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Page Leto East India Sbippies ...:

Harvey's Sensibility, the Stranger, and Plenair of Mr. Charles Mathews

other Poems.,

339 A Wiate Education

287 Mills' History of Muhammedaoism Enrs from a lawyer's Portfolio Burrowes' PianoForte Primer.. .336 (Ceatissed) ..... .289 Hayes' Family Angals

ib. PREGLEANER. No. vill.,.. 292 Breton's French Scholar's First Book..337 On the ruling Passions and Propeosi- THEATRICAL JOURNAL: - Rob Roy ; ties of Mankind

ib. or, The Gregarachi-- Miss KellyRewaris on the Conversazione 295 Amoroso, King of Lit:le Britain A Conser-azione.....

.299 Who's My Father?-Bellamira; or, Tre Hrve. No, XXXVII..., .304 The fall of Tunis-Mr. Mathews At Apeodose of a Frenchman.

ib. Home - The Duke and the Devil, Repartees, Bon Mots, &c. ib. &c..

ih Hemcir of Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. Poetry.

.343 (Luatinued)

The Progress of Music

History of Peter Pliant(Continued)..310 The Transformation of a Seraph to a
Anthetical Queries
.312 Lyre

.344 last EXTRACT:: containing a concise Address to Sleep.

ib. Description of some of the principal Lines

.345 Places in Ireland; with the Antiqui

To Hope ties, Customs, Character, and Man. Parliamentary Papers

. ib. bers of that Country[Continued] .,313 Intelligence from ihe London Gazette 360 FRAGMENTA. Being Thoughts, Obser- Abstract of Foreign and Domestic InFainas, Reflections, and Criticisms, telligence.....

..367 il å becdotes and Characters An- University Intelligence.

.360 cient and Modero, No; XXV.


.362 An Lisay op Human Life ..... 320 Births Os lotera Retirement in Manners Marriages

ib. Åsecties of Dr. Samuel Jolidson ..324 Monthly Obituary

363 Tuz REPOSITORY. No. XLVII. .325 Literary Intelligence.

303 The Arctic Expeditions .... ib. List of New Publications

366 MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. No. Acknowledgments to Correspondents.. ib. XLI.....

.327 List of Bankrupts, Dividends, and CerRoyal lecomes. ib. tificates ...

.367 Rruan Cewent .328 Dissolutions of Partnership

ib. List of Patente..:

State of the Weather

ib Hua boldi's Personal Narrative of Tra. London Markets

.372, 374 vels to the Equinocijal Regions of Average Prices of Sugar

..374 the New Continent, during the Years Prices of Canal, &c, Shares.

..273 1799-1801.

Rates of Government Life Annuities .. ib. Letters froin the Abbé Edgeworth to his Course of Exchange - Prices of Bullion ib, Friends, writen between the Years Price of Stocks

,970 Hii and 1807, witb Memoirs of his Life


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Europ. Mag. Du. LXXIII. April 1818.,


SEASON, 1817-18.

With their Managing Owners, Commanders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming afloat, &c;

1817. 1817. 1 Canning 1926

Company's Ship Wm. Patterson R. Glasspoole W.R. Blakely K Mac Donald Amb. Rivers Rob. Simmons s. Jas. Lee i Thomas Coutts.... 1394

js. Marjoribanks WMarjoribanks Alex. Chrystie Rich. Clarke E. M. Daniell Fred. Madan James Grant James Dunn 1 Duke of York ....1327

S. Marjoribanks A. H. Campbell Charles More J. Shepberd Rob, Lindsay W. P. Moffat Whitm Smart Joy, W. Rose 2 Earl of Balcarras.. 1417 Company's Ship James Jameson D. R. Newall (Ph. Baylis

29 Oct 27 Dec.

John Hillman A. Broadhurst Henry Anot Wm. Bruce
4 Marquis of Huntly 1200

John Campbell Don. Mac Leod J. S. H. Fraser John Thacker Hen. H. Sumner Geo. Chenne:1 Johan Simpson Rob. Hogg
Buckinghamshire 1969

Company's Ship Fred. Adams James Head Tim, Smith T. B. Penfold Thog. Allchin Wm. Hayland J. W. Graham
Geo. Palmer Mont. Hamilton Jas. Barber AT. Chatfield John Allen J. Whiteman And. Kedslie Benj. B. Lord

9 Castle Huntly

... 1200 Berg. & China John Paterson HA. Drummond Alex. Morgan Thos. Dunkin J. Cruickshank J. W Stewart David Irving John Stewart

► Dec. 8 Feb. ) London

1392 Mud. if China Company's ship Walt. Campbell B. Broughton W. Longeroft Wm. Pullam WK. Packma D. Mackenzie John D. Smith
Princess Amelia 1200

Edw. Balston Sam. Lvde Jas, Kellaway Wm. Pitman (has, Penny Nath. Grant Jas. Thomson
Marchioness of Ely 952

Sir R. Wigram Brook Kay Rich. Clifford WAC Dalrymple Dav. Sampson C. E. Mangles J. M. Berret wm. Millett
Prince Regent

Mad. Beng. Henry Bonham . Herb. Harris Step. Poyntz Thos. Baker Dav. Marshall Hen B. Bax Dav. Falcone John Reid 12Jan. 12 Mar.
Orwell.... ....

