the poor! and bulwark of the state!

woes : Ne'er may it be, in some malignant hour, Yet, as the spots that in the sun appear, By factions tainted, or oppressed by power; Viewed with alarm, are magnified by fear, Nor, dipped in malice, aid the assassin's So, may the bard's forebodings all be vain, blow,

Nor ENGLAVD's Grand PallaDIUM PROVE And prove to liberty her bitterest foe:

HER BANE! 'Twas heaven's great gift to meliorate Your's be the task to foster, and protect and save,

Genius in rags, and learning from neglect; Freedom's first cradle ! --and perhaps her Morals improved, will soon reward your grave!

care, To starve with CAMOENS, or with SPENSER For Libel's Want engendered by despair! pine,

And half the LICENCE wbich the good Were better than to write one servile line, deplore, To flatter vice-or what is still more base, Distress relieved, would plague mankind To wound, io secret, those we dare not face:

no more!


EDNESDAY, June the 10th, the ture, -and heavy, as unquestionably the

weight and pressure still remain npon our and the peers' benches were very soon Finances, we have the satisfaction to afterwards graced with a fine display of observe that the Revenue, in its most female beauty and elegance. Her Royal important branches, is gradually and proHighness the Duchess of Cambridge came gressively improving. into the house, accompanied by the Duke, “ Among the various duties, Sir, in her consort, and attended by a lady of her which we have been engaged, there is none, household: the Grand Duke Michael, of perhaps, that could have devolved upon us, Russia; the foreign minisiers, and many more interesting in itself, or more in unison, other persons of distinction, were also pre. we are persuaded, with the sincere aod sent: a great crowd of strangers were like- unfeigned sentiments of all classes of his wise below the bar. About eight minutes Majesty's subjects, than the duty of adoptafter two, salvoes of artillery announced the ing the necessary measures for the fulbl. arrival of the Prince Regent, and soon ment of those engagements, which your afterwards his Royal Highness, having put Royal Highness was graciously pleased to on his robes, entered the house with the communicate to us, as having been conusual state and procession, the sword of cluded with the Courts of Spain and Portastate being carried before him by the Earl gal on the subject of the Slave Trade. of Liverpool.

“ Nor, Sir, have we been less attentive His Royal Flighness having taken his seat to another subject, of great public impor. upon the Throne, surrounded by his Minis- tance earnestly recommended by your ters, the Great Officers of his Household, Royal Highness to our early and particular and other attendants, Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, consideration-the deficiency which has the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, so long existed in the number of places was ordered by his Royal Highness to pro- of Public Worship belonging to the Esceed to the House of Commons to command tablished Church. To the remedy of this their attendance. Shortly afterwards the deficiency, we have most readily afforded Speaker in his dress robes, accompanied by large and liberal assistance, well con a great number of Members, came to the vinced that the first and dearest interests of Bar. The Speaker delivered at the Bar this country, its truest happiness, its soundthe following Speech:

est prosperity, its sarest independence, its “ May it please your Royal Highness, proudest and most substantial pational “We, his Majesty's faithful Commons, of glory, are all involved and blended intithe United Kingdom of Great Britain and mately and inseparably in the religious and Ireland, attend your Royal Highness with moral habits of its people. The bill, Sir, our last Bill of supply. In obedience, which it is my duty humbly to present to Sir, to your Royal Highness's recommenda. your Royal Highness, is intituled — An tion, we have not failed to apply our Act for applying certain monies therein anxious and continued attention to the mentioned for the service of the year one state of the Public Income and Expendi• thousand eight buodred and eighteeu ;'--10 which, with all humility, we pray his Maó “ By the unexampled exertions which jesty's Royal Assent.” The above bill was you enabled me to make, in aid of the coun received by Mr. Cowper, the deputy clerk iries nobly contending for Independence, of the Parliament, and the Royal Assent and by the spirit which was kindled in so was immediately given to it, and also to the many nations, the Continent was at length Alien Bill.

delivered from the most galling and oppreso His Royal Highness the Prince Regent sive tyranny under which it had ever then delivered from the Throne the follow- laboured ; and I had the happiness, by ing Speech :

the blessing of Divine Providence, to ter“ My Lords and Gentlemen,

minate, in conjunction with his Majesty's " It is with deep regret that I am again allies, the most eventful and sanguinary under the necessity of announcing to you, contest in which Europe had for centuries that no alteration has occurred in the state been engaged, with unparalleled success of his Majesty's lamented indisposition.

