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time, I now heard a minstrel, who one star, solitary, splendid, is stoopmade me forget all that belonged ing above my head. Is it the retreat to mechanism in the minstrelsy, of beings who bave escaped from the After the first few minuter, I was agonies of earth ? Are spirits repoperfectly unconscious whether her sing there which have wept away instrument was wood or wire, silver life, and now rest where passion stringed, or “all of air compact,” or fevers the heart no more ? Does whether she touched an instrument Alonzo gaze upon it at this hour of at all-80 sweet, delicate, and re. silent beauty ? In what forest of the fined was the expression of her song. western wilderness is he now recliThe words of that song were not ning beneath the palm? Or on what unsuited to the fantastic and un- surge of the mighty Pacific is his chained sweetness of the melody. It bark tossing, while he thinks of was some mingling of story with Spain ?” passion—the night soliloquy of some She paused for a moment, with Donna Inez of unhappy love, think the skill of an incomparable actress; ing of the distance between the cas- first, hung her head, as if overtle, or the convent, in which she powered with emotion, tben suddenwas immured, and her cavalier, ly throwing back the clustering ringsome shewy knight of Alcantara, lets from a forehead worthy of a the handsomest of the handsome, Greek statue, her fine eye lighting and boldest of the bold, who was with sudden inspiration, and her roving sea and land, toiling through whole form gracefully undulating as forest, and climbing mountain, in if she floated on a sea of delight, the search of an imaginary love, while siren launched forth into rapture the true one, the gazer on his image and harmony. “ The rosy dawn, in every star, and the hearer of his the fragrant breath, the living glow voice in every gale, was sinking into of passion, pass before my mind. her early grave, the victim of undi. Those are the hours when the world vulged passion at home. The words disappears. Alonzo' has reached his were in that recitative, which is so native shore. He rejoices again to harmonious in Spanish lips, prose in hear his native tongue around him. aspect, poetry to the thought, and by He looks on every hill, and rivulet, the simple contrivance of making the and tree of his country, like the pilsame vowels constantlyrecur,forming grim returned from the holy shrine, an endless chain of wandering, but to rejoice that his pilgrimage is done, rich and passionate, thought, which and he shall rest for ever. But he falls on the ear like the murmurs of a has dearer thoughts, he thinks upon distant stream, or a breeze among the heart that flies to meet him.” roses and vines, or the strange sweet Her eye now remained fixed, as if sounds of midnight, or any other of she saw the approaching vision of those things which best belong to her lover. Flinging her hand across the reveries of nature and love in the harp, which poured out a sudden the country of sunshine, vineyard, gush of rich harmonies, and filled orange-groves, and the loveliest the air, and every sense of every lismoonshine that dips hill and dale in tener, with exquisite preparation for silver from the Arctic to the Equator. the still more powerful influence to

It was something in this unfetter- come, she sang a few faint notes of ed and figurative style_“When the delicious and trembling expression, image of Alonzo smiles upon me, I preluding the finale. “ He has come. am no longer unhappy, the world is Words were not made for thoughts no longer a desert. All things smile. and times like those. After all his I hear delicious music in the air. dangers, after all my anguish, after Life is at best a dream; but at those the thousand terrors of a heart bound hours it is a dream of joy.

to him by every hope and feeling of It is night; all the sounds of earth existence, he is here. Now let life have died. The worlds above alone do its worst. I am happy beyond shine. The heart alone lives now. the power of misfortune. But he is The wretched forget their cares, the silent; his cheek is pale, his hand is soldier sleeps on the field, the sailor chill. He gazes on me with an eye slumbers on the billow, the prisoner of fainting lustre. He presses my forgets his chain. But love awakes; hand with a look of despair. He is