Matt. Isacke Thos. W. Leech Wm. Cousens T.W. Andrews Wm. Haviside Thos, Welsh Wm. Premier Ricb. Prince
3 Lady Melville.....1900

Sir R. Wigram John Stewart Thos. Tapley Rob. Clifford Henry C. Smith Hen. Sierndale D. Canrfan, ja. Jas. Goddard

John Card Jas. Dalrymple C.W.H. Sewell G. G. Jarman Rich, Card E.M. Boultbee Geo. Waddell S. H. Ayers 20 Feb 11 April
6 Scaleby Castle.... 1949

Company's Ship John B. Sotheby T. W. Barrow Rob. Lowis Jas. Murdoch John Griffith Jas Halliday Cras. Jobling 7 Perseverance ...... 1971

Henry Templer Henry Templer Hen. Clement Jas. 8. Biles Wm Ticehurst Hatton Galway Thos. Godwin Jos. Hudson

Gooch Fran. Creswell Wm. Evans A. Chapman Thos. A. Davis John Sprott
Phoenix ........
Tel. Musson Wm. Carter

ws Cumming Wm. L. Grave }6 Mar 27 April

kob. B. Shittler H. B. Avarne Tbos, Ranken Harry James General Hewitt 894

Company's Ship Peter Cameron Jas. Pearson Rees Thomas Alex. Bell Fred. G. Moore Edw. Turner D. Leighton 5 Warren Hastings 1000

John p Larkins Thos, Larkins J.P. Hackman George Mason George Cowan Fran. Outtley T, B. Horsley J. W. Pears April 06 May

Beng. f Mad. Henry Bonham 1. F. Balderston 3. T. e. Plint Thos. Davey

Rob. H. Rhind John Gisborne Jas. M.Hodges Jas. Gardner

Thos. E. Ward Thos. D. Barn Wm. Powditch 'Thos, Clarkson P. Backerville J. Johnstone T Stephenson

Jos. Graves Jas. P. Anstice Pat. Wallace Hen. Simpson lady Lushington.. 594 Bombay

10 Feb 29 Mar.
Edward Warts

John Austin Hen. S. Graves
Nath. Domett Thos. Darmor Henry Bird Jas Dudman David Urquhart
Northampton... 545 Beng. ! Ben- George Palmer Chas. Tebbut

P. Mac Millan Chas. Bart
Lord Keith ......
599 coolon
John Vincent Henry Lee John Edwards

Dav. G. Arnot chas. Bennet Mar May 30 April, 1918,


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Robert Morris Woha Freeman John Shute leo. Lamb

ohn Coulter ID. H, Renny


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This valuable Comediań, whose me- those he preferred were, of all others,

rits have made ao impression on the books which bis father wished him : the public mind, which, we are con- to leave unnoticed. Bell's British Thea

Vinced, will prove as lasting as it is tre, The Beauties of the Dramatists, powerful, was born on the 28ih June, and a Collection of Farces, were ibe 1:16, and is the younger son of Mr. volumes he singled out from the numJames Mathews, a bookseller of much berless sermons and theological tracts worth and respectability, in the Strand. with which the shelves of the shop His brother Williain and himself re. groäuel. The Tradesman's Assistant ceived their education at Merchant 'Tay- was neglected for the Spouter's Comlors School. The former, who was de panion; and he longed for an opportusigned for the church, entered himself nily of recitiug, in public, some of the of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and fine speeches which he had I reasured up took the degree of Master of Arts in in his memory in private. This opporthat university Having compleled his tunity soon occurred : he heard," that studies there, he altered bis original in. " bard by there were spirits at work,” teation, and became a member of the who, like himself, having souls above Middle Temple, where, in due course, either butions or books, were resolved be was called to the Bar. In 1801, he to become the mimic representatives of went to the West Indies, with the view kings and herocs. In short, a private of practising at Tobago but unfortu. play was to be exhibited; the scene of bately fell a victim io the climate in a action was a small room up one pair of fee months after his arrival in that stairs, over a pastry cook's shop in the island. He was a gentleman of consi. Strand. Here an elderly French lady derable learning aud talents, and very gave evening lessons to a few select much respected by a large circle of pupils

, who, in return for her French acquaintance.

exercises, proposed to treat her and Charles, the object of our present her friends with an English tragedy. attention, was intended for a bookseller, This intelligence vo sooner reached our and al the age of fourteen, three years hero, than he felt an unaccountable de before he quitted Merchant Taylors'sire to learn French. So laudable an inSchool

, was bound apprentice to his clination could not but be encouraged, father. Nothing could be more pru. and he was accordingly sent to acquire dent than this measure, but articles of the true Parisian accent at this evening indentare have no power over the iucli. academy. The ceremony wbich took balions. Young Mathews was fonder of place at his introduction may easily be feading books iban selling them; and imagined ; instead of Boyer's. Dictions

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