and glory. “ I continue to receive from foreign 6. The prosecution of such a contest for powers the strongest assurances of their so many years, and more particularly the friendly disposition towards this country, efforts which marked the close of it, have and of their desire to maintain the general been followed within our own country, tranquillity.

as well as throughout the rest of Europe, "I am fully sensible of the attention by considerable internal difficulties and which you have paid to the many important distress. But deeply as I felt for the objects which have been brouglit before immediate pressure upon his Majesty's you.

people, I nevertheless looked forward “ I derive peculiar satisfaction from the without dismay, having always the fullest theasure which you have adopted in pur. confidence in the solidity of the resources suance of my recommendation, for aug

of the British empire, and in the relief trenting the number of places of public which might be expected from a conting. worship belonging to the established church; ance of peace, and from the patience, and I confidently trust, that this measure public spirit, and energy of the nation. will be produetive of the most beneficial “ These expectations have not been effects on the religion and moral habits disappointed.

“The improvement in the internal cire “ Gentlemen of the House of Commóns, cumstances of the country is happily mani" I thank you for the supplies which you fest, and promises to be steadily progreshave granted to me for the service of the sive; and I feel a perfect assurance that present year; and I highly approve of the

the continued loyalty and exertions of all steps you have taken with a view to the classes of his Majesty's subjects will confirm reduction of the unfunded debt,

these growing indications of national pros“ I am bappy to be able to inform you, perity, by promoting obedience to the that the revenue is in a course of contiüued

Laws and attachment to the Constitution, improvement.

from which all our blessings have been " My Lords and Gentlemen,

derived.'' " On the closing this Session I think it

Then the Lord Chancellor, having re. proper to inform you that it is my intention

ceived directions from his Royal Hignesy forth with to dissolve the present, and give

the Prince Regent, siid -directions for calling a new Parlia!nent.

"My Lords and Gentlemen, In making this communication, 'I cannot

" It is the will and pleasure of his tefrain from adverting to the important Royal flighness the Prince Regent, acting change which has occurred in the situation

in the name and on the behalf of his of this country and of Europe, since I first

Majesty, that this Parliament be now met you in this place,

dissolved ; and this Parliament is dissolved “ At that period, the dominion of the accordingly." tommon enemy bad been so widely ex

The Prince Regent descended from the tended over the Continent, tbat resistance Throne, and quitied the · House with the to his power was by many deemed to be

same State as on his entrance. The Speakhopeless; and in the extremities of Europe

er and the Commons withdrew froin the alone was

such resistance efectually Bar, and the Lords retired from the Honse. maintained.

of the people.

INTELLIGENCE FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, QCEEN'S PALACE, MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1818. his Majesty, with her Serene Highness Wis evening, at five o'clock, the so- Angusta-Wilhelmina-Louisa, Princess of

Blesse, youngest daughter of his Serene Marshal bis Royal Highness Adolphus Fre- Highness Frederick Landgrave of Hesse. derick, Duke of Cambridge, youngest son of &e, and piece of his Rojal and Serene Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. June 1818.

3 Y

Highness the Elector of Hesse (which SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE OP marriage had been previously soelmnized,

SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, in due form, at Ilesse Cassel, on the 7th day

INDIA-BOARD, JUNE 8. of May last), was performed at the Queen's

Despatches have been received at the East Palace, by his. Grace the Archbishop of India. House, from the several Governments Canterbury, in the presence of her Majesty in lodia, of which despatches and inclosures the Queen, His Royal Highness the Prince

the following are copies and extracts :Regent, their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York, Clarence, and Gloucester, his Copy of a Report from Lieutenant-General Serene Highness Frederick Landgrave of Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart. to the Gover. Hesse (the father of her Royal Highness the nor-General and Commander-in-Chief, bride), his Serene Highness the Prince of dated Camp on the Soopra (opposite Jlesse Hombourg, her Royal Highness the Mahidpore), 230 December, 1817. Princess Elizabeth (of Hesse Hombourg),

MY LORD, her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta

Jo my despatch to your Lordship of the Sophia, her Royal Highness the Duchess of 131h inst. from Oogeio, I had the honour to Gloucester, her Royal Highness the Duchess

report the junction on the preceding day of of York, her Royal Higness the Princess the third division, with that under my per. Sophia of Gloucester : the Ministers of State, sonal command, and the theo uncertain state and the Officers of the Household of her

of our negociations with the Government of Majesty the Queen, assisting at the cere

Mulhar Rao Holkar. mony.

