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the deanrie of Aberdeen, the subehanterie, the personage of Methlick, the twilds of Furvie (now almost sandit), the chaplanries of Westhall, Fallaroul, and some other smal annuities contained in the rentall.

Aa also ther was latlie mortified by sir Thomas Burnet laird of Leyes three litle crofts of lands for the mantenance of three bursers, the present yearlie rent wherof exceids not ane chalder of beare.

And the deceast doctor Alexander Reid did mortifie two hundreth pounds sterling for the use of the regents and master of the gramer school, whereof nothuig is recovered. Which mortifications are in the charter kist, readdie to be exhibited; the yearly product wherof is compted for by every procurator in his yearlie accompts.]

Att the bishops lodging, in Old Aberdeen, the fyfteint day of November, M. vi° seventie-sex.

The commissioners, by reasone of certaine interveening occasiones, not having conveniencie the said first Twisday of August last, according to the appoyntment of ther last meeting, and conveened the day upon advertisement given be them to the saids assessors. The said day, sederunt, the earle Marischall, the lord bishope, Mr. Alexander Rose parsone of Monymusk, Mr. James Gordone parsone of Banchorie, Mr. Patrick Sibbald minister at Aberdeen, and Mr. George Meldrum minister at Fintrey, Mr. David Lyell being absent.

The said day the principalls masters and members of the two colledges of Aberdeen did present to the saids commissioners and visitors ane paper be way of contract and muttiall condiscendance betuixt them, anent the divisione of the vacand stipends and of captain William Rose his mortificatione betuixt the colledges: which being red in ther presence, they did ratifie and approve the same.

The said day, the said Mr. Alexander Rose, one of the saids commissioners, protested that as to the benefite that can be had and obtained by the testament and mortificatione of the said captain William Rose, towards aither of the colledges, these of the name of Rose, who are in capacitie to be students in theologie and philosophic respective, shall be preferred therto befor wthers; and when none of the name of Rose offers themselves to that benefite, the respective colledges, according to ther interests, may present others therto. Which protestatione the saids commissioners thought reasonable, allowed, and admitted; and the masters and members of both colledges being present did consent therunto. Wherupon the said Mr. Alexander Rose took instruments in the hands of Mr. Alexander Forbes nottar publict, clerk to the said visitatione.

The said day, the commissioners above named appoynted the said Mr. Alexander Rose, Mr. James Gordone, Mr. Patrick Sibbald, and Mr. George Meldrum minister at Fintrey, togither with Mr. George Meldrum minister at Aberdeen and rector of the colledge Marischall, to meit with the magistrats of Aberdeen to morrow at their first conveniencie, and inquyre of them first for all the originall and principall mortificationes made in favores of the colledges, or for authentick extracts therof furth of publict registers, wher the same are registrat, to be considered.

Secondly, to inquyre who are the patrones and administrators of each mortificatione.

Thirdly, what is the quota of each mortificatione, and what are the daits therof.

Fourthly, for what end these mortificationes are made, and what are the qualificationes of the beneficiaries.

Fyftly, to inquyre at all persones concerned in the respective mortificationes, if the samen be imployed and improvin according to the will of the respective mortifiers.

Att Aberdeen, the sixteenth day of November, M vi° seventie-six, ante meridiem.

The said day, the commissionat persones above named having mett with the provest and baillies of Aberdeen in the tounes high counsell house, and the saids articles being presented to them, after consideratione therof they did ansuer as followes, viz.:—

To the first, the magistrats declared that they are content aither to give a present sight of their books containing such mortificationes as concernes the colledges, or sufficient extracts therof furth of their books, wnder the clerks hands, of any thing of that kynd that is registrat in their books, (a convenient tyme being allowed, and upon reasonable expenses to tho clerk); and if ther shall be questione of any of the extracts therof, the commissioners shall have sight of such of the principalls as they have; and as to any that are registrat in the commissars books, they may have the extracts thereof, or inspectione of the principalls, as they think fitt.

And to the second, third, and fourt queries, they answer that the samen will be all cleared by sight of the principalls or extracts therof.

Item to the fyft, being only a poynt of fact, to inquyre all persones concerned how these mortificationes are imployed; they answer the colledges may doe the samen be themselves.

Att the bishops ludging in Old Aberdein, the sevinteint day of November M vi° sevintie-six, post meridiem.

