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The Lord for 3,000,000, which is con- Now, in you ve friends possets ;
freed with the Prussian Government, is to Now, a Saviour's name confess,
be liquidated io 36 years, by annually re- Heart-felt blessings, then receive,
mittag a proportion, which is to be placed We have nothing more to give :-
in the Bank of England as a sinking food.

Yet, beyond the amplest store
There are other colaterial securities on the

Are the blessings of the poor !
Presian territory, and a bond of the King's.

Hear then, Heav'n, our earnest pray'ra,
A yearly dividend of 5 per cent. is to be

Make each blessing tenfold their's ! remitted from Prussia and payable in Lon

May they never be distress’d, der. The following may be relied on as the

But, for blessing, still be blessid ! terry on which the load is taken:

God of love! to thee belong
2,500,0001. at 70l. payment of 10 per

Highest strains of grateful song;
cent. per month per 1st May.
1,250.0001. at 7241. payment of 10 per

Though from men this bounty came,

Thou didst raise the generous flame. cent, per month per Ist Joly.

Let each voice with ours combine 1,250,0001. at 751. payment of 10 per cent.

To adore the Source Divine ;
per booth per Ist October.

Great, Eternal, Three above,
The interest to commence from the 1st
fort, and a discount is allowed for prompt

God of Life, and God of Love !

HALLELUJAH.-Ameo, payment at the rate of 5 per cent per antum. The Stock is partially selling at 75, This exhibition being concluded,

On Thursday April 9, a Court of Direc- Mr. WILLIAMS (the banker), entered into ters was held at the East India House, when

on eloquent eulogium on the Royal Chair. be Bew Directors, elected on Wednesday man, the Patron of this charity, and the last; viz. :-Richard Chicheley Plowden, Grand Master of all the Lodges in the John Hedlestna, George Abercrombie Ro- kingdom, to whom this and pomerous other bisson, William Stanley · Clarke, John charities were greatly indebted for the ads Thornhin, and George Raikes, Esqrs, took vantages they enjoyed. In dilating on the the baths and their seats. James Pattesop virtues of the Royal Grand Master, he said and Campbell Marjoribanks, Esqrs, were it was impossible to do susfioient justice to chosen Chairman and Deputy Chairman forbim as man and a mason, He then conthe rear ensuing:

cluded with giving the health of his Royal We are happy to find, from an authentic Highness. document, that there has been a great in- This toast was drank with enthusiasm. creare

e this year in the woollen manufac- The Duke of Sussex, io a neat speech, teres, in the partn# cloths milled, this acknowledged the bonour that had just been iberease amounts to 1.582,947 yards, and in done him, and declared that his exertions broad cloths milled, to 2,422,135 yards. should ever be devoted to this Charity, and

The titles of the husband of our Priocess the many noble institutions arising out of
Dizabeth are as follow :-

His Serene Highness Frederick Joseph- About 9 o'clock, the Duke of Sussex left
Lapis - Charles - Augustus, Landgrave and the room, and the band played, “God save
Hereditary Prince of Hesse Hombourg, the King,” as his Royal Highness retired.
Prince of Hersfeld, Coont of Catzenellen- The Chair was then, by the desire of the
bogen, Dietz, Ziegenhayn, Nidda, Hanan, Royal Duke, previously expressed, taken
Staumberg, Isenborg, and Budingen, &c. by Mr. WILLIAMS, the Banker, who filled it'

with judgment and dignity.
Monday, April 6th, the Anniversary lightful songs were sung by Broadhurst, in

Io the course of the evening several de
Dinner of this Charity was given at the which he was rapturously encored. Thero
Freemason's Tavern. His Royal Highness
the Duke of Sussex in the Chair, Between

were some other excellent singers, who enáre and six o'clock, near 400 gentlemen sat

livened the company by their vocal powers. down to an excellent dioder. After the Amongst whom we noticed Pyne, C, Taylor. cloth was removed; tbe usual toasts of the all very kindly, after quitting the Hall, en

