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eighty-three, and the further sum of twenty-six thousand dollars to meet the current expenses of the Michigan school for the blind for

the year eighteen hundred and eighty-four. For erecting,

SEC. 2. The sum of forty-three thousand dollars is hereby approremoving Build. priated for the following purposes in the year eighteen hundred ings, grading and eighty-three: For erecting south wing to main building, grounds, etc.

thirty-five thousand dollars; for erecting a residence for the superintendent, three thousand five hundred dollars; for erecting one barn, one thousand five hundred dollars; for grading and ornamenting grounds, one thousand dollars; for furnishing buildings, two thousand dollars. And the further sum of thirty-seven thonsand dollars is hereby appropriated for the following purposes in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-four: For removing old brick building north of main building and erecting north wing, thirty-five thousand dollars; for furnishing buildings, one thousand three hundred dollars; for grading and ornamenting grounds, seven hundred dollars: Provided, That if the amount appropriated for any object in this section shall not all be used for the purpose for which it was appropriated, any balance remaining after the completion of the work for which it was appropriated may be transferred to and be used for any other one of the several pur

poses specified in this section, in the discretion of the board of Further proviso. commissioners: And provided further, That the buildings and

improvements specified shall be of such size and character as can be completed in every particular for the aggregate amount appropriated by this section.

SEC. 3. The sum of two thousand one hundred and fifty dollars is hereby appropriated to re-imburse the treasurer of the board of commissioners for money advanced by him to complete the dormitory and workshop building and the grading and draining of grounds, including the amount paid to the city of Lansing for the Pine and Maple street grade apportioned to the school property.

SEC. 4. In the expenditure of the several sums appropriated by section two of this act, excepting the amounts appropriated for furnishing buildings and for grading and ornamenting grounds, the board of commissioners are required to advertise in such newspapers and for such time as it deems proper, for sealed proposals for the erection of said building or buildings, reserving the right to reject any and all bids offered, and shall contract with the lowest responsible bidder for the erection and completion of said building or buildings, or for the mason work, carpentry, or other portion thereof, but the aggregate of such contracts, with approved estimates for the completion and equipment of the said building or buildings shall not exceed the sum hereby appropriated. In the letting of contracts for work on said building or buildings the board shall reserve ten per cent of the contract price which shall not be paid until the final completion and acceptance of said building or buildings by the board of commissioners.

SEC. 5. Of the above mentioned sums the auditor general shall add to and incorporate with the State tax for the year eighteen hundred and eighty-three the sum of sixty-eight thousand one

To reimburse treasurer for moneys advanced.

Board of commissioners to advertise for bids, etc,

Sums to be in. corporated with State tax, etc.

ries of cities, etc.,

SEC. 8. Upon payment of any of its indebtedness existing prior Payment of to said change of boundary by any city or township, the boundary existing prior to of which has been changed as provided for in this act, the remain- Shango, etc.,

by city ing cities or townships, the boundaries of which have been changed by said division, shall be liable to and pay to the city or township paying any such indebtedness their pro rata share of the indebtedness so paid.

Sec. 9. This act shall be applied to any change in the boundary Act to apply to of any incorporate village whenever it shall not be a part of any of townships. township within this State.

SEC. 10. That in all cases where the boundaries of cities or town- Where boundaships have been heretofore changed in the manner specified in sec- have been tion one of this act, and no settlement of the matters in difference changed and no between said cities, or city and townships, has been arranged, and provision of act

to apply. no division of the moneys, rights, credits, and personal property of said cities or townships made, or no apportionment of the indebtedness due from the city or township from which territory has been detached in making the division, shall have been made, the provisions of this act shall apply; and the provisions of this act shall extend to such cases and a settlement of said matters made and enforced in the same manner as though said division were made after the passage and taking effect of this act.

Approved April 21, 1883.


[ No. 39. ] AN ACT to authorize the formation of corporations for the pur

pose of excavating, constructing, and maintaining water courses with water power appurtenant thereto, for accumulating, storing, conducting, selling, furnishing, and supplying, upon an agreed rental, water and water power for mining, milling, manufacturing, domestic, municipal, and agricultural purposes.

SECTION 1. I he People of the State of Michigan enact, That Formation of any number of persons not less than five, may form themselves maintaining, into a corporation for the purpose of excavating and constructing, etc., water. maintaining, repairing, and improving any canal already existing, thorized. or which they may wish to excavate and construct, with water power appurtenant thereto, and may own, use, and control the same for the purpose of accumulating, storing, conducting, selling, furnishing, and supplying, upon an agreed rental, water and water power for mining, manufacturing, domestic, municipal, and agricultural purposes, and may acquire, take, hold, lease, and convey lands or water power, as may be necessary or convenient, for the purposes above specified, by complying with the following requirements:

SEC. 2. Such persons under their hands and seals, shall make a What certificato certificate which shall specify:

First, The name of the corporation;

to contain.


Capital stock and shares,



Names, etc., of stockholders.


Location of office.

Term of exist. ence, filing of certificate.

Body corporate,

General law governing.

Second, A statement of the amount of capital stock of such company, and the number of shares into which the capital stock shall be divided ;

Third, The county and townships within this State in which such canal is to be excavated and constructed, and the operations of said company carried on;

Fourth, The business and object of said company in general terms;

Fifth, The names and places of residences of the stockholders, and the number of shares held by each of them respectively;

Sixth, The names of the first directors, being not more than seven, and not less than five;

Seventh, The place in this State where their office for the transaction of business is located ;

Eighth, The term of existence of such corporation, which certificate shall be acknowledged as deeds are required to be acknowledged and recorded, in the office of the clerk of the county in which the office of said company for the transaction of business is located, and a copy thereof filed in the office of the secretary of State.

