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ordour al this confusion for his own glorie. . . . I heard the Lady Graing was brought to bedd of a daughter. 29–I was compting with tennents of this bounds. Lord! help me to sobrietie, moderation, charitie, compasion, tenderness, in dealing with poor tennents, and to doe to others as I would have them to doe with me, if I wer in their roum and place. I gott a summonds fra Cowbinn for the first diet. 2 February.—I found that Mr. Geo. Key was not right. I desir to pity and sympathize with him. He seims to be weil pleasd with his own condition. I durst not, because of his temper and constitution, deal with him. 3.—I entred to read somewhat of Aretius and Gualters on Luke. 10.-I desir to be humbla under the sence of the libertie which I take to my words, expressions. I was challengd by H. K. for my excess and too much libertie in my asseverations, imprecations. I desird, in the sight of God, to tak with it, and to be humblå for it. 11-I went to Elgin for account of what publict occurrences werpassing. I heard of a Parliament indicted at Oxford: of the Lords pers so persuading] the King that the Parliament sud sittin London, the capital city. I heard that the Colledg of Edinburgh was opened again. 12.-I read Marlorat and Gualter on the Lord's Prayer. 13.-E. Forbes and her husband wer heir. 14.—I heard that the Session of Dyk had turnd Mr. Geo. Kay off from the School. I desir to pity him. Ther was a meiting of the heretors appointed anent the School. Mr. William Falconer cam heir to advertis me to meit that day. He cam a day or two after this. 15–I heard many things of Mr. Geo, which troubld me, which did show he was not right. He said he would turn in to Presbytries, and wad discover others in ther colours. I sie his weaknes, and desirs to aknowledg God in that I have the use of any faculty. 16–At Dyk [I] found a woeful jarr and shamfull outcast betwixt Mr. Geo. and his wife. I desir to aknowledg God in this, for it marrs al that we could desing for him. He was at the turning his bak on the school, and famely, and al. I took som tym to speak to them both, and endeavourd to mak up the breach betwixt them. I exhorted them to moderation and meeknes, and to bear one of another. This does much lay me asid, and scrupl me to appear for him; but I find to be turned out of his School would put him quytt wrong.


