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ADCOCK, J. St. Mary Axe, May 5 Franks, G. Redcross-st. April 28 Morley, J. Liverpool, May 5
Abbur, S. Uxbridge, May 5 Farthing, J. Bristol, May 30 Miller, J. Liverpool, May i!
Aut. D. Wacol, May 19

Fles, L. M. Bury-court, May 9 Marks, w. H. jun. Bath, May 18
B, J.T. Honduras-st. April 25 Fay, J. Upper George-st. May 9 Mason, R. Norfolk-st. April 18
Baile, J. Broad-street-buildings, Furlonge, 11. Lloyd's Coffee house, Northcote, H.J. Linne-st. May 16
May 19

Newberry, J. St. Clements, May
Brown, T. Leeds, April 18 Fowler, J. Bitchin-lane, May 16 Naish, F. Tiverton, May 8
Bargess, F. Leicester, April 12 Foster, J. Liverpool, May 20 Pullen, T. Pately-bridge, May 1
Arrver, S. R. Henrietta-st. April 25 Govey, G. Blackwall, April 18 Pitt, D. Fenchurch st. May 30
Browse, T. and Co. Sarage-gard. Gay, J. Geslingham, April 16 Polglase, J. Bristol, April 28
April 23

Griffiths, S. Old Boswell-court, Page, W. Walton, April 28
Bar, J. $. Coleman-st. May 9
May 9

Pugsley, C. Lower-road, May 9
Bray, W. Coleman-st. May 9 Guichenet, P. Langbourn Chambers, Palmer, R. Brighthelmastone, May98
Benke, W. Kingston upon-Hull, May 16

Rowe, S. Hantingdon, April 21
Gibbon, W. Pontefract, May 11 Robertson, J. and Co. 'Lawrence
Bedlard, C, Manchester, April 97 Gray, J, Crawkell, May 19

Pountney-hill, May 26 keasley, 3. Parliament-st. April 25 Goodchild, J. and Co. Dowgate Roberts, J. Wood-street, May 2 Pne, T. Savage-gardens, April 05. wharf, May 25

Robson, J. Little Britain, May 9 Brest, W. Lawrence Pountney. Graham, J. Gloucester-st. May 16. Ryley, W. Worcester, May 18 bul, May 12

Hazard, W. Great Yarmouth, April Reeks, W.jun. Wimborne Minster,
Becker, C.C. Lothbary, May 5 98

May 19
Deltero, C. and Co. Cornhill, Mays Hardy, W. Thetford, April 05 Roy, š. Tonnington, May 19
Syrthmore, T. Codrington, May'9 Hobbes, R. Stratford-upon-Avon, Reeks, J. Wimborne Minster,
, J. and Co. Jefferey's sq... May 5

May 11
Haslam, J.and Co. Oldham, April 29 Robinson, G. and S. Paternoster-
Walton, G. E. Worcester, May 7 Holditch, G. and Co. Bankside, row, May 9
Baker, W. and Co. Leeds, May 7
May 2

Swan, B. Shiffnal, April 21
Batte, W. Stratford-upon-Avon, Hodges, W. Kew, May ? Silvester, H. P. Newport, April 29

Hamilton, W, and Co. Riches-ct. Schroder, J. P. jun. Crutched-
Bed R. Pigmouth, May 16
April 18

friars, April 21 Burrow, R. Wiltshire, May 23

Hagedorn, J. P. A. Old Broad-st. Seymour, W. Crescent, April 25
Batey, R. J. Austin-friars, May 19 May

Sparkes, C. L. Southbersted, May!
Baner, J. L. and Co. Leeds, May 13 Harris, J. O. Bristol, May 11 Spedding, D. Carlisle, May i
Bacsa, 1. M. Tuverham, May is Hail, W. Leeds, May 13

Sinith, W. Piccadilly, May 89
Ercorridge, G. Pangbourne, May 19 Horwood, R. Strand, May 16 Sharp, T. and Co. May 16
Bester, W. Prescot, May gi Hunt, W. Throgmorton-st. May 16 Siordet, J. M. Austin-Friars, May 16
Burea, T. jun. Wigan, May 30 Hiscock, F.. Abingdon, May 19 Strickland, R. Bristol, May 5
Dark, S. Birmingham, April 21 Holderness, W. Thurlby, May 18 Sundries, G. Devonshire-square,
Card, S. jun. Mere, May: Herbert, J. and H. Tokenhouse-yd.. May 9
Contes, W. and Co. Bucklersbury,