In my subsequent address to your Lord. Ai the conclusion of the marriage service, ship, of the 18th inst., from Paan Behar, the registry of the marriage was attested

I described the further progress of these with the usual formalities.

arrangements; and, I now beg to refer you The Ministers of State, and other persons for all the details connected with the origio, of distinction present, then paid their com

progress, and ultimate failure of the over. pliments on the occasion, after which her

tures in question, to the correspondence of Majesty the Queen, his Royal Highness the

Brigadier-General Sir John Malcolm, your Prince Regent, the Bride and Bridegroom; Lordship's political agent, at my bead. with the rest of the Royal Family, retired quarters, which he has regularly maintained, to her Majesty's privale apartments.

since their commencement with Mr. Secre. Immediately after the conclusion of the tary Adain, as also to his fnal report thereon, marriage, the Park and Tower guns were stating the termination of every prospect of fired, and the evening concluded wiih other

amicable adjustment, public deinonstrations of joy in the metro

Thus situated, there appeared no alterna. polis.

tive left to me, for the vindication of the houour of the British Government, and of

your Lordship, thau that which I deterSATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1818.

mined upon, and which was insiaouly

followed up by the attack of Holkar's This Gazette contains orders for the court army in the position it occupied, and of going into mourning on the Llib instant, which event I had the satisfiaction of appris. (June) for the late Princess of Saxe Hila ing your Lordship, on the evening of the bourghausen, niece to her Majesty ; and the 21st, instant, by a few lines froin the field of court goes out of mourniny, on the 21st. baille. Notice is given, that four days of the above On the 20th instant, I moved to within period of niourning, will be for the late seven iniles of the army of Mulhar Rao Prince of Conde,

Holkar, in the hope that ibis advance migl. On the 5th ult. the French, Spanish, aların the counsellors of that Prince into Dutch, Prussian, Danish, and Bavarian more pacific measures, but in this expectaMinisters, bad private audieoees of the rion l'was disappointed, as my piquets were Prince Regent, to deliver answers from their attacked in the course of the day, by a cone respective Sovereigns, to the communication siderable body of horse, I moved in confrom his Royal Highness upon the marriage sequence on the following morning towards of the Princess Elizabeth.

the enemy, and bad advanced but a sbort Baron de Geruing, Minister Plenipoten- distance, when ny lice of narch was tiary from Hesse Hombourg, had the saine attacked by their borsc. day, an audience of leave.

On approaching the main body of their It also contains the appointment of army, found it advantageously posted Robert Chester, Esq. master of the ceremo- on the left bank of the Soopra, nearly nies; and the honor of knighthood upon that opposite to Mahidpore, their left fark gentleman, and upon Dr. Charles Brown, protected by the bed of the river, and the of Margaret Farm, Norfolk, and T. Berners right by a very deep ravine, while their Plistow, of Watling Hall, Esq.

line, which could be approached only by His Royal Highness has approved of Mr. one ford, practicable for guns, was pro. Franeis Parodi, as Consul at Gibraliar, for tected by several ruined villages. the graud Ruke of Tuscany.

