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And is Lorenzo a Demurrer fill ? Pride in thy Parts provokes thee to contest Truths, which, contested, put thy Parts to Shame. Nor shame they more Lorenzo's Head, than Hearts A faithless Heart, how despicably Small ! Too Streight, aught Great, or Gen'rous, to receive! Filld with an Atom ! fill’d, and foul'd, with Self! And Self mistaken ! Self, that lasts an Hour! Instincts and Passions, of the nobler Kind, Lie fuffocated There; or They alone, Reason apart, would wake high Hope ; and open, To ravish'd Thought, that IntelleEtual Sphere, Where Order, Wisdom, Goodness, Providence, Their endless Miracles of Love display, And promise All the truly Great desire. The Mind that would be happy, must be great ; Great, in its Wishes ; Great, in its Surveys. Extended Views a narrow Mind extend ; Push out its corrugate, expansive Make, Which, ere-long, more than Planets shall embrace, A Man of Compass makes a Man of Worth; Divine contemplate, and become Divine.

As Man was made for Glory, and for Bliss,
All Littieness is in Approach to Woe;
Open thy Bosom, set thy Wishes wide,
And let in Manhood; let in Happiness;


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Admit the boundless Theatre of Thought
From Nothing, up to GOD; which makes a Man.
Take GOD from Nature, nothing Great is left;
Man's Mind is in a Pit, and nothing fees ;
Man's Heart is in a Jakes, and loves the Mire.
Emerge from thị Profound ; erect thine Eye ;
See thy Distress! How close art thou besieg'd!
Besieg'd by Nature, the proud Sceptic's Foe!
Inclos'd by these innumerable Worlds,
Sparkling Conviction on the darkest Mind,
As in a golden Net of PROVIDENCE,
How art thou caught, fure Captive of Belief!
From this thy blest Captivity, what Art,
What Blasphemy to Reason, sets thee free!
This Scene is Heav'n's indulgent Violence ;
Canst thou bear up against this Tide of Glory?
What is Earth bofom'd in these ambient Orbs,
But, Faith in GOD impos’d, and press’d on Man?
Dar'st thou still litigate thy desp'rate Cause,
Spite of these num'rous, awful, Witneses,
And doubt the Deposition of the Skies?

how laborious is thy Way to Ruin!,

Laborious ? 'Tis impraEticable quite ;
To sink beyond a Doubt, in this Debate,
With all his Weight of Wisdom, and of Will,
And Crime flagitious, I defy a Fool.

Some wish they did; but no Man disbelieves. is .GOD is a Spirit ; Spirit cannot strike


These grofs, material Organs; GOD by Man
As much is seen, as Man a GOD can see,
In these astonishing Exploits of Power.
What Order, Beauty, Motion, Distance, Size!
Consertion of Design, how exquisite !
How complicate, in their divine Police!
Apt Means! Great Ends! Consent to gen’ral Good!
Each Attribute of these material Gods,
So long (and that with specious Pleas) ador’d,
A sep’rate Conquest gains o’er Rebel Thought;
And leads in Triumph the whole Mind of Man.

LORENZO! This may seem Harangue to Thee; Such All is apt to seem, that thwarts our Will. And dost thou, then, demand a fimple Proof . Of this great Master-Moral of the Skies, Unskilld, or dis-inclin'd, to read it there? Since 'tis the Basis, and All drops without it, Take it, in One compact, unbroken Chain. Such Proof insists on an attentive Ear; "Twill not make One amid a Mob of Thoughts, And, for thy Notice, struggle with the World. Retire ;—The World shut out;—Thy Thoughts call Imagination's airy Wing repress ; [Home ;Lock up thy Senses ;-Let no Palon stir ;Wake all to Reason ;- let her reign alone ;Then, in thy Soul's deep Silence, and the Depth Of Nature's Silence, Midnight, thus inquire,

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As I have done; and shall inquire no more.
In Nature's Chanel, thus the Questions run.

“What am I? and from Whence ?-I nothing know, < But that I am; and, since I am, conclude " Something Eternal ? Had there e'er been Nought, « Nought still had been : Eternal there must be. “ But What Eternal ?-Why not Human Rece? cs And Adam's Ancestors without an End?“ That's hard to be conceiv’d; since ev'ry Link “Of that long-chain's Succession is so frail ;

Can ev'ry Part depend, and not the Whole ? " Yet grant it True; new Difficulties rise; “ I'm still quite out at Sea; nor see the Shore. " Whence Earth, and these bright Orbs?-Eternal too?" Grant Matter was Eternal; still these Orbs “ Would want some Other Father ;-Much Design çIs seen in all their Motions, all their Makes ; Design implies Intelligence, and Art: “ That can't be from Themselves or Man; That Art “ Man scarce can comprehend, could Man bestow ? “ And nothing Greater, yet allow'd, than Man.“ Who, Motion, foreign to the smallest Grain, “Shot thro’ vast Masses of enormous Weight? “ Who bid brute Matter's restive Lump assume << Such various Forins, and gave it Wings to fly?

Has Matter innate Motion ? Then each Atom, << Asserting its indisputable Right

To dance, would form an Universe of Duft:

“ Has “ Has Matter none? Then whence these glorious Forms, “ And boundless Flights, from Shapeless, and Reposd? “ Has Matter more than Motion ? Has it Thought, “ Judgment, and Genius? Is it deeply learn'd os In Mathematics? Has it fram'd such Laws, “ Which, but to guess, a Newton made immortal ?“ If so, how each fage Atom laughs at me, 56 Who think a Clod inferior to a Man! « If Art, to form ; and Counsel, to conduct; “ And That with greater far, than Human Skill, “ Resides not in each Block;-a GODHEAD reigns.“ Grant, then, Invisible, Eternal, MIND; That granted, All is folv’d. But, granting That, “ Draw I not o'er me a still darker Cloud ? " Grant I not That which I can ne'er conceive ? " A Being without Origin, or End!-“ Hail, Human Liberty !—There is no GOD“ Yet, Why? On either Scheme that Knot subfifts ; “ Subsist it must, in GOD, or Human Race; “ If in the Last, how many Knots beside, “ Indiffoluble All? Why chuse it There, " Where, chosen, still subsist Ten thousand more? “ Reject it, where, That chosen, all the Rest “ Dispers’d, leave Reason's whole Horizon clear? « This is not Reason's Dictate ; Reason fays, “ Close with the Side where One Grain turns the Scale; “ What vast Preponderance is Here! Can Reason: - With louder Voice exclaim-Believe a GOD? “ And Reason heard, is the fole Mark of Man.


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