Spitta and Co. Lawrence Pountney-

Jameson, J. and Co. Little Queen... lane, May 9
Colou, J. Southall, May !
st. May 5

Sloper, M. Bashwick, May 19
Cooper, J. jun. Aylesbury.street, James, R. Hampstead, April 21 Stephens, J. M. Gloucestershire,
Jacks, W. Bristol, April 28

May 13
Cooke, H. and Co. Coleman-streer, Jackson, S. Birmingham, May 6 stephens, R. Long-lane, May 16

Jones, J. and Co. Bucklersbury, Saskins, J. Margate, May 18
Cooke, J. Cotton, May 18
April 18

Stansbie, A. Birmingham, June 6
Crawley.d. S. James-st May 5

Jones, B. Ludgate-hill, April 16 Taylor, S. Oxendon-st. April 25.
Chi, H. Giasgow, April 28 Joseph, S. Gosport, May 7 Turner, J. Hemel Hempstead, April
, W. and Co. Buckiersbury, Johnson, W. Leeds, May 25

Joseph, S. Gosport, May 19 Thompson, G. H. Yarmouth, April
Cates, W. Mincing-lane, June 13 Kirk, s. Leeds, April 23
Crockett, J. Corentre, June 4

Kington, W. Trowbridge, May 7 Thomas, P. Hatfield-st. May e
Das, S. Porista, May 5

Lloyd, R. Clement's-lane, Aprilet Thackerey, J. and Co. Manchester,
Daan, H. Ware, April 18
Lacey, J. Whithy, April 18

May 12
Diana, J. Welling, April 18

Lanham, 11. Horsham, April 21 Tushill, c. Norwich, May 19 Dalias, A. Tower.bill,' May ?

Lightfoot, R. Carlisle, May 14 Thurkle, G. M, New-st. April 21
Dickenson, J. Dewsbury, April P Littlewood, J. East Greenwich, Tolson, J. Brighouse, May 12
Dexinap. 3. Oxford, April 25 April 28

Todd, R. Pontefract, May 19
Dowley, T. and Co. Willow-streer. Liste, D. jun. Newcastle-upon- Thiesen, A. H. Bernard-st. May 28
May 3
Tyne, May 2

Thomas, W. Little Marcle, Jane 5
Desald, J. Westmorland, May!

Lonsdale, J. jun. Bexhill, April 28 Vaughtan, J. Edward-st. April 18 Dutton, G. Brown's build. May 5 Lomas, K, Bishop Moncton, May 9 Vincent, W. and Co. Newbury, Daras, J. and Co. Pall Mall, May 3 Lacy, J. Wbitby, May 12

April 92
Daris, B. Rrasley, May 5

Marefield, W. Newport, April 29 Urry,.. Gosport, May 14
Dodd, T. Leicester st. May 16 Mason, R: Norfolk-street, April 21 Watkins, J. Chepstow April 88
Daris, J. and Co. Holt, May 9 Martin, F. Throgmorton-street, Walton, J. Bread-st. April 18
Day, J. and Co. Tavistock srrett, April 8

Williams, T. Coleman-st. May 5
May 19

Mendham. S. and Co. Fenchurch-Wortley, R. Michael's place, May 3
Demak, J. Menwith-hill, Mar 20 st. May

Westwood, C. Bristol, April 28
Evans, H. Cheapside, April 28 Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross-Whitehead, J. and Co. Caleaton-
Lastman, T. Cleraent's-lane, Aprill street, May 26

st. May 19
Muckcoull, J. Worthing, April 14 Whinfield, J. Gateshead. May 4
Els, W. H. Christchurch, April 03 Moore, T. Worthing, May Woodgate, E, sen. Blackfriars-
Eray, d. Touenhamn-court-road, Morris, T. Barton-upon-Humber, road, May 2
Yay es
May 5

Wells, W. Malden, April 25
Eraai, R. Daffield, May

Molina, S. Biliter-lane, May 19 Woodward, M. and Co. Bankside, Larl, A. Carlisle, Mey 14

Mason, J. Cambridge, May May 19
Esey, J. Dover, May 19

May, W. Crispin-st. May 2 Worthy, R. Exeter, May 6
Llock, s, Tottenham-court-soad, Miller, J. and Co. Ironmonger. Wilcock, B. Huddersficid, May is
May 23
lane, May 9

Willett,'J. Northwold, May in
Europ. Naz. l'ol. LXXIII. April, 1818.