Sederunt, the earle of Marischall, the lord bishop, Mr. Alexander Rose, Mr. James Gordone, Mr. Patrick Sibbald, and Mr. George Meldrum. The said day, the commissionat persones above named did report that, according to the order and commission granted yisterday to them, they had mett and conferred with the magistrats of Aberdeen anent the particulars recommended to them, and that upon some considerations the saids magistrats declared that they could not convenientlie produce these mortificationes desyred, at that very tyme; but that afterwards, upon advertisment from the commissioners, they should have them in readines. Wherupon the saids commissioners did appoynt ane meeting to the effect forsaid att Aberdeen in the earle Marischalls ludging to-morrow, where the earle Marischall, Mr. Alexander Rose, Mr. James Gordone, and Mr. Patrick Sibbald, should be present; and have appoynted Mr. George Nicolsone of Cluny civilist, and Mr. Andro Massie subprincipall of the kings colledge, as also doctor James Leslie principall of the colledge Marischall, and Mr. Robert Patersone one of the regents therof, to attend that meeting as they shall be called.

As lykwayes the said day, it is ordered that wpon Wednesday the thirteent day of November nixt, at nyne of the clock in the morning, ther be ane meeting at the bishops ludging in Old Aberdeen, wher the earle Marischall and bishope, or aither of them, with two at least of the other visitors above named, are to be present to the effect foirsaid; and if ther be need of any further meetings for that purpose, the nixt insueing dyet shall be then appoynted by them.

The said day, it is appoynted that, at the nixt meeting of the visitatione, (which is appoynted to he the first Twisday of Aprile nixt at the said bishops ludging), both colledges be in reddines to give ane account of ther respective procurators and colledges accounts, according to the rentalls given in be them.

The said day, as to the laird of Drum his mortificatione, the commissioners ordered that the samen be secured upon land be resignatione and infeftment to follow therupon; which the commissioners did recomend to Mr. Robert Irvine of Beilsyde, agent for the laird of Drum, (being present for the tyme by providence), for acquanting him therwith; and which the laird of Drum declared to Mr. James Gordone and Mr. George Meldrum at Fintrey that he wes content to doe.

The nixt meeting is appoynted att the earle Marischalk ludging to-morrow, at nyne of the clock in the morning.

Att the earle Marisehalls ludging in Aberdeen, the eighteint day of
November M vi° seventie-six, ante meridiem.

Sederunt, the earle Marischall, Mr. Alexander Rose, Mr. James Gordon, and Mr. Patrick Sibbald.

The said day, the provest and baillies of Aberdeen having mett and conferred with the saids commissioners anent the giving inspectione of the saids mortificationes, they did produce the towns register wherin the saids mortificationes wer at leinth insert and contained; and not having then tyme to revise the same at full leinth, it was appoynted be the saids commissioners and magistrats of Aberdeen, all with ane consent, that Mr. Alexander Robertsone toune clerk of Aberdein, and Alexander Bruce clerk depute therof, or aither of them, and Mr. Alexander Forbes clerk to the visitatione of the colledges, shall meit at ther own convenience, and draw up ane perfect note and minut of all the mortificationes in the tounes hands, wherin the colledges are concerned in the particulars abovewritten, and to present the samen to the commissioners at their meeting, the said thretteint day of December nixt, or at the nixt mciting therafter, to be considered be them.

Att the bishops ludging in Old Aberdein, the sixteint of May M vie seventie-seven.

The commissioners, upon certain interveening occasions, not having conveniencie to meit upon the said thretteint day of December last M vi" seventie-six, according to the appoyntment of ther former meitting, the cighteint of November last, and being conveened this day upon advertisement given to the assessors; sederunt, the earle Marischall, the bishop of Aberdeen, Mr. Alexander Rose minister at Monymusk, Mr. Patrick Sibbald at Aberdeen, Mr. George Meldrum at Fintry, ministers.

The said day, it is ordered that Mr. Robert Forbes collector for the vacant stipends give in the account of his intromissione thenvith, to the effect it may be seen and considered what he hath receaved and delyvered, and how divyded betwixt the colledges, according to ther condescendance.

The said day, ther was delyvered be Mr. Alexander Forbes, clerk to this visitatione, to doctor James Lesly principall of ihe Marischall colledge, in presence of the commissioners and at ther order, ane double of the minut of all the mortificationes wherin the colledges are concerned, extracted out of the townes registers of Aberdeen, to the effect that he may revise and consider the same, and give ane account at the nixt meeting how the samyn are imployed according to the will of the mortifiers.

The said day, the saids Mr. James Gordone, Mr. Patrick Sibbald, and Mr. George Meldrum, or anie two of them, are ordered to meit for revising the colledges accompts, with power to them to adjoyne to themselves any wthers who may best consider of these accounts, and to meit therupon betwixt and the last day of May instant, or at the best convenience theirafter, and to report to the commissioners what they find therintill at their nixt meeting, which is appoynted to be the third Twisday of September nixt.

The said day, it is appoynted that both the colledges registers anent the students entries and removeall be given in be the respective principalls to the fornamed auditors of the colledges accounts to be considered be them; and that the auditors report to the commissioners at ther said nixt meeting what they find therin, that the deficients may be considered accordinglie.

The said day, the said doctor James Leslie gave in his accounts to the saids commissioners since his entrie to be principall of the Marischall col

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