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Of the Hospital of





Master of that Hospital.

From a MS. in the Hands of THOMAS FREWIN,

of LINCOLN'S-Inn, Esq;


Dr. THOROTON's Antiquities of NOT

TINGHAMSHIRE, Lond. 1677. fol. pag. 478.



HE Moretons did found an Hospital in the uttermost edge

of the Parish [of harworth in Nottinghamthire) near Bautrey Town in Yorkthire, to which there is also a Chapel yet standing, wherein they of the Family have used to be buried, and amongst the rest there lies Katherin (daughter of John Boun, Esquire, by his first wife, and so) half sister of Gilbert Boun, Sergeant at Law, who was widow of George Moreton, elder brother of the before named Robert [Moreton,] who sold Hareworth (to Mr. William Saunderson,] which George died long before the said Anthony [Moreton] his father, (who paid in Queen Elizabeth's time 3 s. 4 d. for half á Knight's Fee, in Harworth, (sometime Henry Bisets) and wasted the . Estate.] These Moretons bore Quarterly Gules und Ermine, the first and last charged with each a Goate's Head Erased Ary.


To the most Reverend Fatherin God,

Richard, by the 'Devine Providence of God now Lord Archbp. of Yorke, his Grace, Primate of England and Metropolitane, John Slacke, Master of that poore Hospitall of Saint Mary Magdalen juxta Bantrie, wisheth all happiness and eternall blessed


T was your Grace's speciall charge
att Bawtrie, that I should make
à Booke, and therin sett downe

the true state of that Hospitall, viz.
1. Who was the Founder?
2. For whome it was founded ?
3. What Maintenance doth belonge thereunto?

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4. Who is Patron thereof?

5. How, and by whome, it was passed as a Concealment, and given to Hugh Millar, Foot-man lo the late Queene Elizabeth of famous memory, and so passed under the Great Seale?

6. How, and by whome, it was reversed, uppon a solemne hearinge in thexchecquer, uppon' aincient Evidences and good Testemony, before the Lord Burley then Lord Treasurer, and the Barrons there, by the meanes of'John, late Archbyshop of Yorke, and John Cooper, then Master, and Predecessor, before me, of that Hospital

It was decreed, that the Graunt from the late Queene Elizabeth to her servant, Hugh Myller, should be reversed, and allso it was decreed, that that Hospitall should continue as in former time, as more at large may, and doth, appeure by the said Decree, examined by Thomas Fanshuw, her Majestie's Remembrancer in thexchecquer.

Yet after the death of Mr. Cooper, my Predecessor, it plesed the Lord Archbyshop 3 Tobie, to collate that Hospitall on me John Slacke, bui wus resisted in the Possession by Thomas Robinson, Thomas Shorte, John Noble, John Bradley, with others, who had formerly combyned with Jumes Brewster, late Master there, but was deprived from that Hospitall, in regard of Combination and Concealement. I repayred to Mr. Houlder, Prebend of Suthwell

1 Sic. 2 John Piers.

3 Tobie Matthew.


And, upon

and Executor to Mr. Cooper, with whome I found put these Pleadings and the Decree; and some froin Anthony Morton, Esq;. Thereuppon I exhibited a Bill against those, who opposed me in the 'Pocession, and, uppon a Motion, repeatinge the Decree, formerly made at the hearinge in therchecquer, there was granted a Subpæna, to cause them to shew good cause, why the Possessions and Decree, formerly made and established, should not continue. theire Answer, in Hillarie terme, octavo Jacobi, in thexchequer Chamber, by Sir Laurence Tanfield Lord chiefe Barron, and the rest of the Barrons, it was there decreed againe, that the former Decree should stand, and is ordered, that both my selfe, and my Successors there after me, should quietly en. joy the same; and for that purpose the Courtegraunted in Injunction against any that should molest me. Lastly, thė Courte did enjoyne the Auditor and Receiver for Yorkeshiere, to pay unto me such Pentions, as were arreared and stayed in his hands, as by the said Dccrce, entred into this Booke, it doth appeare. So that this Booke may give both Dire- , ctions and Instructions, ? of any Quesion should hereafter arise concerninge the Premisses. And thus I take my leave from Cantley the 17th of August 1635.

At your Grace's Command

Joh. Slacke.

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