SEC. 3. Upon complying with the provisions of the last preceding section such company shall be a body corporate by the name designated in said certificate, and shall be subject to and governed by all the general provisions relating to corporations embraced in chapter one hundred and thirty of the compiled laws of the State of Michigan, now in force, so far as the same shall be applicable thereto.

SEC. 4. The business and property of such company shall be managed and directed by a board of not less than five nor more than seven directors, who shall be elected annually, and at such time and place as said by-laws may direct. No person shall be a director unless he is a stockholder in the corporation.

SEC. 5. In case it shall happen that an election for directors shall not be held as provided, the said corporation shall not be for that reason dissolved, but such election shall be held on some future day to be fixed by the directors holding over, upon giving the notice therefor as in this act provided.

SEC. 6. A majority of the directors shall be a board for the transaction of business, and the acts of a majority of the board shall bind the corporation.

SEC. 7. The directors of any such company may at any time receive subscriptions to stock in said company until the whole amount mentioned in their articles of association shall be subscribed, and whenever, in the judgment of the directors, it shall be necessary to increase the capital stock of any such company for the extension or more perfect completion of such proposed work, or to provide lands and buildings needful for its use, it shall be competent for such directors, with the approval or ratification of the holders of a majority of the capital stock, at any lawful meeting of the stockholders, to provide for such increase, and in all cases where such capital stock is increased, a certificate thereof shall be

Election of board of directors.


Majority of board may act.

Subscribing for stock.

Increasing capital stock.

Certificate of increase.

hundred and fifty dollars, and for the year eighteen hundred and
eighty-four the sum of sixty-three thousand dollars, which sums
when collected shall be passed to the credit of the general fund.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved April 18, 1883.

[ No. 31. ] AN ACT to provide a punishment for getting on board of railroad

trains when in motion. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That no Getting on board person shall jump or step on board of any railroad train, locomotive trains proor car when in motion, except employés and passengers at railway

hibited stations; and any person who shall offend against any of the pro- Punishment for. visions of this section, shall be punished by a fine of not exceeding ten dollars, with costs of suit, and in default of the payment of such fine, shall be imprisoned in the county jail for a term of not exceeding thirty days.

Approved April 18, 1883.

[ No. 32. ] AN ACT to amend section fifty-eight of chapter ten of the com

piled laws of eighteen hundred and seventy-one, being compiler's section five hundred and thirty-four relative to compensation and duties of prosecuting attorneys and other attorneys acting -as prosecutors in certain cases.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Section section fifty-eight, of chapter ten, of the compiled laws of eighteen amended. hundred and seventy-one, be and the same is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

SEC. 58. No prosecuting attorney shall receive any fee or reward Prosecuting from or on behalf of any prosecutor or other individual for services attorney not to in any prosecution or busines to which it shall be his official duty prosecutors, etc. to attend, nor be concerned as attorney or counsel for either party other than for the State or county in any civil action depending upon the same state of facts upon which any criminal prosecution commenced or prosecuted pshall depend, or in any action for malicious prosecution brought in consequence of any criminal prosecution commenced or prosecuted during his term of office in the county of which he is prosecuting attorney; nor shall any attorney When be permitted to prosecute, or aid in prosecuting any person for an permitted to alleged criminal offense where he is engaged or interested in any criminal offenses. civil suit or proceeding depending upon the same state of facts, against such person directly or indirectly.

Approved April 18, 1883.

To furnish water,

waters and in.

reasonably be necessary or convenient for the conveying of water, storing it, and dispensing and dividing it among those who wish to purchase or lease it for any of the purposes mentioned in this act, or for the purpose of erecting manufactories or mills upon.

SEC. 11. Such company may furnish water to other persons or companies for mining, manufacturing, milling, domestic, municipal, or agricultural purposes, on such rent as shall be agreed upon by and between it and those desiring to obtain it, or it may use the same for such purposes itself in any class of manufacturing purposes.

It is authorized to bring suit to enforce the payment of such rent in any proper court of the county where its principal

office is located. Penalty for Sec. 12. If any person shall willfully obstruct any stream or obstruction of

waters improved under the provisions of this act or any part therejury to proper- of, or shall willfully destroy or injure any buildings, piers, dams, ty, etc.

fixtures, banks, or other constructions in use upon the same, belonging to said company, such person or persons so offending, shall, for every offense, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year, in the

discretion of the court. Annual report. SEC. 13. On or before the first Monday in July in each year it

shall be the duty of the directors of every company formed under this act to report to the secretary of State, under the oath of the secretary and at least two of the directors, the length of the stream or waters so constructed or improved, the cost of such improvements, the amount of money expended, the amount of their capital, how much of the same is paid in, and how much is expended, the whole amount of tolls or earnings expended on such improvements, the amount of money received during the previous year for tolls, and from all other sources, stating each separately, the amount set apart for repairs, the amount of dividends made, and the amount of indebtedness of such company, specifying the object for which such indebtedness accrued.

SEC. 14. Each and every company formed under this act shall be paid to State

pay to the treasurer of the State of Michigan an annual tax at the rate of one per cent on the whole amount of capital paid in upon the capital stock of said company, which tax shall be estimated upon the last preceding report of said company, and shall be paid to the said treasurer on the first Monday in July of each year and shall be in lieu of all other taxes upon all the property of said company.

SEC. 15. The stockholders of every company organized in purLiability of

suance of this act shall be jointly and severally personally liable for the payment of all debts and demands against such association, which shall be contracted, or which shall be or shall become due during the time of their holding such stocks for any labor or services done or performed for such company, but no stockholder shall be proceeded against for the collection of any debt or demand against such company until execution on judgment for such labor and services shall have been returned unsatisfied, or unless such association shall be dissolved.

Annual tax to



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