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WHY SHOULD I CONTRIBUTE? sand dollars, at least, is necessary. It is a

The question is often asked, Why should lamentable fact, as has already been noticed I contribute to the BOARD OF PUBLICATION? in this periodical, that last year only $39,437 The answer is simple and conclusive, Because was contributed, and that by considerably it is also the BOARD OF SABBATH-SCHOOL less than one-half our churches. Only WORK.

twenty-six hundred and seventy-four churches This Board has two sides : the one, in- gave us anything; thirty-seven hundred and cluding the editorial and publishing depart- twenty-four failed to contribute. ments, business; the other, as thoroughly

REASONS FOR NON-CONTRIBUTION. missionary as the Board of Home or For

It is possible that some failed to contribute ign Missions. The former supports itself

in consequence of being misled by the old and is also a large contributor to the mission

title, Board of Publication. They imagined ary side, and, as will be seen, to other benev

they were asked to give to a merely business olent agencies of the church; the latter

concern that should support itself. All posalouo looks to the church for support.

sibility of misunderstanding on that ground DEPARTMENT OF SABBATH-SCHOOL AND has been removed by the change of the title. MISSIONARY WORK.

It is probable, however, that a still greater This department is far more extensive and number, consisting of those who recognized important than is generally supposed. Its that the Board had a benevolent department, work is twofold. In the first place, it oper- declined giving because of the association ates through a corps of approved inission

of that department with a publishing house. aries, generally laymen, who are appointed They may have argued, The Board of Pubto labor in the spiritually-destitute portions lication has a large capital; publishing is a of our land. Their duty is to visit from profitable business, many men make fortunes house to house; to converse and pray with by it; why does not the Publishing Departindividuals and families; to distribute Bibles

ment support the Missionary ? and the pure and spiritually-uplifting liter

Perhaps the best answer that can be given ature of the Board, by sale to those who are

to such objectors is that contained in the able and willing to purchase, and by gift to

report of the special committee on the Board the needy; and, lastly, to organize Sabbath

to the last Assembly—a report unanimously schools and see to their equipment where 'adopted by the committee and unanimously they do not exist, and where schools do exist approved by the Assembly: to visit them and labor for their improve

BUSINESS DEPARTMENT. ment. The second part of the work of this de

We found the Business Department of the

Board well managed and self-supporting, and partment is to make grants, either partial

we take pleasure in correcting an erroncous or total, of single books, periodicals, libraries

opinion in the church growing out of a misand lesson helps to individuals, Sabbath apprehension as to the use of the large capital schools, churches, theological seminaries and employed in this department. In the first missions, not only in our own land, but place, many of our books do not pay the exthroughout the world.

pense of their publication, not being generally

salable. Of these we may mention those of a DEFICIENCY IN CONTRIBUTION.

strictly denominational character, and those It must be apparent to every thoughtful published by order of the Assembly. Secondly, mind that to carry on successfully the work

the aim of this department is to cheapen its of this department the amount recommended books and periodicals, rather than reap profits by the last Assembly, viz., one hundred thou- from sales. Thirdly, a large amount of books

one of

are gratuitously distributed every year, not school missionaries. Are these not calls only to the destitute by colporteurs, but to from the Head of the church to our Pres. charitable institutions, literary and theologi. byterian people to give for this cause ? cal institutions, on which no profit is made. Fourth, a large part of the Board's buildings, which are a part of its capital, and which

Here is


letters received daily might be rented, are used by other boards of by the Sabbath-school Missionary Departthe church for offices, rent free. A fair valua- ment of our Board. Through these we are tion of the rental of these offices was shown to

given glimpses of the possibilities and the be at least $5000 per annum.

This use is con

sore needs of just such work as the Sabbathsistent with the wishes and intention of the

school missionaries of this Board are doing donors of the fund for constructing the buildings, and no fault is attributed to the Board

in saving precious souls and in the building for such use. In addition, the expense of light

up of the Master's cause and the honor of ing, heating and repairing the building for this

his name. gratuitous use falls on the Business Depart- From the Board's missionary in Montana: ment. The small per cent of profits on the

DEAR DR. WORDEN :-Last week I went seemingly-large capital is thus explained. We

across the river and visited the people there. state these facts in order that the Assembly

Yesterday (Sabbath) we met in the schoolmay be fully informed on the subject.

house and organized a Sabbath-school. I The Business Department not only pro- found only one Christian man in the neighbor. vides rooms rent free, warmed and lighted, hood. I think he is the only one among the for the Boards of Education and Relief, but ranchmen who does not use profane language. also for the Missionary Department of its

The majority of the men are infidels (professown Board. It is not too much to say that

edly). Several ladies have been Christian on a fair business calculation it has hereto

workers in former days. They will help in the

Sabbath-school. If ever a Sabbath-school was fore contributed not less than $8000 per

needed anywhere, this is one of the places. Famiannum to the benevolent work of the church.