Bellamy, Terrail, Collier, and Dignum, who King, Queen, and Prince Regent, were drzak with enthusiasm. The female children tertained the Ladies, who had retired from

the Gallery to the Glee-room, with some ex. belonging to the Charity, 65 in pamber, cellent Glees, where also Mr. Broadhurst were then introduced; and formed a most isteresting sight . They sang the following site taste,

accompanied by a grand Piano. :

repeated some of his best Songs with exqui. Aothem, in which they were accompanied,

The happiness which every one felt on on the organ, by Mr. Purkis.

this joyous occasion, was enhanced by the GUARDIAN guides of innocence ! admirable quality of every article, which Almoners of Providence !

served to fornish out the entertainment, par. Hitber turn your eyes, and view

ticularly the wines, which gave universal lofant haods held up for you!

satisfaction. Friendless, helpless, did we stray ;

The Board of Stewards exerted themNo one mark'd to Hear'a oer way: selves to the utmost, and the result. was, we


are happy to add, monst gratifying in the Collectors' allowance, as all the Oficers collection of seven hundred pounds in aid act gratuitously. of this excelleot Institution.

They relirge lying-in cases, where there On Wednesday, April 23, a dinner was are two children or more previous to the given at the City of London Tavern to the then confinement. supporters of the Philanthropic Society, They compound with the creditors for for the discharge of persons confined for debts within certaio bounds; to relieve pri. small debta, and for the temporary relief soners from goal who produce testimonial of the necessitous manufacturing and laboor- of good character, ing poor in London and its environs. The In all cases of accident or illness, they Duke of SUSSEX took the chair at six relieve according to the number in family. o'clock. From the first establishment of All cases where temporary aid will be this eleemosynary Institution, in 1803, up. of essential service to the sober, industrie wards of 12,000 individnals had been re- ous, manufacturing, and labouring poor, lieved ; 'end in the last year no less than are considered within the meaning of this between 1,600 and 1,700 persons had re- Society. ceived the benefactione of this charitable A benefaction of fise guineas constitutet Society. . The whole of the subscriptions à Governor for life ; a subscription of raised in the course of the evening amounted twelve shillings, an annual Governor. to nearly 8001.

Subscriptions and donations received at We understand that the affairs of this Messrs. Hayward and Co, 160, Mile End : Society are under the inanagement of twen- Mr. Edward Linds, 14, Sweeting's-alley : ty-four Directors, (one of whom is andu- Mr. Asperne, 32, Cornbill'; Mr. Vale, 22, ally chosen Chairman) also, a Treasurer, Sun-street, Bishopsgate; Mr. Jones, Bello Secrelary, and Assistant Secretary.

court, Walbrook : and by Mr. Reybura, The business of the Society is conducted Red-Cow lanc, Mile Eod. free of expense, except printing and the

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CAMBRIDGE, FEB, 20, 1818. learned language of the Mahometans, Dr.

Frachu wrote it out in a sort of poetic prose, the Hon. John James Perceval, of styled sedsha, to which the Mahometans aro niry College, were on Wednesday last ad- much attached, because it occurs in the mitted Honorary Masters of Arts.

Koran. The diploma contaius a doxology in On the same dav, Charles Tennyson, Esq. the style of the Mussulmans. of St. John's College, was adiniited Master

of Aris; John Brown, of Trinity College, The election to the vacant Pitt Scholarship
Bachelor in Civil Law; and Charles Edward was this year contested for by fourteen can-
Kendal, of Trinity College, Bachelor of Arts. didates; and what is not a little singular, on

the day appoinied for the decision, the The Chancellor's gold nedals for the best talents of Mr. H. Waddington of Trinity, proficients in classical learning among the and Mr. H. Hall of King's, were considered commencing Bachelors of Aris, were 80 equal, that not one of the five examinets. Friday, February 27, adjudged 10 Mr. Con- would decide between their respective merits, nop. Thirlwall and Mr. George Slain forth, but ordered another examination, the result both of Trinity College. The other candi- of which terminated in favour of Mr. Wad. dates, whose names are mentioned in the dington. order of the Tripos, are considered by the The following is a list of the Inceptors examiners to bave done themselves great to the degree of Master of Arts on Friday credit.

