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framed, said constitution shall be submitted by the convention for ratification to the persons' registered under the provisions of this act, at an election to be conducted by the officers or persons appointed or to be appointed by the commanding general, as hereinbefore provided, and to be held after the expiration of thirty days from the date of notice thereof, to be given by said convention; and the returns thereof shall be made to the commanding general of the district.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That if, according to said returns, the constitution shall be ratified by a majority of the votes of the registered electors qualified as herein specified, cast at said election, at least one-half of all the registered voters voting upon the question of such ratification, the president of the convention shall transmit a copy of the same, duly certified, to the President of the United States, who shall forth with transmit the same to Congress, if then in session, and if not in session, then immediately upon its next assembling; and if it shall moreover appear to Congress that the election was one at which all the registered and qualified electors in the State had an opportunity to vote freely and without restraint, fear, or the influence of fraud, and if the Congress shall be satisfied that such constitution meets the approval of a majority of all the qualified electors in the State, and if the said constitution shall be declared by Congress to be in conformity with the provisions of the act to which this is supplementary, and the other provisions of said act shall have been complied with, and the said constitution shall be approved by Congress, the State shall be declared entitled to representation, and senators and representatives shall be admitted therefrom, as therein provided.

SEO. 6. And be it further enacted, That all elections in the States mentioned in the said “ Act to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel States,” shall, during the operation of said act, be by ballot; and all officers making the said registration of voters and conducting said elections shall, before entering upon the discharge of their duties, take and subscribe the oath prescribed by the act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, entitled, “ An act to prescribe an oath of office:" Provided, That if any person shall knowingly and falsely take and subscribe any oath in this act prescribed, such person so offending, and being thereof duly convicted, shall be subject to the pains, penalties, and disabilities which by law are provided for the punishment of the crime of willful and corrupt perjury.

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That all expenses incurred by the several commanding generals, or by virtue of any orders issued, or appointments made by them, under or by virtue of this act, shall be paid out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the convention for each State shall prescribe the fees, salary, and compensation to be paid to all delegates and other officers and agents herein authorized or necessary to carry into effect the purposes of this act not herein otherwise provided for, and shall provide for the levy and collection of such taxes on the property in such State as may be necessary to pay the


SEC. 9. And be it further enacted, That the word "article," in the sixth section of the act to which this is supplementary, shall be construed to mean "section."

SCHUYLER COLFAX, Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate pro tempore, After the election which was held early in February, 1868, upon the ratification of a new Constitution for the State of Alabama, the law was so amended by Congress that a majority of the votes cast (instead of a majority of the registered voters) should be required to ratify or reject State constitutions in the seceded States.



Be it enacted, etc., (two thirds of each House concurring therein,) That all legal and political disabilities imposed by the third section of the fourteenth article of the amendments of the Constitution of the United States are hereby removed from all persons whomsoever, except Senators and Representatives of the Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh Congress, officers in the judicial, military, and naval service of the United States, heads of Departments, and foreign ministers of the United States.

Approved May 22, 1872.



By act of Congress of May 20, 1862, any person who is the head of sa family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, or had performed service in the army or navy, and is a citizen of the United States, or shall have filed his declaration of intention to become such, and bas never borne arms against the Goveroment of the United States, or given aid and comfort to its eneinies, shall, from and aftor the Ist of January, 1863, be entitled to enter a quarter section (160 acres,) of unappropriated public land, upon which he or she may have already filed a pre-emption claim, or which is subject to pre-emption, at $1.25 per acre; or 80 acres of unappropriated lands, at $2.50 per