After reconnoitring their positior, and finding, that to turn either flank would accounts have since been received of the sequire a long detour, and perceiving at the fugitives, but the general direction of their same time, that the bed of the river, afforded fight was towards Rampoorab. considerable cover for the troops during From the account I have now given your their formation; I determined to attack Lord-hip of the events of the day, it is them in front, and ordered the advance of unnecessary to dwell upon the conduct of the colomns to the ford, some light troops the troops; the European part of the forces immediately passed, and were followed supported the reputation of British valour ; by the Horse Artillery, which opened on and the native troops vied in their efforts their guns;- another battery of ine Foot to maintain the superiority of the lodian Artillery, played from the right bank of army. the river in a situation which enfiladed some I cannot particularize corps, nor make cannon the epeiny had placed upon the distioctions, when merit and gallantry were left, and which had opened a heavy and well so general; every man did his duty; and directed fire upon the ford.

the whole are entitled to my warmest thanks The troops, as they crossed, were succes. and highest applause. --The conduct of the sively formed in the bed of the river, and Mysore horse during the action, and in the took up the position assigned to them, the pursuit also, merited my thanks, and was Cavalry and Mysoor Horse on the left, in every way such as to raise the character when the enemy's principal body of borse of this useful body of auxiliaries. were stationed, and the 2d Brigade of I have deeply to lament my inability to Infanıry, and the Light Brigade, in front of place your Lordship in possession of the the Ford. The lsi Brigade of Infantry, above details, without having, at the same after being formed, ascended the bank, and time, the painful ta-k to perform of reportin co-operation with the Light Troops, ing the heavy loss with which our success has mored rapidly to the storin of the enemy's been altended. on the left of his position: the advance The return of killed and wounded, which of these corps being the preconcerted signal accompanies this despatch, will prove to for the general attack of the wbole Moe. your Lordship a source of the sincerest

This operation was performed with an regret, at the same time that the achieve. ardour of gallantry, that could not be sup- ments of the brave men who have fallen pressed. The fire of the enemy was inost des- must ever furnish a theme of exultation to tructive, but the troops pressed forward the grateful Country and Government in in the most undaunted manner, and although whose service their lives have been so glothe eneiny served their guns till they were riously terminated. bayoneted, their whole line were forced lirusi, in the course of to-morrow, that at every point, while a charge of the caval. the whole of our wounded will be accomry at the same moment completed the rout. inodated in the town of Mahidpore, where

My attention was at this period drawn they will continue to receive all the attento their camp, at some distance on our right, tion which is to be expected from the pro: and the opening of some guns near it lead fessional abilities and indefatigable zeal of me to suppose that we bad still a second Mr. Superintending Surgeon Annesley and position to attack; the troops which had his assistants. separated in the several assaults upon the Although the conduct of every officer of enemy's line were accordingly re-formed. the army merits the highest commendation, I

The camp, howeper, was found deserled: gladly seize this opportunity of bringing to and the glins, which appeared to have heen your bordship's notice those who were proposted to cover the retreat across the river, minent from their rank and situations, and were soon taken. The field being now froin the superior duties they had to perform. abandoned, the cavalry, supported by two Your Lordship is too well aware of the Corps of light infantry, were ordered in high professional character and abilities pursuit on the right bank of the river, aod of Brigadier General Sir John Malcolm, to the Mysour horse on the left.

render it necessary for me to dwell upon The baggage, during the action, was once them, I shall, therefore, merely express my or twice attacked by the enemy's borse, but admiration of the style of distinguished coothe sleadiness of the rear guard, and the duci and gallantry with which the assault on actiyily of a party of Myroreans, who the left of the enemy's position, was headed covered it, completely succeeded in saving by the Brigadier-tieneral, and my warmest the whole.

thanks for the great and essential aint I have The results of this action, which lasted derived from his counsels, as well previous from noop vill about three o'clock, P. M. to, as during the action of the 21st insl. have been the capture of the whole of the To Lieutenant-colore! Robert Scol, who enemy's artillery, amounting to sevenly commanded the Ist, and Lieutenant-Colonel pieces of ordnance (seve, al torsides those Andrew Al•Dowal, commanding the ?d already reported, having been thrown into brigade of infanıry, Major Bowen, com. the riser), and the complete de eat and inauding the light brigade, as also to Major dispersion of his army, with a lo-s of not Koowles who comipanded it after the former less than three thousand men, No distinct oficer was wounded, I beg to express my

sincerest thanks and acknowledgments for Lieutenant-Colonel Murray accompanied, the gallantry and conduct they severally with my permission, the fank companies of displayed in leading their men to the assault, his Majesiy's Royal Scots, when the guns of under the tremendous fire to which they the enemy were stormed, were exposed ; nor can 1 sulliciently mark I beg leave also to return my best thanks the sepse I entertain of the zeal and intrepi. to Captain James Grant, who commanded dity of Lieutenant-Colonel James Ransel, the Mysore horse, and to Captain Hare, and Major Lushington, in the brilliant commanding the regular infantry of his charge which was made by the two brigades Highness the Nizain, for their gallant of cavalry under their respective orders. exertions on this occasion.