dying. He has brought death with theembarrassmentof enquiry. “Now him from the south. The fiery sun that you have heard La Crescemhas burned up his veins; the poison- bini,” said he, fixing his full and ed air has wasted away his life. He searching eyes upon me,“ how old draws the mantle from his bosom; do you think her?' The question the Indian arrow rankles there still. of her chronology had never occurHe has hastened home, only to tell red among my reveries. However, me that he loved to the last, and to he did not wait for my answer. “At die at my side. Come, mighty dark. some other time you shall hear her ness, thou ocean where all things history,” interrupted he. “She is perisb, enfold us both. Come, so. handsome, and clever too. We,lemn night, where no voices are and he laid a peculiar stress on the heard. Come, unlovely shroud. No: word—“ We find her of prodigious come thou glorious star, in whose use; for she is the most sublime of bowers the spirits of the unhappy politicians, a first-rate friend to litaste of the fount of joy, of youth berty; and if you heard one of her and love for ever; stoop above us, patriotic airs, the first thing even and summon us together from the your gravity would ask for, would world.” At the words she bent her- probably be leave to wear our cockself forward, as if taking a last em- ade, and carry a musket in the ranks brace of the dead, touched a few of the regenerators.". funereal notes, which were heard in “ That would require no miracle,” silence, broken only by the sobs of was my reply. “I am more than the women; then, when the effect of half inclined already to be as mad as this fine transition had been fully the maddest of you. But the disproduced, she seemed suddenly to tinction between us is, that when acquire a new inspiration, gazed Englishmen begin those matters, upward, and almost overpowered they are not satisfied unless they go her audience by a tumult of triumph- through with them." ant chords, while, with her splendid “ So you think,” said Altuna, with eye straining above, she followed a flush on bis cheek, “ the Spaniard the flight of the risen spirit with a is like his own guitar, good for novoice that rolled like incense, richly thing when left to himself—soulless and solemnly waving its way to- and soundless; but when some hand wards heaven.

strikes across bis sensibilities a cle. The enchantment lasted, though ver combination of parts, that will the harmony ceased; and I had play any tune, whether the minstrel turned dreamer too. The singer was be king, priest, or peasant-aye, certainly one of the handsomest monk or mime, all one to the Spacreatures that grace and nature could niard; aye, and when the tune is have formed even in the country of over, the best thing to be done is to captivation. By what means she, hang up the instrument.” who appeared fitted to flourish in My deprecation of this rapid reathe courts of princes, or to give law soning was unheard; for he sudto the princes themselves, could have denly took me by the hand, forced found her designation in the coulisses me by surprise through the door, of what, at best, looked to be a private and, closing it as suddenly, shut out theatre, was one of those probleins the whole glittering vision, with La which, whenever they come athwart Crescembini in its centre, completeone, are wonderfully apt to excite a ly from my view, “ What is next to strong curiosity. I was guarded be seen ?" said I. from any very hazardous excess of “ What no man in his senses can that curiosity by other feelings; object to see," was the answer;" your still, where beauty, exquisite accom- supper-But hush-I think we are plishment, powerful sensibility, and near the Saloon of the Committee, matchless taste, conspired to the ata and they are gentlemen who value traction, I may not be blamed more the freedom of debate so highly, than other philosophers, for being on that if they thought a stranger were the point of enquiring of my friend, listening, nothing but the Virgin her. the gallant capitan, how all these self could sare you from having things could be.

your throat cut.” His quickness saved me from all Well, then," said I, I desire


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neither to listen nor to pay for lis- ken a vow registered on my tablets, tening, had we not better leave the at my first setting foot on Spanish spot altogether?"

ground, of trusting to a pair of Eng“ All in good time," replied Al- lish percussion locks, in preference tuna; “but they are gallant fellows, to the oath of any grandee from Anthough a little too fond of the po. dalusia to the Asturias. niard on those occasions; and coming

I had now recovered my prein under my wing, I can promise sence of mind, and, with all of the that you will be safe enough. In language that I could muster, contithe meanwhile, as some little pre- nued to deprecate this summary meparation is necessary, wait here for a thod of extinguishing political eavesfew moments, until I announce you." dropping. I told them that I was an

I had no inclination to be either Englishman. The name had for announced or received; but what once lost its charm. They curled up was to be done with a fellow as vo- their mustaches to their foreheads, latile as a feather? Before I could and brandished their abominable stiutter a syllable, he had darted down lettoes, which I saw sparkling in the a corridor, which I saw glimmering meagre lamp, like little basilisks, I far before me by the light of one of told them that I neither knew nor those scanty lamps which Spain fa- cared more than the dust I trode on, shions for the benefit of her bravoes. about Spanish politics; that I had I was now alone, and the change come there only to hear a song, and from the shewy saloon to the dim eat a supper; and that as I had done vista, which stretched away endless, the one, they might satisfy themly into the labyrinths of this singu- selves by seeing me do the other the Jar abode, was almost as theatrical moment they pleased. This sally, as the first display of the señora which touched the national honour, herself. But I was not long left to was injudicious; but wbat man can my meditations. I had gone forward have his wits about him for ever? but a few paces, exploring the cor- and I was in a situation which might ridor, when a partition in the wall have perplexed a priry counsellor of quickly opened, and three men ra


empire. ther rolled than stepped out of it. They flung themselves into atti“Demonio!” exclaimed one of them. tudes of double defiance, and adopt“ Here he is—I told you the truth." ing a new tactique, perfectly nationA spy of the police !” exclaimed al, attempted to outlank me on both the second. “Down with him," was sides, wbile the third maneuvred the cry of the third. On which the

on my rear.