3 B

May 16

April 18

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Warrington, T. Portsmouth, June 9 Wello, T, Well-street, May 19 Ward, J. Beccles, May 29
Walthew, M. Liverpool, May 23 Water, M. Nicholas lane: Jame 47 Ward, K. Betcles, Mayer
Wbile, T, and Co. Winchestepat. Waite, W. Huddersfield, May 18 Yandall, £. May 5

May 23



FROM SATURDAY, MARCH 28, TO SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1818. ADAMSON, E. Liverpool, April 18 Fearnley, T. Portsmouth, April 18 Parr, J. 0. Liverpool, Mas) Arcter, T. Lombard-st. april 18 Gore, si V. Bishopsgare st. May's Plackett, T. Breaston, MAS Ansellor. Little Wild-st. April 25 Grace, E. Northumberland, May Parsons, J. Manchester, Mar 9 Allwright, $. High-$1. May 9 Goodyear, T. May 18 Pilsbury, T. Lawrence-st. Maj 12 Adnam, R. jun. Leckhamstead, Hay, N. Nicholas-lane, April 18 Priveti, P. Bighton, May 10 May 18

Harry, S. Angel-court, April 25 Porter, T. Longtown, May 13 Baylis Wi Ledbury, April 05 Hewens, W. Hinckley, April 28 Rigby, w, Liverpool, May Bright, T. Gloucester, May 9 Harrison, J. Lerds, April 28 Ridler, J. Worcester, May 1$ B.idgman, J. N. Tavistock, May. Hester, J. Rochester.road, May 2 Sutton, R. Hampton-wick, April Baker, J. Bath, May 5

Hancock, s. Newbury, May 5 Strong, G. Exeter, April 25 Brewer, J. a. Bath, May 5 Hockley, D, and Co. Brooke.street, Stuart, J. Bishopsgate-st. Mavs Brown, C. Panton st. May 5

Mov 9

Simister, 8. Manchester, May 9 Bernoulli, J, and Co. Jeffrey's-sq. Houlding, J. Liverpool, May 9 Sunderland, S. and A. Barca ds. May 9 Higgs, J. Northall, May 9

worth, May 19 Burgess, P. Leicester, May 12 Horn, w. Queen-st. May 9 Thomas, D. Bristol, April 13 Prown, J. London, May 18 Haigh, W. Barnsley, May 12 Turner, W, B. Huddersfield, April Burgers. E. King's arms buildings, Jackson, J. Middleian, April 18 Wood-st. May 18

Jones, s. Herefordshire, April 25 Timner, W. H. Strand, April 95 Brown, W. Milford, May 18 Jones, J. Billingsley, May 9 Thompson, E. Durham, May ! Champion, T. West Ham, April 21 Lapraik, G, R, Bishopsgate-street, Ward, J. Milton Abbott, Aprü el Child, J. Brighthelmstone, April 25

April 41

Weston, T. Ibames-st. A prile Creps, R. Abergavenny, April 28 Lloya, w. sen. Thames-st. May 12 Ware, J. Gravesend, Aprile Clement, J. Newport, Maye: Manderson, W. jun,. Wcolwich, Wash, J. Tollisbury, April 25 Cliffe, C. Commercial-road, May 2

White, M. Londham, April Cox, W. H. May 12 Mereer, J.Graystoneley, May 19 Waikin, J. Newark-upon-Treti, Cracklow, 0. T.' Scott's Wharf, Morgan, J. Taunton, May 13 May 9 May 1

Needham, E. St. Mary Axe, May 2) Warner, J. and Co. Derby, May 1! Iuveliez, P. E. Size-lane, May 2 Philip, T1 Newton Al bor, April 21 Walters, w, Wapping, May 18 Daris, T. jun. Chorlton, May 18 Price, G. Threadneedle-street, April Whitmore, D. Hurdefield, May !! Davies, J. Llansamfraid, May 18 0512-5

Wardell, R. Brighthelmstone, dos Everett, J. and Co. Westminster. Palley, J. Thayer-st. April 25 road, May 21

Powell, P. M. Hasthigs, May 2 Wigner, J. Harwich, Mas 18 Featherkeaie, R. Hare-st. April 28

May 9/h.