. In order to make his or her title good to such lands, however, Buch person must make affidavit that such applicatiou is made for bis or her exclusive use and benefit, and that said entry is made for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation, and not, cither directly or indirectly, for the use or benefit of any other person or persons wbomsoever; and upon filing the affidavit, and paying the sum of ton dollars to the register or receiver, such person shall be allowed to enter the land specified; but no certificate or patent is issued for the land until five years from the date of such entry, and the land must, during that time, be improved and not alienated, (it can not be taken for debt). At any time within two years after the expiration of said five years, the person making the entry, or, in case of his or her death, his widow or heirs, may, on proof by two witnesses that he or she has cultivateil or improved said land, has not alienated any part of it, and bas borne true allegiance to the United States, be entitled to a patent, if at that time a citizen of the United States. In case of the abandonment of the lands by the person making the entry, for a period of more than six months at one time, they revert to the United States,


Showing dates of acts creating Territories, and admitting States - Time of holding general elections-

Number of Representatives in CongressDate of general elections in the several States, with
number of Representatives and Senators— Terms of office-Times of meeting-Location of
capitals, etc.

States and Territories.


Date of Creating

Repre- Sena Time of holding gen'l elections. sent- tors. Time of meeting of legislature.


Stato Capitals.

O No. Members of Congress.

No Governor's term of office,

[blocks in formation]

Alabama. 8 French 1713 March 3, 1817 March 2, 1819 Tues. af. Ist Mon. Nov. 100 2 33 34 Monday in Nov. 2 Montgom'y Arkansas...


1670 March 2, 1819 June 15, 1836 1st Monday in Nov. 932 314 November, 1876.7 4 Little Rock.
4 Span. 1769

Sept. 9, 1850 1st Wednesday in Sept. 802 404 1st Monday in Dec.t Sacramento.
Connecticut* 4 Engl. 1633

Ist Monday in April. 241 1211 ist Wednesday in Hartford.
1 Swedes 1627

Ist Monday in Nov. 212 914 1st Tuesday in Jan. + 4 Dover.

2 Span. 1564 March 3, 1823 March 3, 1845 Tues. af. Ist Mon. Nov. 52 2 24 4 Tues. af. Ist Mon.Jan. 4 Tallahassee.
Georgia *
9 Engl. 1733

2d Wednesday in Oct.175 2 44 4 2d Wedn'day in Jan. 14 Atlanta.

19 French 1749 Feb’y_3, 1809 Dec. 3, 1818 Tues, af. 1st Mon. Nov. 153 2 51 41st Monday in Jan.14 Springfield. Indiana.

13 1739 May 7, 1800 April 19, 1816 2d Tuesday in Oct.100 22:04

+ 4 Indian'polis. 9 Amer'8|1835 June 12, 1838 March 3, 1845

1002504 2d

† 2 Des Moines. 3 1850 May 30, 1851 Jan'y 29, 1861 Tues, af. 1st Mon. Nov. 107 2 33 2 2d Tuesday

2 Topeka, Kentucky. 10 Virns 1775 June 1, 1792 Ist Monday in August. 1002 38 4 January, 1876.

4 Frankfort.
6 French 1699 M'ch 26, 1804 Feb'y 20, 1811

Nov. 111 2 36 41st Monday in Jan. 4 New Orl'ng.
5 Engl. 16:30

M'ch 15, 1820 2d Monday in Sept’ber. 149 131 1st Wedn’day in Jan. 1 Augusta.
Tues. af. 1sť Mon. Nov. 85 2 264

+ 4 Annapolis.
Massachusetts*.. 11

240 1401

Boston. Michigan. 9 French/16701Jan'y 11, 1805 Jan'y 26, 1837 18t Monday in April. 1001213212

6+12 Lausiug.

Iowa..... Kansas....