There was now no whole three, finging their cloaks on time to be lost. I sprang to the oppothe floor, and drawing their poniards, site side of the corridor, and in the advanced on me in order of battle. act levelled a blow of my naked My situation was now embarrassing hand at the assailant, which, coming enough. I uttered a few words of in a fortunate place, full in his caremonstrance, but they had made up pacious throat, flung him headlong their minds on the subject, and never and heavily on the ground. This was English gentleman in a more was a surprise on my antagonists, delicate situation with respect to his which gave me time to shift my popersonal safety. Let it be no impu- sition, and taking post in a kind of iation on my heroism that I would niche in the wall, I now relied on hare made a rapid retreat, if that had the desperate chance of continuing been in my power, but a glance round the struggle until Altuna should reconvinced me that the attempt was turn. The two combatants whom I hopeless. The door by which Al- , had left standing, now advanced tupa had brought me into this de- again, stiletto in hand, and if oaths testable corridor was as flat and fix- and gestures could give sign of their ed as if it had been a part of the determination, fully resolved on wall. The way by which he had extinguishing my career.

I now vanished had the look of an avenue called for Altuna, but the capitan to a dungeon, and, besides, had my was not to be brought back by any three executioners in its front. I was invocation of mine. The bravoes, totally unarmed, and then regretted for I saw that this was their profeswith perfect sincerity that I had bro- sion, now attempted to parley,

“Señor Inglise,” said one of them, I felt the wall shake. I was again a tall ruffian, with a huge scar over weaponless, my head whirled round, the eyebrow, deepening the natural and my last sensations were those of felonious intent of his visage, “ you returning a desperate blow, and fallsee resistance is useless. So you ing backwards through the partihad better sąre trouble, and come tion. to an understanding. That diamond I probably remained for some time brooch would suit my wife vastly, in a state of insensibility, for my I should like to borrow it for an senses returned but slowly. First hour or two."

came the glimmer of a feeble light; " I'll lay my new calèche to then confused sounds; then the fiyour old one, Tomaso,” said the gure of the Señor Don Altuna at full other ruffian, with a grin," that length, standiug by my side, flouçishthe señor has had that brooch from ing his sabre, and exulting in having a princess, and would rather give taken summary vengeance of all my me his gold repeater. Prove my enemies on this side of the Line. I words, señor,” said he, “ and you wished that he had come somewhat shall be the happier man for it, with earlier; but as the affair was over, in the next five minutes."

it was not worth the expenditure of I actually burst into a laugh at much sorrow, and I suffered him to the oddity of the villain's effron- act the surgeon for me, which he did tery; in which the heroes of the with infinite assiduity. poniard joined. But the laughter I now discovered the means by on their parts was in the way of which I had got out of the corridor ; their trade ; for they both made the piche in which I had taken up my a spring at the moment, had the final position, was luckily the enbrooch and watch in their fingers, trance to the chamber in which I and had them transferred to their found myself. All in this singular own pockets with the dexterity of mansion, or nest of mansions, was proficients in the art of highway rob- constructed on the principle of pribery.

vacy. It had as many trapdoors as “ Your purse," was then the cry a stage, or a haunt of bauditti; the of both. I had no power of resist. principal part of the huge dwelling ance, and handed tliem the purse. itself had been built for an undis.

Diego," said one of them, turbed receptacle for those victims we must earn our pay. The heretic of the Inquisition, which it was the must die."