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FROM SATURDAY, MARCH 28, TO SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1818.. ANNOULD, J. and Bradford, J. Piccadilly, book- Charretie. J. and Shepherd. T. Calcutta. sellers.

Carter, W. and Hutchins, C. Yeovil, Somersetshire, Andrews, J. sen. and Andrews, J. jun. Mansfield, glove-manufacturers. mercers.

Cunliffé, R. E. and Kay, A. jun. Manchesiet, Alderley, W. Wharton, W. and Sudlow, W, Man. attornies. chester, iron-founders.

Corder, J.and Walker, G. corn and seed factors, Allen, R. and Young, T. Kingsland, cnal-dealers. Cordish, T. and Northey, G. Tavistock, Derom. Auger, C, and Jones, S., Tooley-st. Southwark, sta- shire, lime-burners. tioners.

Cater, J. D. and 1. Ply month, cabinet-makers. Browu, J. and Conn, J. S. St. Martin's-la. k'tter. Collier, T. and W, Wellington, ironmongers. press printers.

Christopher, T. and Christopher, G. Critcheda Bloomfield, J. and W. Walworth, bricklayers.

friars. Burkitt, M. and Hudson, J. Cheapside, stationers. Collinge, E. and Percival, J. Green-st. BlackBlackett, J. and J. Millwall dock.

friars-road, wheel and mill grease manutaciaBourve, J. Bourne, T. Bourne, J. and Bourne, P. Liverpool, merchants.

Crow, A. and Trapp. J. Denmark-st. Ratcliffe. Burton, s. Clay, R. and Briggs, J. Devonshire-st. highway, sugar.bakers. Bishopspate, printers.

Calvert, G. J. W. and T. Hunslet, Yorkshire, cope Brookes, P. Holinshead, W. Johnson, T. and $ut. per manufacturers.

ton, J. Barslem, Stafford, china-manufacturers, Corry, W. and Dalton, W. Liverpool. Burion, S. and Briggs, J. Leaden booksellers, Commins, J. and Drew, W. Portugal-st. St. Cla. Brown, R. W. and Hanson, S.fManchester, spinners. ment's Danes, stationers. Bellamy, J. and Mansell, S. Lucoln's-inn-fields, Coupland, J. and Smith, J. Lincoln, wholesale newspaper-venders.

brewers. Bottely, T. and Lilly, J. Birmingham, painters. Collins, E. jun. and Brewer, J. North-st. Bright. Buller, G. H. and Baller, E. Bideford, Deron, curs helstone, cabinet makers. ricts.

Dickenson, T. and Flaslıburn, E. Wakefield, Foole Bankes, J. and Keating, A. Liverpool, linen drapers, staplers Blacker, A. and J. Austin-friars, merchants.

Denison, J. and J. Kingston-upon-Hall, wine and Barlow, R. and Boucher, J. Rochdale, Lancaster, spirit merchants. watcb and clock makers.

Duchell, T. and Rowland, H. printers. Bower, J. Robinson, C. and Bissex, W. Bristol, mer. Drinkwater, W. L. and Drinkwater, J. jun. Liver. chants.

pool, merchants. Purgin, T. and Burgin, P. H. Stafford, tanners. Dobson, T. and Stokbe, W. Hexham, Northumber. Chilienden, E. and Hi and Hammond, R. Ashford, land, fellrongers. Kent, auctionee».

Davis,'J. W. und W. Deptford, grocerş.

