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gary new ducketes by John Croker,the same evening. Jan. 26th,
I writt to Mr. Adrian Gilbert two letters. I resolved of the order
to be offred for agreement with Nicholas Fromonds for my howse
and goodes. The 5th of March (by old accownt) was Madinia
Newton, my daughter, christened at Mortlak; godfather, Sir
George Cary; godmothers, the Lady Cobham and the Lady Wal-
singham. March 12th, Mrs. Anne Deny born betweene 8 and 9
afternoone. March 14th, Mr. Dyer cam home from Stade. March
17th, Sir Edward Kelly his letter by Francis Garland. March
21st, Sir George Cary cam to Mortlak. March 27th, Jane appre-
hended hora quinta a meridie.* My children at this Lady Day in
Lent, began to go to schole at Mortlak with the scholemaster Mr.
Lee: I gave him his howse-rent and forty shillings yerely for my
three sons and my doughter. The howse-rent was allmost 4s.
yerely of Mr. Fisher his new howse. April 7th, John Spenser cam to me, from Venys new returned, and told me of the Venetian
philosopher and the goodnes of his gold. April 16th, good Sir
Francis Walsingham died at night hora undecima. April 19th, I
delivered my letters to Mr. Thomas Kelley for his brother Sir Ed-
ward Kelley, knight, at the Emperor's court at Prage. Francys
Garland was by, and Mr. Thomas Kelley his wife. God send them
well thither and hither agayn! Mr. Emery had disbursed to me
frankly betwene the tyme from Shrovetyde tyll this May £25.
May 5th, Mr. Thomas Jack restored unto me part of my magnes
stone. May 8th, I receyved 20 mark from Sir Richard Lagney, of
Longlernay. May 16th, I gave Mr. Lee the scholemaster 5s. in
part of wages. May 18th, the two gentlemen, the unckle Mr.
Richard Candish, and his nephew the most famous Mr. Thomas

* There are a great many brief notices in this diary relative to Jane Dee, most of which are expressed in astrological symbols; and as they are exceedingly difficult to decipher satisfactorily, and are certainly of very little, if any importance, I have thought it expedient to omit them. The entry of " lave lift 6tp " is also of frequent occurrence, though what " Ot/i " can refer to I have not been able to discover. CAMD. SOC. DEE. F

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Candish,* who had sayled rownd abowt the world, did viset me at Mortlake. May 20th, after dynner, I with my brother, Mr. Justice Yong, went to the Archebishop of Canterbury to Lambeth, abowt the personagis who used me well. May 21st, I showed my indignation against Bacchus feast at Braynferd intended; gave the Bishop of London warning, who toke it in very good part. Katharyne, my dowghter,was put to Mistres Brayce at Braynferd, hir mother and Arthur went with her after dynner. May 23rd, I lent to goodman Dalton, the carpenter, xxs. for a month. May 29th, 30th, bona nova de industria Domini Richardi Candishii, cum Regina et Archiepiscopo et Domino Georgio Carey, de propositione Etonensis Collegii obtinendi legem. He sent me a hogshed of claret wyne as a gyft. The Lady Cobham sent my wyfe suger and pepper, &c. June 2nd, I writ to Syr Edward Kelly by Mr. William Fowler, merchant, dwelling by Ledenhall. June 3rd, I was very sik uppon two or thre sage leaves eten in the morning; better suddenly at night; when I cast them up, I was well. The pump taken out and the well skoured. June 5th, Thomas Hankinson and Antony my man cam from beyond the seas to Mortlak. June 5th, terrible yll newes of Edward Kelly against me. June 24th, £20 of Mr. Candish by Edward Hilton. June 28th, I payd Mr. Hudson for all his corn, and also for the wood tyll May, receyved synce I cam home.

July 6th, Mr. Stockden was all payd for his wood 40s. I gave the scholemaster Mr. Lee 5s. in part of wagis: he browght me my hammer from Mr. Jak, so he hath a quarter's wagis 10s. July 8th, I receyved Sir Edward Kelly his letters, dated at Prage the 24th of May stylo novo. No mention is made of his brother Mr. Thomas Kelly coming over. July 10th, the executor of the Lady Ducket requered the det. July 11th, I payd nurse Barwik 12s. for ii. monthis wagis for Madinia: so she is payd for five monthes. July 13th, I went to the Archbishop of Canterbury: talked with him boldly of my right to the personages, and to the treatise of Sir Edward Kelley his Alchimy. July 14th, Mr. Gawayn Smyth spake frendely for me to the Quene, and she disclosed her favor toward me. July 16th, my mynde was somewhat bent to deale with my alchimicall exercises. July 25th, I writ a letter of thanks to the Lord Threasorer by Edmond Hilton. I sent the Lord Chancellor his letters from Brunswyk, of Conrad Nettlebronner his ill behaviour. July 31st, I gave Mr. Richard Candish the copy of Paracelsus twelve lettres, written in French with my own hand; and he promised me, before my wife, never to disclose to any that he hath it; and that yf he dye before me he will restore it agayn to me; but if I dy befor him, that he shall deliver it to one of my sonnes, most fit among them to have it. Theoddor had a sore fall on his mowth at mid-day. Aug. 2nd, Mrs. Stoner's sonne born circa horam tertiam a meridie. Nurs her great affliction of mynde. Aug. 5th, Rowland fell into the Tems over hed and eares abowt noone or somewhat after. Aug. 8th, I gave Nurse Barwick six shillings, so she is payd for the half yere due on Weynsday next. Aug. 9th, I payd to Mr. Lee the scholemaster 5s. Aug. 22nd, Ann my nurse had long byn tempted by a wycked spirit: but this day it was evident how she was possessed of him. God is, hath byn, and shall be her protector and deliverer! Amen. Aug. 25th, Anne Frank was sorowfol, well comforted and stayed in God's mercyes acknowledging. Aug. 26th, at night I anoynted (in the name of Jesus) Ann Frank her brest with the holy oyle. Aug. 30th, in the morning she required to be anoynted, and I did very devowtly prepare myself, and pray for vertue and powr and Christ his blessing of the oyle to the expulsion of the wycked; and then twyse anoynted, the wycked one did resest a while. Sept. 1st, I receyved letters from Sir Edward Kelley by Francis Garland. Sept. 8th, Nurse Anne Frank wold have drowned hirself in my well, but by divine Providence I cam to take her up befor she was overcome of the water. Sept. 23rd, Sunday, 1 gave

