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then conducted to the chair by Mr. Hagar. He said: Ladies and gentlemen of the Institute, I am not insensible, indeed I am gratefully sensible of the high honor which you have condescended to bestow upon me, in placing me as a link in the long chain of illustrious worthies who have gone before in enjoying the privilege of presiding over the deliberations of this noble body.

The history of this Institute is one of which we as educators may well be proud. There is no time now to be occupied in speaking of purposes and plans for the future, but I trust that by the co-operation of this noble body of experienced educators, with whom it is my privilege to be here associated, we shall be able to hold secure this growth of forty years, the result of which is an association which bears, in the traces of its history, much of the best work that has been done in the cause of education in our whole country; and when the history of education shall be written, there will be, in its annals, the biography of men whose names stand recorded on the lists of this Association.

I hope we may continue this good work, looking forward to a semi-centennial celebration not far distant, that will draw together such a body of teachers as shall worthily commemorate its labors of fifty years.

I therefore gratefully accept the honor which you have been pleased to bestow upon me, and will do all I can during the coming twelve months-recognizing this fact that it is a twelve months' work to prepare for an annual meeting--to make our meeting of the coming year one of the best in the history of the Institute. (Applause.)

The Institute then adjourned sine die by singing the Doxology



American Institute of Instruction.

[The following Constitution was recommended by the Board of Directors as a substitute for the old one, and was unanimously adopted at the annual meeting in August, 1870.]

PREAMBLE. We whose names are hereunto subjoined, pledging our zealous efforts to promote the cause of popular education, agree to adopt the following Constitution.



1. The Society shall be known by the title of the Ameri. can Institute of Instruction.



1. Any person of good moral character, interested in the subject of education, may become a member of this Institute by signing this Constitution, and paying a fee of one dollar.

2. Honorary members may be elected by the Institute, recommendation of two-thirds of the Directors present, at any stated meeting of the Board.




1. The Annual Meeting of the Institute shall be held at such time and place as the Board of Directors shall appoint.

2. Special Meetings may be called by the Directors.

3. Due notice of the meetings of the Institute shall be given in the public journals.



1. The officers the Ins tute shall be a President, VicePresidents, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, and twelve Counsellors; all of whom shall constitute a Board of Directors.

2. The officers shall be elected annually by ballot, and shall continue in office till their successors shall be chosen.



1. The Secretary shall notify all meetings of the Institute and of the Board of Directors; and he shall keep a record of their transactions.

2. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all moneys of the Institute, and shall render an accurate statement of all his receipts and payments, annually, and whenever called upon by the Board of Directors, to whom he shall give such bonds for the faithful performance of his duty, as they shall require. He shall make no payment, except by order of the Finance Committee of the Board.

3. The Board of Directors shall devise and carry into execution such measures as may promote the general interests of the Institute; shall have charge of the property of the Institute; shall be authorized to publish its proceedings, and such papers relating to education as may seem to them desirable.

They shall have power to fill all vacancies in their Board, from members of the Institute, and make By-Laws for its government.

4. Stated Meetings of the Board shall be held on the first Saturday of January, and on the first day of the annual meeting of the Institute.



1. By-Laws not repugnant to this Constitution may be adopted at any regular meeting.

2. This Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the annual meeting, provided two-thirds of the Directors present at a stated meeting, shall agree to recommend the proposed alteration or amendment.



1. At all meetings of the Board of Directors, seven members shall be necessary to constitute a quorum to do business.

2. The Board of Directors shall annually choose a Committee of Finance, whose duty it shall be to audit the accounts of the Treasurer, and, under control of the Board of Directors, to draw orders on the Treasurer for the payment of charges against the Institute.

3. It shall be the duty of the Secretary, on application of any two Directors, to call special meetings of the Board at such time and place as the President may appoint.

4. The Board of Directors shall be empowered at any stated meeting, to vote an annual assessment upon the members of the Institute, and all persons paying the assessment shall be entitled to a copy of the proceedings for that year.

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