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Dax, T. and Draper, G. Derby, reterinary-sus.
Ds an, 6. and Benson, J. $t. John's-st. Clerken.

well, ana-bangfacturers
Easterek, *and Lawford, J. High-st. 81. Mary.

be. 5-6, pubbu'chers.
Lanares, l. aed Nowland, T. jan. Liverpool, shut-
Beach, I anal Dickenerin), R. Liverrool, hatters.
Eagle, J. Fishef, J. Bristol, merchants.
Ds). and Bar, J, Bethnal-green, brewersii.
Lapsa, J. and luckwood, R. Yorkshire, millers,
Farms, J. 2nd Fall, W. Mortlake, maltsters.
Fadas, J. am Moses, J. Carlisle, seeds men.
Fleaders, 6. Miler, K. and Miies, T. Yarm, York,

1.and E. Great Queen-st. Lincoln's-inn-felds,

Marshall, J. and Preston, R. Whitby, Yorkshire,

attornies Moore, T. and Swale, C. Derby, coach-makers. Oviagton, T. Wilkinson, J. Wheatley, J. Rewley,

T. and Triompson, R. London and Glasgow. Overbury, W. and Blackwell, C. Avening, Glou.

cester, clothirrs. Paget, J. jun. Paget, W., and Byng, J. Derby, ho

siers, Pender, J. and Rogers, H. Kingston-upon-Dull,

Palser, J. and Palser, T.-jun. Woottonunderedge,

Gloucester, paper pakete
Potter, B. and Goldney, J. Mitcham, coach-whcela

les diam.

Bety, R and Beckett, J. Silver-st. Wood-st. erim.

Bed, 1 Leeds, and Nerins, J. London, mer.
Teles, F. jna. Brittiebank, J. and Selby, P.
drotse, banketa.

e, T. H. and Darning, T. Leeds, attornies. Daai White, G. Chichener, carvers, gilders,

W. and Hancock, W. Sheffield, manufactu-

cast steel shoe and butcher knives.
Bren, I. and Dobson, J. Kilpia, Yorkshire,
H, W. and Castle, K. Little Moorfields, sta-
Ben J. sen. Billiter, W. and Hepburn, J. jan.
L. Bermondsey, tanners.
bahwaite, M. and shepherd, J. Lancaster,

-merchants, secam, d. ad Horneman, W. Bristol, fish.

at Scammell, W. Brayne's.row, SpaStrand, t. and W. Corent-garden-mark. salesmen. Banan, S. and Hanson, A. T. Bury-st. Salford, noi aistresses, Berat

, & Wilinman, J. jun. and Glen, W. Laater Chemnical Company.

2. Allson, M. and Craig, A. Appleby,

and, come non brewers. hissed. F. and Shuttlebotham, T. T. Exeter,

Seth, W. Leamington Priors, War.

I and Highes, J. Chichester, plaisterers.
4. Blord, A. and Young, E. Manchester,

W. H. and Whitehead, J. Manchester,
Badia, and Whippell, J. Red.lion-sharf,

pen, ond merchants. Sina, d. ant Williams, W. and G. Appledore, hocaire, sul-makers,

Hd Mubatu, J. Carlisle, curriers.
1. Elce, E. Haddoa, R. and Chapman, J.

Len, and Lore, W. Barslem, Stafford,
Boare nanalastures.
hee, H. and R. and Richardson, W. While-
Ne, Cumberland, India merchants.

d. and Russell, N. Nortalitrton, York.

te-suulactarete. Bi Rabetu, C, and Glorer, E. Stepney green, 6 and nith, T. Gorton, Lancashire, manu

, J. Thompson, J. and Edge, W. Man. $4, Nag, H. Manchester, cotton merchants. han Harland, J. Kingston upon Hull,

ed liadop, W. Manchester, merchants. areas, J. . Watson, T. Coley, R. and

stend. jun Kalcisté croes, shipwrigtits.

1. Desiater, J. and Clark, W. Cow-la. 1. Lelatuses 1918 catev, J Bridley, Lancaster.

la iniciam, E. Tonbridge, suu geons. and 1 and luraer, J. Kunçora, Clicshirt, 4294 Cam, T. Wallbrook, merchants. Haud Cooper, J. Shrewsbury. maltsters, T bient?, V.L. Grecawich. 4, d. cad Has wall, w. llancicoster,

wrights. Peacock. J. H. Morgan, J. Ockley, J. Hudson, J.