lies of children are growing up in utter ignor. It is also proper to state that, under the di- ance of Christ and the Bible. Dancing and rection of the Assembly, it will in the future horse-racing are the only amusements. Mr. place two thirds of its net profits annually

a Christian man, was elected superto the credit of the Sabbath-school and intendent of the Sabbath-school. They will Missionary Department.

have to buy hymn-books, and, as the people are quite poor, I think it would be well to donate

supplies for the quarter preceding Christmas, BEAR IN MIND

and after that they can get along. 1. That the missionaries of the Board of

On my way here last night, I drove past a Publication and Sabbath-school Work have saloon. An old man, Mr. B., at whose house I organized within a few years 1392 Sabbath- had called ten days ago, was there. He takes schools.

the Truth Seeker, and is full of the spirit of the 2. That they have made over 20,000 visits

devil. He came out and asked me to go into to Sabbath-schools, many of which were

the saloon and talk to the men, I read part

of the third chapter of John's Gospel, and beaided by grants of lesson helps, papers and books.

gan to explain, but he kept breaking in and

asking questions. Finally he agreed to keep 3. That there is no way of planting still. The proprietor had said I might talk, churches more economical or effective than and the men had stopped their game of bil. by establishing Sabbath-schools.

liards. I trust that God will bless his word, 4. There are thirteen states and territories,

even there. When I came here I found that and among these many of the most import

a lady had died suddenly and had been buried ant in our country, in which we have not

Sabbath afternoon. There was a large attendone Sabbath-school missionary. This simply

ance of the neighbors at the funeral, but when

the bereaved husband asked some one to pray, for want of money to support missionaries.

there was no response. Mr. D., the superin5. Touching appeals come to this Board tendent of the new Sabbath-school, came just from those fields to send there Sabbath

as the body was buried, and prayed when asked.

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The husband was almost distracted, as they had and scantily-clad children will be unable to atbeen married only a year, and there had been tend after the cold weather sets in. So, Mr. no pbysician. I have just come from there. Rice bids me say that your papers will not We went early this morning and tried to com- again be needed until April; but, if it be not fort him by pointing to the Saviour. ;

asking too much, he will be more than grateful Only one known Christian man in a whole if you can at that time again supply his school community! Children in families growing

with lesson helps, as you have done this year. up in utter ignorance of Jesus Christ and

These Negroes are utterly poor, and Mr. Rice the Bible! Dancing and horse-racing the

has no aid in teaching his school, now number

ing one hundred and fifty. You sent an abunonly amusements! Surely in this place is

dant supply of papers, the little folk of course needed the light and knowledge of God's

not needing them. truth. Surely the smile of the Master will

If you have any cards, simple little story rest upon those who will help us to send books, etc., to be given away, pray remember Sabbath-school missionaries to just such lo

this remote corner of the world. Mr. Rice calities, where the well-known name and the

would be glad to be able to give his pupils litsweet story of Jesus are unknown, and where

tle books, etc., at the close of the school. They even the children whom Christ loved so

would be rewards for the past and incentives

for the future. You may imagine that his much are in such utter darkness.

work is arduous and discouraging enough, with In the name of these dying ones who have

so little help and sympathy. He sends gratino one to comfort them, no one to pray tude for what you have done, that is not by any with them ;" in the name of the Lord Jesus, means altogether according to Talleyrand's who appointed his church to be his agent in definition, “ a lively sense of favors to come.” seeking and saving the lost, the Board May both you and he be rewarded by the of Publication and Sabbath-school Work

fruit of the great lessons the world has been makes an earnest appeal for means to en

learning this summer.

Sincerely yours, able it to send the light into all these lonely,

MARIE GORDON PRYOR RICE. remote and godless homes, and to gather

And here a call for the aid of schools the children into Sabbath-schools that they amongst the Creeks, Choctaws and Cherokees: may learn of Christ and his wondrous love.

VINITA, IND. TER., Sept. 1, 1887. We long to send our Sabbath-school

papers Rev. E. R. CRAVEN, D.D. and lesson helps to these weak, struggling DEAR BROTHER :—We have special need in schools that have no money to buy them, this territory of tracts and matter suitable for and that send to us so many touching ap

Sabbath-schools-papers, lesson leaves, etc. peals for help. God's truth has found en- We must supply these things, as the people trance many times on the Sabbath-school

connot pay for them, and I am sure you will

co-operate with us in our work here in behalf paper into homes otherwise tightly closed

of the Indians. We can organize a number of against it.

schools if we can supply papers and leaves. The Board is doing its utmost to meet Will not the Board of Publication help us ? these appeals; it can, however, do but little