March 6h:-
Malkin, Trin. Coll.

Trin Coll. : Geo. Waddington, Fellow; Jas.
Fisher, Trin, Coll.

Clarke Franks, and Thos, Purvis.-St. John's :
Ellis, Trin, Coll.

John Smith and Thos. Watson, Fellows;
Hildyard, St. John's,

Chas. Scott Luxmoore, and Robert, Wynne. The subject of the Senio:ian prize poem -St. Peter's : Aldersey Dicker, Fellow. for the ensuing year is Deborah.'

Clare Hall: Edw. Tomson Bidwell, and The University of Casan is the most cele- Robert Ridsdale, Fellows. - Jesus: Fred. brsteil Academy in Russia. At the last fes- Calvert, Fellow. -- Corpus Christi: Joha tival of its inauguration, diplomas were sent Holmes, Fellow. -- Immanuel : Randall Proc. to several learned foreigners, among whom tor Burroughes, and Ģeo. Arcbdall, Fellows. were'the distinguished orientalists Sylvestreile -Sidney: Henry Geo. Keene, Fellow, and Sucy; and Muhammed-Dshun, the son of Henry Wynch. Hussaim, Mufti of the Mahometans of Russia. Mr. Richard Holmes, of Corpus Christi Esquette requiring that his Excellency's College, was on Friday last admitted Bachodiploma should be in Arabic, which is the lor of Arts,



Mr. John Heyrick Macaulay, of Trinity unable, on account of age and informities, College, and Mr. Augustus Blatch Beevor, to undertake a course of Lectures, Sir James of Corpas Christs College, were on Saturday Edward Smith, F. R. S. President of the elected Scholars on Dr. Bell's foundation, Linuean Society, will, at the request of the

M. Alexander Charles Louis d'Arblay, Professor, and with the permission of the B.1. of Const College, was on Friday elected Vice-Chancellor, give a Botanical Course 3 Pandation Follow of that society.

during the next term. Nr. Juseph Hinule, B.A. of St. John's At a congregation of the University held College, was

on Monday lasi elected a on Wednesday, April 8th, a grace passed Foundation Fellow of that society; and Mr. the senate to give one thousand pounds to Edvard Bushby, B.A. was on the same day the Society for the building of churches. dected a Pialt Fellow.

The following gentlemen were on the same Mr. Warren, B. A. and Mr. Skinner, B.A. day admitted to the under-mentioned de. of Jesus College, were on Monday last grees. dected Fellows of that society.

Honorary Masters of Arts. It appears by the University Calendar for G. B. Hamilton, of Trinity Coll, and the the present year, that the number of mem. Hoo. W. J. Coventry, of St. Peter's Coll. : bers whose names are ou the boards amounts

Masters of Arts. to 3,444, being 169 more than the preceding Rev. C. Douglas, of Trinity Coll. W. Jear. In 1748 the pumber was only 1500, Wbite, of St. John's Coll. and G. Ainslic, of MARCH 20.

Pembroke Hall. The 17 following Gentlemen were

Buchelors of Arts. dained by the Lord Bishop of Ely, in St. M. Windle, J. Wood, F. Tattersall, and Janes's Church, Piccadilly, ou the 15th inst. H. Duncombe, of Trinity Coll. D. Nihill, (March.)

and R, B. Wynne, of St. John's Coll. Deacons.

J. Thompson, of Corpus Christi Coll. Rev. John Henry Sparkes, B.A. Fellow of Jesus S. Welfit, Rev. E. Grey, and J. Lowry, of Coil. Camb.

Queen's Coll. Martin Boswell, M.A. Fellow of Clare Hall, The Rev. F. Chappin, M. A. of St. John's Camb.

Coll, Oxford, was on the 3d of April, admite Eduad Bubby, B.A. Fellow of St. John's led ad eundem at King's Coll. Coll. Camb.

Messrs. Turner and Smith, of Sidney John Thomas, B.A. Trinity Coll. Camb. Coll. M. Henderson, of Trinity Coll. and

John Lindsay Loung, B.d. Brasennose Messrs. Atkinson and Walter, of Catherine Coil Oion,

Hall, were on the same day admitied Bache. Ww. Bond, B. A. Corpus Christi Coll. lors of Arts. Carab.