Lendon, W. Whitfield, T. and Eysbam, -,

London Tavern, Bishopsgate, tavern-keepers.
Prince, M. and E. Bishop gate-st.
Pritchard, J. Woud, J. and Atkinson, W. Sheffield,

Pickering. W. and P. Liverpool, merchants,
Pirrar, J. Chasscreau, J. D. and Pittar, P. London,

mercliants. Padgelt, A. and Padgett, J. South Molton-st. wine

Padley, A. and Littlewood, J. B.

Sheffield, manufacturers of feathers.
Prior, J. and Holbrow, di Hainmersinith, dy ore." :
Pearson, E. Hoyle, B.and Hoyle, J. Great Harwood,

Perrin, T. sen. and Perrin, T. jun. Marlborough,

Wiltshire, cheesefactors,
Punslion, o. 'and Reed, J. Dowgate wharf, wharf-

Rumley, V. and Owen, W. Portsmouth, slop-sellers.
Keville, J. and T. Newark-upon-Trent, whiresmiths.
Reynolds, $. and Reynolds, W. Shad Thames,

Southwark, tope-makers.
Robinson, W. Liverpool, and Boswell, J. J. Dublia,

Ross, T. and Wright, B. Birmingham, steel-toy

inakers. Rishworth, M. and Longbottom, T. Kiglaley, York.

slire, raff merchants, Steadnuán, J. and Bright, R. Aldersgate-st. haber

Shaw, G. Halifax, and Strafford, J. Causeway in

Warley, Halifax, surgeons.
Sanders, J. W. and Kelly, J. C. Durham, paint. .

Smallpiece, B. and S. Guildford, milliners.
Smith, E. and Cragg, J. Cheapside, wholesale-

hosiers, Shelton, C. D. and Twells, F. W. Nottingham,

attornies, Shore, W. and Alsop, J. sen. Lea bridge, Derby,

cotton-spinners. Sandys, J. D. and Sampson, R. jun. Liverpool, ship

brokers, Sione, J. and Msasam, T. Bedfordbury, cloth.

workers. Saltmer, J. and Edwards, J. Manchester, bat-manu.

facturers. Stanley, W. and Cavenagh, J. Manchester, coal.

(calerg, Tweddall, J. and Taylor, J. Stokesley, Yorkshire,

shopkeepers. Tehbuite, T. sen. and Tebbutt, T. jun. Gruy's.inn,

attorities-at-law. Taylor, R. P. Pagh, J. Pngh, G. Hitchen, J. 9.

Skerrett, J. Done, j. Hodson, T. Lavies, s. Wil. kinson, A. and Skerrett, R. Over-Chester, salt.

proprietors. Tay leue, C. and Jackson, J. Liverpool. Thorpe, J. and steel, J. Piltswortli, Lancaster, flax.

spiuners. Veevers, J. H. and Witham, F. Barnley, Lanca

shire, cotton-spinners. Walker, F. and Edward, J. Bridgnorin, mercers. Weiherley, W. and Barratt, T. (arent, Kent, paper

makers. Wjnis, B. and J. Selfeld, dyers. Wneelis, T. and Wheeler, d. Cheltenham, Glou

cestershire, smilis. Weleh, J. and furse, G. Bermoud-ey, tanners. Watson, R. and Hebbron, l'. Wnuby, York, linen

drapers. Wood, J. and Walker, G. Burslem, Stafford, ban.

kers. Willebere, R. and Roberts, J. 0. College-hill,



Soyez pas



11 ts.


(Continued from page 276.)

, JAMES COLLIER, of Frocester, Gloucestershi Plater, for a method of constructing and making Civil Engineer; for various improvements on spring hooks or woodcock eyes and for coach hare machine now in use for the dressing and gigging ness; which principle of spring is intended also to woollen cloths, called a gig. Dated February 19 be applied to harness buckles, territs, hooks, har. 1818. ness, and spring swivels. Dated Feb. 16th, 1816. ALEXANDER HALIBURTON, of Haigh In

THOMAS ALLINGHAM, of Smith-street, Chel- works, near Wigan, Lancashire, Esquire, for sea, Middlesex, Gentleman, for a lamp, intended to tain improvements in steam engines and boile be called "the Economical and Universal Lamp," Dated February 97th, 1818, constructed by means of the flame of the wick being JOSHUA KOUTLEDGE, of Bolton-le-Moor, I kept in a constant and eqaal degree of contiguity to cashire, Engineer; for an improvement or impre the oil, so as to consome in proportion to the light ments upon the rotative steam engine. Di it gives a less quantity of oil than other lamps, and February ezih, 1818. also give a continual light of almost unvaried bril. JOHN SUTHERLAND, of Liverpoul, Lancast liancy. Dated February 19th, 1818.

and also of No. 99, Houndsditch, London, Cop JOHN JONES, of the city of Cloucester, Brush smith; for various improvements in the coast Manufacturer; for improvement in certain parts of tion of an apparatus for the purifying of liqe the machinery or instruments used for dressing Dated March 7, 1818. woollen and other cloths, Dated Feb. 191b, 1818.