high pleasure of the saintly goverRoused by this plain declaration, pors of the Spanish conscience to i

sprang upon them. The purse keep under bolt and bar for the term fell, its contents flew about the floor. of their lives; and every wall was This was unlucky, for the third, sti- honeycombed. All was a system of mulated by the sound, now rising, cells, very curious, very comfortless, the whole three forced themselves very silent, and containing any thing in upon me. I now struggled for life; but bees and the produce of their one of the ruffians had already dri. laboure. The adventure had come ven his weapon through my hand, to its natural conclusion, and it and another stooping down clung would have been prudent to turn on round my knees. Bleeding, and thus our steps, leave La Crescembini to hampered, I felt my strength giving her own captivations, and like a pair way. I fought furiously, but å of dilapidated spendthrifts, quietly strange giddiness began to make the make the best of our way to our corridor swim round me. At that hotel. But against this I had a moment, and in the consciousness strange reluctance. Among the first that the next might be my last, I sounds that reminded me of my

be. wrested the blade from the hand ing still in the land of the living, a of the bravo who had wounded me, whisper had seemed to come, which, and drove it straight down his open low as it was, also reminded me of mouth, with a force which left it the fairest creature that trode the fixed there. He staggered away, earth. The voice was scarcely auand fell on the ground with a howl. dible, yet it sank into my panting The force of the blow threw me back heart. Even at that moment of exat the same time; and to my surprise haustion, I tried to exclaim “ Cata.



lina." But the word would not salon. Some conversed in groups, come. With my wavering eyes, I and some discussed with evident thought I could discern a figure, skill the virtues of the incomparable wrapped to the eyes in a long scarf, wines, with which an army of mebut when I closed them in faintness, nials in silk and silver penetrated the next view which they gave me every corner of this beautiful hall. was of the gallant cavalier flourishing Accustomed as I had been of late his sword, chafed with the glow of years to the glittering portions of what I took for granted was recent foreign life, I was absolutely dazzled. combat, and resembling any thing But when I had recovered sufficient on earth rather than the object of my composure to distinguish things, I dream.

saw, obviously enough, that this asThe proposal to return to our semblage had other purposes than to hotel was negatived by me at once, while away an evening. All, both and the negation was gaily received male and female, wore a small crimby my lively friend. Well,” said son heart, wrought on some part of he, "you have grown an enthusiast their dress. I could perceive a speat last; true Englishman, steady to cies of masonic sign passing between your point, loss of blood with your the parties, as they recognised each nation only rouses them to perseve- other on entrance, for the room conrance; defeat is the parent of energy, tinued to fill for hours; and even the and the heavier your fall upon the familiarity that belongs to foreign earth, the higher is your rebound. conversation was palpably tinged But are you sufficiently recovered with diplomatic mystery. Yet the for another scene, a little more ani. individual groups would have formmated, though perhaps a little less ed matchless models for a sculptor refined, than the minstrelsy of La of the generation of Far nientes. Crescembini?” He kicked open one Before me waltzed a pair, whom I of the hundred doors that perforated could almost believe to have exthe house in all directions, and shew- changed dresses before they began ed me into a little apartment ele- their gyrations. The lady was broad, gantly fitted up, and with a small bold, and loud_loud in her laugh, and supper.table laid out; taking a flask louder in her tongue. The gentleof Champagne from the beaufet, he man was slight, delicate, and girlish; poured out a couple of glasses, and with a smile that seemed to be soli. we drank to the charms of the lady citing the sensibilities of the human of the palace. The wine put all my race, and a voice fit for nothing more remaining weakness and wisdom to violent than a serenade. On an otthe rout together, and I bade him toman under an enormous chandelier lead on.

Another glass fortified us which showered light on her diamond both for all kinds of adventure; we tiara, and jewelled hands and arms, reached the end of a passage prepa- sat, or rather lay, a gigantic woman, red, like all the rest, by dimness, to with a brow clouded with indignagive effect to the flash of radiance tion at some narrative, which a Mothat was to meet us the moment resco-visaged man was pouring into after. A bell was rung, and we

A beautiful girl, in a dress were in the grand salon. The effect worthy of a sylph, a vesture as was, what it was intended to be, bright, and almost as aërial, as the completely dramatic. The room rainbow, sat, suspending a small was large, crowded, and magnifi- theorbo in her hands, while she cently furnished. But its assem- paused from a cavatina to listen to blage were the amusing part of the the communication. At a table of scene. It exhibited some of the hand- malachite, on which stood a huge somest women whom I had seen in candelabrum, embossed with Greek Spain, and some of the most shewy- masks and vine branches, a pair were looking men. There was a vast dis- engaged in a game of chess, which play of dress and decoration on all evidently allowed the performance sides, but it was evident that the law of a dialogue of a more interesting of the night was to follow every fan- order. The cavalier was stately, and tasy, without the most trivial respect of middle age, decorated with various for etiquette; some danced, some stars, and of the highest air of falounged on the velvet sofas which shionable life; the lady was sumptu. lay scattered in all quarters of the ously dressed, fiercely rouged, and

her ear.

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