. Mr. William Henry Roberts, of King's Samael Bacon, B.A. Clare Hall, Camb. Coll. was on Tuesday, April 141b, admitted

R. B. Lawrence, Student of Queen's Coll. . Fellow of that Society. Gifard.

OXFORD, FEBRUARY 28, 1818. Charles Bloxham, Literate.

On Wednesday last the Rev. Noel T. Samuel Lee, B.A. Queen's Coll, Camb. Ellison, M.A. Fellow of Balliol Coll. and Mr. Priests.

W. Dalby, M.A. Fellow of Exeter Coll, were Aldersey Dicken, B. A. Fellow of St. appoined in Convocation, Public Exam Peler's Cull. Camb.

Thomas Pattison Holmes, B.A. St. Juhu's The same day the following Gentlemen Coll. Cam.

were a:Imitted to Degrees :Gilbert Ainslic, B.A. Fellow of Pembroke Bachelors in Divinity.-Rev. Francis Swan, Hall, Camb.

Rev. Wm. Chambers, Rev. Henry Dawson
Jobn Graham, B.A. St. John's Coll, Camb. Roundell, Fellows of Magdalen Coll.
Alfred Baker, LL.B. Wadham Coll. Oxon. Bachelor in Civil Law. Rev. Charles
Wilhan Sandford, B.A. Clare Hall, Camb. Bernie Rawbone, of St. Mary Hall.

William Mottenham Macquire, St. John's Masters of Arts. -- Rev. Francis Litchfield,
Coll. Caub.

of Merlen Coll. Mr. S. P. Shawe, of Christ George William Tapps, Esq. of Trinity Church; Mr. William Seymour, Rev. Tate Coll. and Mr. A. Loftus, of Clare Hall, were ton Brockman, of Oriel Coll.; Rev. Edward en Fridus (March 13), admitted B.A. Covey, of Trinity Coll.

John Lodge, Esq. B. A, of Trinity Coll. Bachelor of Arts. Mr. Robert Gosling, of is elected a Fellow of Magdalen Coll. Christ Church

Mr. John W'cller, B.A. of Emmanuel On the 11th of March, the Rev. Joba College, was on the 19th March, elected Fletcher, 01 Exeter Coll, and the Rev. Mate Fellow of that Society.

thew Arnold, Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. Professor Christian begen bis Lectures M.A. were admitted Bachelors in Divinity; upon the Constitution and the laws of Eug- and Mr. Charles Richard Pole, of Oriel Coll, land, on Monday the 6th of April, at 11 was admitted Bachelors of Arts. d'clock in the morning.

(The Remainder of the Oxford Intelligeac. The Region Protessor of Botany being

in our next.)



Rerop. Maf. Vol. LXXIII. April 1816


THE Rev. J. Houghtou, M.A. to the Lord were priested, and Messrs. Richardson,

valuable rectory of Middleton, Lan- Lardner, Leslie, Green, and King, were cashire.

adınitted to deacons' orders. The Rev. Charles Richards, A.M. chap- The Rev. Edward Offspring Holwell, M.A. lain to the Vicar of South Stoneham, Hauis, was instituted to the rectory of Plymirce, is instituted to the rectory of Nunney, near Devon. Prome.

The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. The Rev. Thomas Ruge, B.D. Archdeacon James Sievwright, minister of the Presbý. of Gloucester, has been appointed by the terian meeting at Galeshead, Newcastle, to Bishop of Hereford to the high and lucrative the church and parish of Markinch, presby. situation of Chancellor of the diocese of tery of Kirkaldy, vacant by the translation Hereford.

of the Rev. Dr. Wright to Stirling. The Rev. Joseph Fayrer, M.A. was insti- Wm. Fullartan Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. of tuted by Mr. Bartlam to the prebend of Spynie and Bossack, bas presented the Rev. Heredum Marney, alias Mornays, founder in Thomas Cannan, preacher of the gospel, to the church of Endellion, in the county of the church and parish of New Spynie, in the Cornwall.

presbytery of Elgin, vacant by the death of At an ordination held by the Bishop of ibe late Rev. George Machardie. Kilmore, the Rev. W. Betty and Rev. A.