By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No, 22, CORNNILI 1818 Barom Ther. Wind Obser. 1818 BaromThes,

Wind Obs Mar.27 29.98 / 38 N Fair April 12 29,92 50 N Fai 28 30.24 36 S Dillo

13 29 79 48 NE Dit 29 30.11 45 SW Dillo

14 29.63 53 E Dit 30 30.1242 S Ditto

15 29.60 56 NE

Dit 31 30.27 44 NE Ditlo

16 29 26 51 SW Dit April 1 30.20 38 NE


17 29.1850 E Ra 2) 90.2239 NE Ditto

18 29.32 55

NE 3 30.30 40 NE Ditto

19 29.54 | 50

Dil 4 30.33 41 NE Ditto

20 29.75 48

E Dil 5 30 20 46 SW Ditto

21| 29.63 43

E 6 29.25 42 SW Rain

22 19.61 48 NE '7 29 6541 SE Ditto

.9.41 43 NE Ra 8 29.44 51 SW Fair

23' 29.30 42

9 29.28 56 SW

24 29.21

10 29.50 52 SW Ditto

25 29.07 42 SW 1 29.11 54 S Fair


LONDON MARKETS, April 21, 1818. COTTON.- The sales of Cotton have gals, were reported to be taken for e lately been so extensive, that the stock io tation; the remainder of the purchases Londoo is decreasing rapidly; the quantity made by the trade. at market, with the exception of East lodia

" Liverpool, April descriptions, is very limited; good Pernams " The trade in Manchester conti and Sorats have been much inquired after, very good, and the east winds krepin but the holders have been advancing so supplies, we have again experience much in their prices, that the transactions active demand for Cottons. A di are not so extensive as would otherwise tion has manifested itself to purchase have been the case. The sales of Cotton zils op speculation, and they have in « sioce our last exceed 2500 bags-850 Per quence advanced about i per Ib. Ro nambucco 28. 11d. a 2s. 2d. picked 2s. 241. Orleans, and Bengals, may be consi principally at 2s. 13d.; 159 bags to arrive about 1d. per 1h, higher, but the prio 2s. 140.; 200 Cearas at 2s. 140.; 100 Suri- rise has been in Sea Jalands, which pams 2s. Obd. a 25. 031.; 0 Demeraras advanced about 2d. per Ib. in conseq 2. 18. a 28. 14d.: 250 Bourbon 25, 40, a of the great scarcity. Yesterday, there 25. 8d. principally at 2s. 6d. taken on brought forward by auction 2458 Be speculation : 520 Surats 14d. a 174d. ; 350 of which 812 went off steadily at 11 Bengals 104d. a 114d. ; the three latter 123d. for fair to good fair, and 134, a excluive of duty; a small proportion of for good quality: the better qualities phe Pernains, and about a balf of the Ben- improvement of 1d. per Ib. and the

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qualities at fall prices; the remainder were 115s. 6d.; good middling 1216. 6d. ; good withdrawn, but about 200 bales have been middling Jamaica, but very dingy, realised sold since the sale at 124d. and this price 61. 55. und 61. 6s. per cwi. The finer refeed for the principal part of a favourite descriptious of Coffee are so excredingly mart. 117 Domingos sold at 204d. a scarce, that very high prices are submitted

