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alarm vourself, my dear fellow. I can hardly of rings in the wall, Lord bifre suppose even Phil Tirrett would have the tice from his pocket, and, applying to throw me over and rule for O'Brien ; but, admitted Harry and himseif. if he should indulge in mich a caprice, I know they enter and so engrossed was my man, and am prepared with a substitute so his oeenpation, that they had hem efficient. that I rather hope your tidings may serve him before he was aware be true." Seeing that the Honorable T iliam sence. Fully equipped with : looked incredulous. he continuedt, “ If you're his coat) for appearing on the -imelined to tollow the hedging (lodge yourself, was stooping over a pail of WalIn as willing as ever to back the Don nose, trom which the blood wie agunst the field : how do the odds stand ?” tropping Coverdale glanceti

Reassilrett, by this practical proof of his Lord Alfred, then whispereit, Lordship's uncerity, the Honorable William -I want to see his face." (who, in spite of his innate honorableness, Why, Joe, what is it? have : was rather a “Leg” than otherwise), hastily self, my lad?" he inquirent, mutteredd " that he'd a very safe book is it Raising himself, with a stars stood, and that if the Don was all serene, he round. Vo, my lori, it is had 10 wish to alter it,” and returned to reap nify: honly. has I wos a recu some advantage rom the imformation he had the Don's saddle, bit slippet acquired.

hon my blessed nose, hanc " How did I do that?” asked Lord Alfred, howulacious!" as they cantered off "splenutidly!" was the “ Did you obtain that rennt: reply; when all other trues tail you, you'll from Tirrett 9" inquired be able, with a little of my able tuition, to receiving a reply in the attir. turn horse-chaunter and blackler" Lord tinued, Then let me have Lifred shook his head, adding, * Once let me with him in private—I think get out of this affair sately, and if you find useful, but one never can me doing anything in the horse line again, of these tellows, except in a write me down the veriest idiot that ever ran Lord Alfred nodded assen his head, open-eyed, against a brick wall." some plausible excuse, left the sta

Five minutes brisk riding brought them to As soon as they were alone, H the gate at which Tirrett had entered on the the groom with an intelligens h morning after the Blackwall dinner-party. to wink, which, however they did so, a horseman left the yard by a proved in the case of a blind bor handgate at the opposite corner. Lord fred a decided impression on the star gazed after him eagerly.

“ Hark ye, my friend," he “Who is your mysterious friend in- strikes me you and I are oli acq quired Harry

- Can't say as I ever met “I can't be certain," was the reply, s but heyes on your honor afore. W the figure, and the way in which he sits his though something in the em horse, are very like that young scoundrel man's face contradicted his asser Tirrett; I've a great mind to callop after “Did you never live with a him, and either make him ride for me, or a Spanish nobleman? horsewhip hmm;" and Lord Alfred looked The man paused them quite fierce and determined, as if he meant to tome, And suppose do as he said, and was able ; but Coverdale, Merely that whil smiling at his energy, restrained him, “Gently in his employ was there—take it coolly! why, you're becoming and hay, the mos quite a fire-eater," he said, laughing; "but, against him the seriously, if you could make him ride for you dence of his di against his will, he would only contrive to Count of lose you the ruce. And, as to horsewhipping, apprehen if you were to horsewhip every blackleg who shola breaks down with you in turf affairs, why him you'd require a portable threshing-machine, for mortal arm could never stand it.

As he spoke, they reached the stable, das mounted, and, tying their horses up to a CT

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