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1. 30. by inch of candle. By auction; the time for bidding limited by an inch of candle.

1. 31. dedecorum pretiosus, &c. Horace, Odes, Lib. iii. 6. 32.
1. 32. Prince of Peace. See ante, p. 174, and the note.
1. 34. pesos duros. Dollars.

P. 322, 1. 24. death of Philip the Fourth. Burke works out this hint in the First Letter, p. 56.

P. 323, 1. 6. Ad confligendum, &c. Lucretius, III. 845.

P. 325, 1. 9. this holy season. Cp. p. 264. From the two passages it may be concluded that the work was begun late in December 1795.

P. 326, 1. 27. transatlantic Morocco. Burke alludes to the political rights which according to French principles were granted to the free blacks and men of colour in the French West Indies, and to the stimulus which this would give to communities originally founded on piracy, and always addicted to it.

P. 329, 1. 7. Here ends that part of the critique upon Auckland's Letter which Burke corrected for the press. The following pages, down to p. 333, 1. 18, were made up by Bishop King from loose uncorrected papers.

1. 22. bought by so much blood. Burke has in mind his favourite lines from Addison's Cato:

Remember, O my friends, the laws, the rights,
The generous plan of power deliver'd down
From age to age, by your renown'd forefathers-
So dearly bought, the price of so much blood
O let it never perish in your hands,

But piously transmit it to your children.' P. 332, 1. 24. They never will love, &c. Dr. Johnson ‘loved a good hater.' • For in base mind nor friendship dwells, nor enmity.'

Spenser, Faery Queen, Book iv, canto iv, st. II. P. 333, 1. 6. best accounts I have, &c. Burke alludes to the strict retirement in which he was living, since the death of

1. 7. 'some to undo,' &c. The line is from Denham's Cooper's Hill.'

1. 18. Here the original terminates. The remaining portion of this letter does not belong to Burke's confutation of Lord Auckland. It was added by Bishop King from a separate copy, already put into type, but never finished or published. The Bishop says that it formed part of the Third Letter of Burke's original scheme (see p. 96), and was laid aside in consequence of the rupture of the negotiations.

P. 334, 1. 9. tremblingly alive. The expression is Pope's. Essay on Man, i. 197

1. 16. vanished at the crowing,' &c. Shakespeare, Hamlet.

1. 18. us poor Tory geese. The allusion is to the story of the Capitol of Rome saved from the Gauls by the cackling of geese, Livy, Lib. v. c. 47.

1. 33. Hic auratis, &c. Virgil, Aen. viii. 655.

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P. 335. This bitter tirade, which applies to most of Burke's former political associates, cannot be read without pain. It must be remembered that he did not publish it.

P. 340, I. 15. jewel of their souls, &c. Othello, Act iii. sc. 5.

P. 342, 1. 3. awful and imposing. The allusion is clearly to Windsor Castle, as seen on the approach from the uplands of Buckinghamshire, where Burke was living in retirement.

P. 343, 1. 5. for a few days, &c. This indicates that the fragment was written while Malmesbury's negotiations were yet going on, and a favourable conclusion was anticipated. P. 344, 1. 30. coaches of Duchesses, Countesses, and Lady Marys:

•Monsieur much complains at Paris
Of wrongs from Dutchesses, and Lady Marys.'

Pope, Dunciad, Book ii. P. 346, 1. 19. Is it for this that our youth of both sexes are to form themselves by travel? Wordsworth illustrates the warning:

• Not in my single self alone I found,
But in the minds of all ingenuous youth,
Change and subversion from that hour. No shock
Given to my moral nature had I known
Down to that very moment.'

The Prelude, Book x.
Much of this book may be read to show the working of the French Revolu-
tion on the minds of many of the young men of England.
P. 350, 1. 23. Tenth wave. Silius Italicus, xiv. 121.

“Non aliter Boreas Rhodopes a vertice praeceps
Cum sese immisit decimoque volumine pontum

Expulit in terras.' So Taylor, “Mercy of the Divine Judgments : ' "If Pharaoh will not be cured by one plague he shall have ten, and if ten will not do it, the great and tenth wave which is far bigger than all the rest.' Young, The Brothers, Act iv. :

* This, Fate, is thy tenth wave, and quite o'erwhelms me.' P. 352, l. 22. Mr. Hume's Euthanasia, &c. In his early Essay "On the British Government,' Hume argues from a fallacy already confuted by Burke (see p. 4) that the ‘English constitution' must end either in a republic or an absolute monarchy. The latter he thought the easiest and most natural.

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CIPLES, founded mainly on the materials collected by the Philological Society.
Imperial 4to. Parts I-IV, price 125. 6d. each.

Vol. I (A and B), half-morocco, 21. 125. 6d.
Vol. II (C and D). In the Press.

Part IV, Section 2, C—CASS, beginning Vol. II, price 55.
Part V, CAST-CLIVY, price 125. 6d.
Part VI, CLO-CONSIGNER, price 12s. 6d.

Edited by James A. H. MURRAY, LL.D., sometime President of the Philological

Society; with the assistance of many Scholars and Men of Science.
Vol. III (E, F, G), Part I, E-EVERY, Edited by Henry BRADLEY, M.A.,

price 125. 6d. Bosworth and Toller. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, based on the

MS. Collections of the late JOSEPH BOSWORTH, D.D. Edited and enlarged by Prof. T. N. TOLLER, M.A. Parts I-III, A-SAR.

[4to, 155. each. Part IV, Section I, SAR-SWIÐRIAN.