The dispositions and arrangements of the I desire also to offer my sincere acknow? several brigades of horse and foot ariillery, ledgments to the whole of the Officers pf and the destructive effect which was thereby the General and Divisional Staff, who were produced on the enemy's line, afford suffici. engaged on this day, for their meritorious ent proof that the commaod of that corps fonduct in their several situations. could not have been placed in better hands Justice also calls upon me to expresg iny than in those of Major Noble, C. R.

highest approbation and acknowledgments The services of Lieutenant-Colonel Con. for the energy and promptitude of every way, Adjutant-General of the Army, through Officer composing my personal Staff, in cea out the day, were in the highest degree con- veying my orders throughout the day; and I spicuous, and amply fulfilled every expecta- beg to mention to your Lordship the sense tion wbich I had formed of the great I am impressed with of the abilities and advantages I should derive from his profes- zeal of my Military Secretary Captain sional knowledge, experience, and exertions Hugh Scoll, the notification of whose apon the day of action.

pointment to the rank and situation of To Lieutenant-Colonel Blacker, Quarter Major and Deputy-Adjutant-General to the Master General of the army, I feel it also Madras army, I have reason to believe is particularly incombent upon me to express now on its way to my camp, from Fort St. my best thanks for the great aid I have George, and from whom, ever since my Țeceived froin him, not only through his arrrival in India, I have continued inpersonal exertions on the field of battle, but variably to experience the most essential for the judicious reconnoissances made by services. I beg also to recommend to your him during our march, and before we Lordship's favourable notice Captain Wood, engaged, by which I obtained the clearest of the Queen's Royal Regiment of Foot, information respecting the ford at which I my tirst Aide-de-Camp and Private Secre. subsequently crossed the Soopra, and the tary, as an officer whose services, on every nature of the ground occupied by the enemy, occasion, are entitled to my fullest acknowby which I was enabled to make my dis- ledgments. positions for attacking them,

The papers transmitted with this despatch To Lieutenant-Colonel Morison, Com, are returns of killed and wounded, and of missary-General, I am also in a similar captured ordnance, a copy of the General manner to acknowledge the high sense I Order, which I yesterday published to the entertain of his merits, in conducting the army, a memorandum she wing the formation important department of which he is, with of the army in briagdes duriog the action, so much adyantage to the public service, and a sketch of the field. But few prisoners placed at the head, as also of his assistance were taken, and those badly wounded; but to me during the action. I feel myself a great number of standards, together with likewise called upon to offer my sincerest Holkar's state palauquin, eight elephants, thanks to Tajor Van Agrew, who by your

between two and three hundred camels, &c. Lordship's permission, continues, for the (the latter taken in the pursuit priocipally, present, under Sir John Malcolm, to act in by the irregular horse), remain in our posses: The political department, and who remained sion, with me throughout the day, rendering me I beg leave to congratulate your Lordship the greatest assistance.

on the important issue of the battle, and Lieutenant-Colonel M‘Gregor Murray and to be allowed to remain with the highest Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable L. Stan- respect, &c. &c. hope, Deputy-Adjutant and Deputy Quar

T. HISLOP, Lieut.-General, ter-Master-General to his Majsty's troops, I had previously requested to become attached

Names of Oficers Killed and Wounded. to my person, in the event, at any time,

KILLEN. of our coming to action, as the very limited His Majesty's Royal Scots, Lieutenant number of the King's troops, immediately

Donald Ni-Leod; Madras Eoropean Regi with me, required no performance on such mour, Lieutenant Charles Colman ; 1st Batt. an occasion of their official functions, Į 3d Reg. or P. L. 1., Lieutenant Glen, have therefore io a pirticular manner to

WOUNDED. thank them for their cheerful acquiescence Horse Artillery-Lieuts. Gamage and to my request, as well as for the services Fireworker Noble, slighily; Troop-fuate they rendered me in the course of the day, ler Master Grifen, scvercly.

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