* Dee has preserved several interesting notices of his intimacies with the principal navigators of his time. A general reference to Hackluyt will be sufficient.

Nurse Barwyk six shillings for a monthis wages to ende on Wensday comme a fortnight; Mrs. Stackden was by. Sept. 29th, Nurse Anne Frank most miserably did cut her owne throte, afternone abowt four of the clok, pretending to be in prayer before ner keeper, and suddenly and very quickly rising from prayer, and going toward her chamber, as the mayden her keper thowght, but indede straight way down the stayrs into the hall of the other howse, behinde the doore, did that horrible act; and the mayden who wayted on her at the stayr-fote followed her, and missed to fynde her in three or fowr places, tyll at length she hard her rattle in her owne blud.

Oct. 11th, Mr. Cumber cam to me. Oct. 14th, payd Nurse Barwik six shillings for one month ending on the seventh, being Wensday. Oct. 15th, this afternoone and all the night following a great storme of wynde at North-West. One Prychard that had marryed Proctor Lewes his widdow, demaunded £24 of me uppon an obligation of £64: whereof by the very note on the bak of the same £48 is payd, so that £16 only remayne and not £24, as he unduely demanded: which £16 I challenged for the costes of his sonne John, three yeres and longer being with me in Mortlak, and having also his lerning free. Notwithstanding my wife afraid payd a pownd or two to Mr. Lewys of that £16, and yet Prichard will go to law. Nov. 12th, the Archbishop of Canterbury gave me £5 in ryalls and angels circa horam decimam matutina. Nov. 20th, Her Majestie cam to Richemond. Nov. 27th, the Quene's Majestie, being at Richemont, graciously sent for me. I cam to her at three quarters of the clok afternone, and she sayd she wold send me something to kepe Christmas with. Nov. 28th, Mr. Candish on Saterday gave my wife forty shillings, and on Tuesday after sent £10 in ryalls and angels, and before he sent me £20, £32 in all. My cousin Mr. Thomas Junes cam in the ende of the terme about St. Andrew's even. Dec. 1st, Her Majestie commaunded Mr. John Herbert, Master of Requests, to write to the Commissioners in my behalf. Dec. 2nd, order taken by the Commissioners for my howse and goods. Her Majesty told Mr. Candish that she wold send me an hundred angels to kepe my Christmas withall. Dec. 3rd, goodwife Tyndale payd for Antony his lodging for eleven wekes dew at his going away 5s. 6d., and before she had for seven wekes. Dec. 4th, the Quene's Majestie called for me at my dore circa 3£ a meridie as she passed by, and I met her at Estshene gate, where she graciously, putting down her mask, did say with mery chere, "I thank thee, Dee; there was never promisse made but it was broken or kept." I understode her Majesty to mean of the hundred angels she promised to have sent me this day, as she yesternight told Mr. Richard Candish. Dec. 6th, Mr. Thomas Griffith my cosen from Llanbeder cam to see me, and lay all night with me, and allso Mr. Thomas Jones, and in the Monday morning went by water to London, and so the same day homeward. A meridie circa 3a recepi a Regina Domina £50. Dec. 8th, at Chelsey disputing with Doctor Mather, bishop of Bristow; in danger of water hora 5i I stayed at Chelsey. Dec. 14th, the Quene's Majestie called for me at my dore as she rod by totake ayre, and I met her at Estshene gate. Dec. 16th, Mr. Candish receyved from the Quene's Majestie warrant by word of mowth to assure me to do what I wold in philosophic and alchimie, and none shold chek, controll, or molest me; and she sayd that she wold ere long send me £50 more to make up the hundred pound. I gave Mr. Candish the Bishop of Scotland his conclusion with marchaunts. Mr. Candish went from Mortlak at four of clok at nyght toward London and so into Suffolk. Dec. 18th, Mr. Robert Maynard natus circa horam decimam ante meridiem Londini.

1591. Jan. 21st, utterly put owt of hope for recovering the two parsonages * by the Lord Archbishop and the Lord Threasorer. Feb. 13th, Bartilmew cam up. March 2th, borrowed £20 uppon

* See the " Compendious Rehearsall," published by Hearne from a Manuscript in the Cottonian collection, now partially destroyed by fire, for a more extended account of this.

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