18.—I went to Dyk to meit with the heretors anent the School. Ther was manie things faultie and wrong in Mr. Geo., who gott a rebuke, and was continoud to be taken on trial how he sud carry for the tym to com, with this condition that upon the first fault and error he should be turnd off. I was cald by Leathen and Calder to goe up to Moynes and Leathen; which I did. We spok somewhat anent Mr. T. H. [Thomas Hog.] The Lord did furnish and help to som progres as to his accommodation. I desir to aknowledg God in his enlarging harts to doe anything that way. Calder was useful and helpful to us this way. 19.-Mr. James Urquhart cam ther. We spok to him of our purpose and method anent T. H. I heard that Mr. James was straitnd in his outward condition. I desir to consider this, and to hear what the Lord calls for at my hands. I cam hom in the evining. 22.-I went east towards Monaghtie this fornoon; visited the old Ladie Leathen by the way. 24.—I went to Elgin; visited E. Innes; mett with Grant and Grang in the Toun; heard of the riot, excess, leud way of Lord Douns, and thos of his company and societie I heard of a most savage, abominabl wickednes comited by som lards on the border, who kild three or four of a famely, and took away money; wer found out at last by the dogg which they left behind them. 5 March—There was appeirance of company's repairing heir mixt day to James Fraser. Oh! that I might be made to hear the Lord's voice, and to obey it. Calder staid: Petgauni and his wiff cam heir also. 6–Die Dom. Ther was only prayer and singing in the morning, which A. D. went about. James Fraser on 8 Rev. throughout, and 55 Isay. 7, “Let the wicked forsake his way, &c.” 11.-I heard that James Usrquhart] and his wife took offence at my uncl and William anent ther fredom with their son. The best want not ther oun weaknes and infirmities. 16.—I went to Lethen this day to meit with Grant, and E. Innes, and Dr. Gordon. Mr. William Falconer spoke to me in his father's name anent Mr. Jo. Scott, to deal with Grant anent the giving him a presentation. This I fear may be a snar to me. Albeit I had no clearnes in it, yet I did undertak to speak in it. It wer my duty to have no hand or accession in thes maters. Let not the Lord imput sin to me. I found Grant not inclind to give him a presentation, neither did I urge it. He is a young man of ill report, and alas ! it is the land's plaug that ther is an open door to such. 19.- We should have sent for Mr. James Urquhart this day, bot did it not. I heard after, that he was unweil thir days past, yet had sermon in Dyk befor their Sacrament. 20.-Die Dom. Jasmes] Fraser] was in Moynes. Som of the famely went there. A. D. at Lethen. We were alone. 23.−I went to Calder anent the affairs of D. Campbell's relict. . . . We seimd to com to som conclusion. I did undertak som burden of their debt. . . . Pluscarden cam ther while we wer together. He seimd not to be right. I cam hom at night. 27.-Die Dom. A. D. was with us. On 107 Ps. 20. “He sent his word and heald them, &c.” 29.—I ordourd the dispatch of victl to Findorn. I worshipd God that morning at Kineddor. . . . I saw the poor fouk's land much overflown with water from the Logh and Lossie. I went in to Elgin to have mett with Calder; found Dr. Gordon ledd much by his humour and passion. I went at night to Burgie, where Calder was on his way southward. 1 April.—I expected to have had James Urquhart with us nixt day and Sabbath. I was too long of advertising him, and he was engaged to be at Lethen. 5.—I got letters this evening from Castle Forbes, wherewith I was surprisd, putting me to raise their money at this next term, and withal I did not apprehend the Lord Forbes was so smooth or fair as had been desirabl. The advertisment is lost. I was not expecting any such thing. I was in some perplexity about it. 8.—I got Leathen's return anent Park, that he seimed to be in a verie friendlie temper, and was willing that mistaks sud be cleird betwixt us, and wad submitt to Grant, Lethen, and Petgauni. 11– I set out from hom this morning on my way to Castle Forbes, and my wife. 12–We wer advertisd at Whytlumms to goe to Putachie first. We had ground to aprehend that maters wer not right betwixt my Lord Forbes and his son, and my daughter. We cam last to Putachie. 13.−We staid ther al this day, and had account of the mistaks betwixt the young and old. This was occasion of greiff and trubl to me. I desir to sie and aknouledg God in it, and I desir to be helpd to giv them a sound counsal and opinion who ar most concernd in this trial. . . . We cald for Leslie, and spok with him anent the affairs of the famely, and was purposd to goe doun the mixt day to Castl Forbes. 14.—I found my selfe much darkend, and confounded, and ignorant what to doe or advis in maters betwixt them. I wait for light, and counsal, and direction from the Lord, in evrie point and passage that may occurr. We went doun to Castl Forbes I had account of my lord's complaints of my daughter and the Mr. I endeavourd to satisfie and allay. I found he inclind to live a pairt, to keip his servants, &c., which I was not frie to medl anie thing in. Ther was som mistaks betwixt him and his son, and my daughter, which I endeavourd to remove and cleir. We spoke of the private bussines. I desir to putt al over on the Lord. Let him ordour and direct al to his glorie, and their good. 15.-I found my Lord [Forbes] passionat, and that it was needful for his children to folow him fairly, and comply in anie thing [that] was not sinful. I endeavourd a good understanding among them. . . . I went to Putachie at night. 16.-I found it a snar to the famely by admitting and receaving visits on the Sabbath, and keiping company with their friends and relations. Let the Lord discover and brak that snar. . . . I was greivd to sie the Mr. not so serius as he ought to be on that day, directing his letters and erands. 18.-We staid til Craigivar and his ladie cam, and went to Leslie, and at night to Castl Forbes. We commund of bussiness. My Lord vented humor and passion, both against me, his son, my daughter; said, that nothing was done for his son, or in his affairs, and that this was told him well. I cud not consider of anie offence offerd to him by myself. It was my desing and purpos to keip althings fair among them; to doe them al the kindnes in my power. He said, If my Father had bein too for[e] he wad have done more. I cannot deny he was worth thousands of me; but I wad not willinglie be wanting in dutie to them. His friends wer displeased with him. I am apt to be overcom, and provokd, and irritat with thes expressions. This was my infirmity and corruption. . . . I did expostulat with my Lord anent this, his way, and caracters he put on me befor his friends. . . . I had a proposition the other day by my Lord Forbes of young Eight to my daughter; which I did not relish.

19.—This day was verie rough and windie. We set out from Castl Forbes, wher we left fair with my Lord. Let the Lord's peace and favour be among them and rule their hearts and minds, and keip them in good understanding one with another in his fear. We cam to Mulbenn at one o'clock afternoon, and from that to Innes at night. My wife was unweil, and distempered. Let the Lord turn it to good. We saw young Inness's] children. I desir to have a sympathie with them in the loss of the precius mother. We satt up lait with the old man. 20–We cam hom to the famely at night, where we found the children in health. 21.—The Bishop had his Synod at Invernes. I heard of their feasting, intertainment at that place, and many things unlik to such an office, as this pretended to. 23–I heard that Mr. James Urquhart was in som mistak with me and this famely. I desir by al means to obviat and to have it removd. O that the Lord wad discoveral the evil of my way, and reform, and purge, for his name's sake! 25–I heard that the ladie Grant was brought to bedd of another son, cald Georg. 29–I gott a letter to the Bishop's mother's burial. 30–We had a meiting betwixt Main and Alr. Forsyth, and his sister. In him I sie an emblem of the vanity of man's labor under the sun. Man heaps up riches and knows not who salinjoy it, whether a wiseman or a fool. Ther arises a profan and debauchit son in the place and roum of a father, and devours and consums his substance, and brings himself to shame and miserie throu sin. Mr. James Urquhart cam heir in the evining, and was throu the Lord's help to give a word the mixtsday]. 3 May–Was appointed for the burial of the Bishop's mother. 4–Calder cam from the South, and caldheir. I went with him towards Kinoudie. I heard althings wer quiet and silent. 10-Peiter Hepburn cam heir from Edinburgh. I heard of som sturr betwixt Sir Charles Halket and som curats in Fyffe, and that they wer befor the Counsal; and Sir Charles and others like to get the prison. 20–1 visited them of Both, spok to James Nimbo anent Mr. Thomas Hog. Mr. Thomas Ross's] widow, and my grand unclos was heir; wad hav shelter at Fedden. I was willing, if it could be of use to her, but it was ruinous. She was desirus to have anie opportunity to hear the gospel.

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