SUGAR.- The demand for Sugars last IRISH PROVISIONS, &c. -The Pro. week continued limited, and as the holders vision market continues steady at our quoevinced great eagerness to effect sales, a tations, – Bacon has been so beavy, that the further depression of ls. was submitted to; prices inserted inay be considered in a great several parcels held oo speculation were measure nominal. There has been a decline disposed of at a greater de pression. The of 4s. a 5. in Bullers, but there are few accounts from Jamaica and the Leeward sellers at the depression : the trade anticiIslands, bold out the prospect of considera- pate a revival in the market. ble arrivals sooner than was generally ex- OIL. - The prices of Whale Oil are rather pected; the market was in consequence advancing ; several considerable parcels very heavy, yet it may be considered that have lately chaoged bands about our quota. the wholesale grocers and refiners are now tions. There has been some interest excited reported to be nearly out of stock, and as in the market as to what prices the Greebthe latter hare made uo considerable pur- laad Oil of this year's fishing will coinmence chases of raw Sugar for a length of time, at; the trade are mentioning about 321, or the first arrivals, particularly from Jamaica, 331., but we believe there have been no will probably meet an immediate sale, contracts yet entered into.-Seed Oils are a

There is little probability of any new shade lower.--Gallipoli, and other discrip-
supplies of Sugar, oo account of the conti- tions, are without variation.
nuance of easterly winds; the holders in RÚM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.---
consequence to day do not evince so much There was a public sale of Ruin brought
anxiety to effect sales; the purchases are forward last week, ccasisting of 236 pua-
very limited, as few parcels of good quality cheons of Jamaica ; The prices were 30. a
are offering the prices this forenoon may 4d. per gallon under the market rates, but
however be stated a shade higher than on the quality was so indifferent, that it afforda
Friday last, and more confidence amongst no fair criterion of the market prices,
the holders. A public sale of Barbadoes Rums have, however, been since the sale
Bagar was this furenoon brought forward, extremely heavy, aod the inarket currency
it tonsisted of 175 bhds. 42 tierces; the may certainly be considered ld. 1o 2d. per
wbale went off freely; the yellows noch gallon lowci ; the prices were for the
about the current prices of the market; the lowest, 7 to 15, 3s. 3d, a 3s. 4d.; 17 to 21,
while went off with great briskness 2. per 3s. 5d. a 3s, 6d. ; the first loes, 23 to 25, were
cwt. bigber, being wanted by the wholesale withdrawn at 5s; one lot, good quality, ??
grocers; on account of the late scarcity of and 28, sold, al 46. 6d. The market for
good Sagars-good white realised 95s. ; Brandy is so excedingly heavy, that were
middling 90s. 68. and 91s.; ordinary 88s.; sales forced during the present languid de.
yellow 836. a 875. ; one lot brown 77s, 6d. mand, a very considerable depression in

The refined market continued heavy till the prices must be submitted 10.-Geneva
towards the close of last week, when there is declining.
was a revived inquiry, particularly for ex- INDIGO.--The sale at the India House
port; browo Lumps were in great request closed yesterday; the good and fine des-
aboat 1053.; the prices of Refined continue criptions have gone vff 3d. and middling 4.
10 rate low in proportion to raw Sugar, yet a 6d, higher than last sale; the ordiuary
the shipping orders are still mostly limited

nearly at the same prices. The sale cop-
10 prices 3 or 4s. under the market cur- sisted of 7908 chests, of which it is calcula.
rency: should refined goods give way a few ted, about one third has been taken in for
stillings, either from the decliue in the prices the proprietors, on account of the reports
of the raw, or from any other canse, there from India, slating, that there is a great
can be no question that very extensive ex-

deficiency in the crops, and that the supplies port orders would be immediately executed. to Great Britain, for the autumn and next - Molasses continue io request at our quo. spring sales, will not exceed 12,000 chests. tation. Foreign Sugars are little inquired HEMP, FLAX, and TALLOW..-'The after; do alteration can be stated in the

demand for Hemp since our last has rather prices. COFFEE.-There was little alteration

given way, and prices may be considered a

shade lower. The quantity of Yellow in the prices of Coffee last week; the demand Candle Tallow in London, is so inconsider. after the day of oar publication became able, that the holders have in very few in. more limited, but no depression in the prices stances submitted to any depression; the was submitted to. A public sale of 25 market may, however, be siated exceed. casks and 230 bags was brought forward ; ingly beavy. - In Flax there is no variation. the late prices of Demerara were fully sup. The Exchange from St. Petersburg by the ported - fae ordinary 1135. į middling ast accounts was stated rather lower,


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