Faithfully, ROBERT W. HILL. where there is so much to be done. What a

A Sabbath-school missionary in Michigan broad field! what a glorious harvest might writes : be garnered! Will you help us ? And here another appeal from Virginia :

I have visited the strongest churches in Sagi

naw Presbytery, and hope that my appeals to COLES' FERRY, CHARLOTTE CO., Va., September 15, 1887.

them in behalf of the dear souls in the wilderGENTLEMEN :-Mr. Rice desires me to thank ness may not be in vain. As time rolls on the you most warmly for the gift of lesson papers need of our work becomes greater. This may and quarterlies, which have enabled him to seem strange to those who are not acquainted carry on his work among the freedmen most with the field, but it is a fact that there are helpfully to himself and to them. He does now ten times as many families in the West not know how he could have kept up his school needing this colportage as there were ten without your generous aid. After next month years ago. In 1884 the census gave a populait will close until the spring, as the barefooted tion of half a million in the twenty-five coun

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ties in which I have been laboring, and I see thing but pleasant or even safe going ; but I now that there are forty thousand settled north reached the neighborhood in good time, and of the Saginaw Valley.

after a hearty dinner with some friends, my I spent the last week and a Sabbath in the kind host, his adopted daughter and myself northwestern corner of Gladwin county, two walked to the school-house. The mist had hundred miles from here. Five years ago I changed to snow with some wind, which inwalked eighteen miles through the woods with- creased to a driving storm. We thought surely out seeing a house to find the people, and or- we should have our miserable walk of a mile ganized a Sabbath-school here. There are and a half for nothing; but as we approached thirty families, and among them noble, earnest the school-house we were cheered by seeing Christians. They have kept up their Sabbath- smoke issue from the chimney, and on opening school organization, and are now about to or- the door we had a mutual but very agreeable ganize a church. The church would have been surprise—they to see me and I to find sixteen organized while I was there had it not been for persons already assembled, and such an afterbad weather. While there I found a family noon too. After taking off my wrappings, I that had suffered the loss of their property by drew


up to the stove and joined in a fire. They had neither Bible, Testament nor any- social chat while we waited for he superinthing else to read, so I had a good opportunity tendent; but he did not come, so I took charge to place in their hands a copy of the Bible. of the school, and we had an interesting and, I

trust, a profitable time, in spite of adverse DIFFICULTY OF MISSIONARY

weather. “He that observeth the wind shall WORK.

not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds

shall not reap." The following will give some idea of the nature of the work of our missionaries in


FOR A HORSE." One Saturday last December I worked my way into a small town in southern Minnesota,

A letter under the above caption appeared expecting some one, according to previous ap

in the Presbyterian of the 17th of September. pointment, to meet me with a team and take It stated that one of our most faithful misme out about six miles north, where I had or- sionaries in the wilds of Minnesota was in ganized a Sabbath-school; but such was the sore need of "a colporteur's conveyance state of the weather that there were very few

horse and all.” It further stated that $250 in from the country. A heavy thaw had set in

were needed for the entire outfit, and that accompanied by gentle rain, which gradually increased until by afternoon it literally poured

852 had already been contributed. A few down. It was more like the opening up of

days thereafter the secretary received a letter spring than a day in midwinter. One of the from a generous brother enclosing $50 as first persons I met on the street was the Meth- his contribution toward the object mentioned. odist minister. He had taken quite an interest The secretary had nothing to do with the in my work in that locality, and had helped it publication of the letter. He rejoices, howon by going out to preach therein occasionally. ever, that it was published, and will gladly On learning where I was going he said that he

act as “the medium of supply" for others had engaged to preach there the next day, but

who may desire to contribute. It gives him as I would be with them he would go the following Sabbath instead. He then interested pleasure to state that the missionary in himself in helping me off, and soon succeeded whose behalf the appeal was made is one of in finding a farmer going part way. As there the most faithful and successful in the em. seemed to be no probability of my getting all ploy of the Board. Within the last quarter the way that night, be advised me to stop with he has organized five Sabbath-schools. He one of his people, two miles out, till morning. was the writer of the immediately precedI was acquainted with some of the family, who

ing communication. were Sabbath-school workers. They gave me

The efficiency of our missionaries in the a warm Christian welcome, and the next morning I completed the journey on foot. What

far West would be more than doubled if with rotten snow-banks, ice, water, mud and a

each one had a complete conveyance heavy mist almost as bad as rain, it was any.

horse and all.”

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The church of which we here give a sketch This church has been built for $2000, and is peculiarly convenient and, as we think, with care that sum will prove sufficient for very tasteful in appearance. It will seat the erection of such an one elsewhere. We from 150 to 200, and provides a small prayer- can procure working plans and specifications meeting room upon the side.

at a very moderate cost.

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