[4to, 8s. 6d. Mayhew and Skeat. A Concise Dictionary of Middle Engiish, from A. D. 1150 to 1580. By A. L. MAYHEW, M.A., and W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D.

(Crown 8vo, half-roan, 75. 6d. Skeat. A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language. By W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. Fourth Edition.

(Crown 8vo, 5s. 6a.

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78. 6d.

2. GRAMMARS, READING BOOKS, &c. Earle. The Philology of the English Tongue. By J. EARLE, M.A., Professor of Anglo-Saxon. Fifth Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, 8s. 6d. A Book for the Beginner in Anglo-Saxon. By J. EARLE, M.A., Professor of Anglo-Saxon. Third Edition.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 25. 6d. Mayhew. Synopsis of Old-English Phonology. By A. L. MAYHEW, M.A.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, bevelled boards, 8s. 6d. Morris and Skeat. Specimens of Early English :

Part I. From Old English Homilies to King Horn (A.D. 1150 to A.D. 1300).
By R. MORRIS, LL.D. Second Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, gs. Part II. From Robert of Gloucester to Gower (A.D. 1298 to A.D. 1393). By R.

MORRIS, LL.D., and W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. Third Edition.
Skeat. Specimens of English Literature, from the 'Ploughmans
Crede' to the ‘Shepheardes Calender.'

(Extra fcap. 8vo, 7s. 6d.
The Principles of English Etymology:
First Series. The Native Element. Second Edition. [Crown 8vo, tos. 6d.
Second Series. The Foreign Element.

[Crown 8vo, ros. 6d. A Primer of English Etymology. (Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, Is.6d. Twelve Facsimiles of old-English Manuscripts.

[4to, 75. 6d. Sweet. A New English Grammar, Logical and Historical. Part I. Introduction, Phonology, and Accidence.

[Crown 8vo, ros. 6d. A Short Historical English Grammar. [Extra fcap. 8vo, 4s. 6d. A Primer of Historical English Grammar. Extra fcap. 8vo, 25.

History of English Sounds from the Earliest Period. With full Word-Lists.

An Anglo-saxon Primer, with Grammar, Notes, and Glossary By HENRY SWEET, M.A. Seventh Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, 25. 6d. An Anglo-Saxon Reader. In Prose and Verse. With Grammatical Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. By the same Author. Sixth Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 8s. 6d. A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader. By the same Author. [4s. 60.

Old English Reading Primers. By the same Author:1. Selected Homilies of Ælfric. [Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, is. 6d. II. Extracts from Alfred's Orosius. (Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, 25.

First Middle English Primer, with Grammar and Glossary. By the same Author. Second Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, 28. Second Middle English Primer. Extracts from Chaucer, with Grammar and Glossary. By the same Author. [Extra fcap. 8vo, 25. 6d. A Primer of Spoken English.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 3s. 6d. A Primer of Phonetics.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 35. 6d. A Manual of Current Shorthand, Orthographic and Phonetic.

[45. 6d. Tancock. An Elementary English Grammar and Exercise Book. By O. W. TANCOCK, M.A. Second Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, is. 6d. An English Grammar and Reading Book, for Lower Forms in Classical Schools. By O. W. TANCOCK, M.A. Fourth Edition. (35. 60.

[8vo, 145.



Chaucer. I. The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. (School Edition.) Edited by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, is. II. The Prologue; The Knightes Tale; The Nonne Prestes Tale. Edited by R. MORRIS, LL.D. A New Edition, with Collations and Additional Notes, by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. . (Extra fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d.

III. The Prioresses Tale ; Sir Thopas; The Monkes Tale ; The Clerkes Tale; The Squieres Tale, &c. Edited by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. Fourth Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo, 4s. 6d. IV. The Tale of the Man of Lawe; The Pardoneres Tale ; The Second Nonnes Tale; The Chanouns Yemannes Tale. By the same Editor. New Edition, Revised.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 43. 6d. V. Minor Poems. By the same Editor. [Crown 8vo, 1os. 6d. VI. The Legend of Good Women. By the same Editor.

[Crown 8vo, 6s. Langland. The Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman, by WILLIAM LANGLAND. Edited by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. Fourth Edition.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 45. 6d. Gamelyn, The Tale of. Edited by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, Is. 6d. Wycliffe. The New Testament in English, according to the Version

by John WYCLIFFE, about A.D. 1380, and Revised by JOHN PURVEY, about A.D. 1388. With Introduction and Glossary by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 6s. The Books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon : according to the Wycliffite Version made by NICHOLAS DE HEREFORD, about A.D. 1381, and Revised by JOHN PURVEY, about A.D. 1388.

With Introduction and Glossary by W.W.SKEAT, Litt.D. [Extra fcap. 8vo, 35. 6d. Minot. The Poems of Laurence Minot. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by JOSEPH HALL, M.A.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 45. 6d. Spenser. The Faery Queene. Books I and II. Edited by G. W.

KITCHIN, D.D., with Glossary by A. L. MAYHEW, M.A.
Book I. Tenth Edition.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. Book II. Sixth Edition.

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 2s. 6d. Hooker. Ecclesiastical Polity, Book I. Edited by R. W. CHURCH, M.A., late Dean of St. Paul's. Second Edition,

[Extra fcap. 8vo, 25. Marlowe and Greene. MARLOWE's Tragical History of Dr. Faustus,

and GREENE's Honourable History of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay.

Edited by A.W.WARD, Litt. D. New and Enlarged Edition. [Crown 8vo, 6s. 6d. Marlowe. Edward II. Edited by O. W. TANCOCK, M.A. Second Edition.

(Extra fcap. 8vo. Paper covers, 25. ; cloth, 35.

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