BIRTHS. LAGELVin Cadogan-place

, Viscountess 8. In Hunter-street, Brunswick-square, Gort, of a .

the lady of Rogers Ruding, Esq. of a daugbo MAR. 19. At Rome, the lady of Sir Wm. Hoste, Bart. of a son and leir.

9. At Lewesby Hall, Leicestershire, the 22. The lady of Peter Horrocks, Esq. lady of Sir F. G. Fowke, Bart, of a son, of Penwortlaw Lodge, Lancaster, of a son 19. In Cadogan place, Mrs. George Batand heir.

clay, of a daughter. APRIL 4.' In Upper Brook-street, Vis- 20. At Evington, Kent, the lady of Sir countess Ebrington, of a son.

John Courtenay Honywood, Bari. of. 5. I. Mornington-place, the lady of Mr. daughter. Burton Witby, ofa son,


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to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Clemishaw, of YHARLES TELFAIR, Esq. to Anna Weatherby, Yorkshire.

bella, daughter of the late Admiral Ac Duoribolme House, near Ayr, Jobu Chamberlayne.

Carr, Esq. of St. Anne's, Yorkshire, to Eliza 26. Edward S. Byam, Esq. chief com- beth, eldest daughter of Jobu Hunter, Esq. missary of the Isle of France, to Eleanor ot Bonnytoun. Francis, daughter of the late Andrew Murray, William Morgan, Esq. jun. of Stamford. prior of Clerment Wicklow, Esq. M.P. hill, to Maria, dalighter of John Towgood,

APRIL 2. Mr. Wm. Hawkes Grice, of Esq. of Highbury Lodge, New Bond-street, to Anne Elixa, daughter & The Rev. Joten Lundsay Loung, B.A. of Robert Weatherhead, Esq. of Southamp- of Brazenuose College, Oxford. 10 Cathe

rine, caugliter of A.B. Bellairs, Esq. late of 3. The Rev. Henry Thomas Ellicombe, Stamford. M.A. of Belton, Gloucestershire, to Ane, 7. At Cheltenham, Captain Honyman, daughter of William Nicholson, Esq. of St. Grenadier Guards, son or sit Willian Hong: Margaret's.

man, 1o Elizabeth Essex, daughter of Admi. Ai Blichling, Norfolk, the Rev. W. H. ral Bowen. Holwortliy, vicar of Earlham and Bewthorpe, Captain Le Chevalier H. T. Brisquet de la

to Sarah, daughter of the Rev. Fleetwood Fleuriere, second son of the Marquis de la Burchill, rector of Blichling.

Fleuriere, and Kuight of the Legion of 4. Wm. Armytage Smib, Esq. surgeon, Honour to Matilda, dauguler of T. G. H.


Alter, Esq. and grand-daughter of the late ' Residentiary of St. Paul's, to Elizabeth, J.CH. Alleu, Esq. admiral of the white. daughter of T. V. Cooke, Esq. of Hertford

J*på Robson Pease, Esq. of Hessle- street, May-fair. wwd, near Hull, to Harriet, daughter of 14. T. Snowdall, Esq. of Gray's Inn, Jars Walker, Esq. of Beverley.

F.S.A. eldest son of S. Snowdall, Esq. of & Mr. Gorge Manby, of Southampton. North Shields, to Miss Elizabeth Illyett, of toe, to Clansa, daughter of the late Ben. Camden Town. japin Kent, Esq. of Watford, Herts.

14. William, son of Robert Sheddon, Esq. St. Ann's, Blackfriars, by the Rev. to Wilhelmina, daughter of Captain William Rowland HII, 11. A. Mr. Benjamin Bensley, Miller, R.N. of Bolt-coart, Fleet-street, io Sarah, only James Simmons, Esq. of Rochester, to daughter and child of Mr. Pook, of Mansion- Elizabeth, daugbter of Thomas Fielder, Esq. beuse-street.

of Dover-place, Surrey. Mr. J. W. Gray, Leeds, to Charlotte, 18. Mr. James Jardine, of Waltling-street, danghter of the late J. Hill, Esq. of Wood- to the youngest daughter of the late Mathew ford, Esses.