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Minnesota.. 3) Amer's 1847) March 3, 1849) May 14, 1855 Tues. af. 1st Mon. Nov. 106/14112 Tues. af. 18t Mon. Jan.2$t. Paul. Mississippi. 6 French 1716 April 7, 1798 Dec. 10, 1817

1122 3414

4 Jackson. Missouri.

1312 334 Last Monday in Dec. t 2 Jefferson C'y. 13 1763 March 3, 1805 March 6, 1820

2d Tuesday in March. 3481 12 1 1st Monday in June. 1 Concord.
New Hampshire 3 Engl. 1623
New Jersey
7 Swedes 1627

Tues’ af. 1st Mon. Nov. 1,601213 2d Tuesday in Jan. 3 Trenton.
New York*
33 Dutch 1613

128|1 322 1st

2 Albany. North Carolina* 8 Engl. 1650

1st Monday in Nov. 118 2 5023d Monday in Nov.t 4 Raleigh. 1 Amer's 1860 March 2, 1861 Oct. 31, 1864 Tues. af. 18t Mon. Nov. 50 2 25 4 1st Monday in Jan. 2 Carson City Nevada..

, Nebraska..


1850 May 30, 1854 March 4, 1867 2d Tuesday in October.|,39 23:32 Thurs. af. 1.Mon. Jan. 2 Lincoln. Ohio. 20 V&N E 1788 July 13, 1787 April 30, 1802 "

1052 362 18t Monday in Jan. 2 Columbus, 1 Engl. 1796 Aug. 14, 1848 Febʼy 12, 1859 180 Monday in June. 602 30 + 2d Monday in Sept.t4 Salem. Oregon Pennsylvania* 27 1682

Tues. af. 18+ Mon. Nov. 201 2 50 4 1st Tuesday in Jan. 3 Harrisburg. Rhode Island* 2 1631 18t Wedn'day in April. 721 36 4May and June.

I Newp't, Prov. South Carolina*. 5 1689

Tues. af. 1st Mon. Nov. 124 2 334 4th Monday, in Nov.t Columbia. 10 N C&V 1765 May 26, 1790 June 1, 1796

75 2 Tennessee..

25 2 January, 1875.

2 Nashville.
6 Span. 1690

Dec. 29, 1845 18t Tuesday in Dec. 903 304 2d Tuesday in Jan.IA Austin.
3 Engl. 1763
March 4, 1791"

“ Sept. 236 2302 Ist Wednesday in Oct.t 2 Montpelier.

4 Richmond.

" Nov. 132 2 424 January, 1875. †
West Virginia..... 3 Amer's

Dec. 31, 1862 2d

Oct. 65 1 24 22d Tuesday in Jan'y.f 4 Wheeling.

1831 April 30, 1836 Aug. 6, 1846 Tues. af. 18t Mon. Nov. 100 1 33 21st Wedn'day in Jan. 2 Madison.

1860 March 2, 1861 March 3, 1875 2d Tuesday in Sep'ber. 26113 2 January, 1876.

4 Denver.
Arizona Ter'y 1 Amer's Feb'y 21, 1863

Tues. af. 1st Mon. Nov. 141 92 January, 1877.7

4 Tucson. Dakota Terly 1 March 2, 1861

26:13 2 December, 1876.1

4 Yankton. Idaho Ter'y......... 1 March 3, 1863


十 4 Boise City Montana Ter'y... I

May 26, 1864

1st Monday in August. 26 1 13 2 December, 1875. 4 Virginia C'y
Indian Ter'y

New Mexico T'y. 1 Span; 1598 Sept. : 1850

Ist Monday in Sept. 26: 132 December, 1876. 4 Santa Fe.
Ang. 26/1132 January, 1876.7

4 Salt Lake C'y.
Utah Ter’y.........
Washington T'y. 1

March 2, 1853
Tues. af. 18t Mon. Nov. 30 i 93 October, 1875. †

4 Olympia.
Wyoming Ter'y... 1

July 25, 1868

18t Wedn'day in Sept. 131 92 November, 1875.4 4 Cheyenne.
Distr't Columbia

July 10, 1790
Three Commissioners.

Alaska Ter'y.......


*One of the thirteen original States.
† Legislatures meet biennially.
[U. S. Senators serve six years, and each State is entitled to two.]


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