Ashton, Esq. of Bagnigge-wells. 9. W. Spencer, Esq. of Somers-town, to Mr. Rob. Sibley, of St. George's in the Miss Thompson, daughter of the late W. East, to Miss Mary Ann Knowsley, of the Thompson, Esq. of Kentish-town.

same place. A St. George's, Hanover-square, by the At Fareham, Hants, Ann, daughter of CapRer. Hagh Fraser, the Hon. William Fraser, tain Becher, R.N. and Frances his wife, only brother of Lord Salloun, to Elizabeth niece of the Countess of Oxford, to Charles Graham, second daughter of David M.Dow. Wildekind Nepean, Esq. third son of Lieão a Orant, Esq. of Airudilly, in the county of tenant-general Nepean, brother of Sir Evan Bauft.

Nepean, Bart. Governor of Bombay. 11. Lieutenant-colonel Dick, of the Royal 19. Ai Camberwell, Mr. W. Barrymore, Highlanders, to Eliza Ann, daughter of J. to Miss Adams. Nacnabb, Esq. of Arthursione, Perthshire. 25. At St. Michael's, Cornhill, Mr. Geo.

John Hughes, Esq. of Oriel College, Ox. Macirone, of Great Winchester-street, to fad, san of the Rer. Dr. Hughes, Canon Miss Mary Apo Perriman, of Cornbill.

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MONTHLY OBITUARY. ATELY, Henry Duncombe, Esq. of e

age, after thirteen years' illness, Mr. Daniel

Conolly, late Treasurer of Crail, and fore fear of his age.

merly a serjeant in the 28th regiment of Nor, 7, 1817. At Calcutta, in the 32d foot, year of his age, after a short illness (brought 25. As Exeter, Mrs. Browne, relict of en, as it is apprehended, by a too close and Colonel Browne, of Glengarry, couoty of laborious attention to the duties of his office, Dublin, Ireland, and daughter of Edward in the avil service of the Hon. East India Corry, Esq. M.P. of the Irish House of Conte Company), William Bukford Gordon, Esq. Son of the late G. H. Gordon, Esq. and 27. At Loughborough, John Blackburn, Mirs George Gordon, of Berners-street,' Gent. aged 77 ; aloo, April 4, at the same whese severe affliction on this sad event can place, Ellen, bis wife, aged 67, be better conceived than described. His At Guildford, Surrey, Thomas Philpot, virtues and acquirements were highly appre. Esq. late of the Hon. East India Company's cinted by all who knew him, and by whom service in Bengal, his loss will be truly lamented, and most So. Ac Christchurch, Hants, in his 69th deeply deplered by an inconsolable mother year, Charles Reeks, Esq. one of the aldest and an affectionate wife.

burgesses of that borough, and late of bis Dec. 31 On board the Hadlow, Captain Majesty's costoms. Ed. Lamb, jan. the commander, age 1 25. 31. Al Totuess, Devonshire, Ann, daugh..

Prs. , 1818. At Clifton, in Jamaica, ter of J. H. Greene, Esq. of Reading.
Grace, only daughter of the Ho... George At Spalding, whilst engaged in prayer.

with the family with whom he had lived for Mar. 17. Sarah, wife of R. Thorpe, LL.D. several years, and in the act of reading a Mrs. S. Hartopp, wife of the Rev. Samuel chapter in the Bible, in his 741b year, Mr. Hartopp, of Dalby, Leicestershire.

Hezekiah Barrelt, a dissenting ininister. He 20. Ai Tonbridge Wells, aged 73, Dame was kneeling on the floor; his voice faule Deborah Dering, relict of Sir Edward Dering, tered, and he fell and was dead before those of Sanden Dermg, Kent, Bart.

around him were aware of the awful and 22. At Austruther, in the 81st year of his sudden change.

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